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A Palmetto Bluff Weekend


I met Maskcara! She’s seriously cool and I betcha we could have talked for about 70-546 hours. Her visit in Raleigh was brief but we did something fun and I’ll share soon. That’s her head above. Working on a tutorial for that half halo braid soon!

I stumbled across the instagram account of @4thtribodies and I absolutely love looking at the beautiful photos. I’m struggling a bit with my post-baby body and am always so encouraged when I look through this feed. These women have beautiful bodies, but more than that you can simply tell that they emanate pure joy about motherhood. That’s what it’s all about anyway, isn’t it?

how cute is this coffee mug?

Dinners have gotten SUPER basic around the Bryan household, so I loved these simple tips to boost otherwise boring baked chicken.

These pretty little blotting papers are supposed to add a little blush, bronzer, highlight. I’m skeptical. . . have you tried them?

BevCooks instagram is always funny. Love her sense of humor with her twins.

Let’s have a brief chat about shorts and sizing. I found some denim shorts at Madewell that looked pretty good so I grabbed my size, a 30, and tried them on. And then I slid them off because they were so enormous I couldn’t even keep them up. I looked for a size 29 but there weren’t any available in store, so I just ordered them online. The day they arrived I was so excited to try on my new favorite shorts except I could.not.button.them. They were tiny. I COULD NOT BUTTON THEM. Someone explain to me how there is that large of a range between back to back sizes. Anyway, I resolved to exchange them for a 30 online and just try to shrink them in the dryer. Well, the 30’s arrived and they were SNUG. And I was like NO. THESE MUST WORK. So I wore them around the house to see if they would loosen up, like Madewell denim tends to do, and sure enough after about an hour of wear they were perfection. So, beWARE if you are shopping for shorts at Madewell, and they are great shorts, try on a few different “versions” of your size.


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carissajade says · 06.02.15

Glad you had a good time with your new friend. Love the instagram links! Hope you have an awesome week!

Stephanie says · 06.02.15

A friend of mine has tried the Anthrolpologie blotters. She claims they work, just not as much as she would like. It’s probably not deep enough for her overly made up liking. I’d be okay with just a hint of color which is what it sounds like they do.

Jackie says · 06.02.15

I HATE when that happens with pants! Like how in the world can they make such a difference with ONE size? Ugh. I commend you for buying things online. I always want to, but I’m afraid I’ll have to deal with the hassle of taking (or sending) them back due to awkward sizing. Glad you finally got the right size, and the right fit. When you find a great pair, it’s a great feeling!

Leigh says · 06.02.15

Yay for having fun with a friend! I’ll have to check out those instagrams. On the shorts, I have been going through the same thing with Old Navy. I know Old Navy is like that but I am on my 5th pair of the same shorts, same color, everything!!! It’s so frustrating. I order online because I don’t want to have to go to the store after work or take two kids with me on the weekends, then I end up in the store anyway returning the shorts I ordered online. Good thing I ordered since my store doesn’t even have the shorts I wanted, but still. It’s also started happening with the kids clothes. Super frustrating.

Krista says · 06.02.15

Two things: One, BevCooks insta really is the greatest thing in all the land. So hilarious. Two, I’ve been dying to know what you and Cara have been up to. 🙂 That’s all.

Sissi says · 06.02.15

I can never remember how to write Maskcara (again I had to look twice how you wrote it)- it is such a complicated name lol! I bet it was fun to talk to her. She seems very nice- as do you! 😉 Have a lovely day. xoxo, Sissi

Kimberly says · 06.02.15

hi my name is Kimberly and I’m a fourteen year old from Alaska! I just wanted to say I am in LOVE with your blog. I’m also a Christian which is part of the reason I fell in love with your blog to begin with, after stumbling across it some random day in the past year. I follow every day because I love what you have to say and let’s be real. you have the cutest kids. you also remind me of my older sister since you both have a thing for big hair, the color grey, makeup, and have similar styles when it comes to clothing. anyways I just really wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and look up to you

Lindy says · 06.02.15

Hi Kimberly,
You are so cute! What you wrote about Kate has a thing for “big hair” made me laugh, don’t know why but I got the giggles 🙂
I’m glad you found Kate’s blog, i enjoy it too!
Have a great day

Evelina says · 06.02.15

I love the BovCooks instagram!! Her photos of her kids are always so fun and different.

sharon / says · 06.02.15

went straight to check out the instagram. what a pleasure. thanks!

Kylee says · 06.02.15

RECIPE: This is my go to quick easy dinner:

6-8 chicken thighs or legs
2-4 links of linguisa (or any sausage: chorizo, kielbasa, bratwurt, Italian sausage, etc.)
6-8 potatoes, cubed
1 large onion
olive oil

Chop up everything (except chicken) into bite sizes pieces, toss everything in olive oil, salt and pepper, lay it all out on a tin foil lined large cookie sheet, (make sure the chicken is skin side up) and just bake at 425 degrees for 1 hour.

It’s a full meal in 1 pan!!


Kristy says · 06.02.15

Looking forward to the tutorial, and always enjoy your list of links and tips!

Rachel says · 06.02.15

the problem with all pants/jeans/shorts is that the factory cuts a whole bunch out at a time with the fabric stacked. pants at the top end up small while pants at the bottom of the stack end up larger, much like when you try to cut too much paper at one time.

Kristi Craig says · 06.02.15

Looking forward to a tutorial of that braid! It’s so pretty!

Kristi | Be Loverly

Sydni says · 06.02.15

Ugh, I hate that about sizing! I am so particular about t-shirts especially. Yesterday I was comparing all the shirts at aerie because I tried on an XS and a S in different colors, and they seemed about the same size. So weird! Anyways, can’t wait to see that hair tutorial!!

Laura says · 06.02.15

I recently discovered Cara of Maskcara and love her! Just wondering, did you try her IIID foundation? It looks super easy to use, would love to see a review!

Trisha says · 06.02.15

You look amazing! Just the other day when I read your vacation post I thought, “dang Kate is looking good, 4 months after giving birth”! And you have been pretty much preggers or nursing for the past 2 years. Xoxo

Beth says · 06.03.15

I have the blotters! For me, a little goes a LONG way. I used an entire sheet once and felt like a glittery unicorn. Now half a sheet and very light dabbing works best for me!

Gretta Patrick says · 06.04.15

I’m looking forward to the halo braid tutorial! Looks super adorable!

Keep it Classy, Keep it Country,
Gretta Patrick