Cubicle Convos, Round two

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No one was more surprised than me at the response from my firstΒ Cubicle Convos video! I loved connecting with you all over my random rambling. So here is edition two of Cubicle Convos!

(If you are just tuning into this series, you can see the first one here!)

I mentioned MAC Without Your Love lipstick.

The Samsung NX500 is my best purchase in 2015 and I gush about how dang wonderful it is in this video. I have a 30mm lens on it in this video.

Cascade Cool by Essie is on my nails.

Cowfish, best burger of my life (and fries).


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Michelle says · 03.14.16

We moved to Raleigh in September and just bought a house in Cary. The house has the same exact window issues as your house. We are doing a complete remodel, but those sad windows will have to wait. We love Cowfish, too! Raleigh has some really great food πŸ™‚
I’ve been following you on YouTube for a while now and am excited to know that you’re in Raleigh, too!

Molly says · 03.14.16

What camera do you use for the pictures on your blog? My dang DSLR is so clunky when trying to chase around my 18 month old!

Jenn says · 03.14.16

This was awesome! Keep’em coming.

Stephanie says · 03.14.16

Love these! Especially on the days when I’m working from home because I’ve got a sick kiddo! Thanks!

Sarah says · 03.14.16

Hi Kate,

I was actually considering buying that camera(for about a week)…I am not a professional photographer by any means. I have been following your blog for quite sometime, so I trust your opinion. What do you like best about the camera? And favorite features?

Thank you!


Amber says · 03.14.16

Kate – I absolutely LOVE your cubicle convos. I find myself laughing like you were sitting right beside me! My husband bought me a Nikon D3200 a few years ago and I complain that it is so clunky for just carrying around the playground to get great photos of the kids. I will definitely look into the Samsung! Keep the convos coming!

Jennifer says · 03.14.16

OMG, I googled Cowfish and there just happens to be one in Orlando which is only 45 minutes from the east coast, where I live. Next time I go shopping in O-town, I’m definitely going to try it out! Thanks!

Jessica says · 03.14.16

I checkout your blog everyday at work and LOVED this style post so please keep them coming! Also, do you ever plan to do a post about your diet/fitness routines/regimes?

Sarah says · 03.14.16

Hi, there! The convos are so fun! The camera is actually a mirrorless camera, rather than a dSLR. I have an Olympus in that style and absolutely LOVE it as well. I am not a blogger, but I definitely agree with your recommendation for nearly everyone: these days, start with the mirrorless! Cheers to you and to good weather!

Leslie says · 03.14.16

LOVE cubicle convos!! Just what I needed this morning after a loooooong rainy weekend in Kansas at home with my two boys (3 & 1)

Michelle H. says · 03.14.16

LOVE LOVE LOVE these cubicle convo videos! πŸ™‚ You’re such a delight to listen to – I wish you really were in the cubicle next to me!

Emily F says · 03.14.16

Cubicle Convos are the best!! I wish you were my coworker!!

Katie says · 03.14.16

Love these videos! I also, love your hair cut and style in this. How would I tell my hair dresser to cut my hair if I wanted your same cut?

K says · 03.14.16

Great video! I hope you keep them coming.

Sarah says · 03.14.16

Stinkin’ ha-larry-us.

Lexy says · 03.14.16

Yes, definitely enjoy listening to and reading random ramblings – you are not alone! Love this video series!

Ellie says · 03.14.16

So, I need some advice:
what do you use for your Photostream?
I am so confused about where to keep all my pics,

Kristin S says · 03.14.16

Screens – it’s so weird around here. I’ve learned that a lot of people don’t like the way windows look with screens on them and often take them off when they list a house so the photos don’t look weird. Screens make me happy too! I haven’t turned on my a/c yet (kill me now) and I have the windows open but the yellow pollen came out like CRAZY today (did you notice?) so I may have to close them. Dangit.
Camera – I love your explanation of the camera! I’m a dingbat when it comes to technology and your slow explanation was easy for me to follow.
Cowfish – Been on my wishlist and my birthday is soon. Maybe I’ll take myself there!

