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I took Luke to his 6 month check up yesterday. SIX MONTHS. HALF A YEAR. We are halfway to his first birthday. How, how could time ever pass this fast?

The boys have been so joyful and fun lately. David is inching closer and closer to the “terrible twos” I think, but at this time he’s still so sweet and loves to learn. He’ll whine, like any 20 month old, but usually snaps out of it pretty quickly.

Luke is, like I mentioned, 6 months old! He’s starting to sit up a little better but never unassisted. I’ve introduced rice cereal and I’m hoping to slowly introduce other food soon as well! It will help when he’s able to sit in a high chair instead of propping him with one hand and feeding him with the other.

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David is obsessed, obsessed I tell you, with trucks. All kinds. Dump trucks, pick up trucks, garbage trucks, you name it he loves it. I even pointed out an excavator the other day for him and realized that I’m learning about trucks as much as he is.

Luke is grabbing hold of toys and really inspecting them. No signs of any teeth yet, which is so different than David. David had 2 bottom biters by 4 months!

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Luke remains an erratic napper, but an excellent night sleeper. And David usually takes a standard afternoon nap everyday, though some days it’s longer, and sleeps wonderfully at night as well. I’m so grateful for good night sleepers as I know that is not a given with all children!

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I’m really enjoying both of their ages these days. David is picking up a ton of words, and Luke is really becoming fascinated with the world around him.

I remember when David was 4 months old thinking to myself, “wow, this is one of my favorite ages with him.” And I find myself thinking that same thing right now with both of the boys at their respective ages. I simply cannot wait for Luke to be a little more mobile and watch them begin to play together. If you follow on Instagram or SnapChat, you’ve seen how David loves to get in Luke’s face and be sweet with him, and I’m glad I’ve been documenting it because in just a blink of an eye it will be all wrestling and rough housing all the time.

Just wanted to pop in with a brief update about my boys. I try to save my gushing to the “photo stream” that I upload piles of photos and videos to each day for my family to watch, but sometimes it just spills over into the blog as well. 😉



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Sherry says · 08.11.15

They are just so precious, thanks for sharing with us !! What adorable little smiling faces.

Norma says · 08.11.15

Hi Kate! I always enjoy your blogs, they are filled with great stuff! And you should be a proud mom! This is the best years of your life , these blessings will grow up so quickly you will cherish those pictures from yesterday! Keep posting we love it.

Happy blog!

Anne Marie says · 08.11.15

Your updates about the boys are my favorite posts! They’re so sweet, and it’s evident how much you love being a mom. It makes me miss my girls’ babyhood. You’re right, it does go by so fast!

Morgan @ Morgan Manages Mommyhood says · 08.11.15

They are just too sweet!! I see you in both of them! My son is totally obsessed with trucks right now too – to the utter joy of my diesel mechanic husband

Amy says · 08.11.15

Beautiful boys! I love seeing your updates. I’ve been struggling with infertility for almost three years so I always love getting my baby fix through others! Does David still carry around the spatula?

Cynthia says · 08.11.15

I don’t struggle with infertility, but I remember when my husband and I had to try longer than we expected for our second. It was so devastating, and it was only a short time looking at the big picture.

I can only grasp some of your emotions, but I will be praying for you.

Kelly says · 08.11.15

We struggled for almost 3 years as well. Exhausting every option besides adoption and IVF. It’s an invisible to others, but you live it every. single. day.

Praying for you and all other women “in the struggle” all the time. I firmly believe it was God’s way of bringing me back to Him & forcing me to relinquish my control freak ways. May each day bring you closer to that BFP!

Angela says · 08.11.15

Morning Kate!
Never apologize about gushing about your sweet little boys. We love to hear about them, and hear about that portion of your life. I love the diversity of your blog and eat up every entry.

Keep it up!!

Jen says · 08.11.15

My son loves trucks too. I always point them out when I drive and I casually mentioned one day the cement mixer truck is my favorite. To this day whenever we see one he points and says – look mommy’s favorite. We now have his favorite and daddy’s favorite. But I loved how he told me one day his 5 month old brothers favorite was milk and our cats favorite was fish.

Kacie M says · 08.11.15

Love the stories with the kids!! We don’t have kids yet (may start TTC soon), but we have 4 nephews. So, it’s everything boys! The youngest just turned 3 in May, and he’s probably the only kid I’ve seen grow up weekly since the day he was born. So fun! He is like David in that he has LOVED trucks forever. Every kind. Now, he’s in a phase where he asks to drive any vehicle he sees (cars, trucks, etc). It’s mainly cos they have couple gators that he drives around the yard, which for being 3 – he’s pretty good at!

