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Enjoying a Perfect Fall Day


I found the lastย cardiganย you’ll ever need to buy (top left photo). It’s the perfect weight, the perfect length, the perfect everything. Oh and it’s under $50.00! In fact I loved it so much I went back and ordered a grey version.

GREAT products in this bundle by First Aid Beauty!

My sister launched The Dearly Box! Go check it out here!

I often think of love languages with my husband, but it’s helpful to remind myself of love languages between friends too. Have you heard of the main ones? Anna went through them in a recent post!

Rachel is accepting pre-orders for the Herkimer stud earrings that sold like hot cakes when they debuted! I wear mine just about every day.

An extensive Q&A about Instagram by Brittany!

a pretty pillow.

Gina Zeidler just forced me to sign up for Groovebook. And by forced I mean sold me on it in a periscope she did the other day. Did you know you can have them automatically sent to whoever you want (cough cough grandma and grandpa cough cough)? I didn’t know that!

Ashley Brooke Designs dropped her fall line and these cosmetic pouches are so cute!

Have a wonderful weekend! Despite saying I wasn’t going to go to the state fair with my family on Instagram I forgot there were animals there so that was all I needed to hear to start planning a trip! #easilyswayed


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Melissa says · 10.16.15

Have fun at the fair! Eat some ribbon fries! We still haven’t decided if we will take our boys this year. Just dont touch those animals…they carry some yucky funk ๐Ÿ˜‰

Katie says · 10.16.15

I know you mentioned Fresh Cream in a favorites video…you MUST try the Lemon Custard by Philosophy. It is amazing!

Kate says · 10.16.15

I will! I don’t think I’ve smelled that one yet!

Leah says · 10.16.15

Did you get another cat?!

MajaM. says · 10.16.15

Hi! I love to follow youre blog…al the way frome norway;)
I wonder if you could make a video of how you ate cutting youre own haire?? ?

Kinde regards Maja

Michele Arnold says · 10.16.15

I love my grovebook!! I’m kinda addicted to it! I take a lot of pics of my grandkids and there are some months I upload 2 books! ??

Catherine says · 10.16.15

Hi Kate!

I am very familiar with the five love languages. It has helped me so much over the years to show my boyfriend, family members, and friends that I love them in a love language that they speak. It has also helped me understand that other people express love in a different way that I do. I have come to appreciate hugs more from my boyfriend and mother who are physical touch, and I can explain to them that I feel most loved when spend quality time with them. Such a great book.

I would also recommend the five languages of apology, which is co-written by Gary Chapman. Very informative and eye-opening as well.

Love your blog, Kate. And by the way, I love the taco salad recipe you posted a few weeks ago. Addicting!

Have a great weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚


Sarah Lagen says · 10.16.15

I love your sisters box subscription, it looks so cute and feminine!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck to her!!

xo, Sarah

Gina Zeidler says · 10.16.15

Oh sweet girl! Such an honor for you to even watch my periscope. Go groovebook!!! The quality isn’t crazy amazing, but perfect for fridge images, for grandma and getting photos off a device! Also if you haven’t signed up quite yet the code Zeidler21 gets your first groove book free!!

I’m a long time blog reader and fan of your heart!!! And love that sweet Jordan!!

So much love sweet girl!


Kate says · 10.16.15

Jordan is the best! Thanks for the promo code! ๐Ÿ™‚

Page Miller says · 10.16.15

Love my Herkimer studs, have them on right now as a matter of fact!

Lisa says · 10.16.15

I’ve heard a lot about the 5 Love Languages, I really need to get my hands on a copy! Thanks for the link to your friend’s post! Happy weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

sharon / says · 10.16.15

okay. the cardi hook-up is major! i’m going in!!!

Kate Heits says · 10.16.15

Where is that cute striped shirt from in your top left picture?
Love your blog, read it religiously!

Kate says · 10.18.15

it’s from Athleta!

Ashley @ LeavingTheRut says · 10.16.15

I LOVE the cardigan, but the black one is already sold out. I am going to get the grey one but I am curious… are they pretty true to size??
I am usually a medium and they are out of medium too, I am trying to figure out if I should get the small or the large.

Kate says · 10.18.15

I’d go for the smaller size, I bought both in a small and I usually wear medium!

Shaney Swift says · 10.16.15

The striped vest in the bottom left photo. WHERE did you get it? I’m in love!

Kate says · 10.18.15

I got it from a store called Bevello

Kate says · 10.18.15

Wait, I actually think I got it from Evereve. I can’t remember ๐Ÿ™‚

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 10.16.15

Enjoy your weekend!

Her Heartland Soul

Evelina says · 10.17.15

That post about instagram was so helpful! And I love the length of that cardigan. It’s really flattering!

Chris says · 10.18.15

I am waiting for an email to tell me those studs are back in stock! I have been wearing the same studs for about 15 years. It’s time!

And state fair, oh FUN! I love the fair- my mom and I always went growing up and when my husband and I moved back 4 years ago I told him we had to go. He was skeptical to say the least. Sadly they had moved it to earlier in the summer than when I was a kid and it happened like a week after we moved, so we figured next year, I think that year it was work the following year I had pneumonia in July! But NEXT year… LOL

And I think everyone should read the Love Languages- it suddenly made everything make sense!

Stephanie @ ChalkSouthernToMe says · 10.18.15

Brittany’s Instagram Q&A is wonderful, thanks for sharing! Loving that sweater too, it is the perfect length! Xo, Stephanie

Erika says · 10.19.15

I think you might have to keep that sweet gray kitty!!

Sabrina says · 10.19.15

Kate, I love your links + loves posts! Can’t wait to try groovebook!!

I would love to see a fall/winter handbag post on your blog soon (or maybe even a link to a recent handbag post from another blogger!)

Olivia says · 10.19.15

You’be mentioned before that you listen to podcasts. . . .what are you favorites or what would you recommend?

Taisha Marston says · 12.15.15

I am dying over your phone case!! Where do you get your cases from!