A Palmetto Bluff Weekend

My evening cleansing routine

Just take a look at these dorks:


I intended to recap my week+weekend vacation last week but I returned home to busted internet so I didn’t get around to it!

My mom, sister, myself, and the boys took a 5 hour drive down to Bluffton, South Carolina a few Monday’s ago. We stayed in one home for the week, and then we moved over to Palmetto Bluff on Friday to join the men who flew down and stayed there for the weekend.

I remember throwing the idea of a family vacation in May out to my mom when Luke was super tiny. Maybe 3 weeks old? I saw on Facebook that an acquaintance of mine just had her second son and she was on a family trip so I thought to myself, “if she can do it, I can do it.”

So, we planned everything out and suddenly Luke became rather challenging. And I thought about throwing in the towel. I didn’t want to “ruin” the family vacation with my crying baby! But my mom assured me that nothing would be ruined, and that I was utterly ridiculous to think that in the first place.

Thus, we went ahead as planned.

I was gearing up for 4-5 hours of crying for the 5 hour road trip. Shockingly, TRULY SHOCKINGLY, there was almost none. Maybe 10 minutes. As it turns out, I-95 is like kryptonite for both my kids napping. It was amazing.

The 5 of us had a really fun week of going to the beach, swimming in the pool, and exploring the outdoors.

So at the end of that time, like I said earlier, we met the guys at Palmetto Bluff to stay for the weekend. Justin and I got married at Palmetto Bluff back in 2009. We had a destination wedding with only about 45 family members present. It was the best. And it was so fun to be back there right around our 6 year anniversary.

We pretty much traipsed around the entire property with the boys, got lemonade on the porch every evening that we could, swam in the pool, and even rode bikes.


We found an amazing tree house that David took off running towards until. . .


. . .he saw the zip line around back.



I don’t think I’ve ever seen him happier than when “hanging” on that zip line.


My sister and I tried to take a photo together but Mike photobombed the first one, and Justin got “creative” on the second one.



David LOVED the beach. He loves the sandbox at the park so I assumed he would love the beach. It was fun to see him experience something brand new!



Luke enjoyed the peace and quiet of the shade.


I love doing fun things with my kids, but more than that I love seeing my family enjoy my kids. It’s such a gift!




Oh and here’s a picture of when I accidentally dressed Luke like a girl. He was hanging in the shade with Justin. Pretty little thang.


My parents celebrated 35 years of marriage over that weekend as well! It’s fun to see them enjoy one another!


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

David played a little game of peek-a-boo in the chapel.


It was a really fun week and weekend with my family. It was over too soon, so we are already making plans to go again next year!


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Jenn says · 06.01.15

Kate! Good for you and your little family for getting out! I remember doing that same thing with my little one when he was only a month old, looking back now we may have been a little crazy, but it was so much fun and it just made it easier in the long run to go and travel!

Also you look great! Good job mama!

Allison Smith says · 06.01.15

What a great post ! Loved reading it and seeing the fun family photos . Palmetto bluff looks like a great place visit . You growing family is just precious !

Allison Smith says · 06.01.15


Carolyn says · 06.01.15

You’re such an inspiration. And I just love reading your blog!

Larissa says · 06.01.15

Thanks for sharing this lovely post Kate. It’s great to see your family enjoying time together and David’s smile is enough to brighten anyone’s day!

Melissa says · 06.01.15

I’ve been following for a while now and i love your blog. I had no idea you lived in raleigh! I currently reside in Charlotte. If you’re ever in the area and want to meet a follower (and get the kiddos together), let me know 🙂

DeAnne Boonstra says · 06.01.15

Like you had a wonderful time relaxing with family and friends and loved ones isn’t that what it’s all about. Love your blog you are very blessed with a beautiful family. Have a great summer. PS you look great.

Christie says · 06.01.15

Thank you for sharing your family vacation pictures! I’ve never traveled to that part of the country. Can you please provide details about where you rented a house?

April says · 06.01.15

I love this! And you look so lovely in all the pictures. Hilton Head is probably my favorite beach, so thank you for sharing–it made me feel like (and wish) I was relaxing there too!

