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Mother’s Day is around the corner and it holds a particularly special place in my heart these days.

Now that I have two boys, I can actually wrap my brain around the sacrifice and work that goes into raising children. And I’m so grateful for my mom (and dad!) for giving me and my siblings a happy childhood.

I consult my mom for parenting advice and decorating tips, and she’s usually the first person I call to just chat when I have a free minute. She spent a great deal of time with me when I had David, and again when I had Luke.

And despite knowing her really well, she’s basically impossible to buy for.

I know what she likes and all that, but I still have a hard time picking out gifts for her!

This year, however, I’m not going to overthink it and just look for something that she may not necessary buy for herself but I know she’ll like.

Browsing the beauty section, which is a rare gift in and of itself these days, at Nordstrom is the perfect idea spark for me. I love looking through all the gift sets set up at the end of the aisles. And usually I have to fight looking for things for myself when I’m wandering through the beauty section.

When Luke was really little, Nordstrom was my favorite place to go to get away because they have a really nice nursing lounge, AND I was able to get my beauty fix in while I walked around.

This year, I’m looking at small fragrances and bath & body products for her. She has a few favorite fragrances that she rotates, but it’s always fun to get a new one I think.

As a big Philosphy fan myself, I know that I can’t go wrong with anything from Philosophy as a gift. And the Hands of Hope (small container is only $9.00!) is the perfect thing to throw in her purse.

Buying makeup for someone else can be a risky move, but a highlighter is one of those things that would be hard to go wrong with. The pink color of the Aerin Beauty Pretty Bronze Illuminating Powder is stunning, and would look good on nearly any skin color!

 And if all else fails, a nice, rich lip balm is a no-brainer.

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.


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carissajade says · 04.21.15

Great picks! My mom is terribly difficult to buy for, she gets the things she likes. But I don’t think you can go wrong with philosophy! Have a great day!

Kellie says · 04.21.15

This is a great list! Thank you! I’m a one fragrance kind of gal. My husband got me Philosophy’s Pure Grace one year for my Christmas stocking. I LOVE it. It’s the perfect scent for me. It also my have something to do with the fact that my husband said that the description on on the bottle made him think of me. That’s still one of my favorite compliments he’s ever given me.

Kristi Craig says · 04.21.15

My mom is so hard to shop for too! She isn’t into beauty products, which makes it even harder, because that would be my go to gift. Lovely ideas though! I should pass this list along to my husband 😉


Lori says · 04.21.15

“When Luke was little”… LOL he is still little!

Kate says · 04.21.15

haha I know, it’s all relative!

Katrina says · 04.21.15

Great list—now to make sure that my mom doesn’t see this before Mother’s Day so that she thinks I’m brilliant 😉

Abby says · 04.21.15

I LOVE nine. I feel like these are all too “young” for my mom though. This is one I should send to my husband for this mamma right here 🙂 Thanks for posting!

Jenny says · 04.21.15

I lol’d when you said she’s impossible to buy for. I feel the same about my mom, and usually stress about picking the perfect gift for her to let her know how special she is. I think I’m going to use your approach this year and not overthink it!
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Kristin S says · 04.21.15

hands of hope is my favorite hand lotion. It works so well and doesn’t leave your hands greasy at all.

Kerry says · 04.21.15

Such great ideas, thank you for the inspiration! My Mom isn’t very into makeup, but the roller bottles and hand creams will be perfect for her! (And more fun than the usual gift card I get.) I know exactly what you mean about taking your newborn to Nordstrom. I used to always nurse my daughter in their Mother’s Lounge, plus it’s a great store to walk around and shop!

The Busy Brunette says · 04.21.15

I have to say, philosophy is one of my go-to brands when I need a gift for someone. I am in love with their “living grace” scent – it’s very beachy and spa-like. What I like about it, too, is that it isn’t overly strong. When perfumes are too strong, they give me a headache.

Great Mom’s Day suggestions!

The Busy Brunette

meagan says · 04.21.15 Reply
Megan C says · 04.21.15

I can’t say enough good things about Philosophy. Amazing Grace is my favorite. People tell me all the time I smell good (Which is not weird, I promise.) It is such an amazing scent and I would recommend to anyone.

Evelina says · 04.21.15

I wish we had a Nordstrom here in Canada! Everyone seems to love it.

Evelyn says · 04.21.15

A no-brainer for my mom is always some body lotion or shower gel with a great smell. She loves those! Hand and foot creams are also a favorite too.

Erin says · 04.21.15

I keep hearing so much good stuff about Aerin!

Susie Q says · 04.22.15

Why on earth would you take a newborn to Nordstrom? I could understand taking him to a park so your toddler could play with anything other than a spatula. A newborn in a mall is a bit much – why not prioritise your baby’s health over your beauty fix? Just curious.

Tyana says · 04.22.15

love the products, the bag is just too cute

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