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I almost never pull out my DSLR anymore. I just don’t think about it! I’m trying to make a better habit of keeping it downstairs so I grab it during the brief opportunities where the boys are still for a moment. I’ve even noticed that the quick little photos taken on my phone have dwindled–time is flying!

David has entered the full-blown high-energy toddler age. He’s always moving, loves to run in circles, and will play with his toys hard. There was a noticeable shift about 2 weeks ago when he went from this exploration and discover stage into the destroy and conquer stage!

With “destroy and conquer” comes many lessons in boundaries and redirection, so I’m finding that I need to be more and more creative with how we play!


Despite being an active little guy, he still just loves to sit in his crib and “read” books to himself before taking a nap. It’s so sweet to peek in on him through the monitor and see him flipping the pages. I wonder what he thinks about, you know? Does he remember the stories from when I read to him earlier, or does he just like to look at the pictures?

Luke, or “duker” as David calls him, can bounce in the excersaucer like nobodies business! I mean, he’ll bounce unbelievably high and I just stand there cracking up. It’s so fun to see him experience all the firsts that come with the first year of life. The first taste of food, the first giggle at something funny, etc. He has two bottom teeth and I’m encouraged by the significantly lower amount of drool as compared to David. David would soak through about 10 bibs a day, and I don’t think Luke has worn a bib more than twice in his 7 months of life.


I’ve finally managed to get them on a similar nap pattern and I hope it remains stable for at least a little while longer! Luke was a 45 minute napper, and would sometimes take 3-4 45 minute naps a day. It was imprisoning because we had to stay near enough to the house so he could nap in his crib (he’s gotten too heavy for me to wear him for a long time in the Solly Wrap) but I tried, at the suggestion of my husband, keeping Luke up a little longer in the morning and putting both boys down for naps at 1:00 and that has worked really well! David will nap for about 1.5 hours, and Luke will nap for about 2-3! That makes for a long evening for Luke because he doesn’t nap again until bedtime, but he goes down without a peep at 7:00p!

I’m so so excited for the stage when Luke can sit and play with toys and really watch them interact. I love how close they are in age and am really enjoying watching them grow up together! We are practicing sharing and trading toys, but I’m having to distinguish between what is okay to share (toys) and what isn’t okay to share (food/choking hazard size!).

Speaking of growing up, David is starting a 1 day a week “mother’s morning out” program this week. It’s just for 3 hours and I really think he’ll love it. He loves playing with other kids and I’m excited to see how he does being away from me for a decent chunk of time. I’m sure Luke and I are going to be bored and desperate to pick him up when the time comes each week!

21 and 7 months have proven to be quite fun. And I’m already thinking through coordinating Halloween costumes for next month. It’s going to be cute.


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Rena says · 09.10.15

I’m convinced they would look very cute in Helloween costumes! Congratulations to your happy and beautiful boys, you are doing without any doubt a wonderful job as mother <3
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Erica says · 09.10.15

My first 2 were 22 months to the day apart. They played together & everyone thought they were twins. Our first was early & tiny…& our 2nd was a month overdue…& somehow they became the same size by the time our 2nd turned 1. It was cute. I too did coordinating costumes for Halloween. They were a pair of super cute cows, scarecrows & a knight & a princess. I sewed every costume those years. Enjoy this time, as I know you are…mine are now 22 & 24…they grow up so fast.

Keara says · 09.10.15

Hi Kate,
I saw on your snapchat the other day that you were searching for straw cups? Well if thats true and you still are looking to try some out, Whats Up Mom( a youtube channel) has a review of some straw cups, thought it might be a little helpful! Also I have to tell you that I am a babysitter and if I have to choose a favorite age, it is the one that your boys are at! I love seeing the babies interact more and learn new things, and 21 months is just so. much. fun. I truly love it! Love reading your blog, I feel we have similar styles almost! Now if I can just find someone to cut my hair!

Heidi says · 09.10.15

Such sweet photos! It’s amazing how much they change week to week isn’t it? Even as toddlers, their personalities and preferences change so often. I’m going through this right now with my 16 month old little girl. Can’t wait to see their costumes for Halloween!

Angie says · 09.10.15

I love all your blog posts, but the ones where you update us on your boys are my favorite 🙂 So sweet!

