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My wardrobe has gotten so very boring over these past two years, but you know what else it become? Easy. And comfortable. And occasionally I’ll enjoy getting dressed up for a particular reason, I’ve really come to enjoy the ease that is a basic and comfortable wardrobe.

I  picked out a few of my most worn staples and rounded them up below. These are all items I wear over and over again throughout the weeks. I’m looking so forward to cooler temperatures to incorporate some different jeans or pants with boots and scarves, but for now, I’m usually wearing something that that can be made from the items below.

I’ve enjoyed getting StitchFix boxes (just got my third fix and am still undecided on whether I’ll keep anything), but I’ve also resolved that keeping my day to day outfits simple and basic make my mornings easier. staples

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight(sold out, target), nine

The single most worn item in my closet is my madewell denim shorts. Man I love those. They stretch a bit so I actually wish I would have sized down, but they have held up through many washes and still look and feel great. I’ve never owned any other denim from madewell, but I’ve been so pleased with these shorts that I may try on some jeans this winter.

I also am a new convert to Lululemon shorts. I resisted this for years. I thought they were over-priced and just popular because of the brand. But after a recent quest for black athletic shorts left me coming up empty handed, I finally decided to order some online and see what the heck the big deal was. And I’ll tell you what the big deal is, and I mean that literally. My butt and thighs are the curviest parts of my body, and these shorts look and feel awesome. I’ve never worn athletic shorts that I felt better in. The shape is flattering, they fit is perfection, and the length is exactly right. So, if you’ve resisted like I have, I’d truly recommend trying them.

Other than those two main items, everything else is rotated. My watch is by The Horse, but the DKNY one I linked to is really similar.

Other than totally athletic days aka no jewelry and extremely minimal makeup, I always wear a bit of makeup, do my hair, and put on jewelry. That helps me feel put together despite my plain outfit.

I’m curious, what is that one item in your closet that you are always reaching for? Is it a top or a bottom?


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Adriele says · 08.31.15

Kate, so true about the Madewell shorts! LOVE those!!! Now I’m going to have to bite the bullet and try those Lululemon shorts. You talked me into the Clinique bottom lash mascara and I love that now too. I suspect the shorts will be the same. And then I’ll style ALLLLLL of my clients that way too, so technically, the entire midwest is about to love those shorts. 😉

Thanks lady!


Nicola B says · 08.31.15

I am a Mum of 3 year old twin boys and its the first day of Spring here tomorrow. This winter it has been merino knitwear tops and in summer its easy dresses or skirts (they can skim and hide a multitude of sins, and of course long enough that if you bend over to help at playgroup you do not put on a show.

Kari says · 08.31.15

Be careful with the Lulu! It is all amazing and before you know it you’ll have an entire drawer dedicated to it and a special laundry basket for it….

Stephanie says · 08.31.15

Lucky Sweet n Flare Jeans are my BFF. I’m so sad they don’t make them anymore because they make my butt look amazing. Not to mention they are the softest jeans I’ve ever owned.

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/88/ca/77/88ca77eae5806fc0fb939b47ac132bda.jpg <–Those


Alexis says · 08.31.15

You should check out lucy activewear. I prefer lucy over lululemon and when they put their sale on an extra 30% off I get the most amazing deals! I like the fabrics they use over lululemon.

Stephanie @ ChalkSouthernToMe says · 08.31.15

Those LuLu shorts look so comfy, I am going to need to try these! Jean Shorts are always part of my summer wardrobe! Xo, Stephanie

Laura says · 08.31.15

I’ve been on the fence about Lulumon for the exact same reason you listed…might have to give it a try as well:)


Erica says · 08.31.15

In the fall winter, my go to is Levi’s high-rise black skinny jeans!!! I feel like I can wear them with any top and they make me feel and look good 🙂

Carmen says · 08.31.15

Hi, Kate. I love how you dress and see no problem. You are a busy mom, you need quick clothes you can get down and play in and you can’t do that in fancy outfits. Every women I know dresses like that when she is not dressing up for something or someone

Lara says · 08.31.15

I second the GapFit Breathe Vneck Tshirts!! I love them for my everyday tshirt. They drape well and maintain their shape! I just ordered three yesterday since they were onsale!

Kate says · 09.01.15

I’ll look into those!

Jessica says · 08.31.15

I second the lulu sorts, Kate! I have two pairs in black and I probably need more with how frequently I wear them!

thruthewardrobe says · 08.31.15

As a mother of twins I could not live without yoga pants!!! In the winter they are so comfortable and still allow me to run errands and play with the kids. In the summer I love yoga capri’s with a fun and bright pattern. They are easy enough for a t-shirt but can also be paired with a cute cardigan or tank. I also use them tucked into boots as leggings! Callia by Carrie Underwood has great ones.

Courtney says · 08.31.15

I am a mom to a 5 month old girl so I feel the same way about my wardrobe! I want to feel comfortable but still somewhat put together day to day. During this summer my most worn item would have to be my jean shorts from American Eagle. Very comfy, easy to pair with any sort of t-shirt or button down blouse I have, and if I get some spit up on them I know they aren’t ruined! I’m starting to get back to doing my makeup everyday now that I have been watching your tutorials. I agree that just doing that and my hair make me feel good about my appearance even if I’m just wearing something casual. So thank you and keep ’em coming!! 😀

Nicole says · 08.31.15

I have those target sandals. I love them! I wear them way more than I want to admit. They are great. Sadly one of the pieces broke. Ha my style is insanely close to yours. I’m always trying to add more color. It’s so easy to stay with grey, or black clothing due to ease in matching. I have no styling talent.

Dominique says · 08.31.15

I have that same problem, my wardrobe is such a mommy’s wardrobe! LOL… I might just try stitch fix soon.


Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 08.31.15

I love that striped shirt!

Her Heartland Soul

Kristin S says · 08.31.15

Thanks for the head’s up on the shorts. I’ve worn the same favorite Nike ones for about 7 years. They don’t make them anymore so I baby the four pair I have. Maybe I’ll invest in these next summer.

Evelina says · 08.31.15

I am fully dependent on my Lululemon yoga pants year-round. I have three pairs and they are the first thing I change into when I get home from work!

Sydni says · 09.01.15

Whatever you wear will look cute if you’ve done your hair and makeup! It took me almost my entire life to figure that out, haha. Those outfits look so cute and comfy! Definitely something I would wear. My must-haves are J.Crew Factory v-necks. I end up buying them in so many colors because they fit so well, you can get them very cheap on sale, and they go with everything.

Nikki says · 09.03.15

Okay Kate…just splurged on both shorts! I’m excited and hope they fit my curvy rear!

Krista says · 09.03.15

Hi Kate! I’m obsessed with those tennis shoes! The link just takes you to the Nike website though – do you know the style that they are? I need new running shoes and I love the colors of yours!

Liz Herndon says · 09.08.15

Hey Kate!

I am in college and not a mother but I’m tall and curvy. My staple in my closet are crew neck tank tops. They are so flattering and can really be dressed up or simply worn to the gym. They really frame the shoulders nicely and slim down the upper body. They can be worn way into the fall with a scarf and cardigan over it. I feel they would look great on you! BTW I have very plane jane wardrobe too! lots of black white and grey. but hey if you like it wear it.

Steph says · 06.26.16

Hi Kate! I love your style 🙂 How do you like your watch by The Horse? I’m looking into buying one from that brand but can’t find very many reviews–I’d love to hear what you think!

Andrea says · 06.28.19

You mentioned the lululemon shorts you like recently on IG and I came here to find them and all posts referencing them don’t give the name and links aren’t working. Could you tell me what they are called please?