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My Hair Is . . . Very Thick



Hello from the land of fevers, exhaustion, and generally hard days for all parties involved.

David woke up with a fever on Monday that lasted all day and went into the following day. And Luke had a seemingly single episode of sickness but my fears of him catching what David had came true yesterday morning. The poor guy had a fever all day.

It’s been a long week for all of us. Justin’s birthday was on Monday, and it basically just passed by, so I’m officially moving it to anther day when we don’t have sick kids!

I tried to stay positive and hopeful all week that each morning would bring better health, and while David’s fever disappeared, he still isn’t back to his normal self yet. And with Luke struck down yesterday, I think my hopes for health should be pushed back a few more days. Thankfully, both are taking solid naps, and I’ve abandoned nearly all the housework so I can rest during nap time as well.

Anyway, I’ve felt completely out of touch this week. What is new? Got any weekend plans? You may see results of the lack of work from this week in next week’s posting frequency, by the way.

I have just a few links + loves this week:

Now I want a lash lift. Vivanna speaks so highly of it, and it is way more tempting to me than eyelash extensions which seem borderline fussy. Though I’m tempted by those as well. You can watch a video about the process here.

A little review on a bunch of popular highlighters!

Two recent links + loves here and here!


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Rachele says · 04.22.16

Hope everyone feels better! You’re littles are very blessed that you have the opportunity and means to be home to take care of them.

Christen says · 04.22.16

I am really not fussy when it comes to make up and getting ready in general each day. I have one toddler and work full-time but I decided a couple months ago to get eyelash extensions. Best decision I have ever made. The fact that I get to lay on a table for an hour and a half every few weeks and just snooze makes it worth it!!!

Melissa says · 04.22.16

We have 4 little ones ranging from age 7 to 1 year. This winter I learned that it is possible for someone to be sick, getting sick, or just getting better ALL the time!! It’s was so tough but I can say that we are so much more thankful for our heathy days!! Hope everyone starts to rally this weekend. Hang in there!

Alyssa says · 04.22.16

So sorry your babies are still under the weather! I hope this weekend brings health and a breath of fresh air!

I’m so interested in this lash lift! I think I’m going to get lash extensions for my wedding, but that’s totally a one time thing for me.

Sarah says · 04.22.16

My 1yr old had a random fever yesterday also. Only lasted 24 hrs and now it’s gone, thankfully. Hope Lukie feels better today and you have a great weekend!

Elizabeth says · 04.22.16

I had my lashes tinted with a natural vegetable-based dye at an Aveda salon a few years ago. As I struggled to see out of my right eye for the next week (it did slowly improve, I can see now!) I looked it up online and found it was not FDA approved and lots of warnings and bad experiences appeared. I did like the look, but not enough to risk it again. The very thought of perm lotion that close to my corneas – no, I would not! Of course, I can’t stand to use an eyelash curler either. My technique is to use the mascara spoolie to hold my lashes up while they sort of dry in place.

Joy says · 04.22.16

You should check YouTube for curling lashes with a hair dryer!

Julie says · 04.22.16

Where are Luke’s fire truck jammies from? They are so cute and my two year old would love them.

Kara says · 04.22.16

I use latisse and that plus the lash lift = fabulous! It requires a lot less time and expense than lash extensions.

Jocelyn says · 04.22.16

From one mama to another, those weeks are indeed long and tunnel-like. We just emerged from one of those ourselves. Everything you said resonated with me. Solidarity! Here’s to better health for all!

Talia says · 04.22.16

Hi Kate,

Would you please do a review/tutorial on the Beauty Counter’s 3 minute makeup kit? I’m a mother of three under the age of five! Thanks!

P.S. I love your blog!

Joy says · 04.22.16

It’s been a sick week here too. I am so ready for everyone to be well!

js says · 04.22.16

It is the worst when babies are sick. For Mama and baby. I hope everyone is well soon!

Stephanie says · 04.22.16

Hi Kate,
I had the same kind of week. Sick kids with fevers. Watching your snap the other day and I love your outdoor rug!! If you get a second, can you let me know where it’s from?

Thanks. Hang in there!

Kate says · 04.22.16

Target a few summers ago!

Sage Annie says · 04.22.16

I love Vivianna’s blog as well as yours. You guys put such quality posts up.

Mel says · 04.22.16

Oh noooo!!!! Hope everyone feels better soon! xo

Mel |

Kathleen says · 04.22.16

Hope everyone feels better, rest rest rest 🙂

Jennifer Peer says · 04.23.16

I want a lash lift, too! I watch Anna and can’t believe the impact it’s had on her lashes. My lashes look great right after I curl them, but as soon as that first coat of mascara goes on, they start to fall. I don’t know what to do other than getting a lash lift, but I can’t find anyone who offers them in my area. Boo.

Ashli says · 04.23.16

Awe, sick babies = tired, worried Mommies. Hope everyone gets better soon.

rachel says · 04.23.16

Oh no, I hope they boys are better soon. Sick kids is just the worst. It is mentally and physically exhausting. Gecmis olsun (get well soon in Turkish)

Evelina says · 04.23.16

I have been following along on your Snapchat and you definitely had quite the week with the boys being under the weather! On the other hand, your waterfall braid was very pretty lol!
Evelina @ Fortunate House

Amy says · 04.24.16

You poor mommy! I know how hard it is to care for sick kiddos all week long. It is exhausting! And what is worse is whenever you don’t feel 100%. It seems so impossible to be a mom when you need your own mom too! I hope you ate staying well and healthy, and Justin too! And I hope the boys are doing much better this weekend!

Natalie waters says · 04.25.16

We’ve all been sick too te past couple of weeks. I’m glad we’re all doing better and glad your boys are better too! This giveaway looks amazing!

Stephanie says · 04.25.16

I try to make Mother’s Day every day, at least for my mom. Lots of little thank yous, telling her what a great mom and grandma she is to my girls. And respect, because she might not always parent the way I do, and I appreciate her help more than I need parenting perfection. What a great giveaway!

Jenna P says · 04.26.16

The highs and lows of motherhood are the most intense feelings ever! My 15 mo old now walks over to me and hugs and kisses me (his kisses are big sloppy open mouth kisses on my cheek) and I can’t imagine a time before his incredible love!

Ellen says · 05.16.16

I would love to try a lash lift in Dallas if anyone knows someone doing it!