The Charleston Hair Classes Recap

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Oh man Charleston was so fun. It was such a full weekend, and naturally the hair classes were my absolute favorite part!

I connected with Annemarie Swift, a photographer out of Boston, to shoot the classes for me and she also helped manage the flow of the classes as well. She did a fantastic job, and I’m so glad to have met her! If you are in the Boston area, she’s worth checking out. She instantly makes you feel comfortable, which is a wonderful natural gift for a photographer.

Saturday night was my first back to back class event, it started with curling and ended with updo’s. I loved both and was able to really see the lightbulb going off with some attendee’s that helped them learn how to handle their hair better. The Kelly Hylton Salon in Charleston was the perfect set up!












On Monday night I excitedly walked down the street from the hotel I was staying at to Tease Blow Dry Bar! Class attendees started showing up a little before the class started so I was able to chat with a few people which is my favorite part.

We jumped into it and it was the fastest two hours of my life!








In all of the classes that I’ve taught, I’ve come across a common theme so I thought I’d share 3 tips here for those of you who can’t attend a class.

  1. If you are curling your hair, make sure you keep the barrel vertical, insert it as close to the scalp as you can get, and begin by wrapping the hair into the barrel instead of sliding the barrel down the section.
  2. Smaller, even sections are easier to work with than messy random sized sections.
  3. If you are pulling your hair into an updo, teasing the area where you want the updo to live will create a nice cushion for bobby pins to lock into!

The beautiful bags to hold all the tools and products for the class is from Parris Chic Boutique. I met the owner, Alyssa, and she’s the sweetest. We are actually from the same hometown! Inside the bag were two of my essentials, Kenra Volume 25 and Amika Un.Done Texture spray.

Huge huge thanks to Annmarie Swift Photography, Kelly Hylton Salon and Tease Blow Dry Bar. Massive thanks also to Cupcakes Down South for providing the cupcakes. I ate way too many and enjoyed every indulgent bite.

With 2015 classes at a close, I can’t wait to share what is in store for 2016! If you have come to a class, thank you! If you have tried to get tickets to a class, and didn’t get any, I’m sorry! I hope you can get into a class soon. I keep them small for a reason, and hope to offer more in the next year!


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Melissa G says · 11.20.15

Love your booties in the top pics. What beautiful salons!!

Lane says · 11.20.15

We’d love to have you come to the DC area (Alexandria/Arlington). I’d love to learn from the best! 🙂

Kelly S says · 11.20.15

I’m with Lane, please come to the DC area, or I may just have to make the trip down to NC if I can snag a ticket for one of your events!

Jennifer Church says · 11.20.15

Greenville, SC would love to have you!!!

Kristine says · 11.25.15

I agree! We would love to have you in Greenville, SC!

Erin says · 11.20.15

I love love your sweater vest outfit! Will you share where the vest and shirt are from?

Leticia justus says · 11.20.15

Yes!!!!! Please share details about the vest:) its too cute!

Betsey says · 11.20.15

Atlanta would love to have you!

Emily says · 11.20.15

Yes come to Atlanta!!

Kim says · 11.20.15

Would love to go to one of your classes! How fun, and you have great tips!

Kim .. My controversial thoughts on Black Friday!

Kerilyn says · 11.20.15

I wish you would come farther north than Chicago. Would love to have you in Wisconsin sometime. I use your hair tutorials ALL the time

Donna says · 11.20.15

Seeing these posts, we’re even more excited to getting our curl on and hanging out soon. I know it will be such a great experience. Thank you for being so generous in sharing of your time and talents.

ps…Continuing praying, no snow, no ice, no BLIZZARDS!!!

Amanda @the Bay Bush says · 11.20.15

Can I get on the waitlist for the Raleigh curling class? Please! Please! Pretty please!

Ana says · 11.20.15

Another vote for DC!

megan says · 11.20.15

I hope someday you can travel to Kansas City for a class! Then my mom, my sister, and I could come. We LOVE your blog. And we text about you and your blog frequently. Your name will come up in casual conversation–like we know you or something. We are strange people.

Jessica Horton says · 11.20.15

Please come to Lake Norman/Charlotte! I am from RDU and get there often, but not too much on week nights. I’m glad to photograph it for you if you do one out here…. and will be glad to help out any other way too!

Jessica says · 11.20.15

Boston 2016!!!

