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Look at my beautiful Gravy-baby. 

Cara, of Maskcara, wrote about doing a makeup capsule and it’s genius and I want to do it so bad but I’m terrible at these things. Anyway, go get inspired like I did.

Chocolate frosted cake donut recipe. Nothing else needs to be said.

I’m not sure what I would do without Evernote.

I’ve been on a major asparagus kick lately. My favorite way to eat it is tossed with a bit of olive oil and salt+pepper, and grilled for about 4-5 minutes. Delish! Do you have a favorite asparagus recipe? Hook a sister up!

My sister made some guacamole the other day and now I’m dying to make some for myself!

It’s not news that wallpaper has really made a comeback lately, and now that I’m moving my interest is piqued about maybe hanging some in my future office.

One of the parts of the new house I’m most excited about is organizing the linen closets. I know, I’ve really hit my peak of coolness.


Got any plans for the weekend?


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Steph says · 05.08.15

Take about four asparagus spears per one piece of bacon and wrap them in the bacon in a bundle. Brush olive oil over each bundle, sprinkle with a pinch of brown sugar, and roast at 375 for 20-25 minutes. You will never be the same again!!!! Plans for the weekend? Now I must make this again!

Tate says · 05.08.15

I love the concept of a makeup capsule! I’ve started re-building my makeup collection recently with more high end products kind of along the lines of a capsule. I’d rather have a few quality products that I love than a ton of drugstore makeup that I don’t really like and don’t want to use. In fact, just yesterday I got my first 4 MAC shadows and I am slightly obsessed! I bought an empty palette so I can create my own palette of colors and I can already tell it’s going to be full of neutrals 🙂 So far I’ve got vanilla, era, satin taupe and brun; some blog lady I follow uses those colors and she looks pretty good! 😉

Jordan says · 05.08.15

EVERNOTE! It’s my new best friend as a teacher. I use it for just about everything. I can take pictures of student work on my phone and drop them right into folders. Plus, it makes communicating with my team super easy.

I’m a fan of asparagus as well. We bake it in the oven at 400* for about 15 minutes with EVOO and garlic salt. My 16 month old eats more of it than we do! But, OOOOOHHHHHHH. That morning diaper. Blech!

Karol says · 05.08.15

I just made this asparagus recipe last night:

Trim asparagus and place in a glass baking dish. Slice cherry tomatoes and toss with asparagus. Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and add fresh garlic. Bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. Once out of the oven, sprinkle with crumbled feta cheese. So delicious.

Morgan A. says · 05.08.15

What?! I didn’t know that wallpaper was back in style? Crazy!

x. Morgan

The Busy Brunette says · 05.08.15

Okay – I want your cat. She is so, so beautiful. I love her! Her face is just the sweetest.
In terms of asparagus, I agree with an earlier poster. Wrapped in bacon and roasted…. MMMMM. SO GOOD.
I’ve actually also roasted it along with potatoes and then made a vinaigrette dressing to pour over it all.
Have a great weekend!
“The Busy Brunette”

Heather Ferguson says · 05.08.15

Thanks for linking up the makeup capsule idea! I already somewhat do this on a seasonal basis, but I should just make it official for summer.

If you also like salmon, this dish is amazing. It’s so easy to make and is so, so good.

Jen says · 05.08.15

I’ve never tried Evernote but I’ve heard a lot of great things about it. I think I’ll give it a try! Have a fabulous weekend!

Michelle says · 05.08.15

I just tried aspargus a couple summers ago. How could I have not known about this yummy vegetable? Anyway, here is a pinterest recipe I found that is supper yummy, easy to make and done in under 10 minutes! SCORE!

Katherine says · 05.08.15

Beautiful cat!

Marcia says · 05.08.15

place asparagus on cookie sheet and roast on the oven on 425 for 5-8 minutes. Remove and squeeze a bit of fresh lemon (1/2 or 1/4) and fresh cracked pepper. Happy eats!

Melissa says · 05.08.15

Try this Kate: wash and trim asparagus, place in single layer on baking sheet. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and freshly (finely) grated parmesan cheese. Bake at 400 for about 15 minutes. So delish! My whole family loves it (even 4 year old Sam!)

Jen says · 05.08.15

My favorite asparagus recipe is from the Smitten Kitchen blog. Deb posts so many great recipes! Definitely a blog worth checking out.

I also like this one from Ina, though prosciutto is a little salty for me:

And here’s one I bookmarked but haven’t tried yet


Annette says · 05.08.15

A nicely organized linen closet is a beautiful thing. My hubby and I are renting a 100-year-old house right now, and there isn’t much in terms of storage. I’ve had to get creative with repurposed furniture and shelves. Once we buy our own place though, I will bask in the glory of storage options. (I hope.)

