1. I love that you and your husband love cats as much as my husband and I do! What is the strangest thing that your cats do?
  2. Do you prefer BB cream or foundation?  (my top foundations, and BB cream information)
  3. My head gets itchy when I get it colored! Any suggestions?
  4. How are your teeth so white?
  5. What is the best long wearing gel eyeliner?
  6. My foundation has been looking terrible! Any tips for combating super dry skin so my foundation looks nicer?
  7. What is your go-to long-wear top coat for nail polish?

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  1. Posted July 18, 2016

    I didn’t realize that the Essie’s top coat chipped first. BUMMER b/c I’m kinda sold on Essie everything. But like you say, I’ll still profess my love for Essie 🙂

  2. Becca says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    I always love the Ask Kate’s! Your teeth do look nice & white; I think the bold lip colors also help that but I may need to buy some Colgate optic white now & be more consistent with that.

    I feel a little silly asking this but at somepoint would you do a post about knowing your skin tone – cool vs. warm, undertones, etc & how that helps pick out makeup, etc. I feel silly for not knowing but I am seriously unsure and tend to purchase at Sephora & Ulta where I can try things before purchase & also for their return policy. But sometimes you just want to grab something cheap at Target & I have a hard time choosing colors there.

    • Posted July 18, 2016

      I use the Colgate Optic White and I agree with Kate that it’s really a great whitening toothpaste. Get the High Impact one though (it stands in a tall box, not a long box on it’s side, if that makes sense). It’s a little more pricey, but it works way better for whitening than the others in my experience.

    • Kelsey says
      Posted July 18, 2016

      I’m not sure if this will be helpful for the skin tone question, but I recently read a book called It’s So You by Mary Sheenan Warren about finding your style. There’s a whole section on figuring out your color palette based on your skin tone. It was so helpful! There’s a ‘handout’ on her website that guides you in determining whether you’re warm/light warm, cool/light cool. It’s not specifically addressing makeup, but I would think that similar principles would hold true! Maybe a place to start?

      Here is the link: http://www.isyfashion.com/Archives.html#anchor_71
      Just scroll down a bit and you’ll see it.

      A blog post on it would be great as well 🙂

      • Becca says
        Posted July 19, 2016

        So helpful Kelsey thank you!!!

  3. Melissa G says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    Ok…there is a red Essie polish you wear called Cajun something. Can you tell me the name?

    • Jen P says
      Posted July 18, 2016

      I think the one you are thinking of is called Cajun shrimp and it is by OPI! I have it, it’s a great summer color! She did a post in nail polishes for summer not too long ago.

      • Melissa G says
        Posted July 18, 2016

        Thank you Jen!! No wonder I have’t been able to find it with the Essie polishes!!! I am going to have to find the link to the summer polishes! Thank you again!!

    • Lucy says
      Posted July 18, 2016

      OPI has Cajun Shrimp, and it’s definitely red but with a kind of pink/coral hue… so cute!

  4. Victoria says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    Both of our cats (sisters) take turns howling at night when we get into bed! These are mournful cries, its so bizarre! Also, I’ve been wearing Essie’s gel setter for over a year now and it is the best I’ve tried- dries quickly and lasts nearly a week! I’ve noticed that if I put on a thicker base coat, I seem to get more chips which is counter intuitive.

  5. Ainslee says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    Thanks for answering my question Kate! I am looking forward to trying the Benefit Push Up liner!

  6. Posted July 18, 2016

    That’s what I love about cats, they’re so adorable and yet so completely insane. It is a great combo

  7. Stella says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    For a long wear topcoat you should try CND Vinylux. It’s the best that I’ve tried. I get seven days of wear for sure which is quite impressive as I am a busy mom of four and work in a kindergarten classroom all day.

    • Bonnie says
      Posted July 18, 2016

      And it dries quickly!

  8. Heather says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    #askkate Are you temped to go to shorter hair? I need Kate help with my layered, shorter locks!

  9. Jessica Hess says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    Love these videos!! Would also love to know about finding your skin tone and right foundation shade. Also what to do when you have foundation that is a little to dark but can’t return it???

