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I recently went out of town, but with holiday travel coming up I thought I would share a few of my beauty travel tips!

Included in the image are not all of the beauty products I take, but these are the first to go in my bags because I definitely do not want to forget them.



  1. POND’S Original Wet Cleansing Towelettes. These are so easy to travel with, and I keep a few of the smaller packages in my travel container so I have one on hand to bring on a trip! They cleanse and hydrate, so you won’t need to pack your intensive moisturizer as well!
  2. Living Proof Dry Shampoo. Over a 2 week span, a few different people told me this was their favorite dry shampoo. Naturally, I had to give it a try and it is, in fact, a really great dry shampoo! I love the texture it gives my roots, and the smell isn’t overpowering.
  3. I hang onto the bags that some jewelry comes packaged in to separate my clips and bobby pins out from my bag with my comb and brush.
  4. The Naked2 Basics palette ranks as my very favorite palette. You can create a simple daytime eye look, or smoke it up for evening.
  5. I try to pack my dual ended brushes for traveling, just to save on space!
  6. The RMS living luminizer is the perfect highlighter for the inner corners of your eyes! Perfect to brighten your face up after a long day of travel.
  7. The Naked Flushed palette is my bronzer, blush and highlight, all in one container. Again, keeping it simple and compact!
  8. I bring a handful of small bags to sort everything into, and these are just the right size.
  9. I can’t go anywhere without a fabric elastic. I use it at night, and I keep it nearby in case I need to pull my hair back.
  10. This may seem unusual, but my greatest fear is arriving to my destination only to realize I’ve had a makeup or hair product explosion. So, I tape my palettes shut, and tape the caps on my hair products as well.

I don’t like to have a lot of options when I travel. Whether it’s for business or leisure, I like to do all the thinking and preparing beforehand so I can be fully present wherever I’m heading. Taking the time to pack well, and make sure I have everything that I need, helps me enjoy a trip so much more. I do the same with my clothes as well, and try to bring items that I can wear more than once and mix together.

I hope my taping tip helps you avoid any potential disasters. And the last perk of the POND’S Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes is that you don’t have to worry about a liquid cleanser exploding mid-travel either!

So here’s to fewer mishaps, smooth and easy packing, and fun trips!

this post was created in partnership with POND’S, a brand I love and have used for years! 


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Erica says · 11.19.15

Thanks for this! I’m getting ready to fly next week and I don’t want to check any luggage!

Val says · 11.19.15

My husband and I recently made a trip to Mexico to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. When we arrived at the resort and began to unpack, my husband discovered that my Pureology hydrating shampoo (new bottle bought specifically for the trip) had exploded in the suitcase. Although the shampoo/conditioner was packed in a gallon zip lock bag, it somehow managed to explode out of the bag and all over the clothes. Yep, purple shampoo all over. When I told my sister about it, her first comment was “did you scotch tape the bottle shut?” I will from now on!

Caitlin says · 11.19.15

I don’t think you’re crazy for taping your palettes shut…my Naked2 palette broke open while I was traveling and the black shade fell out and crumbled EVERYWHERE. It was a nightmare to clean up (that stuff is PIGMENTED!), and I never could salvage that color either. What a bummer! Lesson learned!

Kate says · 11.19.15


lauren says · 11.20.15

my black shade ALSO shattered – on my sister’s wedding day all over my mom’s pristine bathroom floor where we were getting ready. it was a mini-crisis, but luckily the only one of the day!

KC says · 11.19.15

You say you use your fabric elastic at night. I am curious, do you have a specific thing you do with your hair at night? I don’t have curly hair but I have LOTS of hair (not really thick so much as dense). I am always looking for better way to sleep with my hair.

Kendall says · 11.19.15

I love the idea of the Naked Flushed palette! I adore my other Naked palettes. Which of the combos do you use? It looks like there are several options. Thanks for another amazing product recommendation! Sephora should have you on their payroll by now, with the number of times I’ve gone in there with your blog pulled up on my phone, saying “I NEED this!!” 🙂

Delia says · 11.19.15

That is SO smart with the tape! That is the worst when makeup crumbles like that!

Kristina says · 11.19.15

Oh my gosh after reading the comments I am definitely taping all of my products next time I fly!!

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Melissa G says · 11.19.15

Have you tried the Amika dry shampoo? I use the texturizing spray, based on you pr recommendations and love it. I hug it the dry shampoo in a Birchbox and think it’s great too,! I don’t need it often however. I may have to try Living Proof.

Melissa G says · 11.19.15

I should read better before I post. Your recommendation, not pr!

Lisa says · 11.19.15

I love the cute makeup bags!! Tape is a good idea to bring to tape them shut!! Never thought of that!

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Evelina says · 11.19.15

I need that naked flushed palette! I didn’t even know it was a thing! But I love all of their other palettes.

Kim says · 11.19.15

Great post! I’m going out of the country in a few weeks so I’m ready for some travel tips 🙂 thanks! And I love ponds!

Kim .. My controversial thoughts on Black Friday!

Royce says · 11.20.15

Great pics!In love with everything!

lauren says · 11.20.15

taping the palettes shut is smart! i would also add a rollerball perfume! my last business trip ended with my favorite rollerball perfume (replica beach walk) rolling off the counter of my sink and breaking on the floor…….but I just realized there is a discount set with two of my favorite replica scents, so I’ll be ordering that 🙂

Jennifer D says · 11.20.15

Thank you for the tips . . . I don’t travel as frequently anymore and find the cleansing towelettes, no matter what brand, can dry out after a while. A hotel I stayed at one time provided individually wrapped towelettes that worked GREAT! I had a few left over and they were just as effective months later. Someone needs to make these! And if anyone knows where to buy them, please post that reference! Cheers – Jennifer

Tara says · 11.21.15

La Fresh are the ones I’ve seen at hotels and YES you can buy them! I’ve got a box under my sink. 🙂 found the box at TJ Maxx but you can get them online. Sephora has their own too.

Dallas says · 11.20.15

Such a great post! I hope you have a lovely day.

Cheryl says · 11.24.15

My ultimate space save is cleansing balm!!! Find the right one and you can use it as makeup remover, to wash your face with, as a lip balm, as an intensive moisturiser (awesome for a topup after a sunbathe!), even as a plaster if you get a little cut, just seal it off with a good old natural balm – love it!