Kimberly says · 09.10.15

Your boys are so cute! They seem so happy!
I know this unrelated to this post, but I hope you can help me and others that have asked.
I bought the Amika thermal brush and I absolutely LOVE it! The only problem is is that my hair is fine and doesn’t hold a curl very well. It didn’t take long for my hair to be straight again. Would you please give me some suggestions as to what I could do and any products you would recommend?
Thank you!

Kim says · 09.10.15

Oh gosh, they are so cute! I’m sure they keep you very busy from the sounds of it! Halloween would be so fun to coordinate 🙂

Kim Clouds, Cardigans & a giveaway!

Stephanie says · 09.10.15

Halloween will be so much fun! Batman and Robin?! 🙂

Cindy says · 09.10.15

So cute!
This may be a silly question, but how does David read books before nap time? Does he do it in the dark? Or do you leave a light on for him? (I’m asking because my son is the same age and trying to figure out this little detail)

Cynthia says · 09.10.15

Calvin and Hobbes!!!!

Megan says · 09.10.15

Do you find it as problematic as me when I want to grab pictures of whatever new thing they’re doing and there’s just toys scattered from one end of the room to the other behind them?? It makes me feel like everything is out of control but I’m quite diligent all day long picking up and attempting to clean things. Yay for your nap schedule!! My babies are about the same as yours (19 months & 6 months) and that is exactly what we’ve been doing. The 6 month old will still take three 1 1/2 hour naps so she goes down around 9:30, both go down about 1, and then she takes her last little nap around 4:30 (we don’t do bedtime until after 8 because daddy is so late coming home). This has worked super well for us for awhile but now the baby is trying to change her sleep patterns again and has been sleeping until 8:30-9 so now I’ve got to adjust naps! This is not a bad thing lol I’m super grateful! Just trying to keep up with their changing needs is ever challenging.

Britt says · 09.10.15

Your boys are adorable! I have two young boys close in age and it’s really so fun! I just read your last post as well and I can totally relate to a traveling husband and migraines. Imitrex has been life changing for me! I’ve had them my whole life and they do come with the oddest symptoms that feel quite scary at the time. Hope you get answers!

Alyssa says · 09.10.15

Your boys are so cute! I love David’s nickname for Luke!

Rachel says · 09.10.15

My first 2 boys were 14 months apart. One of the best things I did was get them on the same nap schedule!! It was wonderful to have a quiet house for a little bit 🙂 your boys are adorable!! Side note: I’m in the Chicago area and would love the chance to take a class if you ever offer one up here! 🙂

Heather says · 09.10.15

I love these updates that you provide! I too have 2 boys with the same age gap – 17 months and 3 months right now. You do a great job of giving me a glimpse into what to look forward to! I’m still in the hectic phase where my oldest is still adjusting a bit to his younger brother; he gets a tiny bit better every day which is encouraging. I’m looking so forward to seeing them interact more than big bro giving little bro kisses even though #heartmelt to that! Thank you for these posts!

Lynn says · 09.10.15

Are you still nursing luke? I have a hard time getting my second on a schedule with my first because I feel like she is nursing all the time! I can’t remember when it was more predictable with my first. But surely I feel like she was on a schedule by thre to four months.

Evelyn says · 09.10.15

Can’t wait for the Halloween costumes!! It’s cute how David is starting to have a more grown up face!

Such a great idea to leave him playing with other kids while you can go do groceries, check Ulta etc 🙂 I think it’s awesome that he plays by himself and now can play with others. That way he does not expect you to always give him attention!

Have a great weekend

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 09.10.15

What beautiful boys!

Her Heartland Soul

Ada says · 09.10.15

I just wanted to tell you I have two that are spaced the same as yours (both girls, though) and are both seven months older than your two. I wanted to encourage you that it gets easier as they get older, and I’ve found the magic age to be 12 months, when the second starts catching up significantly with the first, play is more balanced (meaning the older one has a harder time clobbering the younger one), and nap/feeding/play schedules get way easier.

Also, age 1 with baby #2 is even more fun than it was with baby #1, and age 2 with baby #1 is a total blast, even though it requires more energy from Mom. Good luck! I don’t know how it is with boys, but in any case two toddlers is a crazy blast, especially if they are joyous little people like it seems yours are.

