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I traveled to Chicago recently and as soon as I got off the airplane I had the urge to wash my face and apply fresh face makeup. There’s something about the dry airplane air that ruins my makeup and skin.

On top of that, the following day I was walking around the city and felt so grimy by midday that I had the same urge.

And while it’s tempting to just layer a bit of powder over top of everything to matte it all out and refresh my face a bit, that always ends up in a cakey, uneven look.


So, I started thinking about what the easiest, travel friendly pick me ups are, and I landed on these three. I’m new to Mai Couture, and if you are too you should watch this, but the lavender blotting papers are a dream come true. My makeup didn’t budge, but everything evened out and became matte. Make sure you pat and don’t drag the paper across your skin.

Bare Minerals’ translucent setting powder as been a favorite for years and years! I love the light smell too for some reason. It’s mild but it smells pleasant. Perhaps one of the most popular translucent setting powders, though, is Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder. I recently picked it up to compare it with the Bare Mineral’s one, and I’ll report back soon.

And finally, a spritz of Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir is perfect to really counteract dry, lifeless makeup. As long as you hold the bottle a good 10 inches from your face it won’t be too much spray and leave you feeling wet.

So try one of these methods if you need a little pick-me-up in the middle of the day! Avoid the tendancy to layer makeup, and don’t understimate the powder of a translucent setting powder!


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Alyssa says · 09.01.15

Great ideas! I love applying a little eye gel too. It just makes me feel so much more alive!

Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

Mina says · 09.01.15

Do you apply pressed powder with the sponge or with a brush? I’m guessing for on the go, the sponge is easiest?

Kate says · 09.01.15

I use a brush usually if I’m home, but if I’m out I would pat it on with a sponge!

Kim says · 09.01.15

great tips! I’ve been flying a lot lately and it’s rough on skin so thanks for the tips!


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Liz says · 09.01.15

Great ideas!

xo, Liz

Kelsey says · 09.01.15

Silly question! But does the the lavender blotting sheets smell a lot like lavender oil? I was on the fence between those or the Vitaman C+E ones. 🙂 Also these are on Hautelook today for a decent price. Thought I would just share that. xo

Kelsey | http://www.abalancingpeach.com

Kate says · 09.01.15

they do smell like lavender, but it’s not too strong!

Melissa says · 09.01.15

I’ve heard that a lot of celebrities use a moisturizing facial mist and spray it on before they fly to keep their face hydrated. I’ve specifically read about them using the Evian brand. I’ll have to see how that works as a pre-treatment before I get on the plane to prevent in-air dehydration!

Dani says · 09.01.15

Bare Minerals is my favorite brand (I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way)! Gotta try out the Caudalie one.

Ashleigh says · 09.01.15

Mai Couture is on Hautelook today! https://www.hautelook.com/events/96483

Stasja says · 09.01.15

Great tips! I never really use blotting papers but I think they are key at making your skin ready for a layer of powder again, so I’ll pick some up. 🙂

TheCurlyAndTheStraight says · 09.01.15

The Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir is one of my favorite pick me ups! It’s very refreshing

Kristin S says · 09.01.15

Since you first mentioned it, I went out and grabbed that Caudalie spray. I LOVE it. I have one in my “plane bag” (the clear zipper pouch) and one at my desk at work.

Samantha Kuzyk says · 09.01.15

Great Tips! 🙂 Just wondering if you have tried the Caudelie Grape Water? I was considering trying this rather than the elixir because of the added fragrances and alcohol, I have super sensitive skin!

Amanda says · 09.01.15

The Mai papers are on sale through Hautelook today.

Emma says · 09.01.15 Reply
Evelina says · 09.01.15

Translucent setting powder makes a huge difference for me! Shiny is not my thing.

aesthetics medispa says · 09.02.15

Hey its beautiful and gives a lot of freshness to skin! amazing.

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 09.02.15

I could use a midday pick me up right now! haha

Her Heartland Soul

sparklygoddess says · 09.06.15

Great post! I always have problem when I wear make up for long time because adding powder does more damage than good.


Danessa says · 09.21.15

Wondering if you’ve ever tried the Tarte translucent pressed powder? I have the loose one that I’ll set my foundation with, but haven’t tried the pressed yet.

By the way, love all your tutorials!! 🙂