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 I tried the Dry Bar shower cap and the Blow Pro shower cap, and the Blow Pro one is FAR superior! I felt like the Dry Bar shower cap was too shallow and loose. But the Blow Pro one fit snuggly and was deep enough that I could really pull it over my ears so no moisture got trapped underneath! Believe it or not, I found the Blow Pro cap at Costco for $10.00! If you are a Costco shopper (ahem Grace), snag one next time you are there. It’s totally worth it.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m a huge fan of the Pink Innocencia fragrance from Sonia Kashuk (at Target). I’ve seen a lot of it on sale in stores–so keep your eyes out for it!

I made these sugar cookies recently and they are pretty much heaven.

So this is a bit intriguing to me–it’s an overnight hair perfector to help you go a few days between shampoo’s. I’m guessing it’s a bit like a nourishing dry shampoo?

Need help choosing makeup brushes? Check this article out!

This is a great idea for organizing your clutches or zip pouches!

My favorite design focused Instagram feeds:  West Elm   –   Ikea   –   DominoMag

My mom turned me onto the show Fixer Upper with Chip + Joanna Gaines on HGTV. I’ve nearly developed a crush on that couple I like them so much.


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Melissa says · 03.06.15

OMG doesn’t everyone have a crush on Chip & Joanna?! HA! They are adorable, their designs are amazing and they have they cutest family…and now I sound like a creepy stalker lol ; ) Love them.

Genevieve says · 03.06.15

I feel the same way! I love that Chip has a thing about his hair & is so silly. It helps that my husband likes him too so we can watch new episodes together (and the weekend marathons because we all know the only other thing on TV during weekends is Indiana Jones or Star Wars)

Meredith Rhodes says · 03.06.15

I’m intrigued by that Living Proof product now too…might have to pick it up to see if it makes a difference between shampoos. And yes, I too have a crush on Chip and Joanna Gaines! I just love their banter and her style is exactly what I would want for my home. If you want to indulge a little more, check out her blog:
She’s got some diys and pictures of the houses they’ve done on the show.

Sarah M. says · 03.06.15

I second your near crush on the Gaines! Sometimes when I’m talking to my husband, I’ll refer to Chip or Joanna (as if we’re friends and on a first name basis…ha!). And the bad (good) part is my husband knows exactly to whom I’m referring!

Ashley says · 03.06.15

TOTALLY do the same thing!!

Veronica says · 03.06.15

OMG Kate , great idea on the clutches!!! I will definitely try this out…..

Kelly Rabun says · 03.06.15

Great post. I love the show Fixer Upper. They are such a precious couple.

Lisa Leonard says · 03.06.15

The overnight protector peaks my interest. I’ve tried Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner and it wasn’t for me (I use Pureology Hydrate and I’ve just not found any other shampoo/conditioner to suit my hair as well as that does) but the promise of extending the wear of my hair between shampoos may have me trying another of LP’s products. I’ll keep my eyes open for your review should you decide to try it!
I agree with you on the Gaines! The are so much fun to watch; not only talented, but seem like wholesome, down-to-earth people!

Heather says · 03.06.15

I want to move to Texas just so I can have Chip and Joanna do a fixer upper for me! They are my favorite!

Liz. says · 03.06.15

Yes, please give us a review on the Living Proof Overnight Perfector! I trust if you think it’s worthwhile. Oh my, I do love Chip and Joanna! They are so cute together…an adorable family!! I’ve loved the beautiful pictures of your “family of four”…, too, are an adorable family!

Sherry says · 03.06.15

Thanks for all the tips, love these types of articles. It’s funny you mention (along with some of your other comments above) having a “crush” on people on that HGTV show. I will check them out…..but at my house I am such a fan of your blog and following you and your family on here and on Instagram that when I show my husband pictures or videos of your family he now knows exactly who I am referring to so you are also a celebrity Kate, At least at my house. And no I am not a creepy stalker, simply a fan. Have a great day and weekend !!

Lisa Wild says · 03.06.15

Oh my I was just telling my husband that the couple on fixer upper is the cutest couple EVER! Can not miss the show!

Kayla says · 03.06.15

I LOVE fixer upper! They are the cutest.

Lisa Gonzales says · 03.06.15

I love Chip and Joanna! They are the cutest. And her style is so fantastic!

Chrissy says · 03.06.15

Chip and Joanna Gaines are on my tv all the time. My husband is a bit concerned. I told him that if we won the lotto I would fly them to Washington to design a farm house for us. Love their style!

