A little nursery spruce

A few wardrobe staples

Luke officially moved into his nursery when he was about 6 weeks old. Until then he was sleeping in Justin and my room, but he tends to be grunty in the morning so we kicked him out.

He’s doing really well sleeping at night in his nursery, and taking naps in there during the day!

Anyway, I didn’t do anything to the nursery prior to Luke’s arrival because Justin and I didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl. So, if it was a girl I was planning on incorporating a little lavender in there to make it more feminine. And it if was going to be a boy, I wasn’t going to change much!

But I did want to make it a little special for Luke so he didn’t look back and see that he was just plopped into David’s room, you know?

I have a few more projects I’m working on to freshen it up in there, but the first step was adding new linens.

I didn’t want to give up entirely on the grey theme since the linens David used are still perfectly good, but it’s nice to see the crib looking a little updated!


You can find details about the original nursery here, but I’ll run through what is pictured above.

The crib is from Pottery Barn Kids, as well as the mobile and the elephant you see to the left of the crib. The baskets are from Target or Home Goods. The photo above the crib is from Creature Comforts which may have gone out of business as I cannot find it online.

The Solid crib skirt, Diamond crib sheet and Sticks play blanket are gifts from Oilo Studio. They kindly asked me to pick a few items out from their store, and it was TOUGH to decide! I love the darker grey against the white, and the Sticks play blanket is nice a sturdy for even using outside on a sunny day. This likely goes without saying, but the blanket doesn’t stay on the crib when Luke is sleeping in it.



Luke is clearly thrilled with the changes.


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marie says · 04.14.15

Such a cute baby and nursery ! 🙂


Tamaraa T. says · 04.14.15

I love the soft grey colors! My daughter and I are in the process of decorating a nursery for two. A boy and girl. She has chosen with your help to decorate the room in grey, tangerine , and navy. Thank you so much for sharing Luke’s cute room !

Daisy - émoi émoi says · 04.14.15

Love the crib and that elephant is adorable! Lovely nursery 🙂


Kim says · 04.14.15

The nursery looks great! That’s so great your baby is doing so well 🙂

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Heather says · 04.14.15

Cute as ever! I believe Creature Comforts is now Petit Pippin. Here’s a link to their prints: http://www.petitpippin.com/all-products?category=Art%20Prints

Shanna says · 04.14.15

such a bundle of joy! I love the nursery. I also have little projects here and there to spruce up my little ones nursery – her walls are lavender funnily enough! Glad to hear your little one’s doing well x

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Krista says · 04.14.15

SO cute!! He sure does seem pleased. 🙂


Arijana says · 04.14.15


Is your site still experiencing problems?
When I click on your link from my bookmarks I get a error message. Something about “welcome to nginx”
I googled your blog and went to your archives to be able to read today’s post.
Perhaps the error is on my end….

Kate says · 04.14.15

no, it’s on my end. Background work being done. SORRY about that!!

Erika says · 04.14.15

Oh he is adorable! Love that last picture. Also Olio’s stuff looks absolutely gorgeous. Perfect partnership!

Stacey says · 04.14.15

I have two grandbabies coming, what cute stuff!

Evelina says · 04.14.15

That blanket is so pretty! Luke is adorable 🙂

Jamie says · 04.14.15

BEAUTIFUL, so simple. I love how you kept it that way. It’s easy to get carried away with nurseries. I did, and quickly regretted it because I could have spent that money elsewhere… like more diapers/wipes 😉

Heather Weeks says · 04.14.15

This is a beautiful nursery. My 18 yr old son and his 17 yr old girlfriend are expecting and have nothing. Would be a blessing to receive this for them.

Mel J. says · 04.14.15

What a beautiful nursery. Would love this.

Courtney says · 04.14.15

You should do a blog post on your tips/tricks for getting your boys to sleep through the night. It took me 5 mos with baby #1 and now #2 is on the way! 🙂

Tyana says · 04.15.15

Love this, so cute

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Melanie says · 04.15.15

That’s awesome that he’s doing so well in his nursery (looks great too!) I remember with my first child I was determined to have him sleep in his crib, but until his reflux was under control it didn’t work out so well. The nursery seems to be a really awesome and peaceful place. Thanks for sharing!


Kristi Craig says · 04.16.15

Cute nursery. Adorable baby! Luke is so sweet!


Kari Elwart says · 04.16.15

Your family is beautiful! I am glad to see y’all doing so well!!

Stephanie says · 04.17.15

I love your nursery! And of course the adorable baby Luke. I’m expecting my first some time within the next month. Thanks for showing me Oilo Studio! I’ve been enjoying following their Instagram <3

Suzanne says · 04.20.15

So sweet! If you ever decide to get something special for him we make modern baby quilts 🙂

Kelsey says · 04.20.15

Did you already do a post on David’s new room? I’m curious about his bed situation. I am about to give birth to our second and the kids will be 14 months apart as well… I am trying to decide on whether or not to move the older into a toddler bed.