Evelina says · 05.08.15

I need to discover Evernote! I’m sure I need it in my life but I don’t yet know why! hahaha

Sara says · 05.08.15

I cannot get enough asparagus either! I have been making Oh She Glows roasted potatoe and asparagus salad once a week. It is amazing and you MUST try it!

Rhonda says · 05.08.15

I can’t believe no one has mentioned balsamic! Balsamic or balsamic reduction drizzled over griled, broiled, or steamed asparagus…topped with fresh grated parmesan. Delish!

Jennifer says · 05.08.15

Squeeze a little lemon on the asparagus after you grill it, so good!

kristiina says · 05.08.15

I love asparagus, too! I take this recipe to family gatherings (I layer them in a crockpot so that stay warm, but this recipe is also fabulous at room temperature!):

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Cream Cheese and Balsamic Glaze

Cream Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar

–gather 3-4 small/thin asparagus or 1 large stalk and spread/dollop with soft cheese (any soft cheese will work, but I do cream cheese)
–Wrap thinly sliced prosciutto around asparagus/bundles
–Bake at 400 degrees for 7-12 minutes (or until prosciutto crisps up–you may want to turn the bundles halfway through cooking)
–While asparagus roasts, place 1 cup of balsamic vinegar in a heavy pot over medium high heat. Once boiling, turn down the heat and let the vinegar simmer until it thickens into a syrupy glaze.
–Prior to serving, drizzle the balsamic over the asparagus!
–note: super thick asparagus may need to be “par boiled” to cook them down a little before roasting them so that they actually cook and the prosciutto doesn’t burn)


Heidi G says · 05.08.15

Trust me… this is *SO* worth the calories.

Recipe courtesy Gourmet Magazine
3-4 pounds medium asparagus, trimmed
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
Coarse Kosher or Sea Salt
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1 1/2 cups chicken broth, heated
1/2 cup water, heated
8-10 ounces mild goat cheese, such as Montrachet
1 teaspoon freshly grated lemon zest, or to taste
6 (7 by 6 1/4-inch) sheets instant (no-boil) lasagna
2 cups freshly grated Parmesan
1 cup heavy cream
Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.
Cut the tips off each asparagus spear and reserve them. Cut the stalks of asparagus into 1/2-inch lengths.
In a large shallow baking pan, toss half the asparagus stalks with half the oil, and salt liberally to taste, coating well. Roast at 450 F, shaking the pans every few minutes, until they are crisp-tender, about 5 to 10 minutes. Set aside and repeat with the remaining asparagus. Lower oven temperature to 400 F.
In a saucepan melt the butter, add the flour, and cook the roux over moderately low heat, stirring, for 3 minutes. Add the broth and the water in a stream, whisking, simmer the mixture for 5 minutes, and whisk in the goat cheese, zest, and salt, to taste, whisking until the sauce is smooth.
Arrange 1 sheet of pasta in a buttered 9 by 13-inch baking dishes, and spread each sheet with 1/4 of the sauce. Top the sauce in each dish with 1/4 of the reserved roasted asparagus, and sprinkle the asparagus with 1/3 cup of the Parmesan. Continue to layer the pasta, sauce, asparagus, and Parmesan in the same manner, ending with a sheet of pasta.
In a bowl beat the cream with a pinch of salt until it holds soft peaks. Arrange the reserved asparagus tips on the pasta, spoon the cream over the pasta and the asparagus tips, spreading it with the back of a spoon, and sprinkle the remaining 1/3 cup Parmesan on top.
Bake the lasagna in the middle of the oven for 30 minutes, or until it is golden and bubbling, and let it stand for 10 minutes before serving.

Tyana says · 05.08.15

I love the pic of the cat lol. Great post tho

check out my newest post

Jessica says · 05.08.15

I LOVE asparagus!!! OMG it’s the best summer veggie grilled or broiled just enough so it’s just a tad crisp 🙂 Here’s my FAVORITE recipe!