Lynde says · 03.06.15

I’m from Texas and went to Baylor while Joanna was there! Love Fixer Upper and them! My 4 year old son likes to watch it with me and will ask when it will be fixer upper night. He also totally heard the “theme” song on spotify the other day and while I couldn’t place it, he knew right away. He likes demo day!

Kim says · 03.06.15

I love ikea but never thought of following them on IG for some inspo! I love your links! Sugar cookies – yum 🙂

Kim .. NEON?!

Leah says · 03.06.15

I just bought “Joanna’s favorite paint” for my office…my husband may have given me an eye roll over calling it that! Love them.

Candace says · 03.06.15

What is Joanna’s favorite paint? My office needs a make over!

Lisa says · 03.08.15

i thought i saw a link but now I can’t find it to her favorite pant.

Crystal says · 03.06.15

Fixer Upper is my new favorite! We had a snow day Tuesday, and I watched them all afternoon! Love their designs and their little farm!

Caitlin says · 03.06.15

My husband and I love Fixer Upper!! Chip and JoJo are hilarious. And I love her style. Can she just come decorate my house?

Stephanie says · 03.06.15

LOVE Chip and Joanna, I question anyone who doesn’t.

lauren says · 03.06.15

I love the Blow Pro shower cap, too…day four hair, here i come! 😉

AND fixer upper is just the best. I’m not a regular HGTV watcher at all, but love their show.

Beth says · 03.06.15

Perfect timing on the Living Proof suggestion. Could go two days between washes while pregnant, but my good fortune has run out 2 mos postpartum! Online reviews look good, can’t wait to try.

Kari says · 03.06.15

My husband and I have been obsessed with Fixer Upper! I don’t think the commercials for it do it justice, they are soooo funny and cute. Love them!

Amy says · 03.06.15

LOVE Fixer Upper!! This was a great post, thanks!

Priscila says · 03.06.15

I’m curious about the living proof overnight perfector. I’m desperate with the humidity here in Fl! My hair gets oily so fast! I wonder if this product would help….???

Nicole says · 03.06.15

My husband and I love watching Fixer Upper too! Their chemistry is great! They seem like such genuinely nice people…people you could really love in real life too. 🙂 We DVR them all so we don’t miss a single episode.

Plus, I love Joanna’s designs…her houses all look so comfortable and “lived in” instead of looking like showrooms.

Kristin S says · 03.06.15

Both Chip and Joanna favorited one of my tweets this week. Coulda died. I mean, not really, but I shouldn’t have gotten such joy from those notifications.

Kristen B. says · 03.06.15

I love fixer upper! They are the cutest couple and her style is AAAAaaMazing! My 7 year old said last night can we have them fix our house!!!

Holly Tancar says · 03.06.15

We love Fixer Upper too!! Chip is hilarious and Joanna, man she’s just beautiful (and so talented/creative). Clearly, I have a crush on them too! lol

Love Grace’s blog too!

Thanks for keeping the posts coming!

Katie Olson says · 03.06.15

This post made my day! I’ve been looking for a good shower cap as the ones I “borrow” from hotels never last. And Fixer Upper is my not-so-gulity pleasure. I would move to Waco in a heartbeat to have them do a house for me.

Annie Knapp says · 03.06.15

LOVE Chip and Joanna! I’m obsessed. Where have they been all my life??

Lisa says · 03.06.15

The perfect hair day night also peeked my interested. I went to go check it out and it looks like its not a dry shampoo based on what I am reading on how to use it.

What it is:
An easy-to-use solution that provides up to one week of more shiny, vibrant, manageable hair overnight, with benefits that last through five shampoos.

Suggested Usage:
-Use before bed.
-Apply to damp or dry hair.
-Start with two to three pumps.
-Spread product between hands.
-Evenly distribute from root to tip, focusing on ends.
-Comb through.
-Leave on overnight.
-Style or wash out in the morning.
-Use as often as needed.

amanda june says · 03.07.15

Yes, this. I didn’t see anything in the product info or reviews that would indicate its purpose is to help you go longer between shampoos. Seems more like a deep conditioner that works on your hair overnight and its effects LAST even through several shampoos.

Lisa says · 03.08.15

Agree, its not a dry shampoo at all.

Lindsey Strunk says · 03.06.15

Chip an Joanna are some of my favorite fellow texans! Its not uncommon to see then at Roundtop when the big antique show is going on, you’d love it!

