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I love listening to podcasts when I’m driving or even doing mundane tasks around the house. They can be both super entertaining and also informative!

There are so many podcasts out there. I’m sure you could find something specifically tailored to your exact interested and curiosities, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites today!

  1. Stuff You Should Know. I love this podcast. The guys, Chuck and Josh are so easy to listen to. They cover totally random topics from makeup to mass hysteria to Star Wars to water slides. I love how easy it is to listen to these guys. Highly recommend!
  2. The Lively Show. This is another frequently listened to of mine, but I will admit my interest is fading just a little bit. It covers a lot of self-help type subjects, intention setting and values, but it also is interesting to listen to entrepreneurs and hear how they got started.
  3. Serial, season 1. I could not get into the second season, but season one was addicting! Definitely worth a listen if you like mysteries, law, and a good story.
  4. This American Life. This was the first podcast that I ever listened to. It’s easy to listen to, and the content/stories cover a huge range.

What are your favorites?

The earphones in the photo above are c/o Sudio Sweden.

Speaking of cleaning up around the house & getting things done,Β here‘s how I (don’t) juggle it all!


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Sarah B. says · 04.29.16

Hi, Kate! A great blog about motherhood is “The Longest Shortest Time”. You should give it a try! πŸ™‚

Laura says · 05.01.16

I agree — I just started listening to The Longest Shortest Time and I really like it!

Luanne says · 05.02.16

Agreed…TLST is AWESOME! And, I also have fallen in love with Breakdown. It’s a “trial” podcast like Serial and based out of Atlanta. Love it!

Jacinta says · 04.29.16

I totally agree on 1, 3 & 4. Also ‘Only Human’ & ‘Note to Self’ are favourites of mine that I think you might like, Kate.

Becs says · 04.29.16

Hi Kate! Love your blog, youtube & snapchat πŸ™‚ I’m also obsessed with Stuff You Should Know and This American Life! I also love Radiolab for interesting stories, and 99% Invisible has really interesting short podcasts on the design of every day things (the presenter Roman Mars is really cool too!). πŸ™‚

Liv says · 04.29.16

Can you tell me what her snapchat is? I feel clueless but I can’t find it! Thanks ?

ann a says · 04.29.16

My current favorite podcasts:

Revive our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth (all time favorite)
God Centered Mom (Heather MacFadyen–a new favorite)
FamilyLife Today (Dennis Rainey)
This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt (one my husband also likes–leadership, productivity)
Building Relationships (Gary Chapman–author of The Five Love Languages)
Focus on the Family
Brooklyn Tabernacle Sermon Podcast (Jim Cymbala, also other pastors from their church and many guest pastors–Tuesday night prayer meetings and Sunday morning sermons–this is a church that is really famous for their choir, but they are also very serious about prayer!!)

Laura Noll says · 05.02.16

Thank you for the Christian podcast recommendations. Much appreciated (:

Victoria Pease says · 04.29.16

You should listen to Anna Faris is Unqualified, it is so funny! Best listened to while doing boring tasks like ironing or washing dishes to make it more fun πŸ™‚

Arkie says · 04.29.16

Stuff You Missed in History Class is produced by the same company as Stuff you should know and it’s awesome! I have never really been a big history fan but this podcast makes it so interesting (I also really liked Serial and the serial killer episodes are some of my faves!) Michael Hyatts This is Your Life, Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership, Mike Rowes The Way I Heard It (similar to Paul Harvey’s And Now you Know the Rest of the Story). NPRs Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – this is a radio show they make available in podcast form but it’s delightfully entertaining. Josh and Chuck are still my faves though!

Jess says · 04.29.16

Modern Love (not like the Aziz Ansari book) podcast – based on The New York Times’ popular series of weekly reader-submitted essays. Notable celebrities read the stories, and then there is an update on the writer at the end.

Meghan says · 04.29.16

Yes! I’m obsessed with Modern Love! It’s my favorite. I also love Dear Sugar. <3

Patricia says · 05.01.16

DEAR SUGAR. It’s my all time favorite.

