Nautical Inspired with ModCloth

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Stripes will never get old. They are perfectly classic and perfectly nautical and perfect for any time of year.

ModCloth has been a place I’ve online shopped at for several years now. I can’t remember how I found it, but I’ve gotten a few pairs of shoes that I love and some super comfy sweaters. There is such a nice range of styles, casual to very dressy, and it usually doesn’t take me long to start scrolling through their new arrivals section.

I picked up a few spring and nautical inspired items from ModCloth recently and I can’t wait for the weather to warm up just a bit more so I can wear them. The day I took these photos was the day of multiple tornado warnings and watches in Raleigh, so I had to keep it simple with a quick indoor shoot!

modcloth-1-2 modcloth-2-2

These flats are comfortable and I love the perforated detail! Sometimes flats can feel stuffy in the dead of summer, but these will breathe nicely and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of them.


I couldn’t get over how cute this stripe and polka dot shirt is. It’s long, which I love right now, and is very lightweight.

Speaking of polka dots, I really loved this dress! I’m a sucker for a dress with sleeves so I don’t have to bother wearing something over top of it in case it gets a bit chilly, and there is even a fun little cutout at the top in the back! ::warning, pasty legs below::



This dress, though, was my favorite of all the things that I ordered . I loved the color fade and it was really flowy and casual.


It’s a refreshing feeling to add some light dresses and new patterns into my closet in anticipation of spring! And if you are new to ModCloth, definitely don’t pass up their shoe selection while you are browsing, it is one of my favorites.

Shop these items and a few of my other favorites below!

This post was created in partnership with ModCloth via RewardStyle.


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Marianne says · 02.26.16

Love the choices! Is it weird that i want to order the same ones? ? Especially that second dress!

Lindsay says · 02.26.16

I love these looks! Totally random, where is your mirror from? I have been looking for something just like that! Thanks.

CoralBunny says · 02.26.16

Can you please provide more information about the purse?

Krystal says · 02.26.16

Hi Kate,

LOVING the purse. Please share!!

Ashley Jade says · 02.26.16

I’m pretty sure it’s a Fossil bag!!!

Samantha says · 02.26.16

Loving this style post!!!!! You always have the cutest outfits 🙂

Kiley says · 02.26.16

LOVE those shoes you have on with the polka dot dress!!!

Tina says · 02.26.16

Me too! Please tell us where they’re from!

Lauren says · 02.26.16

me too! where are the shoes from?

Lo says · 02.26.16

Blue is such a great color on you Kate! And I agree with Kiley those shoes are amazing! Are they the ones you got at DSW?

Cynthia says · 02.26.16

Killer calves Kate!

The people who compliment my calves muscular-upper-bodied-skinny-legged-men asking me what exercises I do for my legs… But I inherited large calves from my dad. You have killer calves too.

I used to feel self conscious about my calves, it’s not an issue anymore because they’re strong and they’re mine and I love them. I love that you’re showing off your calves in that dress.

Wow… I’m pretty sure I’m the record holder for how many times the word “calves” has been and will ever be used on your blog.

Lisa says · 02.26.16

Glad you finally found clothes that aren’t gray! Color looks good on you.

KC says · 02.26.16

Everyday at noon I’m on Modcloth checking out the new arrivals, how did I miss that top?!?! It’s amazing!

Kim says · 02.26.16

Love all of these, especially the color fade dress! The flats also look super comfortable for spring and summer!

Kim .. simple everyday tunic!

Leigh says · 02.26.16

LOVE the outfits, especially the adorable top!

Ariadna says · 02.26.16

Umm thanks to you I just spent an hour looking thru ModCloths website!! I have fallen in love with it!!

Melissa W. says · 02.26.16

Love the flats.I’m really into flats right now. ModCloth has some cute ones. I’ve never bought anything from this company. Do their shoes hold up well?

