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I have a knack for being repetitive, but I have to mention again that my beauty routine has slimmed way down.

WAAAAAaaaay down.

New goal? What can I do in, like, 5 minutes to look less asleep.


lip color is Swans

I have a few products that I like to use a bit unconventionally too. So I thought I’d provide a little creative inspiration via a brief peek at a quick makeup routine, and encourage you to think outside the box a little bit too.

So highlighter is typically used all over the face, but I like sweeping a bit of it across my lid on a minimal makeup day. It sort of evens out my eyelids without adding color. It’s the perfect amount of brightness.

I mentioned this before, but a rich brown liner is much preferred on light makeup days than a stark black one. A reader recommended I try Lionfish by Stila, and I did, and it’s true love.


Also, for the slightest and most natural looking definition under my eyes, a couple strokes of my eyebrow pencilΒ (Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Taupe) provides the perfect “shadow” without looking like liner. Eyebrow products tend to be the perfect neutral, soΒ it’s easy to use as eye makeup sometimes as well!


And, of course, the blush. I’m wearing Cannes by Cargo (a second favorite against Los Cabos also by Cargo)!



Fresh, peachy, and EASY. 3 words I like in my makeup and also my lifestyle in general.


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carissajade says · 04.24.15

I’m all about simplifying. I absolutely love the brown liner on you! Will have to try this one out.

Katie says · 04.24.15

I think the minimal makeup look is stunning on you. πŸ™‚ “Fresh” is the perfect description! I also think you still have some of your “pregnancy glow” – although I guess it should now be referred to as “Momma of 2 cuties glow.” Thanks for sharing this post!

The Busy Brunette says · 04.24.15

That natural look is so incredibly pretty on you! I think you look great, especially for having hardly any time to spend on yourself with two kiddos now. I don’t know how you do it. I only have one child and I always feel like I look a mess!
Thanks for the great tips, and have a great weekend!
The Busy Brunette

Jen says · 04.24.15

Love, love, love this makeup! I need to try more colors like this that are simple and fresh! I always like to wear black eyeliner but I think I might start trying brown.

Jen from appledapplepancakes.blogspot.com

Biana @Blovedboston says · 04.24.15

Your 5 minute face is flawless!! I think having a slim routine is amazing and then you have more time to do other things!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

Laura says · 04.24.15

Perfection! You look fantastic!


kendra says · 04.24.15

Looks great, what product do you use for the highlighting?

midwestmom says · 04.24.15

Any suggestions for drugstore makeup for this simplified look? Not only do i have less time, i have (way) less money to spend on me as a Mom to 2 littles.

Mel says · 04.24.15

YES! Can’t spend a lot… mom of three littles =)

Katrina says · 04.24.15

I’ve found that my priorities are eye liner (“kitten eye” fan right here) and mascara. I don’t deal with large bags under my eyes yet (fingers crossed), so first thing in the morning, I put on my eye liner and let that dry while I get the rest of my person ready, and then add other makeup that I have time for


Sarah says · 04.24.15

Gorgeous! I love the look and wearability of the Stila eyeliner, but I’ve found that it migrates from my upper lashline to below my eye. I wouldn’t even really say that it smudges, but it travels.

Katie McGrath says · 04.24.15

This look is really stunning on you !

crystal says · 04.24.15

I think this is the best makeup look I’ve ever seen on you!

Andrea says · 04.24.15

This look is so pretty! I need to try that Stila eyeliner. Are you wearing any mascara?

Debbie says · 04.24.15

Gray eyeliner is my go-to, and as I redhead who deals with facial redness, I usually dab on some sort of “neutralizer”, eyeliner, mascara, done. Sometimes I’ve used a more liquid neutralizer and maybe bronzer or blush beside, without foundation. I like the way I feel after a “full face” of makeup, but with time constraints, sometimes good enough really is good enough!

Janelle says · 04.24.15

Debbie, what product do you use to help with facial redness? That’s a problem of mine as well! I have used the cliniques redness solutions before.

