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It’s ALL drugstore makeup look

I’ve been in a clean out/donate everything/simplify mood lately and I’ve been tackling projects like my bathroom linen closet. It was a mess and each time I opened that door, I could feel my stress level increasing. Today I filled nearly 2 laundry baskets of things I’m going to try to donate and sorted through things that needed to be thrown away. It felt so good. 

I’m hoping to really cash in on this rare feeling I have of cleaning/organizing, and I’ll celebrate with a fresh home accent when it’s all said and done. Next up is my clothes closet, and I probably could fill a laundry basket of things to be donated from my office too. You know, I always thought my husband was the one who couldn’t throw things away but I’m now seeing that I may have that trait as well.

Here are a few things I’ve got my eye on to add a fresh touch to my home.


one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine


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Brandi Stalvey says · 05.14.16

I saw and loved (and wanted!) the french press in a West Elm store, but couldn’t justify since I already have one, as well as an espresso machine from Williams Sonoma. It’s sooooo gorgeous in cooper, though!!!

Wendy says · 05.14.16

It must be in the air…..I have donating/tossing things all month. Taking one small area at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed and hauling it all out until things we need are left. It feels so good!! Just got done with my linen closet and purse collection. Sitting down now to cross off my list!

Kristin S says · 05.14.16

If you need to “donate” cosmetics or hair products to a redhead with pale skin and coarse hair, I’m right down the road. 🙂

Not too long ago I did a massive bathroom cabinet purge. You know, the kind where you smell the lipsticks to see if they MIGHT still be good. Yikes.

Mel says · 05.14.16

Love the French press! I can’t live without mine. Pretty inspiration!

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

Brittany says · 05.14.16

I love too many of these things! Especially 1, 3, and 7.

Brittany | thechicette.com

Lisa Hays says · 05.15.16

I love the feeling from cleaning out/purging. My husband is just this side of being a hoarder so I have to get creative in trying to purge his stuff, too. But oh my gosh daily life is so much simpler once I do it!

Amber says · 05.15.16

I love giving car loads of stuff away! It clears my mind to not have a cluttered closets and drawers and with four kids it’s easy to be overrun with STUFF

Sarah Lagen says · 05.15.16

I love the little kitchen towels, they are so cute and fun for a little summer refresh! Great little home pieces!

xo, Sarah

Sarah B says · 05.15.16

Ooh, I’ve been feeling the donating/cleaning mood coming on, too! Love the idea of treating yourself when you’re done! That pillow is really cute.

Cassie says · 05.15.16

It’s that time of year! The first Saturday in June my HOA community has a big yard sale where people from all over town know about and come out to browse, so I have cleaned out the closets and have piles starting in the garage to get rid of as much as possible!!

Shawna says · 05.15.16

I have the floor lamp and the table lamp #8 (: love them! Totally worth it (:

Lindsey says · 05.15.16

If you love iced beverages the starbucks mug is a must. I have two of them. Will make up my Toddy Coffee concentrate into an iced americano at 630am and the coffee will be gone by 4pm when I leave work but there will still be ice.

Kathleen says · 05.15.16

That is a great idea, rewarding yourself with one new home accent item.

Recently a new family moved into our area and for whatever reason they left everything behind. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to go through all our things. We were able to give them kitchen items including plates, linens, a microwave, toaster, a few clothing items, dvds and some books. It felt wonderful to simplify and to share with people who will use things we no longer need.

Back to the reward idea, I’m always trying to slim down and I only buy myself a new outfit when I reach a certain weight. I usually do this in five pound increments. It makes it fun and rewarding. I have a cute dress taped up by my scale from Serengeti. I hope I get it soon!

Susan says · 05.16.16

It must be Spring—I’m doing the same thing.
It’s nice to pass things on that you don’t use and keep only the things you love.


Kodi says · 05.16.16

That popsicle towel is like something I never knew I needed. Love!

Sarah says · 06.03.16

My family has had one of those iSi cream whippers (the large size) for as long as I can remember. It was the one thing we absolutely HAD to have at a holiday gathering. Still going strong after 25+ years.