Emily D says · 02.27.16

I shop at ModCloth a lot and have several pairs of shoes from them. It totally depends on the shoe/brand. Like recently, I bought a pair and they are Chinese Laundry (which are great) and another pair that stretched out by the second wear, basically they fall off my feet. People tend to be pretty good about leaving really thorough reviews.

Christin says · 02.26.16

Super cute! Random question…How do you take pictures of yourself? I’d love some tips if you don’t mind 🙂 Thank you

Lindsey says · 02.26.16

Kate, you look beautiful and I love all these outfits!! Your style posts are my favorite, now I’m going to check out the website!! Have a good weekend 🙂

Anais says · 02.26.16

Are those your trusty Madewell jeans?

Megan says · 02.26.16

Hey Kate!

You are looking so beautiful. Your choice is good. You looks too good and i am not going to miss any single post from you.

Great style and sense!

Mary says · 02.26.16

Love the outfits but love the background too
– is that your house? You have such a great decorating style. Thanks for sharing!

Beth Schmidt says · 02.26.16

I’m so glad you added some fashion! I love your fashion sense! What size is the dress on the bottom (the color fade)? What size are you at GAP. I want to order it but don’t know what size. I. Usually an 8 at GAP.

kate says · 02.26.16

modcloth is my problem store…problem that i love EVERYTHING. haha….too many cute things…not enough money lol

Melissa says · 02.26.16

Love, love, loveeee the colors and how cute everything looks on you! The flats in your first two pictures are very fitting and the holes on the top I’m sure will keep your feet cool for those hot and humid days. What a great idea on the company part and an even better idea that you bought them! This clothing line sounds like a fabulous one.

Mel |

Ashley Jade says · 02.26.16

I LOVE your sandals with the polka dot dress!!! Where did you find them? Are they comfortable? I’m on the hunt for a pair of shoes to wear to graduation! Lots of walking/standing in my future

Kari says · 02.26.16

I love the outfits and you look great!! My daughter and I recognized your clothes! haha I have a ModCloth app on my iphone and browse through it all the time. It’s ridiculous, I know, but I’m totally in love with alot of their clothes!!

Heather Holland says · 02.26.16

I’ve missed your style posts! All of these things you got are super cute, especially the polka dotted items! I live in NC too (Greenville, go Pirates) and the weather surely was crazy, but thankfully it didn’t last too long here. I am very much ready for Spring and all the cute clothing items that come with it 🙂

Alex says · 02.26.16

Gorgeous picks! I especially love the polka dot dress! I wish I could afford Modcloth on the regular. I treated myself to a pair of heels once, but normally I’m just forced to ogle their stuff because it’s kind of pricey once you factor in shipping to Canada.

Lana Benge says · 02.26.16

You must share what your flooring is. Is it oak? What stain did you use? Did it come prestained? Your house is amazing and so modern!

Ellie-Jean says · 02.27.16

Hello! This blog is so good! It looks amazing! You’re a very good stylistr, how long have you had your blog? I’ll definitely read it again – followed! Would you mind following me back on ? Thank you so much!!! Xxxxx

Emily says · 02.27.16

How tall are you? Wondering how this dress would fall on my frame.

Charitie Martino says · 02.27.16

Those heels are perf! I anticipate a more-than-usual amount of nautical this change of season – looking forward to it.

Vis à Vis

Sydni Jackson says · 02.27.16

I just saw Audrey from Putting Me Together post that same top. I really want it now!!

Evelina says · 02.27.16

Those flats look so comfy! And you’re absolutely right that flats can sometimes feel stuffy when it’s hot. The perforation would perfectly counter that! And I also want to mention that I love the pop of blue in your cabinet!

Angela says · 02.29.16

I love the stripe/polka dot top but I am not sure if it will fit me…would you mind saying what size you are wearing so I have a comparison?

Belinda Solis says · 03.14.16

That poka-dot dress is so adorable!! I love anything with Poka-dots!