Kellee Clark says · 04.25.15


You should try Soothe by Rodan + Fields.

Jess Stanley says · 04.24.15

Love the look, Kate! I’ve been wondering: i think you’ve mentioned that you have some melasma (pregnancy related discoloration) on your cheeks…are you using anything to “correct” it, since you’re breastfeeding? I’ve struggled with the same thing and haven’t found anything that’s effective and also safe while breastfeeding. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Tammy says · 04.24.15

Kate has several eyeliner videos on YouTube.

Jordan says · 04.24.15

I never realized how many freckles you have- in a good way! I’m naturally super freckle-y and look like a totally different person with full coverage foundation. I’ve embraced my natural face and I think the minimal look on you looks stunning! You look so fresh and glowy! The peach tones look great with your hair color as well:)

Sarah Lagen says · 04.24.15

Great step by step and I like hearing how you use your highlighter! It is so easy to do the same make up routine everyday but sometimes its nice to change it up for a fresh new feel!!

Ashlie says · 04.24.15

Kate, I just LOVE how your eyeliner looks. I’ve been searching for tutorials on eyeliner – and it seems like everything I try I just can’t get right. I’ve been wearing eyeliner for years, and recently I’ve found that my same old is tired and not doing anything to help me out. Any tips?

Selena says · 04.24.15

I also need a tutorial on the eyeliner. In your picture it looks so natural yet has a lot of impact. I always love your makeup but this one is definitely my favorite.

Tammy says · 04.24.15

Checkout Kate’s YouTube videos on eyeliner application.

Sarah, Simply Cooked says · 04.24.15

I would not have thought of using highlighter as eye “shadow”; thanks for that tip! Also, “fresh, peachy, easy” would also make a wonderful dessert. Or breakfast. Heh heh.

stephanie says · 04.24.15

Where did you get your shirt? I love the make up but love your shirt even more lol

Ashley says · 04.24.15

It’s actually a dress from Oldnavy! It was a part of the early Spring line this year!

Abby says · 04.24.15

Brown Eyeliner. Hm. I always default to black, but I’ll have to try brown especially for Spring/summer months.

Valerie Kane says · 04.24.15

You look absolutely gorgeous! You always look so pretty but I think this is the best look yet! I need to try Cargo blush!

Erin says · 04.24.15

I’ve never Lionfish. I have swatched the formula and like it. I’m not into brown liner but that has a little something extra.

Kristen says · 04.24.15

I’m sure you’ve mentioned it before- but what do you use for under eye dark circle cover?

Michelle H. says · 04.24.15

Kate, this peachy look is absolutely gorgeous on you! With your hair and skin tone, it makes you look radiant, sun-kissed, and really natural. I love it!
And I’m so glad Lionfish worked for you! πŸ™‚

Emma Walker says · 04.24.15

Such a beautiful glow!

Emma | With A City Dream

Andrea O says · 04.24.15

You look great! I like the simple look.

I just bought bronzer for the first time. Any tips for using it? Thank you

Jennifer says · 04.24.15

Thanks for the fresh face idea πŸ™‚ Sometimes less is more.

Charlien says · 04.24.15

Peachy tones really suit you! ^^

Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

Evelina says · 04.24.15

I am in LOVE with your blush! I have been searching for the perfect peachy blush for forever and nothing has made the cut so far. Where does one buy Cargo???

Tyana says · 04.24.15

Such a beautiful look

check out my newest post

Tanja Pitsch says · 04.24.15

I am amazed by your natural beauty and I really love those wonderful freckles. Best look ever.

Brandi says · 04.24.15

I have a beauty related question for you. I have dark hair and have been waxing, bleaching, hair removal creaming my upper lip area for years. Now that area is darker than the rest of my face. Do you have any suggestions of what I should?

Kristi Craig says · 04.24.15

Love this look! You look really fresh and younger too!


