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I can’t remember exactly where I stumbled upon this question, and I’m not sure whether it was directly referring to beauty or not. But I thought about it in regards to beauty and I thought I’d ask you the same thing: What is your beauty comfort zone? 

What are your most worn makeup products, what lipstick to you grab the most, and how to you like to wear your hair?

Quite simply and with absolutely zero surprise I’m hair down, lots of mascara, pink lipstick and grey t-shirt in my comfort zone. Sometimes I wish I had a more sporty comfort zone, but I don’t feel like I can pull off that look without looking disheveled.

It’s funny because despite being in a bit of a style rut, which doesn’t bother me but I am very aware of how simple my clothing choices have gotten, calling it my “beauty comfort zone” makes it sound a lot better!

So, just a question I thought I would pitch to you to think about!

Dying over these rings. Love how unique they are, I’ve never seen anything like it!

My very first Curling class (not the olympic sport like some were confused about 😛 ) is coming up in a few weeks. I am SO EXCITED to get back into a salon environment and teach!

Emily Ley launched the 2016 planners! Hooray!

I’ve officially declared these the “best v-neck t-shirt in history”. Go spend $12.00 and get one for yourself. And consider sizing down.

Fall is approaching and I only know this because of the calendar. It’s still humid as junk in Raleigh and is over 90 degrees on the daily, but it is a fact that we are in September and it is a fact that cooler temperatures will be coming soon. And when I say “soon” I actually mean about 2 months from now but still! They will come!

And you know what fall means? Apples + soups. That’s how I survive.

And it just occurred to me that I’m not going to be pregnant this fall for the first time in 2 years so perhaps I’ll actually feel a chill! I’ve been hot through my entire pregnancies so I’m distinctly aware of when I feel cold because it’s been about 2 years!!

What do you have going on this weekend? I just looked at my calendar and saw it was 9/11. I remember that day so vividly–and I can still barely stomach how heartbreaking it was.

Thank you for your kind words on my “catching up” post this week. I do have an appointment with a doctor already, and it was very very reassuring to hear I’m not the only one with the strange migraines!

Enjoy your weekend!


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Rena says · 09.11.15

I wear mostly a side braid, use nearly daily the same lipstick and use daily the same mascara 🙂
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Cassie says · 09.11.15

My go to is a side bang braid with a ponytail. If I’m in a rush or my hair won’t do what I want that day, that’s my go to!
Go to makeup is a Sephora eye shadow pallet that I bought for a military ball just for that day but it has become my everything! It has a brow color and 4 different eye shadows.

Lori says · 09.11.15

Can you please source the Sephora eyeshadow palette for us?

Thank you!

Taylor says · 09.11.15

I’d love a tutorial on curling your hair like this!

Rebecca says · 09.11.15

Agree! And if not that I’d love to know what curling iron (and sz) you used!

Charlotte says · 09.13.15

Yes, I too would love to learn how to curl your hair like this. Which is better, a curling wand or a curling iron with the clasp?

Chendra says · 09.11.15

I get migraines frequently. Mostly due to stress, and lack of sleep. The day after is hard too, the migraine hangover is what I all it. Migraine is gone, but still recovering, and could come back with revenge at any time.

Hang in there, I know they aren’t fun! 🙂

Cindy says · 09.11.15

Could you add the website for the t shirt here? The website didn’t come up for me.

Thank you!

Jen says · 09.11.15

My comfort zone is neutral tones, peachy-nude lips, and black liquid liner!

Megan Brewer says · 09.11.15

My style comfort zone is a teased short pony tail (my hair just touches the base of my neck right now). I wear some form of jeans every single day. That is what I feel the most put together in. And sometimes I wear a simple t-shirt with a necklace and other times I’ll wear a more dressy shirt, all while staying home with the kids! Always foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, and a light tinted lip color. It’s weird, but I cannot have a productive day if I don’t feel put together. I can’t pull off wearing workout clothes and feel good or productive, but I love that other women can. Don’t get me wrong, there is the occasional “i’m not going anywhere or doing anything so today I wear yoga pants” type days too. Just not as often.

Amy says · 09.11.15

My beauty comfort zone would have to be my white capris with just about any top (I love capris with a long sleeve shirt even), my rings and watch, sometimes simple silver earrings, my hair down and makeup done. I have rosacea or else just really red cheeks so my full makeup face is a must (I use It Cosmetics which work great for my skin issue). For a day at home I would say athletic shorts or yoga pants with a workout tank and my houseshoes lol

Liza Farm says · 09.11.15

Since I’m just coming off of maternity leave, I’m not sure what my new beauty comfort zone is. I’m so used to yoga pants and ‘boob tops’ – Target’s nursing tanks.

I imagine it’ll be similar to yours; except a black t-shirt instead of a grey one. I swear by eye liner and don’t use as much mascara as you do. A few years ago I managed to learn to blow dry my hair without needing any heating tools and that has been a life saver!

