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1 Braid, 2 Ways to Finish The Style


Sometimes I have a few new products to try that don’t mandate a full-on tutorial but instead just a quick peek at how they look + my thoughts on them.

I often do “first impression” periscopes and snapchats (k8_smallthings), but I thought I’d do a quick “face of the day” post for you here!

I’ve returned to my holy grail face products as I wait for my skin to clear up. So that means Fresh Lotus Youth Preserver with Super 7 Complex face cream in the morning, and Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Soft Blush. Those are the two products (other than cleansers and exfoliators) that will touch my face every day.

When I got back from California I had a few packages at my doorstep. One included some things from Birchbox and another was some new products from MaskCara!

I also purchased a few things at Sephora while I was gone, so I used some of the new items in this makeup look.


Products used: Arbonne Liquid Perfecting Foundation in Soft Blush, Mac paintpot in Soft Ochre, Hourglass Arch brow pencil in Platinum Blonde, Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer in 001, Maskcara blush in Desert Sunset (also used on lips), Maskcara contour in Ash, Sephora eyeshadow in Panama Weekend and Sephora contour used as crease eyeshadow shade in Tranquil, LOC + Tati eye pencil in Night Owl, Benefit Roller Lash mascara + Cherry Bloom fibers, Clinique Bottom Lash mascara in black

The LOC + Tati eye pencil went on beautifully. I smudged it out a bit to soften the look but it didn’t wipe away. Desert Sunset blush is the prettiest, most natural looking cream blush. It blended in really nicely and didn’t look too bright! It was more sheer than I typically like on my lips, but added a really soft tint of color. The contour shade in Ash is perfect for fair skin! It looked so natural! I used just a tiny bit because I didn’t want to overdo it, and I loved the result.

I liked the two Sephora shades I used on my eyes. I was actually on periscope as I did my eyes and someone compared the shades to the Naked 2 Basics palette! They are really close to Frisk, the shade I use the most in that palette. They blended nicely and I really loved that contour for an eyeshadow shade.

For more makeup tutorials, here’s a quick makeup refresh at the end of the day & a full date night makeup tutorial.


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Jen says · 02.19.16

Kate, love your tutorials and beauty advice! You have introduced me to many great new products! Have you ever tried the Rapidlash eyelash enhancing serum? I have been using it for four months and I notice a huge difference in the length of my lashes, and have even stopped using lash fibers! I am not in any way afflicted with the product by the way ?

Jayne Bricker says · 02.19.16

I follow you on Periscope, your blog, instagram and snap chat and I love learning from you. Have you ever done a tutorial on picking your color for concealer and foundation? I’m a redhead and my daughters are strawberry blonds. We are so Very fair skinned and on top of that have bad breakouts from time to time. It’s so hard to get it right but the hardest is matching my 8 year old. She is a competitive Dancer. I am trying to find a base that will not look orange but also not make her look washed out on stage ;( I’d love recommendations!

Maegan says · 02.19.16

I’m a natural auburn and my daughter is strawberry blonde (and also dances). Check out tarte’s foundcealer (QVC) in their lightest shade. It’s a strong product that works amazingly well and is almost too light for me (I have yellow undertones but my daughter has pink)… I highly recommend it and the brush it comes with is Amazing!

Jayne Bricker says · 02.20.16

Thank you! I will look into it!

Alyssa says · 02.19.16

I’m so in love with her new desert sunset blush. At first I thought it might be too pink for me, but it’s perfect! So natural! I also love the new baby watermelon blush. Every single shade is so gorgeous.

Cindy says · 02.19.16

Kate, I always LOVE when you mention my favorite foundation of all time! Love Arbonne! The thing about it is that not many people know about Arbonne products, and I hate that. They are amazing! Plus, they have great ingredients! On your recent snapchat, you mentioned being desperate for new skin…have you considered trying Arbonne’s Genius Resurfacing Pads? Can we say “Life-Changing”!?!?! Do yourself a favor and try them! Seriously, like right now. They have completely changed my skin’s texture to a glorious smoothness I missed so much!

Kisha says · 02.24.16

I agree with your that Arbonne is a great product that many have not had a chance to be introduced to such a awesome brand and I share the Love for Arbonne.

Tara says · 02.19.16

Beautiful look for you. Just an FYI, some face breakouts could be the result of diet. I remember when I started to eat more clean by chin, which always had pimples without fault, started clearing up! I do understand there are other reasons. I just struggled with this so long thought I’d share!

Susanna says · 02.19.16

Such a pretty makeup look! You should try tight-lining your upper lashes – it makes such a huge difference when you can’t see any skin color through your lashes. 🙂

Kate says · 02.19.16

I know, it’s just one more step that I never think about!

Cathy says · 02.19.16

I went to your link for the Maskcara contour. Your blog says you used Ash, but the link goes to Walnut. Looking at the shades on their website I’m thinking you used the Walnut shade. Is that correct?

Kate says · 02.19.16

It was mislinked-sorry! I used Ash

Mary says · 02.19.16

I purchased the Maskara set and am still learning how to contour but what do you do with the continually gunked up brushes??

Amy says · 02.19.16

Very pretty! Also wondering where your shirt is from? Love the different stripes!

Megan says · 02.22.16

Also wondering about your shirt! : )

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 02.19.16

I Love this look! It’s so sweet and natural.

Mel says · 02.19.16

I love this natural look for everyday! You look beautiful!

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

kate says · 02.19.16

the blush is beautiful, I honestly wouldn’t have thought you were wearing any had you not stated so…Its so natural looking. Beautiful.

Katie says · 02.20.16

Hi Kate, have you ever tried Paula’s Choice products, and would you ever consider reviewing them? I seriously LOVE her brand. Paula Begoun is the creator, and she wrote the book “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me.” Now she does all of her reviews on a web site called Beautypedia. What I love is that she actually analyzes the ingredients of products and educates you about what they can and can’t do. Her products are very transparent about their ingredients, so I always know what I am getting and why I am buying it! For example, I use her 2% BHA exfolient and I know how that product works. She really understands the science side of cosmetics and skin care and I’ve learned a lot from her site.

Fran says · 02.21.16

Such a pretty day time look! Are you still battling with dry patches? I’m eagerly anticipating your blog post on the products that might help as my eczema is flaring up and it’s all over my face. I’ve been recommended Bioskin Zeoderm as it’s steroid free (so doesn’t thin the skin) and their products are at least 97% natural. I bought their moisturizer yesterday, although I think it’s best to start with their serum from what i have read online, but Boots was sold out (I’m from the UK). If you pick some up, let me know what you think 🙂 I love your blog, instagram and facebook,been following since I was in my teens! X

mara says · 02.22.16

So pretty! Thank you for always sharing your new looks, love your blog! I have been bad about commenting but still read u every day, have for like 3 years! You’re the best 🙂