SRM says · 11.20.15

I second Jessica for Boston! Especially since you already have a photographer here!

Bethany says · 11.20.15

I love your cute white shirt and the sweater vest you wore. Can you share where you got your clothes from??

Kori says · 11.20.15

If there’s any chance at all you might find yourself in the Austin, TX area, I would absolutely, 100% come to a class! Or hire you for a private consult. Or something. I would love to get your ideas on cuts, styles and products that I could use that would leave me with a lot fewer bad hair days!

Tiffany says · 11.20.15

I took the Saturday curling class and can personally attest to the light bulbs going off, I learned so much! Kate you were so kind and are amazingly talented! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

Kate says · 11.20.15

I love to hear that! So glad you learned a bunch!!

Kierston says · 11.20.15

I love that you do these classes! It is truly a wonderful idea. Women all over would just love to attend your classes, including myself! (: It is really incredible. Love all of the pictures and tips! Thanks for always sharing!!

Maegan says · 11.20.15

Anytime you feel like taking a trip with your family to Orange County or Los Angeles, please do and make it a business trip by teaching a night or two! I’d LOVE to take your class and so would other girls out here. Please, please, please give it a consideration. David would LOVE Cars Land at Disneyland (California Adventure part of Disneyland) and you guys will LOVE seeing him there. GO before he hits three and it costs. There’s also upscale and boutique shopping, gorgeous clear beaches to enjoy and lets not forget the fun to be had at the hotels out here that have great swimming. Am I selling SoCal to you? I’m sure trying. ~Maeg

Andrea says · 11.20.15

First off, I bought the top you are wearing. It was my first Anthropologie purchase and I LOVE it! I get so many compliments. I may have bought it a size too big because I was scared of the sizing, but I still enjoy wearing it. Second, I think it would be a smashing idea for you to join MaskCara here in Utah for a class! I even attended a Pinners Conference a couple weeks ago and you would be a killer presenter for them! Come to it next year in Salt Lake City!

Cameron Whitehead says · 11.20.15

Greenville NC would love to have you!!! Can you tell me where I could purchase the teasing comb you use?

Casey says · 11.20.15

I love your outfits!!

Lily says · 11.20.15

Looks amazing! You should make a lil montage of the class and that could be your tutorial that week! It’d be helpful to see you correcting the mistakes of us “lay-folk” 🙂

Amy says · 11.20.15

I love seeing all the thing you are able to do. Where did you get your vest? It is adorable!!! Love your blog.

Jaclyn says · 11.20.15

I am from Boston and Annemarie used to be a teacher at my school! I am absolutely freaking out over the fact that she got to work with you! Come to Boston for a class!!!!

Jennifer Peer says · 11.20.15

I love that there are always professional photos taken at these classes…they’re really beautiful. I’m so jealous I don’t live closer so I could attend!

Andrea says · 11.20.15

Love your vest! Can you share where you got it from?

Ludwig says · 11.20.15

I love the photos, it’s like I’m looking in a high-fashion magazine

Ludwig says · 11.20.15

 This post is so refreshing

Evelina says · 11.20.15

The decor at the blow dry bar is SO gorgeous!!! I love it. What do you mean by wrapping the hair into the barrel of the curling iron?

Rebecca says · 11.21.15

Chattanooga. ?? We’d love to have you!!! There are several great salons and blow dry bars. Also, donuts and desserts galore. And it’s a great city!

Jen H says · 11.21.15

Any plans to come to Charlotte? I am so helpless when it comes to styling my own hair!

Erica Rawson says · 11.22.15

For those of us in smaller rural areas I was hoping you might consider a video tutorial on the curling iron suggestion (I personally am having a hard time – I’m visual – understanding how to do step one on your tips).

Thanks for being amazing.

Katie @ Balanced RD says · 11.22.15

Those classes look awesome! Your outfits are super cute!

Sandra Quinones says · 11.23.15

I am so glad I found your blog and am hoping to get to a class as I live in Raleigh. You truly have helped me love my hair again!! Thank so much for sharing your knowledge and talnet with all of us!! Hope to meet you sometime in person. Looking forward to classes in 2016.

Thanks for sharing,

Christy says · 11.29.15

Please come to Baltimore!!!

Michelle says · 12.04.15

Any chance you can share where your sweater vest is from? I’ve been looking everywhere for one that I like – and this is it!!