A few wardrobe staples

A Dual Use Powder Foundation from Urban Decay


Does this photo stress you out? There’s a lot happening here. Sorry about that. I tried to take nicer photos of my outfit but I happen to have relocated my office to quite possibly the worst lit room in my home, and full body shots are rather challenging in it. Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, my post-baby body isn’t exactly what I would call “camera ready”. Should I be alarmed that my cat Grits “makes biscuits” on my belly because it’s soft and warm? Meh, perhaps. On the other hand, at least Luke has a nice, soft place to lay as I nurse him. Maybe I’ll hang onto my rolls for his sake. What baby would want to lay on rock hard abs in order to eat a meal? Not my baby. In fact, it would be cruel for me to lose this baby weight and provide too hard of a surface for him to eat on. Cruel I tell you! I should probably go get a Snapper or something to make sure I stay soft and comfortable in the belly region for my son.

I’m doing it for him, okay?

What was that? Oh you are seeing right through my embarrassment and excuses?


Let’s move on.

. . .

I’m in a season of casual, simple & minimal when it comes to style. And I’m totally good with that. Occasionally I miss getting dressed up a bit like I did when I worked behind the chair, but for the most part I like the easy-going comfort of casual clothes.

And I pretty much alternate the same 3 outfits over and over and over again.

SSone, two: earrings/watch, three, four(I have these!), five, six

These are on major repeat in my weekly wardrobe. And frankly, I think I’d wear anything pictures above in any stage of life, mom or not.

MMMmyeahhhh let’s just say I understand why Zella named these the “Live-In Leggings”. It’s all I’ve been living in lately. I really think they live up to the hype, especially having worn them now for about a month. They do NOT slide down, like some leggings can, and they look brand new even after a lot of washes.

I love the raw look of Herkimer diamond earrings (I have these and wear them often!). They can be super casual, but they are also unique!

And the New Balance kicks from J. Crew were something I gave a lot of thought to. I wasn’t sure if I would wear them much, but I’m grabbing them 3-4 times a week!

I’m looking forward to adding a few casual dresses into my wardrobe this spring too!


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Kelley Lively says · 04.13.15

Looks like my new twin mom uniform! And I’m borrowing that excuse for the not so hard belly! Love it!

shauna says · 04.13.15

I’m a new mom too of a little boy born on February 12th. I’ve enjoyed following along with all your mommy and pregnancy posts on your blog. To be honest, I’m not much into ‘beauty’, especially now that my ‘beauty routine’ has been severely curtailed; however I keep coming back to your blog for the pregnancy/baby/mom posts. I’d love to see those continue and maybe even see MORE PLEASE!!

I’m curious how you factor breastfeeding into your wardrobe? I hate wearing nursing bras UNLESS I’m wearing a shirt that allows access to the girls from the top. If I have to yank my shirt up, then I much prefer to have on a nursing tank underneath which provides some much needed coverage in the belly area. No one wants to see my belly hanging out as I feed my baby! And I really hate those nursing cover things! I feel like they call much more attention to what I’m doing rather than discreetly slipping my boob while everything else stays covered by the nursing tank. Anyway, I’m curious if you have any wardrobe tricks where breastfeeding is concerned?

Kate says · 04.13.15

I just wear a stretchy tank top that I can pull down + keeps me covered when my shirt is up. I don’t have any “nursing” tops!

Megan says · 04.13.15

I’ve been nursing for 16 months now, and I do the same as Kate. I wear a nursing bra that unclips, but I also have a few regular bras that I can just pull the cups down on if necessary. The Tami tank tops from Old Navy are awesome – cheap, long, soft, stretchy, and lots of colors.

Jessica says · 04.13.15

I’ve been nursing for 18 months and lu wore nursing tanks for the first 6 weeks or so! I still wear nursing bras that clip at the top, and then I bought tanks from Target in every color! I think they’re the ‘long and lean’ ones – long, stretchy, and cheap! They are racer back tops instead of spaghetti strap which I prefer for a little more coverage! I also love Targets V-neck short sleeve ‘dressy tees’ for the same reason – stretchy and wasy access!

Laura says · 04.13.15

You look fabulous! I need to get some of those leggings!


Monica says · 04.13.15

Hey- you made a human not too long ago! Be kind to yourself. I think you look gorgeous. 🙂

Lisa says · 04.13.15

I think you look beautiful, your body has all right to recover in its own pace! It makes me so sad that there is so much pressure to “get your body back” so soon after giving birth – like there isn’t enough going on with a new baby! I think you look healthy and happy, and after all thats what matters right? Hugs!

Catherine says · 04.13.15

Hard abs are overrated. (At least that’s what I keep telling myself after having my son 3 and a half weeks ago.) 🙂 I think you look beautiful and I am actually quite impressed that you have the energy to even do your make-up, put on jeans, and update your blog with two kidlets! You’re supermom!

