Enjoying a Perfect Fall Day

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The weather yesterday was simply ideal. The sun was shining, there was a cool breeze, and because of that the boys and I spent almost the entire day (save nap time) outside!

I thought it would be fun to paint some pumpkins with our neighbors’ kids so we invited them over in the afternoon  to do just that. Carving pumpkins with a nearly 2 year old, and a 7, 8, and 1 year old with Luke strapped to my back sounded a little complicated. But washable paint? Sign me up.

So, Luke, David and I sought out some white pumpkins in the morning and found an “honor system” pumpkin patch just up the street. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that is how they run. I put my money in an envelope, stuck it through the slot, and then we picked out our pumpkins.


David is such a little worker. He loves copying things I’m doing around the house like sweeping or using the swiffer. More than that he loves to help Justin with projects on the weekend. I told him to go pick out a pumpkin from a section of smaller ones and he was on top of the world being able to do it all by himself.


Our new system of getting around these days involves a lot of Luke on my back in the Ergo Performance. He’s getting a little chunky for me to wear him in the Solly Wrap (which I sort of miss being able to do! I loved wearing him!!) but I miss the freedom that gave me. Wearing Luke in the Ergo in the front makes me feel really confined, but if he’s on my back I can do almost anything! Bending down needs to be thought through, like in any wrap situation, but I have so enjoyed being able to have both hands free to be involved with David while also having Luke close by (and happy!) on my back.

Also, David picks perfect pumpkins.


So, we got the pumpkins and headed home for lunch before running one final errand of getting the paint supplies!

How cute is my baby?


After naps, we went back outside and our friends came over to paint! I thought David would either show zero interest or need to be told what to do, but he picked it right up and started painting the pumpkin just like his friend was doing. It’s really cute to see him watch our older neighbor friends, and I’m deeply grateful that we really have wonderful neighbors!


Right at 5:00p, Justin arrived home, we ate dinner, and went on a family walk. David must have logged hundreds of miles of being walked over his 22 months of life, and I’m sure Luke will start racking them up quickly now that the weather is so pleasant.


It was such a lovely, relaxed day. I think I’ll remember this one for a long time.

On another note, lunch time has become one of the funniest and sweetest times for the boys. I feed them at the same time and David always pulls Luke’s highchair over to line up right next to his. The problem, though, is that he puts all his food on Luke’s tray so I need to quickly get over there and make sure it stays separated! Luke studies David and David is already figuring out ways to make Luke laugh. Siblings are so fun.

David is getting a little stingy with the toy sharing concept, but that’s too be expected for his age. All in all he’s a good listener and will usually always, albeit reluctantly, follow the rules after a decent amount of being told what to do.

It’s hard to believe Justin and I will be celebrating David’s birthday in December and he’ll be 2! And shortly after that Luke will be turing 1! There have certainly been more challenging times than others over these past few years, but I had no idea my love for these boys would be so intense and that mothering them would be deeply fulfilling.


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Sarah says · 10.15.15

As a mommy to a 2 year old with another little one on the way, I found this post to be immensely encouraging! Thanks for sharing just an ‘average day’ for you guys – it gives me so much excitement about what’s coming for our little family, and how much my daughter will enjoy a sibling!

Kim says · 10.15.15

They are so cute! Sounds like such a fun day! I’ve NEVER been to a pumpkin patch


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Stefanie says · 10.15.15

Such cute little boys!

Kealey Watkins says · 10.15.15

Ughhhhh, this post gives me baby fever!!! I so wish that we had another kid close in age with our three year old- growing up with my sister being 15 months younger than me was the best (minus the teenage years where we hated each other of course)

Ellen Cutter says · 10.15.15

They are so cute! My boys are 3 years apart, but they adore each other, and it’s the sweetest thing.

Morgan @ Morgan Manages Mommyhood says · 10.15.15

Such sweet boys! Our Ergo is my savior, and I’m thinking about getting a Solly for the next baby. On bad days when my son is sick or teething, I throw him in the Ergo and he can get in a nap! (he’s 16 months

Judy @ Judy Saves the Day says · 10.15.15

Adorable! I could just smell the fall breeze looking through these photos.

Question: Any tips on getting him on your back in the ergo when you are by yourself? I could only wear my little one on my back when Adam was around to help me get him there.

Christy says · 10.15.15

I was wondering the same thing. Seems like an ergonomical feat. Hehee.

Kay says · 10.15.15

Check out this video for a bunch of tips! It seems intimidating at first, but I promise it’s not so scary!


Ashley Hirst says · 10.15.15

This literally sounds like the best day!! The boys are so adorable and David with his pumpkin – precious!

Suzie says · 10.15.15

Hi Kate,

You have a really nice family and your kids are so cute !

I visit your blog every day and I would like to thank you to share it with us. I appreciate so much. It is very interesting and well done.

