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Happy Friday y’all! Two things: 1. David hugged his brother on his own free will yesterday morning and I couldn’t not snap a photo FAST enough to catch it. They were both watching the dump truck and David became so excited that he just waltzed over to Luke and gave him a good squeeze. I died.

Second thing: I’ve started to introduce the phrase “y’all” into my daily language to see if it will fit, and as a matter of fact it does. I’ve lived in the south for 10 years, and I thought that now is as good of a time as ever to just start saying it. So, y’all get used to it.

This looks really interesting! If it is truly moisturizing, I’d love to see if it helps my dry, peeling nails!

This cake is beautiful and I’m looking for a reason to recreate it!

I heard about the Sworkit app on Shark Tank, a favorite show of mine, and I love it! I’ve been getting quick little work outs in with the boys and David loves to hold my phone and show me what is up next. He’ll do the workouts with me sometimes too which is really cute.

My sister told me to read the label of my coffee creamer and I was so disgusted at the contents that it became immediately repulsive to me. So, I started buying Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Sweet Cream and while it did take a little getting used to, I feel A LOT better about what I’ve drinking every morning. And mid-morning. And afternoon.

Have you seen the Pinterest ads for the ThirdLove bra? Well I tried one and it’s true–it’s the best fitting bra I think I’ve ever worn. I’m sold.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! We’ve been enjoying warm, dare I say “hot”, temperatures this week and it’s been good for my soul.

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Melissa G says · 03.11.16

The bra looks interesting. Although I’d sure prefer to try it on. I looked at the fit finder. Surprisingly there is no “droopy from having 5 kids”…which more accurately describes me than any of those!!

Kristine says · 03.11.16

I was thinking the same thing! haha!

Connie says · 03.11.16

Try cream in your coffee. You will never go back to the fake stuff.

KC says · 03.11.16

This is also my go to! If I feel fancy I make simple whipping cream + sugar + vanilla and keep a small container of whipped cream for a spoonful in my coffee in the morning.

Lauren says · 03.11.16

Thanks for the quick review of the bra. As a matter of fact, I was lured into clicking on the Ad as I lied in bed last night, but I’ve never spent more than $50 on a bra before so I chickened out!

jess says · 03.11.16

they are so lovely and cute !x

Kristi says · 03.11.16

I love the natural bliss creamer. We also use a similar one by Darigold that has a little less sugar and sodium and is just real cream and milk. I’ll never go back!

Sherry says · 03.11.16

That picture of the boys is just adorable….I can just imagine him being so excited and going to his brother squeezing him and saying “look Duker, the dump truck” or something to that affect. Just cute brotherly love in a perfect photo op.

I just went and read the ingredients on my coffee creamer (YUCK) !!! I will be searching for something else very soon, maybe I will try the one you recommended above.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Tracy says · 03.11.16

After my now husband and I did the Whole30 last May and continued to eat ‘clean’ I now scrutinize almost all my food labels. The Whole30 ruined me! (in the best way). Since dairy and I do not agree I mostly drink my coffee black and iced. I brew 6oz k-cup over ice. I get really get crazy on the weekends and use full fat coconut milk. I am picky about the coconut milk cans. I have to be able to shake the can and feel it mixing inside. Otherwise it is a little to oily for me!

Ansley says · 03.11.16

Kate, I have absolutely loved reading your blogs for over 4 years now! I wanted to share a picture of my “naked” cake from my wedding in May of 2015 but I can’t figure out how to. I’m not a huge icing fan and this was the absolute perfect cake for me! It was a vanilla pound cake with buttercream frosting between the layers and fresh berries cascading down the sides with a dusting of powdered sugar!

Kimberly says · 03.11.16

If you try the tinted moisturizer for nails, please do a review on it. It would be great if it worked! Also, can you do a post on your current favorite hair products and what you use them for as there are so many products that you have written about?
Thank you!

