September Favorites


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I covered a lot of hair products this month including a potentially irreplaceable blow dry spray!

Products Mentioned:

Philosophy Fresh Cream

Alterna Caviar Split End Mend

Pureology Multi-tasking Hair Beautifier (also mentioned: It’s a 10 leave-in treatment ($2.00 cheaper)

Matrix Turbo Dryer

KMS Hair Stay Anti Humidity Seal

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Pixi Perk Up Peach Undereye Crayon

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Mushroom

Sephora eyeshadow in Cashmere Coat

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Unique Pink


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Chelsea @ SimplyChelsea says · 10.13.15

I will need to try that blow dry spray! And I love the lip color, definitely picking that up at my next Target trip! πŸ™‚

Kylie says · 10.13.15

It’s causally on sale at ulta right now!!’

Kylie says · 10.13.15

Actually* the joys of auto correct while holding a baby

Alyssa says · 10.13.15

I need to try that Pixi lip product!

I love It’s a Ten! My hair stylist is a Pureology stylist and always uses the leave in spray on me, but for some reason it makes my hair so weighed down when I use it myself. I don’t know why!

Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

Kayla says · 10.13.15

The Matrix blow dry spray was a total game changer for me! Side note- a quick shot on my little man’s hair keeps his cowlick in check!

Barbara says · 10.13.15

Any tips for using the blow dry spray? I want to try one, but I see a number of bad comments for the matrix blow dry spray and am wondering if people just don’t use it correctly?

Sara W says · 10.13.15

if you like the blanket scarf concept, check out Meg’s Knit Shit on etsy, I have a few of hers and she has so many fun plaid prints, plus some fun knit bulky cowls and hats. When I got mine, my husband said ‘it looks like a blanket.’ Uhhhh yeah. It’s A BLANKET scarf. So cozy πŸ™‚

Christy says · 10.13.15

Thanks for the info Sara, I just went on there and ordered myself a gorgeous scarf for Fall. It’s called OliveandArrowKnits now. I love finding new shops on Etsy!!!

Sara w says · 10.13.15

Ahhhh! She just changed her name to Olive and Arrow! After five years of being MKS-I’m so glad, ha Ha! I always felt awkward sharing her shop but it’s such great stuff!

Sissi says · 10.13.15

I always wanted to try that spray from KMS as I live in Florida and it is always humid. You reminded me to get it- wish it would be easier to get my hands on.

Kim says · 10.13.15

I need to try these! I love face masks!

Kim .. Celebrity gossip?!

Shannon Ashley says · 10.13.15

Gosh… frisk is my most used out of that palette as well! I seriously use it every day for my eye shadow, as well as a powder contour for my nose and cheekbones. I found a very similar shade also… it’s NYX S.O.S. and at $4.49, its hard to beat! Ulta’s website makes it look a little more brown than it really is. It’s also not quite as pigmented (but pigmented enough), which is nice for the less makeup days.

Amy says · 10.13.15

Great video! I’m excited to try out the Fresh Cream. Can you tell us where your shirt is from and what polish you’re wearing? Both are beautiful!

Traci says · 10.13.15

Kate – I very much enjoy your blog. I check it almost daily. Your “favorites” will often become my favorites. I am a Dental Hygienist, so I thought I would comment about your canker sore. I used to suffer from those horrid things. I was frustrated because I was a dental professional and COULD NOT figure out how to stop them! While I don’t have a successful way to stop one after it has started, I can help you prevent them! This has worked absolute wonders for me (not exaggerating), I hope it will for you:

1) Only use a toothpaste WITHOUT sodium laryl sulfate. This is the foaming agent that helps toothpaste foam, which is nonessential for clean teeth, it is strictly there to make you think it is cleaning your teeth. I use (and recommend) Sensodyne ProNamel toothpaste. It has everything you need for healthy teeth. Just flip the toothpaste BOX (this is not always on the tube itself) over and look at the ingredients. DO NOT USE (even for one night) another toothpaste, or you might experience a flare up.

2) Add a vitamin C supplement and B12 or B complex to your daily vitamin regimen.

These two things have help me cut down from 1-2 sores/month to 1-2 sores PER YEAR. The very rare sore is usually caused by me biting my cheek.

I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions. I assume my email will show up to you, if not, comment here and I will send you my email.

P.S. If I wasn’t a hygienist, I would be a hair stylist/cosmetologist!

