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I took my first red-eye flight recently and it was sort of a disaster.

I was leaving California, and while I was out there I made sure to keep my “body clock” on east coast time. So, I was up way early, and tired by about 7:00pm.

My flight started out of LAX at midnight and I landed in Atlanta at 7:00am. With the time change, it was about a 4 hour flight. I thought, “SURELY I WILL SLEEP THE ENTIRE TIME” however I actually only slept about 20 minutes.

What did work, however, was my in-flight skincare plan. Since it was the end of the day, and the middle of the night, I knew I didn’t want to have a stitch of makeup on my face.

I use the POND’S Original Wet Cleansing Towelettes at home to remove my makeup and clean my skin, but I just love that they are so portable for situations like these! My other travel tip is to use extra contact lens cases for any cream products, from lotions to liquid foundations. It’s usually the right amount for a quick weekend trip, and the cap will screw on tightly to keep everything from spilling!


Here are the steps I took to prepping my skin for an overnight flight.

  1. Fold a POND’S Original Wet Cleansing Towelette in half and hold it over your eyes. Letting the cloth sit on stubborn eye makeup makes removing it so much easier! Once your eye makeup is removed, use the rest of the cloth, or an additional one should you need it, to remove the makeup on your face.
  2. One your skin is dry from the cloth, apply your favorite deeply hydrating cream, like the POND’S Dry Skin Cream or mask!
  3. Either remove the mask, if you do one, with another POND’S Original Wet Cleaning Towelette, or pat the mask into your face if it doesn’t need to be removed.
  4. Finish with a bit of eye cream and lip balm!

Do you fly a lot? What is your skincare routine in flight?

this post was created in partnership with POND’S.


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Alisa says · 02.24.16

Contact lens cases for small amounts of cream-based products?! #genius

Erin says · 02.24.16

pill box works too, if you have a lot of creams 🙂

Chantall says · 02.24.16

Not as often as we used to, with the little one just four months old. But usually we fly to England and/or Scotland once or twice a year. In the summer there is Austria and/or Switzerland. We fly around four times a year. But Europe doesn’t have major time differences, so we never take an overnight flight. I just wear my normal cream/make-up in flight.

Sarah Severa says · 02.24.16

I love the contact lense case idea! I am actually flying to visit my dad next week and have never paid much attention go sling care on the plane, although because everything dries out so much clearly I should! I’m working on a post about traveling with a baby! Any advice? I’ve only done it a few times!


Cassandra says · 02.24.16

I’m originally from NY, but live in London and travel to Asia for work. I have literally lost count of the number of times I’ve taken a red eye flights. I absolutely hate them!

I typically make sure I have ZERO make up on. Right before boarding I tend to give my face a bit of splash and then apply a pretty generous amount of Aesop Parsley seed serum followed by a slather of their hydrating barrier cream (I always ask for their free samples when I buy the full size and they happily oblige. They are the perfect travel size). My lips get a good dose of vaseline with aloe vera. Depending on the length of the flight (8+ hours), I might reapply more mid-way through. Before I land I spray my face with this Clinique moisture spray and more lip balm.

Still look pretty dreadful off the flight, but my sky feels moisturised!

Melissa says · 02.24.16

Ugh I hate red-eye flights. I cannot sleep on airplanes except in quick snatches and I always wake up with a sore neck and shoulders. But cleansing wipes are the BEST on red-eye flights! And on international flights (on Lufthansa airlines at least) they bring you a hot towel before meals. So refreshing.

Page says · 02.24.16

For any flight over 4 hours (no matter the time of day), I use a cleansing wipe to take off all my make-up and apply a sleeping mask (currently the Origins one). If it’s a red eye and I manage to sleep a bit, I use a hydrating mister when I wake up before I land. Then, when I land, if it’s day time, I get off the plane and pop into the airport restroom to put a little make-up back on. Red eyes are the worst unless you are in Business class or above!

Angie says · 02.24.16

I have been reading your blog for almost 2 years now and when you kept writing about the Ponds products I decided to give them a try. I bought the Ponds cold cream cleanser and omg…I love it! I live in the Midwest so dry skin is a HUGE issue in the winter and this cleanser is so great that I have literally not had to use any moisturizer yet this winter. So thank you for turning me on to Ponds products.

Jacinta says · 02.24.16

Take a sample packet of foot cream with you and a pair of socks to wear on the plane. I also put a small amount of cleanser, scrub and moisturizer in between 2 wet cotton pads and put each into a zip lock bag. Then you don’t need to take the whole bottle and it’s easier to use in the tiny plane bathroom. Also take a face cloth in a zip lock bag to wash everything off your face.

Laura says · 02.24.16

I love your reviews and hair tutorials, but enough with the sponsored posts. It just feels fake.

Kate says · 02.24.16

Sponsored post are the bread and butter that allow me to work on the blog.

Kate E. says · 02.25.16

I’ve seen people make comments like this on a few similar posts now, and what might help with making it more “natural” is to remove the offending item from the sentence. Not sure what POND’s requirements are on how many times its name/product has to show up in a post, but say for instance the sentence reads “Fold a cleansing towelette in half….” instead of “Fold a POND’s Original Wet Cleansing Towelette in half…” and link the product elsewhere (under the photo for example). Easier to read too. Again, not sure what POND’s preferences are, but I’m sure we’d all appreciate seeing more supportive comments here!