Dawn B. says · 04.13.15

Your body holds on to fat because it wants to reserve it for use in milk making. Don’t worry about your figure right now. I have little munchkins and went through what you are feeling too. Your baby changes quite a bit post baby and when you are nursing in his/her first year of life. Anyway, you will have the rest of your life to work on your physique. Babies grow so fast, so take the time to enjoy each and every moment. In 2 shakes of a lambs tail, your BABY baby (aka Luke) will be turning 1. Imagine that!
Happy Monday, Kate!

Katrina says · 04.13.15

Hahaha, You just had a baby, and it’s okay that the “baby maker” is tired! Thanks for being real about life and willing to laugh about it. It’s refreshing and encouraging. I hope that I will have a good attitude about my after-baby-body!
Way to go Mamma-Kate! I am so glad that you are keeping up with my favorite blog, but even more glad that you are being a GOOD MOM to your boys!


Angie says · 04.13.15

Thank you so much today’s post. Along with your cute & comfy clothing choices, you make moms everywhere feel like its okay to have a soft tummy after having a baby. I had my son 17 months ago, nursed him for over a year (still nursing at bedtime actually) and my tummy is STILL soft. I always just said that I am too busy loving my baby to spend tons of time getting my body back!

Hannah says · 04.13.15

I feel ya on the mom-bod. My babe is almost 8 months old and I am still feeling quite self-conscious in my own skin; but, preparing to start taking outfit pictures for my own blog. Let’s be real, we all don’t look like Eva Mendes one month post partum. Can I get an amen!? Really though, you look great and I can’t wait to see more! And, most importantly, you are not alone! I love reading things like this because it is so comforting and reminds me that us mamas gotta stick together and support! Who runs the world, girls! Hahaha Ok beauty, sorry about the novel!
As always, love your blog!


Julia says · 04.13.15

I am a mom of three boys and this is almost my exact favorite outfit of the moment. Same shoes(love them), similar jeans and a tee. I feel comfortable a pulled together enough for what ever my day may bring.

Anne says · 04.13.15

You look great! I love these pieces, cute and casual that’s my kind of style!

Catherine Short says · 04.13.15

im not a mom and I still wear a similar outfit regularly! I love a little sporty/chic.

Jenny says · 04.13.15

I’m glad you showed a cheaper alternative for the jeans. Maternity leave pay = tight budget!

Daisy - émoi émoi says · 04.13.15

You look so lovely! Love the earrings so much and useful to know about the leggings! Thank you! 🙂


Christy says · 04.13.15

I look forward to reading your blog so much during the week! Thanks for the laughs!

Evelina says · 04.13.15

LOLLLL i totally love the anti-ab reasons. I am in agreement 🙂

Andrea says · 04.13.15

You are so cute! You look great for having had TWO babies in short time. I’ve only had one (he’s 9months) and my belly is still squishy. I am not all the worried about it. It’s funny because sometimes he tries to latch on to my belly roll instead of my boob or he sometimes blows big noisy raspberries it. Cracks me up!

Kim says · 04.13.15

You look great post-baby!! I love the outfit and your picks!

http://trendkeeper.me .. PROFESSIONAL.. and be featured!

Sarah says · 04.13.15

Have you seen Cara’s current post about dresses? They look like what you’re probably looking for. http://www.maskcara.com/2015/04/10/the-dress/ I can’t wait to get a couple of my own!

Erin P. says · 04.13.15

Hi Kate, I have been eyeing those Madewell T’s for a while now and want to know for reference what size are you wearing (if you don’t mind). Do they run a little larger? I have several boyfriend T’s from target and I have to wear a L/XL in order to achieve the right amount of slouch. Thanks for your post!

Kate says · 04.13.15

I wear a medium and there’s plenty of room!

Erin P. says · 04.13.15

Thanks Kate!

Christine says · 04.13.15

Don’t be embarrassed! You are beautiful and I still have my soft baby belly 20+ years later! I wore T shirts and jeans and sneakers until my kids were in school. They were comfortable and I wasn’t worried if “stuff” spilled on them. Your body will change and that’s ok! Love your blog and keepin it real.

Katrina says · 04.13.15

Hi Kate,

I love your blog and have been loving all the information on all things baby. I am expecting my first in October and have been scouring your site for all your tips and the things you learned in preparation. I am wondering if you have any tips about finding a nursing bra, any brands you recommend? Congratulations on your latest family addition!!

Cari B. says · 04.13.15

My son is 14 months and I’m still hanging onto the “soft center” not because I’m nursing him… but because what little one wants to fall asleep on rock hard abs! 😉

I was just on the fence about buying some New Balance kicks- I think I will now! As always I love your style and clothing choices!

Pam Smith says · 04.13.15

I think you look lovely!

Evelyn says · 04.13.15

If it were me I guess I’d just differ on the color of the shirt. I think that colorful shirts look more put together, which is obviously not always the case, but it’s the same thing with a bright lipstick, it allows me to go simpler on the rest and still look nice.

And nursing dresses when the weather is good also seem like an easy enough choice! Just one piece of clothe, right!

