April and May Beauty Favorites

Six Years


I grouped my beauty favorites from last month and most of this month into this favorites video! I’m traveling a bit and moving soon so I wanted to be sure I got this posted before it was much too late!


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Kara says · 05.18.15

I have been wearing Essie Minimalistic for weeks now. I haven’t even changed it up with a different color. It’s my new Fiji! Great color looks so fresh with a tint of lavender.

The Busy Brunette says · 05.18.15

Oh, Kate! I always love your product reviews. I have bought/not bought so much based on your recommendations. Thanks for helping out! I’m especially excited to try one of those Cargo blushes… never have before and I usually shy away from creamy consistencies like that, though I’m thinking they may work well for me for the summer.
Good luck with moving, by the way. I hope it all goes smoothly!
“The Busy Brunette”

Bethy says · 05.18.15

Came to your blog today to try to find the name of the UD foundation you mentioned a while back…and found this video! Sometimes I think you’re reading my mind…
Headed to Sephora this week, looking forward to trying it! Do you still prime before applying? I picked up the Arbonne primer on your recommendation and LOVE it.

Stephanie says · 05.18.15

I love fresh sugar lip treatments. It always goes on so smoothly for me.

Mochele says · 05.18.15

What eye make up are you wearing in this video???

Laura B. says · 05.18.15

Ak, I watched the video to find out your shade of lipstick. Alas, it was custom! Only more reason to visit Bite Beauty Lab one day.

On a brighter note, did you get a new camera? The quality of the picture and lighting here looks very crisp!

Kim says · 05.18.15

Stila eyeliner is THE best! Loved this!

http://trendkeeper.me .. Spring flannel?!

Julia says · 05.18.15


Amanda says · 05.18.15

I love watching your videos and love the tutorials that you do! I was watching this one and am in the same boat with my hair and am looking for a new conditioner but I couldn’t understand what you said that you use. Could you please tell us what you use?

Thank you and good luck with the move!!

Bonnie says · 05.18.15

Pretty sure she said Pureology Hydrate conditioner.

Kimberly says · 05.18.15

If you had to choose just one blush, which one would you go with?

Cerissa says · 05.18.15

Loving the out takes at the end of your videos lately…hilarious!

KC says · 05.18.15

I purchased the UD foundation after your first review of it. Its by far my favorite item ever! I am pretty much all freckles and hate foundations that cover them complete (it just weird to see myself with no freckles). This stuff evens out the red and covers dark spots under the eyes but lets my natural coloring come through.

sarah says · 05.18.15

Kate–How would compare OPI’s Bond-Aid to their Chip Skip?

Kate says · 05.19.15

I like Bond-Aid better, I think it’s more effective!

Stacy says · 05.18.15

You look beautiful, thanks for the recommendations. Loved the Grits cameo and bloopers.

Adriele says · 05.18.15

Hahahaha, Kate, I adore you. I love it when you film videos and you get to ad lib. Your personality comes out more and it cracks me up. You seemed relaxed and happy even though I’m sure you’re frazzled with the move and the boys.

I need to try the Urban Decay foundation! Also, I have those Cargo blushes and they are AMAZING!!!! I completely agree.


Katie B. says · 05.18.15

I would love you sample out a few self tanners. I am very pale, but love looking tan. Any suggestions? Love your blog!

Clever Girl Reviews says · 05.18.15

Fresh’s Berry color is my current fave! I’d have to swatch the nude. We have similar coloring but I’m a bit cooler toned and I think it might be too peachy.

Kristi Craig says · 05.18.15

Essie’s Minimalistic is one of my favourite shades too!


GIna says · 05.18.15

can you do a video tutorial of how you are styling/curling your hair!


Laura Rideout says · 05.18.15

Hi Kate,

I stumbled upon your blog earlier this year as I was trying to you tube how to curl my hair. Wow, it has been so amazing to read your posts, and watch your videos. I have “amped up” my hair and makeup routine so much since watching you. I had no idea volumizing foams existed, and it has changed my hair.. and life! Same with dry shampoos.. never tried them before, and I am 35!
I am also a Christian and I am continually impressed by the professionalism of your blog, and that you really help people and deliver helpful information. It’s SO needed out there πŸ™‚ I am going through your posts ever so slowly from the beginning so I can catch everything, and even have a note book to write all the products down that I want to try. THANK YOU, Kate, for all that I have learned so far through you! It makes me want to go to beauty/hair school, but I don’t think I have the aptitude for that πŸ™‚
All the best in your move, and with your boys, it must be crazy right now for sure, but I will keep watching you along the way and have referred you to others for sure! God bless you!

