Color Correctors, how and when to use them

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color correctors


Makeup trends seem to be gaining more and more widespread popularity these days, and the next up is color correcting. This isn’t a new concept, but it’s starting to pop up more and more in kits and palettes just like we saw in contouring palettes.

Color correcting is a way to “correct” or really strategically mask a problem area of the skin. The theory is based in the color wheel, and when a color is applied opposite to the origin color within the wheel, it will neutralize the original color. So, green concealer over red blemishes will help dull them out and not look so bright. Orange corrector over dark, purple under eye bags helps diminish the darkness, and a yellow corrector over blue tones, like strong veins in the skin, will help hide those problem areas really well.

The 3 main pairs of opposites you’ll find are blue/orange, yellow/purple and red/green. Of course, if you need a quick reference just look at a color wheel!color-wheel

So, when should you use a color corrector? At the beginning stages of concealing a particular area. I don’t want to make a blanket claim and say it should always be under foundation because sometimes the application of foundation can wipe away any initial correcting or concealing, but you should try to use a color corrector within the first few steps so you can blend them in and conceal properly. You don’t want green dots all over your face!

Don’t be too heavy-handed either. A little will go a long way usually!

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Maria says · 03.16.16

I had a lot of redness and the smashbox green primer never did anything for me. It is pricey too. Just my two cents. For a primer that has good coverage for acne I like dr Brandt pore refiner. I know it’s not a color corrector but it works well for acne

Bonnie says · 03.16.16

CVS has one similar – I thinks its Selma Hayek. I swear by it actually and I’m not a makeup fan.

kate says · 03.17.16

Oh, really? I used the smashbox green for several years and loved it. I had a lot of redness and breakouts when I was pregnant and my kids were little and I found it really evened my tone out overall without being heavy. I’ve since transitioned to their pore refining primer as I liked the color correcting so much!

Nilda says · 03.16.16

Hi Kate, if you look the color wheel, the opposite of purple is yellow, and the opposite of blue is orange…
Anyway… can you recomend me a corrector that doesn’t crease? I used to use Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer, but it creases a lot, I tried using a lot of eyecream, a little eyecream, or use the powder that comes with the concelaer, just a little, more han a little, a lot of powder… Always creasing…

Franzi says · 03.17.16

Dear Nilda
I am totally with you and you are right. I am a make-up Artist myself ( and it is correct
purple is covered with yellow
blue is covered with orange
Brown/dark is covered with light pink.. etc. 🙂
@kate: I love your Website anyway 🙂
As a concealer I am completely in love with shiseido. give it a try 🙂

Nilda says · 03.17.16

I didn’t know about the light pink for brown, that’s my problem, i have the worst dark circles, dark brown, almost black, and Bobbi Brown makeup artists always recomend me dark peach or dark bisque corrector. I will follow your advice, thank you so much!

Franzi says · 03.18.16

Oh I am so glad I could help! 🙂
in the MAC concealer Palette there is always a light pink shade and also a green/yellow tone included.

hope you have a nice Weekend!

Melissa says · 03.16.16

Mary Kay did this many years ago. I think it’s a marketing ploy. I tend to NOT jump on bandwagons. And, there is only so much time to put into makeup each day!! This and contouring don’t make the cut!

Angie says · 03.16.16

Thanks for this! I picked up a make up kit at Ulta after Christmas and it had all those different color concealers and I had no idea what to do with them. Now I know! Thanks!

Christina says · 03.16.16

I’ve been meaning to try a purple primer for my very yellowish skin, just haven’t taken the plunge yet (also because I really don’t need another primer lol). I plan on trying the NYX Cosmetics one to save money. Great post!

Nicole says · 03.16.16

No mention of the Bobbi Brown one you use to use? Have you stopped using it? I bought it after your post ages ago and have loved it but notice it is quite thick and creases when I apply product on top… Thanks for this post!

Katie says · 03.16.16

I have dark circles and I do think color corrector is helpful for this. I have tried Lancome corrector (yellow), Maybelline Instant Age Rewind (also yellow). The best one I have found is the Pixi peach one in your post. The color surprised me but it works very well for me.

melissa says · 03.16.16

I have been using this Sonya Kashuk concealer quad i get for like $10 at Target for YEARS and it is amazing for this. It has a color that has a green tint, and whenever I have a giant red blemish or scar, I put that on first and layer with the regular colored concealer and it is magic.

Allie says · 03.16.16

I have the YSL one and really like it. It allows me to coverup my redness with SO much less foundation.

If anyone wants a new blog to read:

Carrie says · 03.16.16

Thank you so much for posting this! I never know what all the colours were for and didn’t really understand. I only knew what green and orange were for. After looking at the colour wheel it makes much more sense what to use all the other coloured concealers for!

Kim says · 03.16.16

Thanks for the info! I’ve actually never tried color correcting but I feel like it’s popping up everywhere!

Kim .. home spa essentials!!

Lindsey says · 03.17.16

I bought the NYX concealer want last night after reading this. I used it for the first time this morning under my eyes (tired momma here, I have a 2 year old and a 5 month old) and I really noticed a difference. Thank you for the post. I always appreciate your honest take on products.

Lindsey says · 03.17.16


Katie S says · 03.17.16

I’ve come to find that the best concealer/color corrector for my red/purple under-eye areas for me is Makeup Forever tube. It has lasted me MONTHS. This is such a good post. Thanks Kate!

DG says · 03.19.16

I am recovering from a co2 laser peel…BIG peel and will very red/pink for quite awhile. Need an all over liquid green corrector to tone it down. I feel that liquid will be less cakey along with the other products I must use. Any suggestions?

Erin says · 06.24.16

Although I Love looking at the products and colors that you mentioned in this post, I feel reviewing of these products would help TREMENDOUSLY! Would you think about doing a post/video on reviews of these products? Would LOVE that!!! I am in the market for some good color correcting items! THANK YOU!!