Liquid-Powder Foundation, not only for oily skin

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Hourglass will occasionally send me products to try out and give feedback on, and their Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation came last week or so. As I read about it I assumed it wouldn’t be a great option for me since my skin isn’t considered oily. But I gave it a shot anyway and I was immediately impressed.

This isn’t a sponsored post, by the way, and the product was gifted with no strings attached.


It provided really great coverage that didn’t look super heavy. And it melted into my skin! The foundation to beat, in my book, is Arbonne’s Perfecting Liquid Foundation (which I still love, but I also love trying new things), and this may have done it. I don’t know how it does it, but it doesn’t build up around my nose like the Arbonne foundation sometimes would. I just assumed that would be an issue I have for life.

It required zero touch ups, and I think that is because of the oil-absorbing factor of it. I can see how it can feel a touch drying, so I use just a dab more of the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve face cream before I apply.

The only weird thing, that I’ve never had happen with foundation before, is it left a yellow coloring behind on my hands after I applied it. In fact, I looked at my hands before I washed them (something I do every time I apply foundation) and thought,”what in the world just happened”, it was so yellow. Oddly, it didn’t show up yellow on my skin in the least! It may only be the Shell shade I’m wearing, or perhaps it was a reaction to leftover lotion I had on my hand. Either way, it washed right off and is a non-issue now.

This made me really want to try the L’Oreal Magic Nude foundation, just to compare the two. Have you tried either?


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Jennifer Peer says · 11.12.15

I haven’t tried this foundation, but it’s sounding very similar to L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation. I don’t consider myself to be oily either, and I love that foundation. It dries down to an almost powder finish, which I love. Great post, Kate!

Elisa says · 11.12.15

This is absolutely my holy grail foundation. I found it last year when I finally marched into Sephora, sick of my own attempts at colour matching my pale with pink undertones skin. I used the IQ system and this was one of the matches. Yes, the price made me balk, but I snagged it just before the sale last year, and I’m JUST now running out, just in time for the Sephora VIB sale tomorrow, so at 20% off the price is completely justified.
The fact is that it wears very well on my extremely oily skin, and Vanilla is a perfect match for my skin tone, and it doesn’t oxidize, and it feels amazing on the skin! I can’t stop singing it’s praises to everyone!

kat says · 11.12.15

I have been using MAC studio fix powder foundation because everything else I have tried either doesn’t match in color, or just melts right off of my face 🙁 I may just have to give this a try when my current MAC powder runs out!

Kelsey says · 11.12.15

I wore this Hourglass foundation all last year and absolutely loved it! I definitely noticed that it would stain my hands, though mine was an orange-ish color. I also noticed since it does mattify so well it could stick to any dry patches, but that’s the only complaint I had. I am like you and love playing around with makeup so I am currently adoring Too Faced Born This Way foundation. It literally looks and feels like my skin.

I’ve heard really good things about the L’Oreal foundation you mentioned so I hope you will do a review of it before I try that one out. 🙂

Kelsey |

Emily Cole says · 11.12.15

AH this sounds amazing! It looks so great in the photo too! I’m constantly on the hunt for a good foundation for oily skins — this one looks well worth it. I also love the L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation as mentioned by Jennifer — it’s definitely what I wear when I’m feeling a bit shiny.

Katie says · 11.12.15

How do you keep foundation and eye concealer under your eyes from creasing? I don’t really have wrinkles yet, but I seem to see right where they’ll be because I get so much creasing from smiling/laughing when I wear foundation/eye concealer.

Kapsels says · 11.12.15

Oh, I really love this foundation on you!

Catherine R. says · 11.12.15

This and the Maskcara Hac Pac are my HG for foundation. I love the hourglass veil mineral primer as well. It is the best primer I have ever used and I love that it isn’t a silicone primer. I have oily skin and the combination of this plus Make Up For Ever HD Finishing Powder pretty much has me set all day.

Jenn says · 11.12.15

always looking for a new great foundation, and may just end up trying this one out! thanks for the review!

Erika says · 11.12.15

I adore the L’Oréal magic nude, it really made my skin feel and look completely airbrushed! I gifted it to both my sisters and mom who all also loved it! We all have very different skin types. It can stick to dry patches If my face felt on the drier side I would also use extra moisturizer.

Angela says · 11.12.15

I’ve heard that the Beautycounter skin tint leaves a yellowing/discoloration on your hands as well and it is attributed to the natural ingredients reacting with the oil in your hands and it too washes right off. I wonder it they have similar ingredients or something?