Laura (Alberta.. Canada) πŸ™‚

Yoko says · 05.18.15

Grits! Isn’t he sooooo adorable?

Jessica S. says · 05.18.15


You certainly can’t tell you have 2 children under age of 2. Let alone have a newborn. I know, I have 2 small children as well. I feel like I’m always looking so blah and tired. Your makeup always looks so fresh. You mentioned before about having a purplish color under your eyes. I have the same issues. What is your secret to under eye issues and/or hiding them??? Any help would be appreciated.

PS-LOVE the blog!!

janelle says · 05.19.15

Please, please- what eye make up are you wearing. It’s perfection!!!

Chelsea says · 05.19.15

Kate what is on your eyes in this video? I LOVE this look on you!!!

sparklygoddess says · 05.19.15

Essie nail polishes are my favorites when it comes to nail polishes and this shade is just stunning


Hannah says · 05.19.15

I love Essie nail varnishes and this one looks gorgeous! xx


Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort says · 05.19.15

My stylist used Kevin Murphy products on my hair recently and I loved the results! I am interested to try the conditioner on my fine hair. That UD foundation is exactly what I need for summer! I wear full coverage foundation with heavy powder as well. Thanks for the great review.

Grits was the best part of the video. Hands…err…paws down. πŸ˜‰

Kate says · 05.19.15

paws down πŸ™‚ What products did your stylist use on you?

Kristin S says · 05.19.15

Kate, you are stinkin’ awesome adorable.

Might have to try that foundation. I REALLY try to get extra SPF in my foundation so just not sure. I use tarte now.

Big ol heart the outtakes.

tricia says · 05.19.15

can you do a video with your mom’s favorite products for those of us with *ahem* older skin. πŸ™‚

Danielle says · 05.19.15

LOVE your makeup posts!! I went to go get the UD power foundation (I also religiously used MAC Studio Fix) and was BULLIED into Pur 4 in 1 Mineral Foundation instead and I am not a fan!! I will be going back to get the UD! Anyways…I wanted to know what you were wearing on your eyes on this video….we have similar complexions and I love how it pops but can be used as a daily look!!

P.S. LOVE your blog….I am going to be having a boy this fall and will soooo be using your quick makeup tricks!! And your adorable boys make me look forward to having one of my own! πŸ™‚

gina says · 05.19.15

Bought the Cargo blush after seeing your post! Also became a big Aquage Uplifting Foam fan!

Laura says · 05.20.15

I love Kevin Murphy products-beach resort and untangled, but these are so darn expensive! Also Sugar lip products!

Sydni says · 05.20.15

This might sound weird, but could you do a video of just your cats?? haha I love seeing their appearances in your videos from time to time πŸ™‚

Lisa Hays says · 05.20.15

Where can I get the OPI Bondaid? My Sally’s and my Ulta did not carry it. Neither does Regency Beauty Institute where I get my color done even though they sell OPI Polish.

Happy you are making great memories on your vacation!


Colleen says · 05.20.15

I currently use the Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder over the UD Naked Skin Beauty Balm but after watching your video, i think I’m going to have to try the Ultra Definition Powder Foundation. I love Urban Decay products!

Katie says · 05.28.15

Just wanted to say, not many beauty bloggers have or at least wear natural waves or curly hair, but I do love that you mentioned Kevin Murphy products. For years, I was a in love with Garnier Fructis Curl Cream; a great light, soft hold curl cream, but my organic hair stylist suggested Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion. It took me a day or so to get over the Patchouli smell, otherwise, a perfect curl cream!

Anyone have suggestions for a natural wavy curly haired girl to follow a beauty blogger for hair ideas?

Haley says · 05.29.15

Your humor always cracks me up!! Thanks for all the beauty info!!