Six Years

Sepia, Moonglow and Metallic Umber


Forgive the poor quality of this photo, I had to download it from the faceplace.

You see, we are moving and I already packed my hard drives away so I couldn’t get to the original photo.

It’s been 6 years. Truly six of the best years of my life. So allow me to gush for a minute about my husband.

I recently found my box of things that I saved while we were dating. The box is heavy and the lid barely fits on anymore, and the contents are so incredibly special to me that I would be devastated if they were ever lost.

Justin and I met at a young adult church group roughly a week after I moved to Greenville, NC for college. I didn’t know a single soul in the entire STATE of North Carolina, and showed up at ‘TwentySomething’ after e-mailing a stranger online to basically ask if she could be my friend.

The story is long, and includes many more details in order for it to make sense, but I’ll cut to the chase. We met, and pretty quickly thereafter began dating. And he was the most romantic, sensitive, and thoughtful boyfriend. He gave me a card every single thursday at TwentySomething for nearly 2 years. Every week when I walked in I saw a card waiting for me on my chair.

I saved every single one of those cards in my Justin box.

On top of that, there are endless notes that we passed in class, ticket stubs, and even photos of wedding gowns I liked that I tore out of a magazine.

So as I looked through this box recently, I was transported back to 2006 when we first met and started dating. I had no idea, of course, what the future would hold for us, but I’m happy to say it’s better than I even imagined.

From getting through undergrad and graduate school, to adopting our cats, to moving, to having kids, and buying a house with a fence and a yard, it’s been a sweet, sweet gift to be able to experience these events with my best friend.

The past 6 years have flown by, and I cannot wait to see what Lord has ahead for the next 94 years.


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Morgan A. says · 05.15.15

Happy Anniversary!!! I am also a saver of every little card and special dinner receipt and every old photo printed ten times in case I lose any 😉

Steph says · 05.15.15

So, so sweet!!! Praise the Lord for amazing men who become the fathers of our children. Been so loved by my hubby for 26 years now….and it just keeps getting better!!!

carissajade says · 05.15.15

Aww Congratulations! Yall are adorable!

Kacie M. says · 05.15.15

Happy Anniversary!!

Connie says · 05.15.15

Happy Anniversary!! Your Justin sounds just wonderful. What a wonderful family you have. My husband and I just celebrated 42 years. I have a box of memories to. Or should I say two boxes. Mine is filled with lot’s of cards and ticket stubs and the like. I wish you many more years of happiness. I found your blog and just find it to give me insight to my two daughters. My oldest had a very fussy baby. He is now a happy wonderful eight year old. Enjoy every moment. It flies by in a flash.


The Busy Brunette says · 05.15.15

Kate, this is so sweet. And you two look like Ken and Barbie in that wedding photo!! Just beautiful. Have a good weekend!
“The Busy Brunette”

Teri says · 05.15.15


Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort says · 05.15.15

Happy Anniversary! What a sweet post. <3

Jennifer says · 05.15.15

Happy Anniversary to you both!! Praying The Lord continues to pour out blessings over your family!!

Michelle H. says · 05.15.15

I would LOVE to know how Justin proposed! 🙂

Eleonora says · 05.15.15

Happy Anniversary dear Kate!
I follow you from Italy and I cannot help but read every day your sweet posts.
I think you are a great wife, a thoughtful mom and with your husband have realize a wonderful family!
I marry my special man the next 30th May, so..I’m in trepidation!! 😀
I hope to carry on read your posts, with your (and mine) special, great “Small Things”, also when I’ll be wife and, if God wants, when I’ll be mother..

Thank you Kate, goodbye!

Lindsay BUtler says · 05.15.15

Happy Anniversary! But…. you are moving??

Elizabeth says · 05.15.15

Happy Anniversary!

Lori says · 05.15.15

Happy Anniversary!!

Amber Yuthew says · 05.15.15

So sweet! Happy Anniversary! Did I read that right that you guys are moving again???

Marisa says · 05.15.15

OMG I love the pic! Such babies! I still have all the notes Mr. Chris gave me too and I could never get rid of them! Happy Anniversary!

