Make a Statement. . .earring

The first high end beauty product I ever bought


one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

Statement earrings are back and I’m surprisingly totally feeling the trend! I’ve been a minimalist jewelry wear-er for so long now that these bold statement earrings look really fun and fresh!

I actually received #4 in a shipment from Sole Society but they were accidentally thrown away! I was really excited to wear them too!

The good news is that there are so many other options out there that I could pick up, or I could obviously just repurchase the same ones. Statement earrings are a really fun way to add a pop to an otherwise neutral wardrobe!

Here are a few tips for wearing statement earrings:

  1. Don’t wear statement earrings AND a statement necklace. It will be a little too much. Either skip a necklace altogether, or rock something small!
  2. Make sure they aren’t TOO heavy. I had to have plastic surgery to repair a ripped earring hole from wearing too many heavy earrings. It’s not worth it. Trust a sister.
  3. Wear your hair half up or all up to really show them off! Don’t let them get hidden by wearing your hair down.

Have you been eyeing some statement earrings for spring?

More spring style inspiration here and here!


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Cait says · 04.05.16

these are so cute! I love a good statement earring and one that wont hurt my ears with how heavy they are!

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 04.05.16

These are all so cute, I really like number 7 though.
This sort of makes me wish wore earrings.

Lydia says · 04.05.16

Loving your posts these days!

Lily says · 04.05.16

Must…have…hair…tutorial….in desperate need of some small things inspiration! Could you explain the difference of the curling iron handles? Like a marcel vs a normal one? In the all the Ahn Co Tran curling videos on insta (mildly obsessed) they use marcel. Thanks you’re the best!

Kim says · 04.05.16

Love this! I’m super lazy with my earrings even though I have like 10 piercings haha so i needed the inspo!

Kim .. cutouts & white pants!

Jessica Smith says · 04.05.16

Love all these BUT you must check out the brand Southern Belle Glitz. She has some amazing and I mean amazing pieces. Every time I wear anything of hers, I get tons of compliments.

Kristi says · 04.05.16

These are all so pretty! This makes me wish I had my ears pierced, though sometimes I think that at nearly 27, it might be too late… but maybe not..

Kristi | Be Loverly

Stephanie says · 04.05.16

LOVE Statement earrings 🙂 You’re right. It’s the perfect way to dress up an otherwise neutral outfit.

Meg says · 04.05.16

I LOVE statement earrings. I go through phases and right now i am feeling more delicate jewelry but some of those are adorable. How sad you got yours thrown away? I would probably cry. I really like #1 or #3 those are my jam!

Sydni says · 04.05.16

Those are really good tips… honestly I never know what I should do for a necklace when I want to wear statement earrings! Do you think it’s the same for a statement necklace? Only wear studs?

Evelina says · 04.05.16

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you had to have surgery to get your ear fixed from heavy earrings! Have you blogged about this before?

Alicia says · 04.05.16

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally thrown away a pair of earrings that I either received as a gift (and was stuck in the wrapping and I didn’t realize until too late) or got in the mail…serious bummer.

Jackie says · 04.06.16

I just picked up a pair of statement earrings last week and am looking for a good weekend-casual outfit I can pair them with to liven it up! I am also a delicate/minimalist jewelry wearer, but am so excited by all the bold, bright statement necklaces I’m seeing everywhere these days. Definitely can’t wait to see how you style your outfits with some of these!

Mel says · 04.08.16

Oooooo. They are all gorgeous but #2 and #7 are my faves!!

Mel |