Leiah says · 04.29.16

Stuff Mom Never Told You is so addicting and fun! Also Heather Dubrow’s World πŸ™‚

Jordan says · 04.29.16

Where did you get those earings!!?!?! I LOVE them!!

Sommer says · 04.29.16

I love Sawbones! Hilarious and you learn about medical stuff.

evelyn says · 04.29.16

I listen to: What Should I Read Next, Sorta Awesome, The Popcast with Knox and Jamie, and America’s Test Kitchen.

The Popcast says · 05.01.16

High five.

Stephanie says · 04.29.16

You got me started on story podcasts with Limetown. Now I’m listening to Lore, The Black Tapes, Tanis and the Message. If you enjoyed Serial then check out Undisclosed too!

Thanks for getting me hooked and all the great suggestions

Leslie says · 05.03.16

I agree about Undisclosed! It is amazing.

Nichole says · 04.29.16

Did you end up finishing Limetown? My husband & I were addicted to it but didn’t love how it ended. We’re also into Criminal which is great if you like crime shows or books. It can be pretty intense on some episodes, but it’s always so interesting!

Laura says · 04.29.16

Dear Sugar Radio! It’s hosted by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. It blows every other podcast away.

Patricia says · 05.01.16


Amber says · 04.29.16

I am OBSESSED with podcasts. Here are my faves (in no particular order):
-Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft
-Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert
-Modern Love
-The Moth Podcast
-The Mortified Podcast

Natalie says · 04.29.16

I loooove ‘Happier’!! I really really enjoy it every week! They are fun and easy to listen to!

Bethy says · 04.29.16


Sarah says · 04.29.16

I love Chuck and Josh! I saw them live in LA last year and met them and they are so down to earth and fun! Other podcasts I like are Radio Lab, Planet Money, 99% Invisible, and Stuff Mom Never told you. Oh! I also like the Chalene Show. She’s the lady from Piyo and her blog is about fitness, organization, relationships and living a happy lifestyle.

Sara says · 04.29.16

I just searched your site yesterday to see if you had any podcast recommendations, so this came at the perfect time. I love listening while folding laundry, cleaning or traveling. Recently, I started listening to The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. Each week she invites a girlfriend to “talk about the little things in life, the big things in life and everything in between”. It’s a lot of fun!

Madeline says · 04.29.16

You REALLY should try listening to the Big Boo Cast by Christian authors Sophie Hudson and Melanie Shankle. They started this podcast years ago (like early 2000’s) and talk about life, beauty products, college sports, etc. Obviously a huge variety πŸ™‚ Melanie wrote one of my all time favorite books, Nobody’s Cuter Than You:

and Sophie wrote another one of my favorites, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet:

They are SO funny and the podcast is super easy to listen to! I can’t recommend their books and the podcast enough!

Kacey says · 04.29.16

I like Another Mother Runner with Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell. Friends who love chatting about family and running.

Jessica says · 04.29.16

I love The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey & Sorta Awesome!

Caroline says · 04.29.16

YES! I second the Happy hour! Once my interest with the lively show faded I fell hard for Jamie Lively!

Caroline says · 04.29.16

Oh my gosh- so confusing. That last name should be Jamie Ivey! Haha!

Emily Troutman says · 05.07.16

I triple agree with Jamie Ivey and the Happy Hour! Will be right up your alley and I always feel like I was with friends when it’s over!

ashlye says · 04.29.16

America’s Test Kitchen and Car Talk! The Car Talk guys have never failed to bring on a bottom of the belly, gut wrenching laugh. I like to listen to them Sunday mornings while I’m getting ready for church ???

Kristen says · 05.02.16

Yes to Car Talk. I laugh so so so hard!

Karol says · 04.29.16

I’ve been listening to podcasts since 2006 and my favorites are:
Bob and Sheri (from their radio show)
Joel Osteen
Heather Dubrow
An eclectic mix that makes for fun listening while cleaning. ?

Hannah says · 04.29.16

Stuff You Missed in History Class
WireTalk (from Birds on a Wire moms ministry)
99% Invisible
Daily Audio Bible

Kelly says · 04.29.16

If you like Serial season 1, you must listen to the Undisclosed podcast, Truth and Justice, Breakdown, and Real Crime Profil. The Running Lifestyle, Another Mother Runner, and and The slow Runner’s Club. I’m a podcast addict. Love them more than the radio.