Kirsten says · 03.06.15

Hilarious. I *love* Chip and Joanna! I always comment on how much I love thier chemistry and my husband always teases me that I always comment on it.

Sarah W. says · 03.06.15

I love Chip and Joanna too! He’s such a goofball and she is so down to earth. Too bad Texas is so far from Ontario Canada or I’d call for a consult for sure!

morgan says · 03.06.15

I totally have a crush on Chip & Joanna — you’re so not alone!

Anna says · 03.06.15

love this <3 thanks for sharing

Shannon says · 03.06.15

You should also watch Rehab Addict it is another addictive show on HGTV.

Morgan says · 03.06.15

I’d LOVE to read a review on the overnight hair protector! So intriguing!

And I’m with you on the Joanna and Chip crush. They’re adorable. And her style is to die for. I want to be their BFFs.

Diane Titter says · 03.06.15

Fixer Upper is the best, I totally have a crush on them as well – Chip & Joanna are adorable. I also want their garden, they are just perfect!

Marie says · 03.06.15

Costco always pleasantly surprises me with their great beauty selections. I hope my costco carries the shower cap.

Jillian says · 03.06.15

Oh my goodness, Fixer Upper! My husband and I want to basically be Chip and Joanna! Amazing show!

Sarah says · 03.06.15

I am with you on Fixer Upper! I record every episode! I cannot get enough of their designs! I just want to fly them to wear I live and have them redecorate the house!


jami says · 03.06.15

I love fixer Upper! I pretty much watch HGTV 24-7!

Emily says · 03.06.15

Just voted for your blog for the INDY Week’s Best of the Triangle 2015 competition 🙂

Niki says · 03.06.15

Chip & Joanna make me want to move to Waco. Ha- almost!!

Cheri says · 03.06.15

I’ve recently fallen in love with Fixer Upper and the Gaines, it’s such a great show and they are such a neat couple! 🙂

Jenny says · 03.06.15

Ah! I’ve been on the hunt for a good shower cap. I got a crappy one for $2 from CVS and it failed me. It failed really hard. I’m glad you linked this one to Ulta, because I actually have one of those where I live. We don’t have Costco.. and I feel like I’m missing out! I’ve never been in one. The Perfect Hair Day Night Cap sounds great! The longer I can go without washing my hair the better, thank you for bringing this to my attention!
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Jennifer says · 03.06.15

I watch Fixer Upper more than i’d like to admit. Joanna’s design style is always so on point.

Janet Smith says · 03.06.15

I am also a great fan of the show “Fixer Upper” with Chip and Joanna Gaines. I created a Fixer Upper Pinterest board just to pin their great decorating ideas!

Mindy says · 03.07.15

I live the show fixer upper! And it is so cool that they are believers too! My husband and I watch it every Tuesday night 🙂

Mindy says · 03.07.15


Kayla Hutchison says · 03.07.15

I love Fixer Upper! I watch it with my parents…we are very interesting, obviously.

Kris says · 03.07.15

Having 2 kids must be your thing, because your posts have been awesome. Luke is just the cutest thing. My first 2 kids were boys close together and it was my favorite time, just the two of them! Absolutely love this post and sooooo glad you turned me on to Fixer Upoer as did all your commenters! So excited to watch.

Meagan says · 03.07.15

Great links! Happy weekend!

Leslie B says · 03.07.15

I LOVE your site AND Fixer Upper…so lucky to have found both recently 🙂 I truly enjoy all your tutorials and posts…..

Rebecca @ Hello Creative Blog says · 03.08.15

I am hooked on Fixer Upper. My husband and I started watching it recently as well. They crack me up, and I love her style. I look forward to watching their show every week!

Lauren says · 03.09.15

Have you tried the night camp for yourself yet? It certainly sounds interesting, but I don’t quite understand how it works.

I have also watched Fixer Upper several times and they are definitely a cute couple. 🙂

Sara says · 03.09.15

So excited to try the new Living Proof product! I have a gift card to Sephora and have been trying to figure out what to use it on = bingo! I’m a huge fan of the line and have really enjoyed most of the stuff I’ve tried. The Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 treatment is great and I’m totally obsessed with the Style Extender. It makes my stick straight, fine hair hold a curl for 3 days when I use a curling wand AND NO HAIRSPRAY! Can’t wait to see how this one works… the reviews make it sound really promising.