Jessica says · 05.15.15

Happy Anniversary!!! SO Sweet!!! I have a box as well and would be devastated if it was lost! Such special memories!! 🙂

amy watson says · 05.15.15

Congratulations, l also married my sweet romantic soul mate 30 years ago, and he is still my best friend and has always been a sweet and loving husband and father to our beautiful daughter, l know what a blessing that is and yes, keep The Lord in your narriage and family and it will make even the rocky times a wonderful blessing, Ok now YOU’RE MOVING!!!!!! when do we get the scoop on that little nugget that you threw in there LOL

sara says · 05.15.15

I enjoyed reading your post. Took me back to the days of dating my husband. We met right after my freshman year of college, and will also mark our 6th wedding anniversary this year, June 7, to be exact. We met at church 10 years ago, and talked for 3 hours the night we were introduced. One of our first dates was to a college-aged small group. Never left me notes at small group, lol, but he did drive 20 minutes during his lunch break and leave notes in my car while I was at work. Thanks for the post 🙂

Becky says · 05.15.15

Happy Anniversary! You are a beautiful couple and now a beautiful family.

PS My husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on 05/02/15 😉

Tricia says · 05.15.15

What a sweet and special story ♥ God is so amazing! Happy Anniversary!

Cindy K says · 05.15.15

I pray you have 94 more years. I feel like I won the husband lottery 15 years ago! Perspective is everything. Keep loving him.

Renee says · 05.15.15

What a lovely bunch of memories! Happiest of anniversaries to you both!

Sydni says · 05.15.15

So precious!! Happy anniversary!

Breanna says · 05.15.15

So SWEET! Congratulations!

Christine says · 05.15.15

Ah how sweet it is! Happy anniversary. Also I can’t but comment that you went to ECU?? I did as well! So many memories from there. Enjoy your day and I hope your move goes well!

Erin says · 05.15.15

It’s my anniversary tomorrow! Congrats!

Marci says · 05.15.15

Beautiful! Marriage is the best!

Kristi Craig says · 05.15.15

Happy anniversary!


Lauren says · 05.15.15

Precious! Happy anniversary!

Bethany says · 05.15.15

Our anniversary will be six years tomorrow! Loved reading this. Congratulations to you both!

Maggie says · 05.15.15

Congratulations! (Can’t believe how current your dress is – you must have been one if the first with mermaid style!) May God continue to bless your marriage and dear little family.

Katie @ The Macarthurs Lately says · 05.15.15

So sweet! Happy Anniversary, Lovebirds! 🙂

Amy says · 05.15.15

Love this! Thanks so much for sharing and happy anniversary!

Evelyn says · 05.15.15

Happy Anniversary!! So sweet you guys, I’m happy for you! In July it will be our third anniversary!

Dorothy says · 05.15.15

Hey now…I ain’t a stranger no more!!

Katie says · 05.15.15

This is so sweet… I love hearing how people met and fell in love. These posts of your day to day life with your family are always my favorite. I’m so glad I stumbled across the small things blog somewhere around the time we were both pregnant, you were carrying David and I was carrying my daughter. Happy anniversary Kate and Justin!

Jenny says · 05.15.15

Happy anniversary to you! I hope amidst all the moving you have time to spend together and remember how you felt this day 6 years ago!
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Laura @ My Beloved Newo says · 05.15.15

Happy anniversary!! A card every Thursday for two years is SO sweet and sounds like something out of a movie. Wishing you guys the best and many more happy years!

Sarah C says · 05.15.15

So sweet! It’s like the Wednesday Letter’s (have you read it?) Only it’s Thursday’s. Happy Anniversary!

Evelina says · 05.15.15

What a sweet story! Happy anniversary to you and Justin!

sarah says · 05.15.15

Kate, how wonderfully sweet. My 7th anniversary is next month and thought I don’t have a lot of tokens myself, I did manage to print out several wonderful one-line emails, and they, too, are treasured. Enjoy this time!

Rachel Ang says · 05.15.15

Congratulations!!! What a sweet sweet post about love! Blessings to you both!!

Rachel x

Veronica says · 05.16.15

Congratulations! My husband and I have been married for seven years this month and he just got his PhD yesterday. It’s great to have such a fabulous husband is it not?

Annabel says · 05.16.15

Ohh how lovely! And here is to the many many years ahead for you!

Annabel ♥
Mascara & Maltesers

Marjorie says · 05.17.15

Happy Anniversary!!

Lisa @ Life as Lisa Knows It says · 05.18.15

Happy Anniversary!! 🙂 My husband and I have our 9th Anniversary on May 20th. 🙂

Stephanie|ChalkSouthernToMe says · 05.20.15

I love having a memory box, it’s always so refreshing to peak inside every now and then! Happy Anniversary! Xo, Stephanie

Shannon says · 05.28.15

Hope you have a wonderful anniversary. I must have missed it…you are moving already?

anna says · 05.29.15

your love story was so moving. i almost forgot those details when i was doing dating. there was beauty in everyone’s life, the only difference is whether you took them down and gave good care to them. i think i need to do something to remmebr all those beautiful things from time to time. that will surely make life more attractive, as well as meaningful. thank you. Kate.