Ice Cream For Days

Mother’s Day Gift? Check!


image source + recipe: Cooking Classy

Hello and happy Monday! I somehow managed to contract strep throat in my abundant spare time and am slowly on the mend. I had hoped to spend a great deal of time working this weekend while my parents were in town, but I actually spent it sleeping and being utterly worthless on the couch. Despite being as sick as a dog, I did manage to catch up on much needed sleep!

However, I am behind on content for the ‘ole blog! Forgiveth!

Blog posting may be light this week while I bounce back, okay? I’ll probably still be posting things on Instagram because I can’t quit that mess. And it’ll probably be a lot of ice cream pics because I’m going to eat it for every meal.


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Jen says · 04.20.15

Hope you feel better real soon! Always enjoy reading your posts first thing in the morning!

Jen from

Sherry says · 04.20.15

Feel better soon Kate…..and thanks for making me crave ice cream at 8:30 am.
Take care and get well !!!

Wendy says · 04.20.15

Get well soon, Kate! all the icecream you can!

Lori says · 04.20.15

Hope you feel better soon! Your faithful readers will still here when you are feeling better, so take the time you need to rest and feel better!

Lori says · 04.20.15

Hope you feel better soon! Make sure you disinfect everything well so the boys don’t catch it!

Jessica says · 04.20.15

Augh, strep is the absolute worst! I hope you’re feeling better very soon. Ice cream for the win!!

Kim says · 04.20.15

i hope you feel better!! Don’t worry about us 🙂

Kim .. HOW TO use your phone for blog photos!

Megan says · 04.20.15

I dare anyone to come demand that you somehow rally yourself and post regular content for us as usual because THEY can continue to care for their two small children, housework, blog, and work as usual. 😉 Feel better quick! I can’t imagine how tough it is and hope I don’t find out for a long time!

Ugh says · 04.22.15

Trust us, the blog isn’t that good.

Stephanie says · 04.20.15

Hope you feel better! I’m pretty sure that strep as an adult is horrendous. I had it a couple years ago and felt like I wanted to go on a rampage.

Tina Olsen says · 04.20.15

You poor thing! I can’t imagine having strep right after having a second baby!! You deserve to eat all the ice cream you can get your hands on.

The Busy Brunette says · 04.20.15

Oh, no! Hope you feel better soon. That stinks. I say eat as much ice cream as you can!!!!!

“The Busy Brunette”

Melanie says · 04.20.15

Oh no- Strep throat is the worst, feel better soon! And now I’m paranoid about my scatchy throat- maybe I’ll just have to get some ice cream just in case.


Chantall says · 04.20.15

Take care of yourself. Feeling ill isn’t fun.
I’m sure you’ll feel better soon, though. And as far as eating ice cream goes: it could be worse!

Evelina says · 04.20.15

Feel better! Don’t worry about the blog. We will all still be here when you’re back to your normal self 🙂

Bya Kakley says · 04.20.15

Strep throat isn’t any fun at all! Hoping you bounce back quickly & are soon back on your toes! The positive is that you got some well-needed rest. You are lucky that your parents were coming to visit. Good timing! Although I am sure you would rather be feeling your best. Ice Cream always helps to soothe the throat while being so yummy at the same time. I am on an Ice Cream kick right now but not do to being sick! I am addicted to Edy’s 1/2 the Fat (as if it helps much) Smores!! It is the only kind I love right now!! Hope you feel better soon Kate! Sending you well wishes from Georgia!! 🙂

Gturn62 says · 04.20.15

We all miss the blog posts when you’re away, but we completely understand. Rest as much as you can. We promise to be here when you feel better.

Carrie says · 04.20.15

Hope you feel better! Try the new The Tonight Dough flavor by Ben and Jerrys… seriously you won’t regret it!

allie says · 04.20.15

ahh, strep throat is the absolute worst. hope you feel better soon! 🙂

xo, allie

Hannah wiggins says · 04.21.15

Hope you feel better ASAP Kate!! I’m all for eating ice cream for every meal but just in case you’re a blue bell lover like me, I just saw that they’ve voluntarily recalled all of their products due to possibly being tainted with lystiera. Yuck! Feel better!

Daisy - émoi émoi says · 04.21.15

Hope you feel better soon!! x

Isobel says · 04.21.15

Get well soon! Eating ice-cream for every meal doesn’t sound so bad 😉 xx

Tyana says · 04.22.15

looks so yummy

check out my newest post

Joseph says · 04.23.15

Might want to lay off the ice cream – aren’t you supposed to be training for a 10k? Also, might want to keep that in mind when you post more “OMG I’m fat” blogs – the ice cream and snappers aren’t helping, honey.

Kate says · 04.23.15

aw man, really?

Lauren says · 04.23.15