Mix + Match Wardrobe // my perfect packing experience

A Twisted Updo with Glasses

I did it.

I packed effectively and simply for a trip last month. And it made the trip so much easier!

I used to like bringing options so I could see how I felt the day I needed to wear a certain outfit, but I’ve learned that I actually prefer to make all the decisions beforehand and decide what I’ll wear each day of the trip. Layers and mixing outfits allow me to do this really easily!


Leggings + Layers: tunic, leggings (I love these!), vest (I own one from Marshall’s), boots (I have an old pair that are really similar but in leather), earrings

Stripes + Boots: dress (I bought a simple striped dress from Target over the summer that I love, cannot find online), vest, boots, tights, earrings (I rotated Elisabeth Ashlie + Saressa Designs studs the whole weekend)

Cool + Easy: sweater (found a tunic sweater on J.crew Factory a few months back but cannot find online), denim (I love my Madewell Skinny Skinny), booties (I own ___ from last year), necklace

Other options that could be mixed in, from left: jacket, stripe top, scarf, flats, jeweled shirt, mint bag, grey bag, black bag


The grey vest, pictured above is a little lighter than the one I actually own, allowed me to have that final layering piece to complete my outfit. If I got warm, I could have very easily taken it off and left it in my hotel room.


Obviously my color palette is neutrals, but you could easily take this concept and spin it into your color palette of choice! To make packing easier, pick one side of the color wheel, either cool or warm colors. You’ll find that you have more options that way!

With holiday travel looming in the near future, I genuinely hope this helps you sort through your clothes, leave the excessive options behind, and feel good about what you choose to travel with!


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Rachele says · 11.24.15

I noticed in your instagrams that you packed more shoes to go to Charleston for the weekend than I packed for a two week trip to France that split the time between cold and warm climates, lol! That’s where I have to really restrain myself. For a road trip, I don’t stress about it too much, but when flying (and lugging luggage from destination to destination) Shoes are heavy, and I really appreciated the advice someone gave me to let the wardrobe revolve around the shoes a bit more, wear the heaviest (and hopefully most comfortable) pair on the plane and try really try to limit to one more pair if possible. It helped control my wardrobe and my backpack weight! (For the record European in my experience, cobblestones and Subway and train station stairs don’t take terribly kindly to wheeled suitcases.). II was able to limit to 2 pairs, a comfortable stylish pair of flats that I wore daily, and one pair of wedges that I wore for dressier nights out that were still comfortable.

Rachele says · 11.24.15

Sorry for typos! Should have been in my experience, European cobblestones…

Chelsea says · 11.24.15

I love this post! I have been having to be a much more focused packer since our kids were born. There is nothing like having to fit a double stroller and pack n plays in the car to make you realize how little you really need!

Katherine says · 11.24.15

Great post! Packing is always such a pain that sometimes I wish I wasn’t going anywhere so I didnt have to pack-lol!
And I end up bringing too much, which really just gets confusing and time consuming to put outfits together.
All your tips make great sense-especially keeping to same color palette. Love!

Ashley M says · 11.24.15

Ever since you introduced me to the concept of capsule wardrobes (which I’ve done for over a year now and will never look back!), packing for trips has become so much easier. I went to Italy with my husband for two weeks this summer and had to bring a fairly small suitcase. I have never been known for packing light, but was able to do it through layering and a very mixable wardrobe! Love all the pieces you chose for your recent trip!

Christen says · 11.24.15

I was packing for a work trip last month and was practically giddy because it’s so easy to pack for just myself (and not a husband and two girls as well). Love your ideas and will definitely hang onto them for later!

Tina Olsen says · 11.24.15

I always have a hard time packing- even for short trips! I need to try this method of layers and one color pallet for our Thanksgiving trip! Thanks!

Kirsten says · 11.24.15

I’m stuck on the Madewell jeans. They seem so-so skinny tight. Is that the case? I definitely need a pair of jeans that don’t stretch out terribly in one wearing.

Evelina says · 11.24.15

Pieces that work together is so important for packing light! Great tips

Shannon says · 11.25.15

As a mom of seven, and turning 40 last year, I have felt the need to start over with my wardrobe and shoot for something more simple-sophisticated. These are good tips- thanks for sharing!

Summer Ann says · 11.30.15

Capsule wardrobe packing is my favorite!
Love this 🙂

Kim says · 12.02.15

As a new mom of 2 (my youngest is only a month old!), I love your style! Looks so easy but so put together at the same time! Beautiful!