Caroline H. says · 11.12.15

I recently tried Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte + Poreless, and it finishes with a nice, light powder-like texture. I have combination skin which can be really tricky, and really like that foundation for the winter when my skin isn’t sun-kissed and I need some coverage that my BB cream can’t supply. I may have to try this and the Loreal one now too!

Susan says · 11.12.15

I have had this foundation for about a year and LOVE it. Wearing it today, actually! One of my favorite things to do with it is mix it in with a lighter coverage or dewy foundation to give it a little more “hold” to my skin. I have an oily t-zone and dewy foundations tend to slip off my face throughout the day, and I find that it helps balance it all out. Have you tried the Hourglass primer? It’s amazing too…and also has a big price tag. They sell a travel size for around $20 and believe me it’s worth trying. I think some hourglass items are worth it, though!

A Little Dose of Makeup says · 11.12.15

Thank you for the review! I have oily skin so this sounds perfect!

suzanne says · 11.12.15

You look beautiful, as always! It looks great on your skin. I may have to give it a try. Your coloring is similar to mine….would you tell us what lip color you’re wearing? I have such a hard time buying lipstick. Thanks!

Donna says · 11.12.15

I’ve never heard of this foundation, but it looks very nice on you. I too, want to know what lip color you are wearing, it’s perfect!

Evelina says · 11.12.15

Foundation always builds up around my nose too after a while. So annoying. But this one looks so nice and light, kind of like a BB cream?

kayla says · 11.12.15

I’m not so sure how I feel about this Hourglass foundation because my dry skin is so so dry especially now that winter is here! But I must get ahold of the Arbonne foundation. I’ve never heard of it!! xoxo

Haley says · 11.20.15

The Arbonne foundation is fantastic. I’m a consultant and would love to help you get some. E-mail me at so we can connect!

Best Wishes,

Michelle says · 12.07.15

I have a really hard time with foundation too, it’s so hard to match & I always feel stupid asking for help. I’ve been wearing Cover Girl since High School, pathetic I know but at least I know it matches my skin tone LOL. I would love to try the Arbonne as well, I really need to branch out a bit.

Trang Do says · 11.13.15

Love this foundation!! It looks perfect on you!!
Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

Make up artist says · 11.13.15

Wow dont know how effective is the product is but hopefully it is a good one but little curious about that yellow marks that you mentioned in this post.

Jess says · 11.13.15

Curious to try this! I am always looking for good products for my oily skin. Would you still use a powder to set this type of foundation? Didn’t know if that would be too much since it dries to a powder finish.

Tara says · 11.13.15

What lipstick are you wearing in this pic? I love the soft pink!

Renee says · 11.14.15

I have very oily skin and I have used this foundation. I like the product and the look, I just struggled with the application…I felt like I couldn’t get it to look even. I tried different brushes and my fingers. I use their mineral veil primer, moisturize prior to that. It looks beautiful on you, Kate. I’m curious, how did you apply this foundation? I’d love to give this another chance.

Katie says · 11.15.15

I have and use the L’Oreal Magic Nude foundation and really like it. (I switch up my foundation between this and Urban Decay’s Naked foundation which I love as well) It has a more watery consistency and blends in like a dream. I use my fingers to apply it but have also used a brush and beauty blender. It lasts all day. It is about $8-$9 I believe so it’s totally worth a try.

Landa says · 11.16.15

I absolutely love the L’Oréal Magic Nude foundation. Unfortunately it’s discontinued and now I am on the hunt for something comparable before my bottle runs out! I thought maybe I was wrong about it being discontinued so I followed your link and the color options I chose said “sold out”.

Becca says · 11.16.15

Wow, this looks beautiful! I am a huge fan of hourglass, their products are all very good quality and I have yet to try one I don’t like. This foundation looks flawless and so natural. I’m always on the look out for something with full coverage that still looks natural. Definitely have to try this out!

Becca | A Dash of Becca

Amanda @ The Bay Bush says · 11.17.15

How about a small toy and a savings bond or contribution to a 529 plan?

Ashley Nicole says · 11.17.15

I am as oily as they come, I seriously could saute a whole pan of mushroom with the oil off my face, that being said I will have to look into this because I can’t find anything to truly control the oil. I am currently using the Sephora Collection Airbrush foundation and while the coverage is great it does nothing for my oil, and they no longer make my color so I’m winging it with the next best one, cringe. Hopefully this will work!

Bonnie says · 11.18.15

Yes, I believe the Loreal Magic Nude is discontinued. Can you see about another dupe? Hourglass’s price point doesn’t work for my budget.

Laura says · 12.01.15

I love the color lipstick you’re wearing. Can you please tell me the name and line?

Thank you