Peach Day!

Simple and Natural Eyebrows


I thought I’d share a little video I made about our time at Peach Day last week. The NC State Farmers Market is fantastic, and we frequently visit in the summertime.

On Peach Day, which is the peak of peach season I believe, they offer free samples of peach ice cream! We stocked up on peaches, blueberries and corn, and of course had to sample the ice cream as well!

The stroller is the Uppababy Vista and I can’t say enough great things about it + all the configurations.


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Heather says · 07.16.16

We love our Uppababy stroller! When David gets a little bigger, you’ll love the attachment that clips on the bottom and is a running board (we call it a buckboard) for him to stand on. It works with the seat forward or rear facing. We do rear facing so our boys can talk to each other. Our oldest is 5 and he still likes riding on it and our little one (almost 2) loves having his bubba right there.

Andrina says · 07.16.16

Your market is awesome! Our vendors have to bring their own tents, as there’s no structure. Those red cheek ed boys look just like Mama . 😉 My son’s cheeks do the same when he’s hot. Aren’t peaches wonderful?

Haley says · 07.16.16

Bless their hearts! You could tell it was hot. Love David at the end with his sweet smirk. That ice cream looked YUMMY!!

Ashley says · 07.16.16

Nothing like Southern peaches, and we definitely have some of the most delicious ones in NC! Love it!

Justina says · 07.16.16

What sunscreen do you use for yourself and children?

gturn62 says · 07.16.16

Your babies’ cheeks are as rosy as the peaches. Must have been a hot one! Sweet video. Thanks for sharing your day. ?

Bethanie says · 07.16.16

I love our famer’s market! And the restaurant there is the best! My husband and I live about an hour south so we don’t get up there as much as we’d like but I love that place!

Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort says · 07.17.16

Those boys are too cute!!

Ashli says · 07.17.16

Nothing says the South like Peaches! Yum. Happy Summer!

Laura says · 07.18.16

How funny – we were at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market yesterday to get white peaches (the best!) and a few other goodies! I absolutely love visiting the farmer’s market during the summer.

Katie says · 07.18.16

How fun!! Those peaches look delicious. It’s my current pregnancy craving and I ain’t mad about it. I especially love David’s little smirk at the end. Thanks for sharing!

Megan says · 07.18.16

Looks so fun! I love David and Luke’s rosy cheeks!

Christi says · 07.28.16

I’m so jealous…My sister lives in Charlotte and took us to that farmer’s market last year when we were in to visit. It’s INCREDIBLE. And it’s ruined me for all other farmer’s markets – none in my area come remotely close to the selection and quality of yours. I love it there!