I also like Gap’s maternity v-neck tops. Since I’m only 3 months postpartum they do a great job hiding the extra tummy I’m still slimming down and they are comfy; stretchy but still keep shape! They might be my go to shirts long after I’ve lost the weight!

Here is Gap’s t-shirt

I also swear by their jeans! They cover the backside and don’t make me feel too much like a ‘mom’. I’ve been wearing them for years!

Amy says · 09.11.15

Which planner do you like the most or think you would get if you had to choose? I cannot decide!!

Alyssa says · 09.11.15

I think my style comfort zone is similar to yours! I love a simple gray crewneck sweatshirt with a statement necklace, some boyfriend jeans and ballet flats! For beauty, I either wear my naturally straight hair just down and tucked behind my ears or with a few bendy waves, and always lots of mascara, a subtle cat eye and my trusty pink blossom Burt’s Bee’s tinted lip balm!

Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 09.11.15

I love Target! I need to check out those Vnecks! Thanks for the recommendation and happy Friday!

Her Heartland Soul

Jenna says · 09.11.15

My comfort zone is no makeup, hair either down or in a ponytail, jeans and a yoga type jacket. Sometimes mascara lol. I work in warehousing so I only get fancy on the weekends or if I go out at night.

I wish could actually get into the habit of using a planner. I love paper goods and office supplies! I’ve bought so many planners over the years with the intent of doing it but it never lasts. I followed planner people on Instagram to get my fix instead. Lol


js says · 09.11.15

I’ve been using a BB cream by Smashbox lately because I like the light weight feel. I always use mascara and I prefer dark lips. I guess more of what they consider a “fall” look. I am still struggling with my post baby body so I don’t have a go-to, but I would almost always rather be wearing a dress and boots or sandals; they’re just more comfortable. I also don’t wear any jewelry right now except my wedding rings. I would love to see some easy updos to do on shorter hair and some quick, right out of the shower hairstyles as well.

Amy says · 09.11.15

Hi Kate, what is the color name of your shirt from Target? Thanks!

Amanda @ The Whiskey Diaries says · 09.11.15

Hair down, quick eye liner & mascara, cherry chapstick, jeans and a tshirt! I would live in that if I could.

Maria says · 09.11.15

If you have time to put on a grey t-shirt, you have time to put on a cute, colorful, comfortable shirt. You’ll feel so much more fashionable!

auntsarie says · 09.11.15

I can be comfortable in full-on hair & makeup, or in nothing at all. But I rarely leave the house without at least filled-in eyebrows, mascara and cheek tint (currently loving Benetint.) My everyday (I work in an office) is refreshed hair (I go 5 days unwashed right now) with usually a light wavy curl, and full makeup. I use Cara’s IIID Foundation and am really enjoying a lot of NYX products at the moment. My absolute favorites are any of my jeans with a loose-fitting but still shapely top and either ballet flats or flat boots.

On a side note, while Cara’s makeup has revolutionized my makeup routine, your tutorials have completely revolutionized my hair! Products, tools, process. It’s all you! Right down to washing & drying at night before sleeping in a pony tail. I’m always so excited when I finish & think, “Good. Looks like Kate’s!” Thanks ever so much!

Joanna says · 09.11.15

Apples + Soups = YESSSSSSSS

Sarah Kristen says · 09.11.15

My comfort zone is a messy bun, light makeup, earrings, boot cut jeans, basic tee, colorful cardigan.

I was really excited to hear about a $12 tee but am totally bummed that it has a big v. I think I am the only woman in America that cannot wear V-necks! Totally out of my comfort zone. They don’t fit my body right at all.

Megan says · 09.11.15

You’re not the only one! I’m the same way. Even if it’s a “higher up v-neck” they all seem to slip down eventually and I’m not comfortable with that. Just wanted you to know that you aren’t alone!

Sarah Kristen says · 09.11.15

Oh yay, thank you! I’m glad to hear I’m not alone!

Pam says · 09.11.15

Wear a cami under it! I wear a cami most days anyway. That would cover the area if the shirt was too low cut on you!

Mary John Slaughter says · 09.11.15

Thank you for the compliment on my rings! I’m closed right now until next year (due with twins in November), but I shall reopen and offer a reopening discount when that happens 🙂
Happy fall! I hope to feel the chill again next year 😉

Debbie says · 09.11.15

What is the brand and name of your pink lipstick in today’s picture? I love it.

Tracy says · 09.12.15

I would love to know lipstick color too. Love it!

mary says · 09.12.15

Whats the pink lipstick? How come she never answers?

Cassie says · 09.13.15

Yes please source this beautiful lip color

Melissa says · 09.11.15

My Beauty Comfort Zone is black clothes. Black is simple. Black is timeless. Black goes with everything. Black goes with every occasion (except maybe a summer wedding but otherwise I will wear black pretty much anywhere). I’ve been asked if I’m depressed or “goth” because I used to wear black so much. Nope, it’s just…easy. Over the past few years I have forced myself out of my Beauty Comfort Zone and have embraced more color and pattern in my wardrobe, and I have found a lot of things I really enjoy. But there is still something for me about a well-fitting piece of black clothing. It’s just ME.

