Makeup Papers, a review

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I stumbled across these on Anthropologie’s website and I was all “mmmmyeah right those are a terrible idea streaks for days” with my attitude. You know, I’m a skeptic at heart.

Anyway, so I was IN Anthropologie with my sister last weekend and saw a pack of these sitting on a beautiful display for sampling and then I was all ” COOL LET ME TRY IT ” because I had to know. I grabbed the highlight shade because I thought it was blush and rubbed it onto the apples of my cheeks.

And wouldn’t you know it was a beautiful, warm, natural looking glow.

So naturally I bought a pack.

Will this replace my typical makeup application routine of powders and brushes? No, probably not, but the colors on the papers are so gorgeous it’s a fun thing to do for something different. And it could be good to keep in your bag in case you need a mid-day pick me up. I have been carrying around a powder that’s on it’s last leg, but I will definitely just tear off a few of these, put them in a ziplock bag, and slip them into a small section of my purse. They can’t break, and they can be applied with zero mess.

Anyway, here’s my face before with only Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation on it. I forgot how much I love this foundation!


And here is my face afterwards. I shoot looking directly into the windows so the brightness of the light may not show the depth of color as well, but the video shows how nice of a glow the papers added!




So if you are at all curious, give it a try. And if you’re only familiarity with makeup papers is the rice blotting papers, just know that these are very different. These deposit color onto the face instead of blotting up oil.

I could really see a lot of uses for these since they are so travel friendly and really worked well. So while I wouldn’t call them an absolute “must have” type of product, they were fun to experiment with and I will happily use up the pack so it doesn’t just sit unused in my linen closet.


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Rochelle says · 07.16.15

Wowza! Those would be perfect to keep in my desk at the office! Not to get off topic but have you tried bare minerals? I have been using that for about 10 years (gulp) and I think they recently changed something. It doesn’t apply like it used to. I love powder foundations. What do you like about tarte?

Kate says · 07.16.15

I have used Bare Minerals and liked it! I think I find the coverage to be better with the Tarte foundation I mentioned above!

Melissa says · 07.16.15

That’s a whole lotta makeup! I am curious…you commented one day on how you had no desire to be tan, that you love your skin color. And almost implied tan skin was a BAD thing. So why all the bronzers? After Maskara did your makeup, you looked tan. And honestly, as long as you protect your skin, natural looks much much better than “fake” (makeup).

Kate says · 07.16.15

What I mean was I don’t desire to lay in the sun in order to tan my skin, I’d rather protect it from the sun. So bronzers are a great way to add warmth in a safe way.
Cara and I wanted to do something totally opposite from my typical routine just for a fun makeover, it wasn’t meant to be a new daily look for me!

Jenny says · 07.16.15

That highlighter does look like it would be amazing as a glowy blush for lighter skin tones. Dying to know what lip color your wearing here. I have been trying to find a barely there pink nude and it looks like you’ve found it!

Marissa says · 07.16.15

These papers are a really neat idea, and would be perfect on the go or for travelling, thanks for reviewing it. Would each sheet just be a one time use? or can you get multiple uses out of one sheet?

Kate says · 07.16.15

You could definitely get multiple uses out of one sheet!

ash says · 07.16.15

When Ipsy first came out(years ago when it was called my glam and when they sent really cool products) I received a pack of this brand (Mai couture) blush papers in my bag! I thought it was the neatest thing and there was so much color on one sheet, I could get by with using the same sheet for more than one application!! I loved them!!

Kelsey says · 07.16.15

I love this idea! I never carry much makeup in purse, besides lip colors, since it always seems like such a hassle. I’m definitely going to be grabbing some of these. xx

Kelsey |

Adelle Davis says · 07.16.15

I can’t wait to try these! My sister is going to Africa in a week, and I’m going to Mexico. This will be a nice addition to our collection. Thank you for all the wonderful tips you give. I’ve enjoy reading your blog.

In Him,
Adelle Davis

Nina @ Flowers in my Hair says · 07.16.15

WOW. This is so surprising! I def want to try it

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 07.16.15

I love the idea of these! I always need to add some color to my face!

Her Heartland Soul

Lucy says · 07.16.15

Your eyebrows look great! Did you use the same thing you normally do to fill them in? They look more blonde but still very defined. Love it!

Michele says · 07.16.15

Hi Kate! What are you wearing on your lips in this post? I’m still on the search for a natural looking nude lip product. Your skin tone is very similar to mine and I love how natural it looks on you!

sharon / says · 07.16.15

not sure there is anything that is going to actually look bad on your pretty face, girl!

Laci says · 07.16.15

What lip product are you wearing! Love your makeup and the makeup sheets in this video/pictures!

evelina says · 07.16.15

I had no idea this exists. I would totally love to try it!

Michelle Fryrear says · 07.16.15

I’ve seen these and always been so curious to see if they worked or if they were just a crock 😉 Did you go back and try the blush one as well? 🙂

AroundTheHair says · 07.25.15

They sound cool and your makeup looks awesome, so I definitely would like to try it! Very natural and fresh looking, too. Thanks for the idea!

aesthetics medispa says · 08.07.15

Wow its amazing! we can keep it anywhere and it gives a fully freshness to our skin.

Katherine says · 01.14.16

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