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I mentioned this deep conditioning mask in a periscope last week and wanted to tell you about it here too. I’ve seen dramatic health and healing in my hair after using this just about weekly for awhile. Not only it is softening but I really have seen it add strength and structure back into my otherwise worthlessly dry ends. I’ve used deep conditioners in the past, a lot of which I still really like, but I’m blown away by the results after using this one consistently.

A thoughtful post on motherhood and thinking through what you are good at.

I’m excited to be teaching an online class through the Influence Network on February 24th! Find more details here. I’m really looking forward to it!

It’s more about the blogger themselves than the content sometimes.

I keep looking at this bag for spring!

Come hang out with me! I’m on Instagram and Snapchat* daily (for the most part) and usually pop in to Periscope 1-2 times a week! I’ve been doing short and sweet product demo’s and first impressions over on Periscope and Snapchat*, so follow there to see some behind the scenes!

Have a great weekend!

*find me at K8_smallthings


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Allison says · 02.06.16

I had never heard of the influence network before. I can’t wait until I have more time to really check it out. Thanks for the link!

Alyssa says · 02.06.16

I love how many cream bags I am seeing this year! I have one that has seen better days and I am so glad to see options!

Michelle says · 02.06.16

How awesome you found something that works well in your hair. I am that person that is allergic to so many products. Can you tell me if it has a scent, if so, what does it smell like to you? Thanks for all your great work!

Ashley says · 02.06.16

I have that bag but in brown and I love it. I have two kids and get annoyed with carrying a diaper bag. So I keep my diaper bag stocked and in the back seat of my car. Then in that tall zippered section of the bag I always keep two diapers and a small refillable wipe container. You’d never know it was in there! It’s a great bag and I use it everyday!

Crystal says · 02.06.16

I totally resonated with Joanna’s post. I myself struggle with toddlers and shared about it on my blog ( Definitely looking forward to when my daughter is 3 and 4, as that’s one of my favorite ages.

Laura says · 02.06.16

I have been searching for a new bag with a cross body strap – once you have a toddler in play, you have to have your hands free! Love that Fossil one!!!

Patrice Sutter says · 02.06.16

Hi Kate –

Love your blog, but I am having trouble with the embedded links – they fail every time! Any tips from other readers on how I can remedy this?

liz says · 02.06.16

I have the preston flap and love it! Great quality leather and it has been the perfect travel bag for me. I got mine on eBags and saved a little $ with a coupon code:)

Abbie E. says · 02.06.16

Definitely checking out the Influence Network. Thanks for sharing!
Abbie E.

Lacy Tannous says · 02.06.16

Kate! AH! I just registered for the class, and I am SO pumped to hear your thoughts! I’ve always wondered about how to bridge the perceived gap between inward and outward beauty. In my observation, it seems like women of faith tend to gravitate toward extremes in regards to appearance where doing hair is somehow equated with unholiness. Okay, now I’m rambling. Just wanted to say I’m so excited to be in your class! ~Lacy

Kim says · 02.06.16

Love this! So exciting you’re teaching online classes!

Kim .. Winter Blues

Martie says · 02.06.16

I love this mask, and all things Pureology!! ?

Lindsey says · 02.06.16

Thank you!

Irene says · 02.06.16

I just bought that exact bag in red today! Love the idea of a cream bag for spring/ summer though.

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 02.06.16

Great links!

Elainea says · 02.06.16

I love a good hair mask! Thanks for sharing.

Have you been loving Periscope?? I haven’t hopped on it myself yet, but I hear so many people talking about it!

toast the girl almighty

Amber Morey says · 02.07.16

Oooo, love that bag! I feel like I need a cross body anyways because I feel like my purse always slips off my shoulder. ?

Evelina says · 02.07.16

I love your snapchat! You always have me laughing. That foot thing was hilarious!

Jacqui says · 02.08.16

I would love to hear your class on the Influence Network, but just wondering if it’s open to countries other than U.S? I’m in Australia.

Christina says · 02.08.16

I really wanted to buy that bag, too! But when I was looking to it in the store, an associate warned me that the dye used for dark wash jeans will rub off on it. Since dark wash is essentially the only wash I wear, I decided the safer route was to go with another black purse.

Kate says · 02.08.16

I always have that issue with my bags : /

Emily says · 02.08.16

I love the leave in conditioner! I’ll definitely have to go to my nearest Salon Centric and try the deep conditioning mask, Thanks for the recommendation!


Kristin S says · 02.08.16

Hm, I might have to try that deep conditioner. I JUST got out of the shower and washed my 5-day dirty hair. Ahhhh… BUT it’s so dry! I’m going to let it air dry tonight because it’s so dry. My hair tends toward dry simply because of its texture but whew, this winter is killing it! Also, it’s longer again and my hair is always less healthy when it’s longer… and I get it cut every 6 weeks!

Mel says · 02.14.16

I need to try this product! I color, blowdry, straighten, and then curl my hair twice a week. I need some products to help make it healthier!

Mel |