Tia says · 04.29.16

Awesome! Almost my post exactly so I’ll just second yours πŸ™‚

For any serial fans, undisclosed is amazing! And so is truth and justice. They are still about Adnan!

Gina says · 04.29.16

You have to listen to the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey – I listened to one show and was hooked – I have since binged listened to all of them and they are all wonderful. She has wonderful women on their every week who challenge and inspire!!

Amanda says · 04.30.16

I love The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey!!

Emilee says · 04.29.16

My boyfriend and I are long distance so on the weekends I drive the two hours to see him I catch up on podcasts. My favorites are: Stuff You Missed in History Class, The Memory Palace*** (I love how he tells interesting stories, I went back and listened to his whole archive), and Mystery Show!

Becca says · 04.29.16

Memory Palace is my FAVORITE!

Mandy says · 04.29.16

Criminal. I love it. I think it’s Anyhoo, they are 20 minutes long, which is a great reward for me. Ok, fold the laundry and you can listen to one.

But it has a HUGE variety of ‘criminal’ stories. From a conspiracy theory that an owl actually killed the wife of a man who was sentenced to life, to a reduction in crime in a seedy neighborhood because a man put an inexpensive Buddah out on a stoop. Also there is a live interview with a woman who sits with people who opt to die with dignity. I really love them, and if I am not mistaken, they are produced in N. Carolina.

Jennifer says · 04.29.16

As a food blogger, I find the Food Blogger Pro podcast really valuable as well as Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger podcast, which frankly I think anyone in business today would find useful.

I’m not the least bit crafty but I really enjoy the Elise Gets Crafty podcast. She talks a lot about creativity and living a creative life and she interviews artists and crafters about their work and what drives them.

For fun, I love Lore, which describes itself as frightening history behind common folklore. It’s really entertaining and would appeal to anyone who likes mystery and suspense and folklore.

I listen a little to podcasts in the car or before bed if I can’t sleep but podcasts are mainly my reward while I do dishes and get housework done. Mundane activities are so much more fun if I can listen to something entertaining.

Amanda says · 04.29.16

I love Lore! It is sometimes so creepy but I can’t stop listening!

Ellie K. says · 04.29.16

I was just looking for new podcasts to listen to. I’ll have to give yours and some of the other commenters a try! This is probably a strange addition to the podcast list on a beauty blog but the only podcast I listen to right now is The Fantasy Footballers. Yes, it helps me compete in our fantasy football league but they guys are just so darn entertaining they keep me hooked even in the off-season.

Bethany says · 04.29.16

I’ll second some of the podcasts mentioned by other commenters:

-The Popcast : keeps me updated on pop culture news without me having to do the work-a slight indulgence
-Happier: Has helped me understand myself SO much better & is fun to listen to 2 sisters do the show
-Sorta Awesome & The Happy Hour: I only listen to select episodes that interest me but both are excellent!

A new one: The West Wing Weekly-I recently became obsessed with The West Wing on Netflix. As a busy mom, you may not have time for it but I love hearing a semi-narration of each episode by Josh Malina (also from Scandal) & Hrishi Hirway from Song Exploder.

Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin is really good too. Great interviews of celebrities, politicians, etc.

Thanks for sharing!

The Popcast says · 05.01.16

Internet side hug.

Natalie says · 04.29.16

If you like fun sci-fi mysteries…I love Tanis and The Black Tapes! They both have me excited for the next episode!

Diana says · 04.29.16

I agree with a few other viewers with The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. It’s the best faith-based podcast for women out there (it’s the only one I’ve listened to though, so take that with a grain of salt). I’ve laughed, cried, and been inspired all in one hour!

Anna says · 04.29.16

If you haven’t listened to NPR’s Invisibilia yet then you need to! Season 2 is about to come out in June and I’m so excited! Their podcasts cover “invisible forces that control human behavior” and each one has 2 real life stories that are so strange and fascinating! A woman who doesn’t experience fear, a man trapped in a vegetation state for 13 years – they’re all so good!