I get the thin asparagus (not the large thick kind). Once I wash it and chop off the bottoms, I lay it out either in a pan for the over or in foil to place on the grill. I drizzle Wegmans Basting Oil (recipe below if you don’t have a wegmans) over the a stalks and and then just a bit of salt and pepper. I’ll broil or grill the asparagus until it is bright green and just a little bit crispy. I’m telling you….it’s the BEST!! You’ll use that basting oil for every veggie and fish recipe you can think of. It’s like the miracle ingredient for someone list myself who is Baaaaaad at cooking 🙂

My back up recipe, is chopped garlic, butter, salt and pepper sauteed in a pan 🙂

Basting Oil Recipe:

Brenna says · 05.08.15

I’ve done a makeup and wardrobe capsule and loved them both so much I ended up overhauling my whole house. Sometimes the concept of a “capsule” is hard for me though. Because what is the perfect number? How do I know which items to choose? The book by Marie Kondo called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” really was life changing for me! It wasn’t focused on creating the perfect capsules or organization system but mostly just going through your house and tossing everything that doesn’t contribute joy in your life. It teaches you how to part with those things and what you honestly can live without. You would be surprised at the amount of stress and crap in your life that overwhelms you on a daily basis. After getting rid of the extra stuff (that I honestly don’t even remember anymore), setting up things like capsules is so easy because the clutter is gone.

Kristi Craig says · 05.08.15

Asparagus is one of my favourites too. I think it’s the classiest vegetable.
I actually shared my favourite recipe on my blog recently.
You can read it here


marie says · 05.08.15 Reply
Hannah Dawson says · 05.08.15

We can super cool together, because I love organizing things. I live in an apartment right now, but the thought of having a bigger space to organize makes me happy. I hear angels singing and get a contact high when I walk in The Container Store. I swear I’m kind of normal, sometimes 😉

Hildy says · 05.08.15

I recently found a recipe from Cook’s Illustrated for spring vegetable risotto with peas and asparagus. It makes great leftovers for lunch through the week, which is nice because I’m the only one in my house who likes asparagus. But I must admit, I’m way more excited that it’s strawberry season!

Emily says · 05.08.15

Ooh plans for the weekend… My husband, puppy, & I are going to Jordan Lake! Have you been? We’ve only been once, but it was surprisingly awesome!

Bonnie says · 05.08.15

I am a huge fan of Maskcara, but I think I would love your capsule even more! Hers is a little heavy on her products, and her foundation didn’t work well for me (first incarnation; haven’t tried the revised one). It just didn’t work well with my oily skin.

Kacie M. says · 05.08.15

I go through phases liking asparagus, but that is usually how I prepare it too! Mainly a busy Saturday. DH and I are getting a new mattress delivered Saturday, so we’re pumped for that! Then, I’m going to look at some of our Parade of Homes with mom in the afternoon – and wonder how people can afford this VERY nice homes! After that, going over to DH’s sisters house to celebrate mom’s day with her family and their parents. Then, celebrating a friends 30th birthday that night after she runs in a 10K. We have our big marathon in town this weekend, so lots of stuff going on! Sunday, we’ll celebrate mom’s day with my parents.

elyse says · 05.08.15

Um Asparagus is my FAVE. My husband is a chef and his fave way to prepare it is with lemom juice and melted butter (because everything tastes better with butter). We grilled it or sautee them….. with some steak.. dinner plans anyone?
A makeup capsule sounds like an impossibility.. i sell Mary Kay so thatd be a daunting task- but good luck to you brave souls!

Jenna says · 05.08.15

Cute Gravy! I’m headed into Seattle from Canada to go to the Woodland Park Zoo! It’ll be fun to see the Zoo through my nephew’s eyes (5 & 2). I can’t wait!

Alison says · 05.08.15

Try asparagus baked in a 400 degree oven drizzled with a few tablespoons of melted butter (I love butter so I’m generous), sprinkled with goat cheese and bread crumbs for about 10 minutes. Deeeelish!

Nicky says · 05.08.15

My heart skipped a beat when I clicked on your site to check your latest. Your Gravy looks just like my sweet Dora that I had to put down 2 weeks ago due to her declining health. I’m still heartbroken, but know she’s no longer suffering. She was 15 1/2 and the most precious kitty I’ve ever had.

Summer says · 05.09.15

As a fellow cat lover, I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s so heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet. I’m encouraged that your precious kitty lived to 15.5 years old (though no amount of years would ever feel like enough, of course).

Nicky says · 05.09.15

Thank you for your kind words, Summer.

Megan Karabon says · 05.08.15

My favorite way to make asparagus is to drizzle with EVOO, salt, pepper, and a little bit of seasoning salt and top with shredded parm (I’ve used the stuff in the shaker can in a pinch). Bake at 425 for 12ish minutes. Delish!

