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Evening workout prep

Okay, outfit #1 for #smallthingsblogstyle challenge. If you missed it I’m trying to find about 5 go-to outfits that are functional, comfortable and simple for my days with the boys.


I’m waiting for some v-neck nude cami’s to arrive in the mail so I can wear them under this white v-neck tee. It’s a bit to sheer to be worn alone, but my favorite thing about it is that the V doesn’t dip too low. Madewell v-necks were my prior favorites, but not only have holes developed where the tag is sewn in but the V is just a little too low for my preference.

These shorts are pretty much the same as wearing “soft clothes” because they are soft but have a tiny bit of structure. My sister owns them too so that automatically makes me feel cool.

I added some color in the sandals which are very old from Target. A wedge would be cute too but flats are more realistic for my everyday!

Have you documented one (or more) of your go-to’s? I’d love to see them so use #smallthingsblogstyle when you post so myself and other participants can come see what you are wearing!STBstyle


Albeit Lipstick in Azelea

Lou & Grey shorts via Loft

Splendid white t-shirt (save option!)

Sandals, very old from Target (mint version!)

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Lori says · 07.30.15

Love the outfit! Looks cute and comfy! Can’t wait to see the rest! Love the blog!

Laura says · 07.30.15

Cute look and you’re right…Madewell has such nice tees!


Emma says · 07.30.15

What kinds of things will be shared in the newsletter? If I already tune in daily to your blog to see all of your fabulousness, would I be getting new content from the newsletter or is it more of a curated review of existing content? I love your blog, by the way 🙂 Keep doin’ you!

Stephanie says · 07.30.15

Hi Kate! Love your blog. I’m a new mom to a six month old boy and a hairstylist. I have to admit I prefer my momdrobe days over my more stylish work clothes. I love the look.

melissa says · 07.30.15

Did you curl your hair with a curling iron or a wand in this photo? I have heavy, wavy(ish) hair but it’s fine. hold curl well, but im not sure if a want would work or take longer than an iron? ive been having this dilemma for a while now… lol

Mayara Moreira says · 07.30.15

I love the outfit! Looks super comfy!

Kristin says · 07.30.15

Hi Kate,

I really think you would look adorable in skorts. I wear Althleta skorts alot in the summer and they look dressed up, allow for movement without showing anything off, often have many pockets and look adorable with a dressy shirt or t-shirt. Favorite this season:

Robin Karber says · 07.30.15

Those shorts look a-mazing. Great outfit, and excited for the newsletter!

Kirsten says · 07.30.15

Kate, please oh please tell me where you are getting the nude v-neck for layering. I really need a good one. Thanks!

Kate says · 07.30.15!

Kirsten says · 07.30.15

Aww thanks!

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 07.30.15

Cute look! And very pretty lipstick!

Her Heartland Soul

Anita Robinson says · 07.30.15

Hi Kate. Just a note about drawstring pants (you can take it or leave it). Since my 40-something tummy is not as flat as it used to be, sometimes the drawstring looks awkward with an untucked t-shirt. My trick is to tie the drawstring and then tuck it into the inside of my pants. It’s still there, but not as bulky and doesn’t show through the t-shirt.

Jen says · 07.30.15

White and boys may not mix very well. Approximately how long would the white shirt stay clean? lol

Alia Osburn says · 07.30.15

This would be super cute with some converse tennies too!

krista says · 07.30.15

That’s definitely cute and functional. Thumbs up. Another shoe you might like is Sanuk’s yoga slings. Seriously best flip flops EVER. They are cute and practical for a mom on the go!

Elle says · 07.30.15

Your top needs to be a lot smaller. Something form fitting. It would really neaten up the look. So what if you haven’t lost all your baby weight? You’re an adorable new mom!!

pen says · 07.31.15

My son is 8 and we are very active. In order to keep up and look fabulous (or as fabulous as possible), I usually buy a couple pairs of new shorts from loft and several t shirts, and athletic shoes. Loft ha some fun colorful shorts this summer! Also, I highly recommend their linen tees!

Georgia @ Silver Spiral Studio says · 07.31.15

Such a cute look! Fashionable and comfortable. Thanks for sharing.

Meagan says · 08.01.15 Reply
Amy says · 08.03.15

Those shorts are adorable, if I look half as cute as you when I’m a mom, I would be WINNING!!

Tracie says · 08.06.15

Love you Longer and Darker hair!
I think it looks great on you!