Glam Trends and How To Achieve Them

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This post was created in partnership with Colgate as I am a part of their Designer Smile Squad with Optic White! 

I don’t get “red carpet ready” often, and by often I mean never, but I do love seeing what celebrities are wearing at big events to see where the trends are heading.

This year I’ve noticed that the hair tends to be a little unkempt and loose with a deep side part, or really straight and polished. I like both looks, and it’s a pleasant surprise to see center parts and straight locks returning to the scene!

As far as makeup trends go, I don’t think you can beat a nude *with a touch of pink* lip. It’s perfect for every day, or can be a really nice accent to a smokey eye in the evening.

Beyond these glamorous trends, the thing that will make the most impact is your white smile. I’m not one for adding yet another step to my evening routine with strips or extra products to help whiten my smile, but I will definitely use a whitening toothpaste! I’ve been using Colgate Opticwhite for a few weeks now and I’m excited to be brightening up my designer smile with ease. I drink a lot of coffee, so anything I can do to counteract staining or yellowing over time is something I will stick to! And if you didn’t catch it on snapchat, I’m a part of the new Optic White Designer Smile Squad so I’ll be sharing lots more beauty tops from red carpets and seasonal moments throughout the year!


Sometimes the smallest changes can go a long way, so I’ll show you how to glam up your hair and what products to layer for the perfect, shiny nude lip.

For a deep side part, start with styled hair preferably in soft, undone waves.


Apply some texture spray to add bounce and definition.


Using your fingers, or a comb, move your part over to the side but don’t go further down that the edge of your eyebrow. Also, angle the part toward the center back, it will lay nicely that way.glamtrends-3


Don’t spend too much time blending the hair that was flipped into the opposite side. The goal is for the hair to look soft and full instead of sprayed in place.




I love that this look is loose and tousled, but when paired with glam makeup can instantly be transformed into a red carpet look!

Don’t skip lip liner when you are wearing a nude lip! It will not only add a bit of fullness and definition, but it adds some dimension as well!


Start with clean lips!


Use a nude or barely pink lip liner to lip your lips.glamtrends_nudelip-2  glamtrends_nudelip-3-2

You can choose to fill in your entire lip with the liner, or just pull it in about halfway to keep some dimension.


Finish with a creamy nude pink. For extra shine, add gloss! If you use a truly nude lipstick, a soft pink gloss will be the perfect balance.



A nude lip can be perfect for every day and also punched up for evening. The liner will ensure that your lips don’t get completely lost, and adds nice dimension!

Both of these looks can seamlessly be added into your routine since they require to little time and effort! And freshening up your hair or makeup with a little glam-inspired trick will help boost your entire look!

This post was created in partnership with Colgate as I am a part of their Designer Smile Squad with Optic White! 


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Sara says · 02.27.16

I love this both lip colors on you Kate!! I have Olive skin and so the light pink tends to look better on me! Also do have any suggestions for a good BB cream if I want a light coverage?


Kate says · 02.27.16

I really like Estee Lauders double wear BB cream!

Emily says · 02.28.16

What pink lip color are you wearing in this post (the darker shade)?. Its beautiful!!!!!

April Lemons says · 02.28.16

Tarte bb cream 12 hour primer is nice too.

Poshnessary says · 02.27.16

Love the nude lip color on you!!

Kisses from

Jess says · 02.27.16

Seriously Betty… don’t like it,don’t read it.

Beth Jaffe says · 02.27.16

What lipliner, lipstick did you use in the nude lip look-love it!

Kate says · 02.27.16

the liner is a nude pink from Tarte, and the lipstick is Creme Cup by Mac!

Sarah B says · 02.27.16

Beautiful! I’ve been on the hunt for a good whitening toothpaste, may have to try that. Also, unrelated, but I love your gray shirt! It looks super comfortable and classic. Where’d you get it?

Amanda says · 02.27.16

Hi Kate,

Don’t mean to come off harsh here, but I am a dentist and it’s hard for me to not notice these things. You seem to have one tooth that is a darker and grayer shade than all the others. This is often what happens when you have a tooth that is “dead” and requires a root canal, or when you have existing restorative work and the shade of the material no longer matches your current tooth shade. Either way- it is something you should see a dentist about. Your smile should be top notch if you are a spokesperson for a toothpaste company! If you do need a root canal, leaving it untreated could lead to painful infections down the road.

Hope everything gets taken care of!

Kate says · 02.27.16

You weren’t harsh 🙂 I see a dentist regularly and he’s made no mention of it. It could be the lighting? Thanks for your input!

Kayla says · 02.28.16

I had a tooth turn gray when I was a teenager as a result of having braces – so frustrating! The blood supply had been cut off, and since it didn’t hurt and wasn’t decayed, I had no idea that the tooth had died. Anyway, I am not a dentist, but I saw this and thought I’d comment since this has happened to me. (By the way, when I got my root canal – which hurt less than getting a braces tightening – they were able to fix the color of my tooth, too, since external whitening products didn’t help.)

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that it was just the lighting though. 🙂

Sydni says · 02.27.16

Great post! I’d love to see more pics from the event you went to too 🙂

Bettye Rainwater says · 02.27.16

“You can choose to fill in your entire lip with the liner, or just pull it in about halfway to keep some dimension.” !!! Gasp !!! I love hearing about something I’ve never heard or thought of before…and this seems brilliant! You’re brilliant! Ha. I’m not much of a liner gal, it’s hard for me to color inside the lines…but I might give it one more go to try this technique. Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration. I’m still failing at “hair,” but at least now, thanks to your tutorials, I’m *trying*!!!

Polly says · 02.27.16

Thanks for all the great tips! Hair looks darling, lips are perfect, and I already use that toothpaste. Soooo….I’d like to know where to find the sweater you’re wearing. Looks like a beautiful basic.

Marianne B. says · 02.27.16

Hi Kate!
Great post—I have to say you have a real gift/talent for that ” undone” hair look that I love! Quick clairificafion please—“edge of eyebrow” is that closest to the temple? Because in the photos you look like you’ve started you part closer aligned to your arch? Thanks & love your blog!

Anna says · 02.27.16

Hi Kate, great post. I love that lip color!

sharon / tpt says · 02.27.16

looking sooo lovely, as usual! hey, what about dark circles? you don’t really have those, do you — They are the bain of my existence!

April Lemons says · 02.28.16

She has a tutorial for dark circles. She has mentioned before that she has dark circles. The tutorial is very helpful. I do as well. I use moisturizer first, prime, mac’s eye brightener in light peach, lorac concealer stick or IT cosmetics bye bye undereye concealer, and then Maybelline undereye brightener. I set my undereye with Mally’s loose powder. It sounds like a lot but each step is necessary to conceal the blue/purple tones and then match it to my skin. Each layer is thin except the concelaer is a bit thicker. I put very little of the concealer. A little goes a long way.

Evelina says · 02.27.16

I am ashamed to admit that I have never used a lip liner but I think you may have just convinced me to try one! Your lip looks is gorgeous!

Mary Kate says · 02.28.16

You look great! I love your hair, you always look so great!

Mary Kate

Elainea says · 02.28.16

I have been using lip liner a lot more recently && I really love the way it has been looking. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

toast the girl almighty

Richel says · 02.29.16

Naturally beautiful 🙂

Cait says · 02.29.16

girl you look flawless in all these photos! i love both lip colors on you too! so glad i came across your blog!

Melissa says · 03.03.16

I think your hair, makeup and lip shade are absolutely stunning! And your teeth are beautiful as well as your smile. Love your blog and your posts 🙂

Mel |