Katie says · 04.29.16

I love this! I absolutely love listening to podcasts so getting to share my favorites and get new suggestions is perfect! Some of these have already been mentioned but I’ll list them again to reiterate how great they are.

-Reply All
-Mystery Show (So good! She’s on a break preparing new episodes but def listen through the archives)
-Love + Radio
-The Moth
-Invisibilia (also on hiatus but the archives are worth listening to)
-99% Invisible
-Song Exploder (highly recommended for anyone into music)

Jodie says · 04.29.16

I’ve listened to the Bob & Sheri show for years. Light, funny news stories, and a different topic “chat room” each day. They make me laugh.

Jenni says · 04.29.16

I love podcasts. We listen to them more than anything else lately. My favorite is also Stuff You Should Know, but I also love Stuff You Missed in History Class. Other favorites are Freakonomics and The Nerdist.

Sherri says · 04.29.16

My new favorite is Strangers with Lea Thau…”Each episode is an empathy shot in your arm, featuring true stories about the people we meet, the connections we make, the heartbreak we suffer, the kindnesses we encounter, and those frightful moments when we discover that WE aren’t even who we thought we were.”
I am hooked on this and cannot wait to hear each new episode. My favorites are “Two Men and a Baby” (and the follow-up), “Elizabeth and Mary” (has 3 or 4 parts), and the new series she’s doing called “Dumb Sh$#@ We Do”, though they are all great, thought-provoking stories. Her voice is a little too soothing to listen to in the car, but is great for bedtime!

Melanie says · 04.29.16

Love this post and loving all suggestions in the comments! My favorite podcasts are…
NPR Politics Podcast,
Stuff You Missed in History Class,
The Memory Palace
NPR Hourly News Summary

and then I pick & choose from

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes and
The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well.

Julia says · 04.29.16

My interest in The Lively Show is totally fading too! Way to much about intuition and i feel like it’s getting a little preachy. Too bad, i used to love it! Check out Girl Boss Radio, Oh Boy by Man Repeller and Dinner Party Download!

Alyssa says · 04.29.16

I love the Lively Show too and will admit my interest as faded a bit as things have gotten more into the intuition side of things. I really enjoyed the entrepreneurship talk.

You MUST check out Fat Mascara. It’s a podcast by two beauty editors from Marie Claire and Cosmo. They talk a lot about products and then there’s always an interview at the end with an “industry expert”. Debra Lippman, Sarah Potempa (Beachwaver), Pat Wexler have all been on recently. I look forward to every single episode. A must-listen if you’re a beauty lover!

Kasinda Mercer says · 04.29.16

Love getting all these new Podcast ideas!
Here are three that never disappoint me and are usually quick listens.. esp if you speed them up to 1.5 speed!

Subversive Kingdom – VoxPodcast (Mike Erre)
Your Move with Andy Stanley (30 minutes)

Stacey says · 04.29.16

Any book recommendations? I am going on a girls vacation in a couple of weeks (no kids) and I am wanting to read some kind of self improvement book. Any ideas? I am not much of a reader but thought a vacation with no husband or kids would be a great time to read!

Stephanie K says · 04.29.16

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is a fun self-improvement read that you might want to check out. Also “Lean In” (unsure of author) got a lot of buzz last year. might be able to help you hone in on something that would suit your tastes. I hope you find something that you enjoy!

Stacey says · 05.02.16

Thank you so much!

Darla says · 05.04.16

I just finished Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington. I loved it. A great self-help book for moms.

Sara w says · 04.29.16

I loved serial, both seasons. Undisclosed is a spin off from serial with three attorneys going very in-depth. I love some crafting podcasts, Woolful and Stash, and modern Love and The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey are two others I like a lot!

Rachel Miller says · 04.29.16

As a stay-at-home mom of three very little ones (and one more on the way), I have no time to sit in front of the TV, so my entire source of entertainment is podcasting since it allows me to multi-task. I am also a political junkie (which is pretty evident in my list below).