Stephanie Barton says · 02.25.16

You are very rude. Kate has said it before that even though it is a sponsored post her opinions are very real and genuine.

Kelly says · 02.26.16

Agreed, this is totally rude. The reason I follow this blog is because Kate seems like such an honest and genuine person. I truly don’t believe she would endorse a product that she hated. With that being said, she’s trying to make a living and if a person has such an issue with an “endorsed” post- just keep on scrolling!

Kim says · 02.24.16

Great tips! I’ve actually never taken a red-eye, but I ALWAYS make sure to take my makeup off if the flight is longer than 2 hours. And moisturizer is so important!

Kim .. Spring Fashion Wish List

Evelyn says · 02.24.16

I do take red-eye at least once a year, and I have improved my routine. I stay longer than a couple of days but my carry-on toiletries are very important (and birchbox samples help a lot), I also take makeup wipes to clean my skin and beauty water like Caudalie’s. Than I apply an overnight mask to keep my skin hydrated (again Caudalie has a great one and also Fresh) and lip balm. Upon arrival I apply a BB and lip stick!

Melanie says · 02.24.16

Long time reader, first time commenter. I need your recommendation quick!! Headed on a very long field trip with my daughter’s 4th grade class and would like some podcasts to listen to. I know you’ve mentioned a few before, but can’t remember them. Tell me some, please!

k8shusband says · 02.25.16

She probably mentioned Serial (season 1) and something called something like “stuff everyone should know”..
Or just listen to the 4th graders. Very entertaining.

Melanie Dew says · 02.27.16

Ah, 4th graders are entertaining, indeed…for like 5 minutes! Upon many suggestions to listen to Serial, I have become a binge podcast listener! So thanks!

Kelly says · 02.24.16

I’m taking a 14 hour bus ride in April from WI to TX as a chaperone for a high school band trip. These tips are going to help a lot! I can just imagine the bathroom on the bus so anything to keep me out if it for skin care, I’m all in!! I’ve never tried the misting spray moisturizer, I’ll have to pick that up! Thanks for the tips!

Jesabes says · 02.24.16

Whoa, that contact lens case thing is genius!!

Lydia says · 02.24.16

I love Ponds makeup wipes – especially the nighttime ones that smell like lavender!

Sarah @ Smile & Conquer says · 02.25.16

Ok, using a contacts case is brilliant…I will be using that tip! I hate flying with make-up on so try to avoid it unless it’s a work trip. And bringing a good moisturizer on the flight really helps, my skin dries out so fast on a plane.

Sandra says · 02.25.16

With not being a native speaker, until about 1 minute ago I thought you had a red eye (sore eye) during your flight and you would recommend the right medication for that. Google just cleared it up for me xD

Tina says · 02.25.16

Contact cases for bits of lotion or other creams is a great idea! Why haven’t I ever thought of that?!

Emily says · 02.25.16

So smart to use contact cases for creams/lotions. I travel a fair amount so I invested in reusable travel size containers from Target. Alright, invested was not the best word they were cheap but cute and I have lost almost all of them by now.

Generally, I am more anal about my dental hygiene while traveling and having a spare pair of undies *just in case.*

Kari says · 02.25.16

My daughter and I just started using the ponds products and we are pretty impressed. Thanks Kate! 😀 Hugs!!

Cheryl says · 02.26.16

I feel you on the inability to sleep on planes! Whoever masters that is SKILLLLLED in my eyes! Next time you could try removing your makeup with some of the ponds cream actually on the towelette, or even ponds cream and a cotton bud – it’ll work just like a cleansing cream and it will be a double moisture drink for your skin!

Let me know if you try it! 😀

Melissa says · 02.26.16

Skin care is so crucial to having healthy skin and in-flight skin care is no differently! Your post rings true especially when you are cramped up on a flight for a long period of time or overnight flights!

You want to feel comfortable as possible and you don’t want your skin feeling oily or uncomfortable! Great advice, and Ponds cleansing towels area wonderful way to wash away oil and dirt from your skin 🙂

Mel |

Jessica says · 02.27.16

“in-flight skincare plan” SERIOUSLY?! bwahahahahaha

Katie says · 02.28.16

I like to know I look nice while traveling, so I prefer to wait until I’m on the plane to remove my makeup. On long flights to Europe or Asia I typically wait until after the first meal service to use a makeup wipe (I prefer Neutrogena) to remove my makeup. I then slather on the moisturizer because of the dry plane air. I will frequently mist throughout the flight as well – I love Whamisa Damask Rose Mist. Mid-flight when everyone around me is sleeping or in a stupor I’ll whip out a sheet mask for 20-30 minutes for extra moisture and refreshment. My favorite are My Scheming Deep Ocean Water that you can easily get on Amazon. They are also easy to travel with and don’t count toward your liquid allotment in your carry-on. Before landing I like to try to look presentable again, especially if immediately meeting colleagues or going straight to dinner, so I use a cushion to apply some sheer foundation coverage (Again, doesn’t go against your carry on liquid allotment), usually some cream blush, mascara and a lipstick. And make sure to drink lots of water as well! It may sound like a lot but I can easily fit this all in a typical cosmetics bag that fits easily in my carry on.

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