A Twisted Updo with Glasses

Deep Moisture for the Dry Months Ahead


My sister told me a few months ago that she wished she needed to wear glasses so she could wear some cool frames. And it made me appreciate the option of wearing contacts or glasses! In fact, I’ve put off pursuing lasik eye surgery (and by pursuing I mean simply thinking about it) for the sole purpose of being able to wear glasses when I want to.

And my frames from David Kind are the reason I enjoy wearing them so much! Since I feel like I look pretty different between contacts or glasses, I wanted to share a fancy updo tutorial for any holiday events you may have ESPECIALLY for those of you who wear glasses!

Of course, if you don’t wear glasses you can totally rock this hair as well, but I created it with glasses in mind.

In order to soften the whole look, lots of volume on the sides will create a really pretty and soft look. Anything particularly tight will provide too much separation between the hair and the glasses, so softer is better!

View More: http://jordanmaunder.pass.us/small-things

View More: http://jordanmaunder.pass.us/small-things

View More: http://jordanmaunder.pass.us/small-things

View More: http://jordanmaunder.pass.us/small-things

View More: http://jordanmaunder.pass.us/small-things

The frames I’m wearing are the Raleigh in Pine and I love them. David Kind has two different kinds of green, along with many other colors as well, and I loved how understated the colors was of these ones. These frames are $295.00, and the quality is much different than a lot of other online frame retailers.

I’ve done a few posts with David Kind in the past I just love the whole process. You can read more about my experience here! I also want to remind you of their FSA program! You can read more about it here, but this is the time of year to look into using that if you have one.

As always, I love seeing your skills over on Instagram! Use #smallthingshair so I can see your styles!

this post was created in partnership with David Kind, a brand I love! Video and photos shot by Jordan Maunder.


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Amanda says · 11.23.15

Brilliant!! I’ve always thought up-dos with glasses too severe for me, but this is just the ticket.

Beth Tessier says · 11.23.15

Beautiful ❤️

Melissa G says · 11.23.15

You don’t have to need glasses to wear them. They have lots of great frames without prescription lenses. But I’m shocked an adult would want to wear glasses. I cannot style my hair or put on makeup without my contacts in, glasses are in the way. I would love LASIK!!

Pretty look, but I would say a little advanced for me! And I’m pretty good with hair.

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 11.23.15

Beautiful, as always!

Laura says · 11.23.15

Such an elegant look – I rarely wear my hair up when I have on glasses, but this looks so good!


elyse says · 11.23.15

So beautiful! Full time glasses wearer (rarely wear contacts) this is so pretty and soft! Have you ever done a makeup tutorial for glasses wearers? I struggle with finding a good one on pinterest/youtube. Love your glasses-mine are similar but different brand.

Jen says · 11.24.15

She has! Just put “makeup glasses” in her search bar and the most recent will come right up. Just love this updo!

Gina C says · 11.23.15

love it, how do you actually do that style?

gturn62 says · 11.23.15

Uh…this post includes a video tutorial.

Anna Laura says · 11.23.15

I love this updo. Im a fulltime glasses wearer (and can’t wear contacts) and i actually never thought about a specific updo for glasses wearers. This wil be perfect for christmas! Thanks a lot!

Jennifer Peer says · 11.23.15

I don’t wear glasses but I love this updo! I’m going to a wedding next month and this looks just perfect!


Cathryn says · 11.23.15

I hate seeing Bobby pins! I wish you’d show up tips or tricks to him them!

Kim says · 11.23.15

Gorgeous look! Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with ways to style my hair around my glasses so thank you!


http://trendkeeper.me .. 3 quick and EASY holiday hairstyles!

Megan says · 11.23.15

Full-time glasses wearer here, and I’m still getting used to them since I’ve only had them for a few months. I love this look! I have short hair but I’m thinking I might be able to do a similar style anyways.

Melissa says · 11.23.15

I would love to see a makeup tutorial for glasses!

ANA says · 11.23.15

So cute! If only I had the courage to wear my glasses outside of the house!

Evelina says · 11.23.15

I love wearing my glasses from time to time! And I totally agree that looser hair looks better that pulled back ‘dos

Jaclyn says · 11.24.15

Love this! Very creative and would look great for any fancy occasion

abby - www.littlecityadventures.com says · 11.24.15

So pretty! I always have a hard time with updos when I wear my glasses, I feel like it just makes the glasses look awkward. But I’ll have to try this one out (since I’m out of contacts and I’m too lazy to go make an appointment with my eye doctor…..)

Amanda says · 11.24.15

Hi Kate, The updo is nice. But I tried it a few times on my hair and kept getting stuck with these pieces of hair sticking out near the end from twisting the front of my hair. Your video needs more explanation there for those of us who aren’t quite as gifted at their hair.


Evelyn Nunes says · 11.24.15

Husband’s work-holiday-party hairstyle decided!!! But I will go with my contacts! 😉

I’ve tried something similar in the past, but pulled back the side parts in one piece, I guess like this you create more volume. It looks very pretty, I will try it!

Lindsay says · 11.24.15

This is so pretty and the tutorial is really helpful. I have a ton of hair and it’s longer. Any tips so this doesn’t look like a massive mound on the back of my head? Thank you for all you do!

Brittany K says · 11.24.15

I am in love with those frames! I work for an optometrist so I would be so in trouble if I ordered glasses online, but those are amazing. Your sister could get some glasses without prescription (or with if she has one but it is super small) and get an anti-reflective coating on them, especially if she works on the computer a fair amount. Very pretty style!

Lauren says · 11.24.15

I waited to get laser eye surgery because I had to. I was finally able to at 33 years old. Best. Decision. Ever. I do, occasionally, miss being able to wear glasses (hello! Pretty much no need for eye makeup when you have uber cute frames!). Of course, I wasn’t able to function without glasses or contacts. Being able to see right when you wake up is glorious, even 3 years later I’m still amazed.

Melissa H says · 11.27.15

What is your favorite over the counter volumizer? I have very thick, red hair that tends to lie flat on top and I thought a volumizer might help lift the roots while not making it too poofy on the bottom.

Kimberley Scott says · 12.18.15

Hi Kate,
I love your hairstyles! I now wear most of them. Thank you for such wonderful ideas! When I saw your first hair video I think it was not as hard as it looks updo. I have to say I was at first very hesitant at creating the look, but after a few attempts I was successful!

My hair is now thinning in the crown and I was wondering if you knew of a way I could cut it to make it look thicker? I used to have hair like yours, but now that I’m a Nana. Well not anymore. My hair touches my shoulders I am also blonde and I part it on the left.

I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas & All The Best In 2016! 😀

Kim Scott

Christina says · 05.23.17

I actually succeeded with this hair style Sunday night for church. My hair is almost waist length so of course I had to do a great deal more pinning but wow at the compliments!!! I wish your site had a way to save certain styles in a favorites area.