1. Michael Medved – Politics, pop culture, news commentary
2. Dennis Prager – Politics, but also very philosophical with hours every week devoted to ultimate issues, male/female relationships, importance happiness
3. Sandals Church Sermons – California-based Christian church, wonderful, insightful Bible-based sermons weekly
4. The Classicist With Victor Davis Hanson – Great insights into current events
5. Cato Daily Podcast – Intersting perspectives from a libertarian point of view

The first season of Serial was very addicting. I never heard season 2, but I think I have enough to listen to already. πŸ™‚

I listened to This American Life for a few months, but could no longer take the persistent secular leftism.

Terri says · 04.29.16

Love the earrings! Where are they from?

Fay says · 04.29.16

The Moth!

Courtney says · 04.29.16

I LOVE Stuff You Should Know! I listen to it whenever I’m on the subway. I think they’re side commentary is so hilarious! Love all your picks!

Jess Lively says · 04.29.16

Thanks so much for sharing The Lively Show with these other great podcasts. : )


Becca says · 04.29.16

I would also like to recommend The Memory Palace. My SIL recommended it to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful. They are usually just 15 minutes and each one features a true but less-known story of unexpected American heroes, like James Audubon. I like that you learn some history in a way that connects you emotionally to that history. I’m not typically someone who cries easily, but even when I’m listening to Memory Palace while exercising at the gym I just can’t help but cry. He makes the history so personal.

Others I enjoy:

*The Nerdist (but their language is horrific, so I only listen if I’m super interested in their interviewee).
*The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor. A quick 5-minute daily podcast with Keillor sharing “On this day in history…” tidbits plus a single short poem. You don’t have to be a writer or literary to enjoy this.
*Freakonimics Radio

Becky says · 04.29.16

I recently discovered podcasts within the last year, and love them! Here are a few of my favs:
– Happier with Gretchen Rubin & Elizabeth Craft
– Marriage More (Jeff & Many Rose – super adorable & relatable couple)

I also listen to the KLOVE (Christian Music station) app a lot. I listen to it at work a lot, and it’s really helped to re-frame my thoughts and re-center me.

LaceyVP says · 04.29.16

The Nerdist is good but language is not safe for children
The Moth Podcast is story telling. It’s different all the time
Invisibilia was really good but they have posted anything new lately
Americas Test Kitchen!! All of their radio episodes are on podcast. I like to cook so it’s always interesting to hear about food and kitchen gadgets

Ginny says · 04.29.16

I’m a BIG podcast listener too! Generation Why is great and so is The Moth. I hope you give them a try!

Caroline says · 04.29.16

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. You’ll totally connect with her. She’s hilarious, has 4 kids, and is friends with Jen Hatmaker. Enough said. πŸ˜‰

Linda says · 04.29.16

I love The Longest Shortest Time.

sharon / tpt says · 04.30.16

Love This American Life. It’s my ‘crochet to’ listen. Plus, idk, it just makes me feel like writing and thinking ~~

Jabeen Waheed says · 04.30.16

I Really need to listen to Serial!
Jabeen x

Becky says · 04.30.16

“Java with Juli” SOOOOOO GOOD

Erin says · 04.30.16

No Such Thing As a Fish and the Infinite Monkey Cage. Mind-expanding.

Kira elliott says · 04.30.16

– Totally Mommy – Totallt Married – Longest Shortest Time – Marriage More

Kristin S says · 04.30.16

I’ve been in a deep season emotionally and I’ve needed “light” in my earbuds.

The Popcast Podcast is my current favorite to make me laugh. Like, laugh out loud in public.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey – I have no clue how she gets her line up of amazing women to interview

Off Camera with Sam Jones – he has made me really like some people – interviews way beyond talk shows

At Home with Sally – about mothering – I’m not a mother but would love to be. I learn so much from her simply about my walk with the Lord

Gravy and America’s Test Kitchen Radio are my two favorite food podcasts. So very different but both excellent.

Totally agree about Serial season 2. I’m about 7 episodes behind and really don’t care that I am.