NoraP says · 09.11.15

I could live in stretchy skinnies and a gray tee, with a messy bun (using Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish to give it some texture) and gold stud earrings. I also love Dior LipGlow in the classic pink, and I don’t go anywhere (other than the gym) without mascara, Arbonne Skin Perfecting foundation, and a Tarte blush!

Chris says · 09.11.15

My beauty comfort zone is also hair down- I almost always do my makeup, but I might skip foundation if I’m going to just be at home (I work from home so there are plenty of days I don’t leave the house). Clothing wise? In the summer I’ve been living in comfy summer dresses, often with a cardigan since my husband likes the AC on and I tend to be cold. As it cools off (I hear it will but here in California we’re not there yet) I’m all about the jeans or leggings!

Jenny in Georgia says · 09.11.15

Kate, you make looking casual so elegant. My son is 18 so the days of being home with him are long gone. I treasure those memories. Now, I must dress for work. I work as a high school counselor in a school district that has a strict dress code for the faculty. I do have a go to work day makeup routine which is basically nude eye shadow, black eyeliner, lots of mascara with nude lips. My hair routine is like this: day 1 clean hair: down, day 2 hair: messy bun or ponytail. My wardrobe is business attire consisting main of dresses, dress slacks, jackets and wedges on my feet. In the winter, I add boots and sweaters. On the weekends, it is jeans, casual clothes that let me relax and enjoy the weekend.

Jeri schille says · 09.12.15

What is the brand and color of lipstick you are wearing in the photo? I love it.

Dominique says · 09.12.15

My beauty comfort Zone…
My BB cream, my Urban Decay smokey eye palette (LOVE it, can do a night look or a matte natural day look), my liquid felt pen eyeliner, “they’re real” mascara. Go to lipstick is MAC “Brave” or “Creme Cup”. Almost always hAve my hair down, either straight or curly. Clothing wise…skinny jeans, a tank, & flip flops.

Katie says · 09.12.15

Where is your tee from in blog photo of today’s post?

Kristin S says · 09.12.15

My beauty comfort zone… I don’t know if I have one except I’ve done my eye make up the same way since I was taught at age 12 at the Clinique counter with my grandmother. I would LOVE to learn other ways. Yes, I watch videos but that doesn’t help. I need a human to help me. Clothes? I am truly a classic, preppy dresser and always default to that but then I’ll randomly wear something more boho. I’m weird.

T-shirt – I have the one you are wearing in the picture. Is it the same t? They don’t have that speckled one online. It’s still in the bag under the window in my bedroom – the holding spot for things I can’t decide if I’m keeping. I’m not sure I can wear that color BUT I adore the fit.

Chelsea says · 09.12.15

I typically go with your messy bun, gray or white tshirts, jean shorts or leggings and Chapstick. I am with my kids all morning and work out or test recipes in the afternoon so I only wear nicer stuff on the weekends!

kenzie negron says · 09.12.15

loved this post! this weekend I am doing a ton of homework that I sadly, decided to procrastinate throughout the week. xx,kenz

Alyssa Graham says · 09.14.15

So sad the etsy shop that is selling those rings is temporarily closed – I wanted to buy them as soon as I saw them!!

Essie Jean says · 09.14.15

My beauty comfort zone is definitely a casual dress or tunic (gotta feel feminine!), a donut bun with a braid across the front, mascara, and pink lipstick.

kimberly oyler says · 09.15.15

literaaalllly wearing that vneck right now. just got it a few days ago when i went to target to buy a dress your sister posted about. hahaha where would i be without you guys?

Simone Sika says · 09.15.15

My beauty comfort zone: messy waves (with curling wand) with my bangs pinned back somehow, Burts Bees or EOS Raspberry chapstick on my lips, and although this sounds strange, my comfort zone is a pencil skirt and heels. It’s my “base” for work and I have a harder time pairing things with jeans because I’m so work-outfit oriented.

Liz says · 09.16.15

Hi Kate! I’m sure hoping you see this – I think you may have accidentally linked to the wrong shirt at Target!

I was just there yesterday and the one that you’ve linked to is NOT the one you’re wearing in the photo. The one you linked to feels like an itchy wool sweater, the one you’re wearing (and the one I also bought) is super soft and amazing.

The correct link to the one we both now have is this one:|pdp|viewed_viewed|pdpv1

Kate says · 09.16.15

I understand your confusion but I have both! I have a few of the ones I linked to as well and love those!

Ashley says · 09.20.15

I recently bought this Target shirt because of your recommendation. I LOVE the style (especially the length!!) but find that they are pretty sheer. Just wondering what you wear underneath to solve this problem?

Alison @ Peacoat Diaries says · 09.26.15

Before I even clicked on the link for that v-neck tee, I knew exactly which one it was going to be. I discovered those last year and have been living in them. SO comfy, so flattering. I found a bunch of them on clearance last year for $3.60 each and I went crazy hoarding them, but they hold up so well I may never need to dig into my backup stash.