Nancy says · 10.13.15


I am new today to your blog and I am enjoying it. I truly understand the problem with canker sores. I suffered for many years. My doctor suggested I start by eliminating different foods. After some time we finally proved the cause of my canker sores is definitely from regular tea. No more canker sores now that I drink decaffeinated tea. I am allergic to caffeine.

Marjori says · 10.13.15

Hi, I Love your blog and the monthly favorites videos! I just wanted to add that when you do have a canker sore if you take Lysine 1000 mg it will help them go away fast! My husband swears by it, you can find Lysine in any vitamin store, the best is the up & up brand from Target because they are coated and small, so easy to swallow.

Natalie says · 10.13.15

Kate! I love your favorites videos!! The fresh lotus youth preserve has become a regular of mine, as has the EstΓ©e Lauder bb cream!! Do you ever use bumble and bumble products? I’ve only been a reader for 6 months, so maybe you’ve covered them in the past? Mostly I’m curious about your thoughts on briliantine, straight and the hairdresser oil…

alexis says · 10.14.15

I love bumble and bumble hairdressers oil. I use it daily and it keeps my ends healthy. Love it.

Sara W says · 10.16.15

Me too! I actually love the whole hairdresser’s oil line, the leave in spray is so nice! I like the surf shampoo and conditioner as well as the curly one.

Allison says · 10.13.15

Hi! Do you put the split end mend in your hair before or after heat styling?

Thanks! I love your blog <3

Sara says · 10.13.15

Thanks for posting the turbo dryer on instagram. I was at Ulta so I thought I would give it a try a week ago and it’s been amazing, I also love the smell of it.

cindy says · 10.13.15

Kate, your brows look great. You look fresh and young, they make all the difference.

Heather says · 10.13.15

Do you find that using the blow dry spray makes for more split ends? I have super thick hair and would love to shave some time off but it’s also been split end city lately and I don’t want to make it worse…

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 10.13.15

Your hair always looks so gorgeous!

Her Heartland Soul

Sherry says · 10.14.15

I 3rd on the nail color! I’ve seen it in past posts but am not sure if it’s the OPI you mentioned or Gelish. LOVE IT!

Tracy says · 10.14.15

I LOVE the KMS Hair Stay. I actually order it on amazon since I go through a bottle a month! I can blame my mother’s super curly hair.

I also use the KMS quick blow dry heat protectant spray before I blow dry!

Andrea says · 10.14.15

Love your hair in this video! Would love to see a tutorial on how you curled your hair!

Kristin S says · 10.15.15

Fresh Cream. I get the shower cream and body cream in the 32 oz sizes from QVC. So worth it. I love that stuff.

It’s a 10. It’s totally changed how I straighten my hair. I no longer have to fight to straighten when I use the keratin spray.

Urban Decay liner. My grandmother passed that Mushroom pencil on to me recently. It wasn’t soft enough for her. I love the color but am not a huge fan of having to sharpen it. The “wood” is really sharp and has scratched my lid. Any tips.

My all time favorite shadow (besides Origins Soft Touch and Copper Penny) is Serenity by LORAC. Dang Sephora had it as a give away and I got hooked years ago. THEN LORAC goes and stops making single pots. I’d love a dupe. It’s the perfect goldish pink. Great all over wash color. LORAC shadows are also great quality. They never crease and most shadows crease on me even with a primer.

Hannah says · 10.15.15

I am so completely OBSESSED with that origins mask. I feel like it just stuck everything out of my pores and leave my skin feeling like it’s had a proper clean! x

Kristina says · 10.15.15

kate! It may be an obvious question but how thick do you apply the charcoal mask? I have this and alternate every other week on how thick I apply (one week thick enough that you don’t see skin and the next week only thick enough to cover my face). Does this make sense? πŸ™‚ thanks!

Charitie Martino says · 10.15.15

Hi Kate!

Thought I’d pass along – Jean, from Extra Petite, offers a “blanket scarf” styling tutorial.


Jennifer says · 10.16.15

Please tell me what your nail color is!

Shallowa says · 10.20.15

I’ve been watching some of your old tutorials for curling and styling shoulder length hair. I have a question and i was wondering if you could help me. I have extremely dry and itch scalp, I don’t really have dandruff but my scalp is super dry and my hair gets oily. What products can I use to help this?