Ricky says · 03.11.16

Ahhhh I love that you linked to ViviannaDoesMakeup!!
When your favorite blogs collide lol…

Jan says · 03.11.16

Now that you have looked at the label on your coffee creamer… about what all your makeup products are made of!!! Have you ever tried makeup with 5 or less ingredents? I use some products from Alima and have also found some more natural products at Thrive Market.
I love what you are doing to help everyone with your beauty ideas. You have a wonderful gift that you are sharing with so many!! I truly enjoy watching all your tutorials.

diane says · 03.11.16

I love Natural Bliss too! I can’t go back to anything else. I do real cream every once and while as a treat. 🙂

Amy says · 03.11.16

Kate, which bra style was your favorite? The t-shirt? I’m in the market for one!

Katherine says · 03.11.16

Such a precious pic of your two boys! You’ll look back at that many times over the years! I have a similar pic of my boys about that same age, standing closely side-by-side and staring at something interesting out the window. Love looking back at it … and so glad I grabbed my camera at the right time.

Tiffany says · 03.11.16

Love the picture! Boys and their trucks.

Christine says · 03.11.16

I don’t normally comment but I’ve been a follower for a long time. I wanted to share that I have been making creamer with milk, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract. It takes less than five minutes and it tastes so good! There are tons of recipes on Pinterest if you want to give it a try. Love how sweet your boys are. I love being a boy mom of one. I would love to have two boys 🙂

Jeannie K says · 03.11.16

I made the same switch with my coffee creamer. That other stuff is so bad!

Hailey says · 03.11.16

The Coffee Mate Natural Bliss creamer is my favorite! I discovered it a few months ago and fell in love with vanilla flavor and now it’s the only creamer I will use.

Jessica Benton says · 03.11.16

So Delicious and Silk both make creamers that are almond milk based with evaporated cane juice to sweeten in a french vanilla flavor that are really good and about as clean as you can get without going to fresh, raw cream! I find you need a bit more in your cup than you would with the other creamers, but it tastes very good in coffee, black tea, or chai! But I’m warning you about getting started with clean eating – it’s a slippery slope! you will find yourself doing weird things like driving 35 minutes to the nearest farm to get fresh milk, eggs, and grass fed meat and butter! Your blogs will change…your life will change…

Chris says · 03.11.16

Perfect timing because I just read about those bras a few weeks ago and have been on the fence about trying them! thanks!

Gillian says · 03.11.16

The Natural Bliss Cinnamon flavor is amazing! If you see it (it is not everywhere, but our target carries it) give it a try! So yummy.

Mel says · 03.11.16

“His own free will” it cracks me up. Your boys are just too cute. Gotta love siblings 🙂

Mel |

Emilie Ruiz says · 03.12.16

Absolutely fell in love with Third Love. Best bra ever! Definitely worth the money!

Heather says · 03.12.16

Try Trind for your peeling nails. I swear by it!

jennifer says · 03.12.16

The picture of your sons is precious & having them looking out at dumptrucks…priceless. You should frame that! They are so adorable!

Danielle says · 03.12.16

Perhaps an excuse to make the cake would be a blog birthday! (I don’t know when your blogiversary is, but just an idea!) or for any day that ends in Y hehe 🙂

Tiffany says · 03.13.16

Cannot wait to see what you think of the nail moisturizer. My nails are so dry!

Kynndal Wyoming says · 03.13.16


Aggggges ago on Snapchat, you mentioned a podcast you listen to that was suspense and kind of scary, I think? What podcast was that?

Kate says · 03.14.16

Limetown! 🙂

K says · 03.13.16

I’m so interested in the butter nail moisturizer! And that cake is adorable.

Evelina says · 03.13.16

Oh my gosh that hug is the sweetest. And I am always so tempted to say y’all because I always read that word on other blogs but I def can’t as a Canadian — it would be so weird! I guess I am only allowed to say the stereotypical (but not at all frequent) “eh!”