Jenny says · 04.24.15

Love this look! Its minimal and quick but you still look so put together. Are you wearing any foundation? If you were to recommend a fool proof foundation to go with this look what would it be? Its just not a step I’d want to skip because of the redness on my cheeks.

Sara says · 04.24.15

This minimal look is stunning on you!! Would love a full tutorial or at least product list!!!

Erin says · 04.24.15

The blush totally pulls it together! You look gorgeous πŸ™‚

Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

Cara says · 04.24.15

Are you using anything on your pregnancy mask?
I had a baby in August and thought it would fade out on its own but it hasn’t yet.
Just curious if you’ve found anything decent out there.

Thanks, Cara

Katie says · 04.24.15

Just beautiful and fresh-looks great!

Jenna says · 04.24.15

Yes! Stila’s “lionfish” is amazing! It’s my go to brown. Love it so much!

jodi says · 04.24.15

What do you use for highlighter?

Whitney says · 04.24.15

This is seriously my favorite makeup look I’ve seen you do! You look stunning!

Laura says · 04.24.15

Hi Kate! I love the fresh look. Just wondering, in the picture it looks like you have an hourglass ambient lighting powder and a physicians formula highlighter(?) powder. Are you using the hourglass on your eyes and the physicians formula on your face? Thanks!

Emily Layman says · 04.24.15

Your hair looks lovely that length!!

Ashley says · 04.25.15

Hello! I had the same question as Laura… It looks like hourglass highlighter & maybe physicians formula powder?

melissa says · 04.25.15

this simple makeup look looks amazing on you!!

Marjorie says · 04.26.15

Love this kind of looks for everyday!


Heidi G says · 04.26.15

Although I love all your makeup looks, I think you look prettiest BY FAR in these photos. Love seeing your freckles and your skin looks just like silk. Beautiful.

Allison Smith says · 04.26.15

Love love your hair and fresh face ! Your color looks great!

Rachel says · 04.27.15

You look so pretty in these photos. XXX

Susan Schnitzler says · 04.28.15

I’ve been using Anastasia eyebrow products for years. As a girl who is completely embarrassed by her lack of eyebrows…blame over waxing many years ago…I needed a good product that stayed on all day and Anastasia stays on. I can even go swimming without it dripping off…proof of how embarrassed I am about my brows!

Adriana says · 04.28.15

Not sure if anyone has posted this before, but i went to saphora yesterday to pick up a couple of Stila eye pencils and they no longer carry the brand. They only sell the back eyeliner and nothing else! I see that they still had it online and the sales rep said that will only last until supplies last.

Megan says · 04.30.15

This look is simply amazing on you.

carrie says · 05.15.15

Does anyone know of a dupe for the Cargo Cannes blush? Its back ordered everywhere until mid June! I’m going on vacation on 06/04/2014 to Sweden and Rome and would really like to have a nice neutral blush like Cannes to take with me! Any ideas for dupes or something close in color (even if its not a dupe) would be greatly appreciated!

Kimberly says · 05.18.15

I just ordered it from the DermStore. Free shipping as well! Now I need to find a good brush to apply it with. Suggestions?

Jenn says · 03.10.16

I LOVE this look. I work super early hours (6 am) at a hospital & I love sleep so a) I have little to no time for a morning routine and b) a full face looks funny to me since its a laboratory. Since its almost a year later anthro no longer sells the lip tint. Do you have any suggestions for a replacement?

Beth Tessier says · 04.04.16

Beautiful look Kate ❀️

Judy Gonzalez says · 05.02.16

You make this look so simple. I’m not sure I can get my makeup on in 5 minutes.

Erica Dickson says · 05.02.16

You look great but I do find it hard to believe you did this in 5 minutes. Maybe you could do a video to show every step.

Jessica Power says · 05.02.16

I am truly amazed that you can look this good in 5 minutes. I’m sure I can make some changes and cut back but I am not sure I can get it down to 5 minutes even though I would love to.