The Popcast says · 05.01.16

Anytime we can be near Sam Jones, we chew on a Little Debbie then swallow it. #treatyoself

Jenn says · 05.01.16

I love Totally mommy love the good, the bad and the funny. Elizabeth and Vanessa are so fun and relatable with little kids. totally married is just great too!! Jillian Michaels, and serial are my other go to podcasts as well!!

Paula says · 05.01.16

Podcasts are so awesome. Here’s one I recommend.

– 99% invisible
– Conversations with Richard Fidler
– Criminal
– Slate’s Working
– This American Life
– Serial
– Hamish & Andy (comedy)
– Here’s the Thing
– Amateur Traveler
– Longest Shortest Time
– Slate’s Audio Book Club

Evelina says · 05.01.16

I LOOOOOVE Stuff You Should Know. Sadly, I don’t listen to it as often as I would like because I just don’t seem to have the time. What has been your favourite episode?
Evelina @ Fortunate House

Judy says · 05.02.16

I am so in love with podcasts! This American Life is the first one I listen to every week, but I have several favorites.
For when I want to walk away feeling knowledgeable and inspired (they are so shockingly entertaining):
-TED radio hour
-The Savvy Psychologist

For when I want a different perspective on things, and to flex my empathy muscle:
-Dear Sugar
-Death, Sex + Money
-The Moth

For when I am feeling spicy (still working on finding a better podcast in this category):
-Savage Love
-Speaking of Sex (Although I only like their ‘Just the tip” episodes. Tee hee)

One great side effect of podcasts is that I find it gives me endless topics to talk about with people. It’s great, deeper conversation you can have with husband in front of kids or over dinner. It makes it easy to avoid weather talk and chat with co-workers who might be quiet. I just love them!

Molly says · 05.02.16

Glad to know I don’t stand alone with Serial. I loved season 1, but season 2 I never got into. It just didn’t give the same edge of mystery that season 1 did.

If you are a Serial fan, check out Criminal. Same kind of vibe, but the stories are different week to week.

Gena says · 05.02.16

snap judgement is amazing if you like this american life!

Andrea says · 05.02.16

I love listening to the podcasts you can find at They are always so encouraging and motivating in my crazy mommy life!

Kelly S says · 05.02.16

Great post! I look forward to trying some of these podcasts.

My regular listens besides other that have been mentioned about are:

The History Chicks – Beckett and Susan present women from all walks of life throughout history, very entertaining, thorough, and packed full of information. These ladies are a great listen and are child friendly maybe 95% of the time, giving you warnings there is content that you might want to listen by yourself. Also, their website/blog is packed full of Wikipedia-like information in case you want to know more about any topic.

Up Yours, Downstairs! – If you are a Downtown Abbey fan, just start at the beginning and relive your very first introduction to the Crawley family. Witty, sarcastic, emotional…they just add to my enjoyment of this show.

Holly says · 05.02.16

I love this post, I’m always looking for new podcasts, between a couple of yours that haven’t listened to, but the other quotes have been very helpful!

Nicki says · 05.03.16

I would love to start listening to podcasts, but I don’t know how! Where do I find them and listen to them, is it just from iTunes? Somebody help me!

Julie says · 05.04.16

I love many of the ones mentioned but want to give a second shout out to The History Chicks – really entertaining and well researched. I also enjoy Zen Parenting Radio and Reply All

E says · 05.04.16

Ask Pastor John with John Piper is awesome! Adding him is a must!

Ashley says · 05.10.16

Strangers is a fave of mine and only 27 minutes long

Second This American Life! Love it!

Dave Ramsey is a great financial one.

Call Your Girlfriend – a bit raunchy but good girl talk

rachel lyons says · 05.13.16

wow! so many comments! a great resource to find my next listen…
stuff you should know-yay
this american life-yay (anything npr is yay)
mystery (wish they would hurry up) but love-yay

serial liked first season, haven’t tried 2nd!
dear sugar-like but sad

Jess Setter says · 05.13.16

We love podcasts on long drives or flying. Go to’s are:
– Radio Lab
– A Way With Words
– The Accidental Creative
– TED Radio Hour
– Planer Money (my husband’s favorite)