Erin says · 03.14.16

Hi Kate, I love these cubical convos and ramblings! Makes me feel like we’re sitting next to each other and having a little girl talk. Also, I love your Periscope. πŸ™‚

Katherine Kelly says · 03.14.16

LOVED this! So fun. πŸ™‚

Michelle L says · 03.14.16

Love this new series! I literally was just thinking in my sleep last night wonder when we are going to see another cubicle convo. πŸ™‚ I work from home and miss my cube mates, so this is a great fit for me! Please keep them coming….love them!

Kristi says · 03.14.16

Love, love, love these videos!!

Brit M says · 03.14.16

These Cubical Convo videos are SO FUN! I work from home too, so it’s fresh to have these little blurbs! Thank you for sharing!

Courtney says · 03.14.16

Love love love this series! I’m a teacher so I can only have a cubicle convo in passing periods for about a minute at a time and I LOVE THIS. also, someone asked for diet/fitness stuff, and I’d be so interested in your take as a mom.

Clarissa says · 03.14.16

Yay! So enjoyed this! Keep ’em coming please. πŸ™‚

Danielle says · 03.14.16

My husband and I went to Cowfish at Orlando’s CityWalk on the last night of our honeymoon, and we liked it too! My husband loved his burger, and I got a bento box with a slider and a sushi roll and random sides/snacks… interesting and FUN. Love these cubicle convos!

meghan says · 03.14.16

this video is hilarious and awesome! love the cubicle convos!!

Kathryn says · 03.15.16

Kate…LOVE your blog, but I’m having a hard time reading it recently bc an annoying ad for Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty is literally taking up the entire bottom half of the screen. Just wanted you to be aware.

Rhianna says · 03.15.16

Love these! I will have to try cowfish. I think so many homes in the triangle don’t have screens because people take them out to wash the pollen and the never put them back. In a 20 year old house too and I agree it’s not old but sometimes feels very lived in.

Courtney Kuchem says · 03.15.16

Love these convos, so much fun! My husband has been looking into getting a DSLR, I’ll have to let him know about your camera!

rachel says · 03.15.16

Love these! I work from home and desperately miss talking to people. You should do these more frequently!

When are you going to do some hair styles on super think somewhat frizzy hair? Let me know if you need a head of hair πŸ˜‰

Mel says · 03.16.16

Love the nail polish! So vibrant and my favorite color. Love this post! Please keep them coming πŸ™‚

Mel |

JoAnna says · 03.16.16

Haha, you crack me up. Yes, Cowfish is DELISH! So glad we all got to try those incredible fries together πŸ™‚

Christine says · 03.16.16

Just curious, do you do your own nails? You always seem to have them done. I like to have my nails done but when I do them myself they chip way too soon and I give up.

Kathy says · 03.17.16

This is great! I work from home too and miss “girl talk” with other coworkers. You crack me up with your facial expressions. That camera now has me thinking that I need to change out my photo options.

Sadly, we don’t have (but need) a Cowfish in the D.C. area.

Caitlin says · 03.17.16

These are my new favorite posts!

Amy says · 03.18.16

For the record, love these cubical convos! Also, now I really want this camera. I find I don’t like to drag around my dslr – does this camera fit nicely into a medium sized purse?

SThomson says · 03.24.16

I bought this camera after your periscope and I L-O-V-E it. Love love love. I have a Nikon 5200 with multiple lens options but since I purchased the Samsung, its the only thing I reach for daily! if you’re thinking about buying it, DO IT.

christine says · 03.27.16

These are so fun! And serious sound like the conversations I have with the girls I work with! πŸ™‚

Stephanie @ ChalkSouthernToMe says · 03.27.16

Great video, can’t wait to watch more from this series! Isn’t Cowfish the best?! Xo, Stephanie