Heather says · 05.08.15

It’s funny you mention a makeup capsule. when capsule wardrobes first became a thing I was very interested and then I realized this is how I’ve always bought and worn clothes lol, I thought everyone else did too! Then recently I was discussing makeup and skin care with my sister and realize I do the same with my makeup. Guess I was ahead of the curve. For my makeup I have my standard go to items for work days, mainly neutrals, I work in a conservative office. It makes getting ready in the morning easier because all the items are together and laid out ready. Then I have other fun stuff (anyone else LOVE urban decay colored eyeliner?) for going out and other occasions organized separately. I’ve found I prefer UD eyeshadows to MAC and their perversion mascara is the best I’ve ever tried.

Summer says · 05.09.15

Gorgeous cat (as is the other one, too).

That is all. 🙂

PS: Asparagus is even more awesome with a bit of melted butter and soy sauce drizzled on it!

Lyn says · 05.09.15

Hi Kate, I’m a regular reader of your blog from the UK. I love your hair tutorials but I especially love cats. Your cat is absolutely beautiful. Gravy is a neutral name, so is it a boy or girl ???. I have a little girl cat called Tiggy Jones who will be 21 in September, who I adore. I rarely leave comments but felt compelled to after seeing Gravy’s picture. Tell him or her that they have an admirer in England

Christine says · 05.09.15

Aw, my Olivia is very similar to your Gravy! Love gray babies. I’ll have to give your asparagus recipe a try!

Christine |

ChristyLee says · 05.09.15

Have you ever had asparagus guacamole?
Stream it
Mash it
Add usual guacamole ingredients

It’s amazing! Now I’m off to the grocery store for asparagus and tortilla chips

April says · 05.11.15

I was going to mention this too!. It is amazing and lasts longer than avocado guacamole. My new fav!. Kate, you have to try it!

Susie says · 05.09.15

OK – asparagus…bacon wrapped recipe already shared…YUMMMMMM
roasted in oven with EVOO and garlic salt already shared….YUM
roasted with EVOO, lemon juice and salt and pepper already shared….YUM
New recipe I just recently tried: get the big, fat asparagus and shave them with a vegetable peeler into long skinny strips. Then, sauté some evoo, garlic and shallots in a pan and then throw in the shredded asparagus and cook until it is the doneness you like. SO yummy!

Manon says · 05.10.15

A big Hello from Germany
Just a little note to let you know I had a good laugh about the “poop” post but I actually thought of letting you know my favorite way to enjoy green asparagus ( hope you get it over there as well!)
Big advantage one does not have to peel that one! Chop in to mouth size bits, fry with garlic & oil, poor in coconutmilk ( big fan) add stock salt pepper and simmer. Meanwhile cut chicken breast in mouthsize bites, tos in flower and fry crispy. Once asparagus it tender but still firm enough add chicken to asparagus, season with soja Sauce and a little bit of brown sugar. Enjoy over rice…. Love it!!!

By the way, always wanted to ask do you actually use heat protecter spray on your hair? Sorry probably totally wrong place to pop this one, so feel free to push me somewere else if nessesary
Great sunday to you!

Stacy says · 05.10.15

This asparagus salad is one of my favorite asparagus recipes, so great for a side dish for a party or BBQ.

Katie says · 05.10.15

I love Roasted Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto. I used this recipe, but put the Prosciutto on before roasting and served it warm. Delicious!

Tina says · 05.11.15

Thanks for the Links & Loves post- love these. I love them so much I tried doing one of my own on my blog. Thanks for the idea. {And I linked it right back to your blog for credit of the idea!}

Stephanie @ ChalkSouthernToMe says · 05.11.15

Evernote and Guacamole, yes please! Both are amazing! Xo, Stephanie

Angel Weber says · 05.11.15

Blanch the asparagus for one minute. Whisk 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup soy sauce. Pour over the blanched asparagus and refrigerate for at least an hour. drain the marinade and serve. It’s good because it is served cold and is made in advance.

Emily says · 05.11.15

add a little bit of minced garlic or garlic powder to the olive oil, salt and pepper. it is delicious!

Christin - says · 05.12.15

I’m so behind in reading your last couple of posts. You guys are moving!? Congrats! Can’t wait to see snippets of the new place! We are almost 1 year into our first home and I’ve still got boxes and stuff to unpack. Good luck moving with the 2 little ones around.

I am also loving wallpaper right now. I recently ordered this wallpaper,, I just need to put it up.

Harriet says · 05.20.15

Congrats for moving! The cat is gorgeous! I am really crazy about these furry cuties! I also like organizing linens. You are not alone! All the best! Greets!

Tammy says · 05.26.15

Thumbs up for the move! It is really exciting, isn’t it? 🙂 Good luck with settling! The cat is so beautiful! 🙂