Sydni Jackson says · 09.10.15

I can’t wait to hear you share stories about them playing together! Siblings are so cute 🙂 Also can’t wait for the Halloween costumes! I love seeing kids (and animals) dressed up! Don’t beat yourself up over not taking pictures. Remember when you were a kid, your mom probably only took photos on special occasions, or very rarely. It’s not a necessary part of life! Even though social media makes you think you HAVE to document everything to really be “living.”

Chelsea says · 09.10.15

That’s so exciting! We just started our oldest in a half day program two days a week! Today was his second day and he was so excited to go he barely said good bye to us. I am really loving having this special time with out youngest!

Rebekah says · 09.10.15

I am new to your blog and am really enjoying hair and make-up tutorials. You do a great job at both. Most importantly, you are to be commended for taking care of your boys during this brief time in their life. Good job and thank you for the sacrifice. They’ll thank you later in life when they realize what you did for them!

Sarai Hansen says · 09.10.15

This post made me both excited and nervous for a second baby! I love having my munchkin on a great schedule that we are both used to…and I think I’ve actually forgotten quite a bit about how babies are, vs toddlers. Can that really happen so quickly?! It feels like I have mom amnesia! Anyway, as my husband and I have gotten talking about a second munchkin, I’m trying to gear myself up. I love all of your posts about your two munchkins that are so close in age, and all the tips you give. Thank you!

shauna says · 09.11.15

Your boys are super adorable!! As I was reading your post today, my chin about hit the floor when I read that Luke takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. What?!?!!!! How in the world did you manage that?!? My youngest is actually the same age, born on February 12th, and I am dying because he is a non-napper UNLESS I’m holding him or we go somewhere in the car. He also will only sleep with me at night. I’m at my wits end with having to be in physical contact with him 24 hours a day. If he would just take naps throughout the day by himself, I could function, but it’s so hard when he wont sleep alone and whines every time I put him down. He’s also getting too big to wear in a carrier for very long. I would LOVE to know if you did any sleep training, and if so, what did you do to get your little guy to sleep so well?!??!!!????? Either way, congrats!!

Carly says · 09.11.15

So does Luke just take one nap now? My 6 month old still does the 45 min naps too and I’m wondering if I too should keep her up longer to nap later but I just worry she’ll be overtired by that point. She also has a hard time falling asleep by herself :/

Kate says · 09.11.15

he takes a 45 minute morning nap and then a longer afternoon nap! It’s worth a shot. And–in my experience–the sooner you can give them practice falling asleep on their own, the easier it will be!

Andrea says · 09.11.15

I would be interested in hearing what you find out about your migraines. I have very similar ones with all the symptoms but the actual pain never comes. Zig zag lines in my vision to the point that I can’t see, instant weakness or dizziness. I sometime get nausea and usually get very warm, almost feverish (but with no temp). I haven’t experienced the speech issue thankfully. I have always thought about going in to see a doctor but usually forget or get so busy after I recover I don’t think about it again until the next one.

Thanks for sharing.

Jaclyn says · 09.11.15

Thank you for sharing updates about your boys! We are expecting our second boy this coming Tuesday. Our boys will be 11 mo 30 days apart, and as the reality of 2 under 2 has started to sink in , your posts and photos have kept me grounded in the bigger picture that although hectic and stressful, life will be GOOD. This most recent post made me ( and my husband) even more giddy for Tuesday and BEYOND excited about what the future with our boys will bring.

Thank you!

Kristen Gutierrez says · 09.11.15

Aww, they are just so sweet and adorable!♥

Alyaka | Evody says · 09.13.15

This post reminds me of how great motherhood is! It’s awesome to see your baby grow and develop. Caring for a baby involves a lot of sacrifice but it is indeed a very rewarding job. You deserve a pat on the back. 🙂 Lovely babies by the way!

Trisha says · 09.14.15

I assume you trim your boys hair, at least David’s? You should do a tutorial on “how to trim kids hair”. I know you recommend for us to not trim our own hair, but I think it would be fun to teach us some easy tips and tricks. I know a lot of moms that trim their kids hair because it saves $$. I know I like to cut my kids hair, but I always wonder if there is a better way?