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I took some trash out to our trashcan yesterday morning and was met with a cool breeze outside. The first cool breeze I’ve felt in MONTHS. It made me so excited for cooler temps, which equals wearing actual clothes again for me!

More often than not I just wear breathable work out clothes on hot summer days because anything else feels much too heavy.

So, fall is coming, albeit slowly I’m sure.

I picked up this tank from Old Navy a few weeks ago and have been eyeing the embroidered, or just delicately detailed trend more than ever. It’s such a simple way to add a bit of character to an otherwise plain shirt.

And a lot of them have interesting shapes, and would even pair perfectly with a soft cardigan in cooler temperatures!

Ps Check out my favorite wardrobe basics here!







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Michele says · 08.23.16

Absolutely agree with every word of this post, from delicate details to cooler (SWEATER!!!) weather! I’ve also become a huge fan of eyelet lace details, despite it feeling like I’m shopping for my first communion dress in 1990 all over again;)

sarah Chavis says · 08.23.16

I love 2,3,7,9 ! They are so pretty! You have such a cute style!

Mel says · 08.23.16

I LOVE!!!! #2, 7, and 8 are my faves!! So beautiful!!!

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

Kim says · 08.23.16

I love your picks! Especially number 5!


http://bit.ly/2bLjeF4 .. It’s a battle!!

Andrea says · 08.23.16

I love all things with embroidered details! I really love that white dress with the blue detail. I actually picked up some active wear from Old Navy this weekend. They had an amazing 50% off sale!


Sydni says · 08.23.16

Yes!! I’m loving this look too!

Alena Rudenko says · 09.09.16

Hey Kate, I loved each and every one of them.. detailed, yet so simple ! I go out wearing loose light clothes and keep a shawl in my bag depending on the weather.. I think Fall will come early this time ! Stay warm in style! 😉
XO, Alena <3

TNC says · 03.31.17

I like the pattern of 4 & 5, the embroidery pattern of the costume is very harmonious and impressive to me