Veronica says · 04.13.15

Oh Kate! I laughed out loud when I read this post. I almost woke the baby! Thank you for your honesty. I live in my Zellas as as well.

Bonnie says · 04.13.15

Where do you find tees that cover your rear when wearing the leggings? I cannot abide seeing gals, no matter how cute, wearing leggings as pants; you can tell whether they’re wearing underwear or not, nothing left to the imagination, not modest at all. I also get to see how other people look at them behind their backs. Ladies, please cover your backsides when wearing leggings!

Sophie says · 04.13.15

Also a postpartum mommy (6.5 months), I am loving your mommy posts. They are so real and down to earth: THANK YOU. As mentioned several times above, there is absolutely way too much emphasis on “getting our bodies back” and not enough focus spend on being happy, healthy and enjoying our little miracles. If the media and society spend as much time being concerned with new mom’s mental wellness as they do on our physical appearance than I am sure less women would struggle with postpartum depression.

I love your picks for everyday style. I used to grab wedges, and now I find myself grabbing a cute pair of kicks to do my running around. I also loved your post on how to get 3 days out of your hair!

Camille says · 04.13.15

First off….you JUST had a baby. Be kind to yourself, you look fab. That being said…your comments on having a soft place for your baby to lie had me giggling. I just had a baby six months ago and I’m feeling ya on the squishy tummy.

Also cute clothes. I would wear every single item.

MaryEllen says · 04.13.15

Oh, my gosh, Kate! I am probably your oldest reader (54), but LOVE your blog, and sense of style. When I saw that picture above, I thought “wow, she looks great!”. I am not being kind or sappy, I am just speaking the truth. I have had three “babies”… 27, 23, and 18… all boys. Nursed them all for-ev-er, and have cats that knead the belly to this day. Your body looks fabulous, IS fabulous, miraculous, and so amazing.

Elisa says · 04.13.15

I love how real you are. My first two were 16 months apart and I almost died. It is super tough. That you post daily leaves me in awe. I have three now, and while I’m working on your hair tutorials and getting better, I still don’t get ready for the day till noon a lot of days. Those little humans are so worth it though.

You are amazing. Congrats on surviving with so little sleep and still looking awesome.

Marissa says · 04.13.15

What do you pair with the leggings? I have a hard time finishing tops that cover my bottom!

Jenny says · 04.13.15

I think your body looks amazing! No need to try and talk yourself into believing it’s good, because it is! My body looks about the same as yours at the moment, and I’ve never even had a child, so to think yours is like that after having your second child, that’s awesome. You own it! And these comfy clothes are what I’m all about. I have some tshirts like this, and have been rocking my comfy sneaks every day for the past two weeks. Sometimes it’s nice to just be my frumpy self without a care in the world. 🙂
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Kristi Craig says · 04.13.15

Kate, you are adorable and hilarious! I love your style — casual yet put together. When I have kids, I hope to be able to rock the same style!


Kristin S says · 04.13.15

I’m two years in to Zella Live In capris for exercise and LOVE them. They are so comfy.

Now, those New Balance sneakers… I’ve bought and returned come Converse three times now and still can’t find a pair I like. Maybe these instead for summer casual? I do love my Tretorns…

Sarah A. says · 04.13.15

I LOVE my Zellas! Very, very pregnant with my 2nd (c-section scheduled for the 15th! And we are having a Luke, also) and I truly am living in them right now. I have the capri version and I’m sure they will remain a staple throughout the summer!

Joyce says · 04.14.15 Reply
Janna Conant says · 04.14.15

I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant so my Zella Live-In leggings aren’t fitting but they are amazing, I wore my 2 pairs all the time at the gym and at home. I think they are higher quality than my Lululemon ones!

Carol says · 04.14.15

Dear Kate, I am living in Europe which is maybe the reason I would find it unfair to critize a woman’s shape four month after giving birth. Here they say you burn calories while nursing and it takes a year to loose what you put on during a pregnancy. After that said year though people tend to become unpatient with the new (or not so new) mum. Just do it the European way and give yourself a year 😉

Janalee says · 04.14.15

You look great! Thanks so much for having the courage to post a “non-perfect” picture. It makes the rest of us mom’s feel so much better about our own post baby bodies. We gotta stick together!

sharon / theprincipledtype.blogspot.com says · 04.14.15

photo stress me out?! heck no – it sends me straight to heaven! real pretty momma, looking good, and like a regular person. what’s not to love.

JJ says · 04.15.15

I love the wardrobe. But please stop mentioning the Snappers. Now I must go eat one. 🙂 I don’t have a baby but do have a bit of the soft belly going on.

Katherine says · 04.15.15

24, no kids in sight, and this looks like my wardrobe. Is that a bad thing?! lol I love it <3

Sarah says · 04.15.15

Kate, I’m really digging your more casual wardrobe these days! I’ve always thought you had great style, but what you wore pre-baby was a lot dressier than my daily choices ever are. It’s so fun to see this new side to you… and get even more inspiration!

Meredith says · 04.16.15

I found Snappers this morning in the candy section of my Target. This just got real