Spring FabFitFun Box Unboxing!

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If you ever browse the “explore” feed on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve come across someone opening up a FabFitFun box. I recently received one and thought it would be fun to open it up on camera!

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box that includes full size products from fitness to beauty. You can find out more about it at fabfitfun.com. If you’ve ever wondered what was inside, watch the video below!

If you want to sign up for a box, use code “SMALLTHINGS” to get $10 off your first box!

This post was created in partnership with FabFitFun.


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Isabelle says · 05.10.16

Reaalllyy want to try one of these, looks so good!!xx


A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 05.10.16 Reply
Alyssa says · 05.10.16

I love unboxing and first impressions videos!

Georgia says · 05.10.16

Love this!! I have always wondered what actually came in these boxes. I will be ordering one for sure. Thanks for sharing!!!

Jessica says · 05.10.16

So fun! Where is your top from and what color are your nails!? Love your look today! ☺️❤️

Alissa says · 05.10.16

I love watching unboxing videos!!

You should consider getting a Causebox by Sevenly. They’re quarterly boxes, and each item in the box helps others in one way or another (think Toms- buy a shoe, give a shoe). I have loved every single one that I’ve received, and I’m so glad that I’m able to help others by supporting the box!

Tara says · 05.10.16

I love, love, love that Marrakesh oil that you got in this box. I have used it for about 5 years. I have thick hair and do not like products. But that stuff is awesome. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

Debra says · 05.10.16

Love seeing you in color…Is that $49.99 for each box, or for the 4 times a year. I looked on their site, it isn’t real clear and it says this:
With a FabFitFun VIP membership, every season you’ll get a box full of uh-mazing new products for only $49.99 four times a year.

Stacy says · 05.11.16

This is my question too! It’s not very clear to me either ?

Kristin S says · 05.10.16

Seeing your unveiling makes me want to order! Those are all great items. Bath bombs are so wonderful.

Clara says · 01.06.22

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