Kim says · 06.01.15

That looks like a great time! So happy your whole family could enjoy it! 🙂

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J says · 06.01.15

That picture of your mom & dad cracks me up!! I love seeing couples who still have fun together years later.

Daisy - émoi émoi says · 06.01.15

Beautiful photos, such a gorgeous family!! 🙂


Kristi Craig says · 06.01.15

I’m glad your trip worked out! David is so cute hanging on to the zipline!
Also, your parents are so cute! My parents have been married for 33 years (in September) and still love being together. It’s really an inspiration to see couples who are in it (and happy about it) for the long haul.


Lori says · 06.01.15

Oh my gosh David is so cute in those pictures!!

Cherith says · 06.01.15

Looks like a great vacation! I follow your blog often and just saw a dress that I thought you would love! (It looks similar to the ones you posted for casual spring dresses) So I thought I would drop by and leave the link! Happy Monday!



Holly says · 06.01.15

I love this! Family vacations are the best! One of my favourite ever memories is of when my entire family (of my parents, five siblings, two spouses & one toddler) rented a houseboat for four days a few years ago. Our family has gotten a fair bit larger since then, but we still plan on doing it again in a couple years.

Also, your husband looks like John Krasinski in the picture with him and David on the zipline.

Hannah Dawson says · 06.01.15

I’ve never been to that part of SC, but it looks like such a cute place! I’m so glad y’all had a good time and David with his hat on backwards might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Laurie says · 06.01.15

You should make a post or share what you packed. I have been looking for advice on what to pack for a vacation with babies!

Meagan says · 06.01.15

Looks like you guys had a ball!

Stefani says · 06.01.15

Awesome fun!!!! I’m sure it would of been even better if your brother was there too. Does he not get to do much with the family? Work prevent that? Glad you got to experience a wonderful family vacation. Making memories is the best.

Kate says · 06.01.15

Of course it would be, we always like hanging with uncle Marc. He does work a full-time job and he doesn’t get a ton of time off.

Kim says · 06.02.15

Thanks for answering, as I have been curious about this as well! Your family is very cute, and since you are so transparent with your husband, parents and sister it is natural that some also wonder about the where-abouts of your brother who makes a random appearance here and there.

I love the fact that the family was able to make a trip to where you got married. What a special thing, and I love the picture in the church. My husband and I have a tradition of taking a photo in the spot we got married each year.

Sarah W. says · 06.01.15

What a great family vacation. You are very fortunate to have such a close relationship. Great to see some pictures of your dad too!

Evelyn says · 06.01.15

What a lovely trip! You guys seem to have had a lot of fun, that’s great! Your family is the cutest!!

Melanie says · 06.01.15

Looks like the photos catch the spirit of the trip- looked like a blast! Now I’m even more excited to go to the beach next month! Glad you had a fun time and hopefully were able to come back refreshed.


Annaliza says · 06.01.15

It looks like everyone had a great time! We lived in Savannah and always drove to Charleston and Hilton Head but we’ve never been to Palmetto Bluff. I’ll have to look into it.

Andrea Worley says · 06.02.15

what a beautiful trip! love that you took your family to where you got married! so fun!

Grete says · 06.02.15

This is totally unrelated to the fun, sweet content of your post, but I couldn’t help but notice your sister’s awesome shoes in the first picture… Do you happen to know what brand they are? 🙂

Julie says · 06.02.15

Hi Kate! Thank you for sharing such great photos capturing such beautiful family moments. Dave always brings a big smile to my face! If you don’t follow Erin Busbee on Instagram or Youtube, she is a stylist in San Antonio with two kids. She has a video of their home and backyard. Check out the backyard and the zipline. Their backyard is like a playground! Love you family! Julie

Megan says · 06.02.15

Where are the sandals you have on in the last photo from?!?

Kate says · 06.02.15

They are from Target last year 🙂

Martha says · 06.02.15

What a sweet time with family!! Vacations with loved ones are the greatest. Also, I love your outfit, the light green tee with the cuffed shorts — where did you get them?!

Kirsten says · 06.02.15

Love this post – maybe I will be brave this summer and go on a family vacation 🙂
Good for you! Glad you had fun 🙂

Sydni says · 06.02.15

Your parents are TOO cute!!!

Diane says · 06.06.15

Love your mom’s sandals! Where are they from!