  10. Elizabeth says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    Do you put your #askkate call out on Twitter? I don’t use twitter and I’d like to know when you are gather questions. For the future: maybe a “how to” on hair tools care? Sometimes my curling irons start to permanently smell like burnt hair and I don’t know how to clean them.

  11. Michele says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    Hi Kate! I don’t have Twitter or Facebook, but I think I have a fun question for you: are you ever disappointed by the names of the makeup colors which work best on you? I’m always saddened when the shades that look bets on me are such lame names (especially since I go for the neutrals). I had a blush that was only called “pink blush.” For real. So sad. I’m always so sad that my colors can’t inspire a sense of sexy beyond “nude,” “bare,”beige”. So are you ever disappointed in makeup color names?

  12. Bonnie says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    Great video! Your eyeshadow looks so gorgeous, what brand/shades are you wearing?

  13. Posted July 18, 2016

    Your snaps inspired me to go look for a gel top coat! Ulta only had the Seche Vive so I bought that one and I FELL IN LOVE! I even blogged about it because I am now obsessed with it. So thank you for that tip.

  14. Jen S. says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    Hahahaha!!! I could not stop laughing when you mentioned your one cat does the deep meow at night because our cat does the same thing!!! As soon as both kids are *finally* asleep she decides to start meowing, which starts off in the basement, and is usually accompanied with a mitten, baby sock or her squirrel toy in her mouth, as she travels up the stairs. She does this about six times a night. It is probably the craziest thing she does! Especially when you wake up to a pile of mitts, etc???

    I love the Benefit line of make up and will definitely try the push up liner!

    Thanks for all your tips. As usual you are amazing?‼️

  15. Tracey says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    I LOVE Julep Freedom Polymer top coat. It has been a complete game changer for me in terms of staying power and hardly ever chipping! It does cure under just a normal lightbulb for a couple of minutes, but then it is pretty much dry and I hardly ever have problems with “blanket press” from going to bed with wet nails.

    I do my nails usually once a week and it stays shiny and smooth the whole week. And it comes off with any remover.

    Also, Julep polishes are the best…they don’t have some of the bad ingredients other polishes have and my nails are in such better shape since I started using them regularly.

    Thanks for all the tips! I always love to hear your thoughts on products and such!

  16. Posted July 18, 2016

    do you feel like seche vive is TOO thick? mine is so thick that it is hard for me to get it to go all the way to the tip of my nail. i brush it all the way to the end, duh, but then its almost like it retracts towards my nail bed and leaves a littile uncovered tip which obviously chips quickly. thoughts??

  17. Amber says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    When I came to your blog and saw it was an ask Kate I literally said here’s out loud! My kids looked at me like what??? ? I love all your videos!

    • Amber says
      Posted July 18, 2016

      (That should say yeess!) Wonderful auto correct.

  18. Posted July 18, 2016

    I’m so glad I’m not the only cat parent with howling kitties! Both of my (girl) cats do that ferrell cat mournful howl every night. Scrolling through the comments here, I see that lots of cats have this nightly ritual. LOL!

  19. Leigh says
    Posted July 18, 2016

    What is your snapchat name?

    • Angie R. says
      Posted July 21, 2016

      Her snapchat is k8_smallthings

  20. Lois says
    Posted July 19, 2016

    Hi Kate. Just wanted to share with you that one of our cats loves to play fetch. He also loves to bring random things up the stairs anything from mail to a screwdriver. He carries these random items in his mouth no joke when I say knocks on our bedroom door and has these different items in his mouth.

  21. Mayra Chavez says
    Posted July 21, 2016

    What exfoliator would you recommend? I have the exact same problem around my nose.

  22. Brooke V says
    Posted July 22, 2016

    To combat dry skin, I love, love, LOVE Argan oil. It’s amazing and I wish I hadn’t taken so long to try it. I use Acure Organics brand (available at Target!) and put it all over my face and neck at night. I never feel greasy from it. I use it around my eyes too. Seriously can’t say enough good things about it. 🙂

    Love your blog, Kate!

  23. Fanchon Stults says
    Posted July 22, 2016

    Kate do you use only the optic white toothpaste, or the whole kit? The mouth wash, toothbrush, gel pen, etc? I’m anxious to try it!!

  24. Elizabeth says
    Posted July 24, 2016

    Love your makeup! What is your eyeshadow in this video? Thanks!