Thank you again and have a nice day:)


Anne says · 10.15.15

Have you heard of Tula brand baby carriers? They are very similar to ergos but are in adorable prints 🙂

Caroline says · 10.15.15

My girls are (gulp!) 10 months apart, with the oldest just turning 18 months. Toy sharing is insane, and obviously my younger one doesn’t know the difference. I did find I could teach my older one that she is allowed to take her sister’s toy ONLY IF she replaces it with another one. This may not work forever once my baby gets more picky, but right now they are both totally fine with that arrangement!

jennifer says · 10.15.15

Kate- your boys are adorable! Being a busy mommy to 2 girls, there is nothing better than a good old fashioned relaxing day of Fall fun! Our best days are when we are walking and biking in the park- sun shining,air is crisp but not cold –

Enjoy every minute. Our babies grow up so fast.

Dominique says · 10.15.15

Awe they are sooo cute! I love baby wearing, it makes life so much easier!


Sara J says · 10.15.15

I always enjoy hearing about your boys SO much! They are just precious! Looks like this was a special day for y’all. As a mamma of two older boys it brings me back to times when mine were tiny, sweet boys too.. (They’re still pretty sweet but not so tiny!) Thanks for sharing 🙂

Kelty says · 10.15.15

What a fun idea! We totally need to do that. The sibling factor is really fun (except when they’re disagreeing which only seems to get more creative and varied as they get older.) Anyway, just as encouragement, our first 2 are very close and it was nutso at first but now that they are almost 3 and 4, they can do a lot of the same things and really play together pretty well (until somebody gets mad.) You pay it forward in a sense. 🙂

Kay says · 10.15.15

I take care of twin boys in Chicago and navigating the city is so much easier with one on my back and one in a single stroller. Around 12 months, they outgrew the Beco carrier we had and I switched to a standard size Kinderpack. It’s amazinggggg! AND has a hood for when they fall asleep. 🙂 They are kind of hard to come by so a Tula would be a comparable option too. If there’s a Babywearing International chapter near you, you could attend a meeting to try out different brands and sizes before you spend the money. They are a pretty penny!

Jessica says · 10.15.15

I love these kind of days and am jealous that you get more than we do here in Michigan! I just wanted to comment on you “lunch time” post. I wondered if you have tried the “EzPz Happy Mat”? They are a lifesaver! It let s the kids be independent while letting you feel more confident about the food staying where it needs to be. Check it out if you get a chance. My sister loves them!

Nearlyyummymummy says · 10.15.15

That sounds like the most wonderful day! Your boys are so gorgeous – bless David, he looks so proud collecting the pumpkins! I had a Luke too – good name choice ? Xxx

Aileen says · 10.15.15

I loved your blog today. My “babies” are 11 and 13 and they are still close and have a lot of fun together. The baby/toddler days can be tough, but remembering one perfect day is all you need to get your perspective back on a hard day. Enjoy your beautiful little boys!

Renee says · 10.15.15

This is just the sweetest post. My boys are 7 & 4 and the moment, and I miss wearing the little one in the Ergo (and the Moby Wrap before that!) and just watching them sort of “learn how” to be brothers (I’m not sure that makes any sense!) So far it is just gotten better and better, but there is something magic about those baby & toddler days!

Sabrina says · 10.15.15

I have two boys, ages 3.5 and almost 2. The toy sharing problems are endless I’m afraid! Soooo much fighting! Looks like you had a lovely day 🙂

Ashley says · 10.15.15

Sounds like a fun day! Fall is such a great time to be outside with the family and getting all sorts of activities in. We were lucky enough to spend this past weekend as a family enjoying the same type of events.

Courtney says · 10.16.15

Your boys are so adorable!! Sounds like you guys have a wonderful day taking advantage of beautiful fall weather!! My favourite!! I can’t wait until my little girl is old enough to do fun activities like painting pumpkins!! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 10.16.15

What a fun day!

Her Heartland Soul

Ashley Beth says · 10.18.15

What a lovely day and such adorable, sweet boys! I just want to encourage you during this stage of motherhood, which can be a little er, intense at times! I had 3 kids ages 3 and under and our 2 boys are 18 months apart so I know the challenges (and the joys!). Those boys will grow into the best of friends and having them close in age will be so worth it. These chaotic days are quickly replaced by less chaotic days and you’ll miss those chunky baby thighs and fun days full of activities. It looks like you are already soaking it in and loving it as much as possible. From what’s visible in the blogosphere, you’re doing an awesome job. Thanks for sharing, it helps us other mamas to recall similar days in our lives with our kiddos!

Stephanie @ ChalkSouthernToMe says · 10.18.15

Seriously, this sounds like the perfect Fall day! You have the cutest boys, I love all these pictures! Xo, Stephanie

Yours Truly Wedding Albums says · 10.19.15

Cute little boys!