Jana says · 08.11.15

Thank you for sharing pictures of the boys – I don’t have Instagram so it is so fun to see how big they are getting -Luke has changed so much! I personally love the days that you post on the boys and what you have been doing!

Mary Kate says · 08.11.15

Your sons are precious! Thank you for sharing them with the world 🙂 You’re lucky to have such a great little family!

Mary Kate

Aileen says · 08.11.15

Thanks for sharing your boys!! I love your family and mom posts. It’s encouraging to see what other moms are going through and especially since my daughter is a couple of weeks younger than Luke.

Olivia says · 08.11.15

If you haven’t discovered Truck Tunes yet, go search for it now. That’s how I learned my trucks (and excavators) with my nephew. You’ll never get the songs out of your head.

Krista says · 08.11.15

They’re both getting SO big! How does it happen so quickly? I love when you do updates on the boys. As a mom it’s a nice refreshment from all the “fashion mom” blogs.

Caroline (Virginia Sweet) says · 08.11.15

Your pics are stunning and so are your boys!

Diane says · 08.11.15

Your boys are beautiful—-you are truly blessed. Remember to speak good things over them always. There are no “terrible twos” only “terrific twos”.

Kim says · 08.11.15

they are precious! This was a great post and I’m happy things are going so well for you!

Kim .. FAVORITES and casual outfit!

Marci says · 08.11.15

So sweet! I’m with you on learning about trucks right along with your little boy! I know way more about trucks than I ever did before and now that my son is 3 he even corrects me when I label a truck incorrectly haha!

Sarah says · 08.11.15

i read this post right before i saw your snap-chat today. haha thanks for sharing the real life part of being a parent! your boys are super handsome too!!

Jane says · 08.11.15

Long time reader and mother of 2 grown children. I highly recommend Richard Scarry’s book “Cars and Trucks and Things That Go” for a child David’s age. Both my children loved this book and his others. There is also a little ‘gold bug’ hidden on each page the children love to look for. So much to look at on each page as well. Hard cover is best.

Jennifer says · 08.11.15

I was just reading through the comments to see if there were any recommendations for Richard Scarry books! My son, who was also fascinated with all things truck-related, loved them. I think most of the ones he had were passed down by his uncle (who just turned 40 this year) who also loved them as a young boy. I’m sure the tradition of passing them along will continue through the generations. They are classics : )

Kate says · 08.11.15

Love hearing about your boys! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

auntsarie says · 08.11.15

My sister & I are 31 & 34, respectively. My mother has mentioned several times that as we aged, that was her favorite age. She has said that though yes, she misses when we were babies, that she has enjoyed us more & more as we’ve gotten older. What a treasure you have, Kate!

Amy says · 08.11.15

GushingI is parof a mom’s job!
My son is on a truck kick these days too. Check out Twenty Trucks on YouTube! He’ll flip!

Sara W says · 08.11.15

They are just gorgeous little boys! I love your updates with them. All of the ages have something fun about them…and things that make you want to pull out your hair-keep on keepin’ on 🙂

Beth says · 08.11.15

They are the cutest 🙂 What is your snapchat name?

Tiff says · 08.11.15

Does your son have The Big Book of Trucks? It’s a large hardback board book with every truck imaginable. My son’s Parents As Teachers educator had it in her playgroup when he was about 18 months old and he became obsessed with looking at it. I ordered it from Amazon ( has it, too!) and it is still 9 months later, his favorite book! It is pretty much photos of the trucks with their names written below it 🙂

Amy says · 08.11.15

Your snaps are literally my favorite! How cute are they! ?? My son is a month younger than David and loves watching them with me too. Thanks for sharing!

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 08.11.15

The cuteness!

Her Heartland Soul

Gturn62 says · 08.11.15

Awwww…they are the sweetest! Never apologize for posting about them. We all love it! Savor every precious moment, and we’ll be cheering you on.

Jill says · 08.11.15

They are so precious!

Dominique says · 08.12.15

Life with boys is so fun! There is never a dull moment, with the exception of when they are sleeping! I have 3 boys and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Marie says · 08.12.15

Wow, not sure what was up but I use Feedly and haven’t been getting any of your new posts since you took a break when pregnant with Luke. I thought you stopped blogging! So glad to see you haven’t; this is one of my favorite blogs. I had to add you back on and remove the other one. Your family is precious; can’t wait to go back and read what I missed.

kayla says · 08.14.15

They are so adorable I love the update! You really did get lucky with great night sleepers 🙂

Shellie Martin says · 08.14.15

Handsome boys!! David looms just like Justin, and Luke… He looks just like you!!
Beautiful family. btw I love your blog 🙂

Michelle says · 08.17.15

It’s your blog, you can blog about whatever you want. Your boys are adorable and most of the terrible twos and trying threes is because they can’t communictae will yet.