7 Steps to go from Day to Night

Olive Green



With two little boys, I’m often wearing minimal makeup during the daytime. We like to play outside, run laps in the house, and my 1 year old specifically likes to crawl on me! So, a full face of makeup just doesn’t make sense for me on the daily!

BUT, if I have something planned after a day with the boys, there are 7 simple steps I take to kick up my face a notch and feel fresh without starting from scratch. I ordered a few new things from Sephora for this step by step and as much as I love wandering the physical store, their website is just as enticing! I always click through the New Arrivals and Best Sellers sections.

I wore false lashes in a recent tutorial, but I wanted to try individuals again for this look. The Sephora individual lashes that I use in step 6 are really easy to use and don’t feel heavy on your eyelid at all! I much prefer using them to a typical full length false lash.

So, here is what a typical “day hanging with the boys” looks like for me:


  1. Dust on a translucent setting powder to cut shine and dullness from the day.



2. Add a bit of contour under the cheekbones, along the jawbone, and along your hairline. This adds nice depth to your face!


3. Pick a punchy blush color!



4. Highlighter goes a long way in livening up your face at the end of a long day too. Focus on your cheeks and down the center of your face.



5. Add a slightly darker shadow to your crease, and run that same color along your lower lash line. And leave it at that! Layering mascara on top of older mascara is always a mess, but we’ll take care of a quick eye-opening change in the next step.




6. Add individual falsies to the outer corners of your lashes. Since you would be adding these to lashes that already have mascara, I like to apply a thin swipe of mascara to the lash so in blends well. These are so cheap it’s worth making the lashes look seamless versus saving them for another use.




7. You can’t go wrong with a bright pink lipstick! It pairs well with a minimal eye look!



You could totally rock a high messy bun and look put together now that your makeup is refreshed, but don’t be afraid to let you hair down (add a little dry shampoo) and wear it in soft waves! Oh and change into something more than a slouchy white t-shirt 😉



full list of products worn and used in step by step: (on my face to start with) Estee Lauder DoubleWear BB Cream, Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blush in Glisten, Hourglass Arch Eyebrow pencil in Platinum Blonde, Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, Sephora Oil Infusion Color & Care in Pink Granita ; Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder, Tarteist Contour PaletteTarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blush in Flush, Hourglass Strobe Lighting Powder in Incandescent, Naked2 Basics (used Frisk), Sephora individual false lashes, Sephora Rouge Cream in R54 

this post was created in partnership with sephora via rewardstyle


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Betty says · 02.11.16

I feel like I need a makeup refresher. No matter what I try it always looks the same to me. Without spending a fortune, what products would you recommend to change things up a bit?

js says · 02.11.16

I know I’m not who you’re asking, but I think the easiest way to change things up is to change one thing. So if you.always wear a pink lip, try something more purple or berry. Highlighter and bronzer are great ways to add more depth and health to your face if you always do a matte look. Also, changing up an otherwise neutral eye for more greys or even a green smokey eye are great ways to change it up. I love this blog, but even most of her looks are the same. It’s just stepping out of your comfort zone a bit and also changing your make up with the season (darker lip in the winter), in my opinion. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking for make up looks I like and then trying them on myself.

Melissa Jane Lee says · 02.11.16

Such a pretty look and you have lovely skin. The Hourglass powder looks gorgeous!

Liz says · 02.11.16

I just want to compliment you on the promptness of your posts (especially recently!) I love reading your blog with my morning coffee and you do not fail!! It must be a challenge with your little ones to have fresh posts but you do it brilliantly! Your recent video tutorials have been wonderful and even though I’m old enough to be your mom, I always enjoy them and find some tip to apply to my routine. You are a doll!

Kate says · 02.11.16

thanks Liz!

Allison says · 02.11.16

Hi! Love your blog!
Do you prefer the texture of this lipstick or the pink smashbox one you talked about recently?

Kim says · 02.11.16

Do you ever use lip pencil? If so what color?

A Little Dose of Makeup says · 02.11.16

I love the look you created!I l love the lip color!

Brittany says · 02.11.16

Kate, do you like NYX HD powder the best? I feel like it leaves my make up looking a little dull or discolored when I actually use it as finishing powder, but is great to use on it’s own.

Elle says · 02.11.16

Love your bun! But did you not lose any hair and have regrowth during/after your pregnancies? My son will be 2 in April and I’m still dealing with short pieces of hair, specifically above my ears. I know you like a loose, soft look, and so do I, but when I pull it back into a ponytail those short pieces (that are only 3″ long) end up sticking out and away from my face! Any suggestions other than bobby pinning them to my head, or slicking them back with hairspray? Thanks!
PS. Ditto to the comment about your morning promptness on these posts! It’s the first thing I do when I get to work lol 🙂

Lindsay says · 02.19.16

I hear that…I have super thick hair that is also incredibly slow-growing, and I lost what felt like huge amounts at the hairline postpartum. I used to spritz a little texture spray, or hairspay, on the hairs, and then gather a small section that included the short regrowth and braid it back, then incorporate it into my ponytail or updo. It holds better than plastering them in a straight line, and it adds interest. Bonus: it looks like a deliberate style instead of a desperate fix for hair loss!

Barb says · 02.11.16

love this look! Please tell us what is color is the nail polish you are wearing. I LOVE it!

Shannon says · 02.11.16

Yes, please!

Kate says · 02.11.16

hubby for dessert by Essie!

Shannon says · 02.11.16

Thanks so much, Kate.

Barb says · 02.11.16

Thank you!!

Kelsey says · 02.11.16

So happy to see so many of my own favorites in this tutorial! The Tarte Contour palette is so nice since it basically everything you need in one palette. xo

Kelsey | http://www.abalancingpeach.com

susan says · 02.11.16

When I need to change up my make-up a new lipstick always does the trick!


Elainea says · 02.11.16

Perfect transition, I love the step by step instructions. Thanks for sharing!

toast the girl almighty

Sara S. says · 02.11.16

Hi, I was just wondering if you’ve ever tried having eyelash extensions applied, the ones that an esthetician applies for you? I’m pretty hopeless with anything beyond basic makeup but was thinking these might be an easy way to look a little more put together and refreshed.

Kate says · 02.11.16

I haven’t but I’m interested!

Laurie says · 02.11.16

I may be missing it, but did you list the contour compact you were using? I love it!

Courtney says · 02.11.16

It’s the Tarteist Contour Palette 🙂

Evelina says · 02.11.16

I was just thinking about how I will spruce up my makeup for Girls’ Night tonight. Bright lipstick and a little setting powder are musts!

Alicia @ Turquoise Grace says · 02.12.16

So pretty! I love the softness of the look. 🙂

MissMat85 says · 02.12.16

Yet another great tutorial. I love your make up as it’s so fresh and light, very pretty 🙂

Sarah says · 02.12.16

I just wanted to say I’ve noticed an increase in the negative comments people have been saying about you and even your beautiful kiddos. (Which absolutely broke my heart) I just wanted to encourage you and tell you that I think you’re a beautiful person inside and out. The way you’ve conducted yourself is a reflection of who you know your self worth is in, and I’m proud of you for always representing Christ well. I know you are a strong person, but I’m sure there are moments it can be painful. You are an inspiration to so many of us and not just in beauty and fashion. Keep that beautiful head up and just remember you’re serving a much greater purpose. Much love!

Kate says · 02.13.16

This means so much! Thank you!!

Jessica says · 02.13.16

I love this tutorial and I’m so glad someone asked about the nail color. I love it!

Mel says · 02.14.16

You’re using so many of my fave products!! Love this post!

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com