Award Season inspired Classic Updo

Casual Stripes & my dream shoes

This post is sponsored by Colgate® Optic Wh ite® and Walmart

In my mind, country music plus hair equals big. As big as you can possibly get sometimes. With award season (and also the holidays!) coming in the next few weeks, I’ve had my mind on classic updo’s. So many of the greats have had iconic hair moments, and usually there is no shortage of volume involved!

For this look, don’t be shy about teasing or using a texture spray to amp up volume before you finish the twist. Also, if you have trouble getting lift at the crown, section the top from a bit closer to your face, versus starting at the top area. If you imagine your part starting at your face, and ending at the very top/back of your head, pull hair back from closer to the start of your part so you have more to work with to build volume and height on top!


Start by teasing the crown section to build volume.


Using two or three bobby pins, pin the crown section in a half up style, inserting the pins horizontally.



With the hair that remains, twist it until you reach the ends.


Then fold the hair up, and begin pining in place.



Let some hair fall around your face, but make sure the twist is securely pinned!



I love the classic and simple nature of this style. It gets your hair up, without it being too stiff. And other than a fun lipstick that you feel good in, make sure you flash your bright white smile to complete the look. I’ve been using Optic White since last December, and can really attest to it’s brightening power!

I love to see your versions of the hair tutorials I share on the blog, so if you recreate this style, use #smallthingshair so I can take a look!


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Kelly says · 10.26.16

Pretty look, but I am not getting the sponsorship connection.

Allee says · 10.26.16

I am missing the sponsorship connection as well – unless she bought that tunic from walmart!?!

Kelly says · 10.26.16

Or the optic white is from Walmart…but what does that have to do with hair?

Olivia says · 10.26.16

Gorgeous! Love this!! New post-

Brenda says · 10.26.16

So cute! What would I ask for if I wanted a cut like yours? I’m growing my hair out bc I keep getting stylists that think I need short layers for volume but I have very frizzy hair and this is not working out! Any info would be appreciated!! Thanks!

candice says · 10.26.16

It’s so pretty!

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

Alyssa says · 10.26.16

Gorgeous as always Kate! I love the half up part that you started with too! That’s how I wore my hair for my wedding!

I just picked up that toothpaste and can’t wait to try it.

Tracy says · 10.26.16

Love your blog! You’re always extremely informative. I have a question though. Why no more tutorial videos? In the past, a posting like this was always an instructional video. I always learned a lot more from you from the videos than just the step by step instruction. I’m just a curious long time reader. ?

Shirley says · 10.26.16

Updos can be the answer to all types of hair ‘mares. Whether you have grubby hair (and you want to snooze in the morning instead of get up and wash it), it’s raining, or if you just fancy an easy hairstyle change, a hair updo can be the perfect solution for work, parties or even just chilling out at home.

Shayna says · 10.26.16

Love the post… What color is on your nails in the pics? Thanks!

Blush & Pearls says · 10.26.16

Love this updo for work – it’s my go-to when I’m in a hurry!

Angela / Blush & Pearls

Dominique says · 10.26.16

That updo looks so good with the bangs!!! I find my hair is too thick to make an updo using only bobby pins…any tips?

Bonnie says · 10.26.16

You make that look so easy! I can’t even manage to get the beginning half-up look to do; I’d be happy with that lots of mornings. I’ll keep trying.

sahara says · 10.26.16

so simple and chic <3


Amanda says · 10.26.16

Kate this is gorgeous! I love it, but I really wish you’d done a video. I know you’re busy with two-kids but when I discovered your blog 2-3 years ago, your tutorials on hair on YouTube videos really hooked me. They were easy to follow and didn’t go too quickly; superior to most other hair tutorial videos out there, even your very old ones. I can figure this out, but the post isn’t equal t a video which makes things so much easier. But I’m thrilled you have another hair look on here 🙂

Leanne says · 10.27.16

Love the style, wish you would do more hair tutorials like these as I miss the hair tutorials that you used to do.

Sarah Chavis says · 10.27.16

I love this undo! It’s so easy looking to do! Perfect for a wedding or just an everyday look! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Stacia | Pretty Poppy Peony says · 10.27.16

I love easy to pull off looks like this! My hair is one thing I’ve always struggled with knowing how to handle, so this tutorial is really helpful.

K says · 10.27.16

GORGEOUS!!! Elegant and easy!!! Keep them coming!!!
I guess I’m in the minority, but I prefer photo step by steps as opposed to videos.

Shannon says · 10.28.16

Love your hairstyles but I cannot get them to work with my thick hair. Could you demonstrate ways for the style to stay for super thick hair? Bobby pins alone (no matter how many or type do NOT hold my hair up). Any tips or tricks? Would be so grateful!

Jennifer says · 10.28.16

Love this!!! So beautiful….and, maybe its just the hair, but you seem to be glowing – is #3 on the way?

Kate says · 10.30.16

nope 🙂

Sarah says · 10.29.16

Tell me more about this shirt!!

Mel says · 10.31.16

OMG, I want to do this!!! You’re the best! Love this look.

Mel |