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I mean, if I were to walk into a store of exclusively delicate, minimal, gold jewelry I’d be in trouble.

Lately it’s been like rings for days over here on my fingers, and the most minimal and simple earrings I can get my hands on. If I didn’t have a toddler, and a baby, I’d be wearing necklaces and bracelets too.

Worn alone or layered, there are so many different ways to combine simple jewels and accessories like these. I think that’s why I like neutral clothes so much too — you can mix and match endlessly.

I can barely remember when I wore only silver jewelry. I think it was 2009? I remember gold coming back into style and thinking to myself that I’d never jump aboard that train–and look at me now. All gold except my wedding bands + engagement ring.

I still, though, struggle mixing metals when I’m wearing jewelry. I love wearing rose + yellow gold together, but silver and gold together feels a little too busy. Do you mix and match you metals, or keep it in the same color palette?


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Lisa Gidley says · 03.05.15

My wedding rings are yellow gold, I was married almost 25 years ago, so that was the fashion at the time. Most of my rings are yellow gold, but I do wear a silver band on my right hand that belonged to my father. I don’t mix metals on the same hand. I don’t mind them gold on one and silver on the other, just not on the same hand.

Kathy says · 03.05.15

I love silver and yellow gold together, and have several pieces of the two-toned jewelry. I also think rose gold and silver look great together. My husband bought me a pretty necklace from Tiffany that is rose gold and silver. I’m really not a fan of mixing rose gold and yellow gold together.

Christina Storm says · 03.05.15

Such beautiful picks! I love them!

The Style Storm
<3, Christina

Christina says · 03.06.15

I adore this list! I don’t know how you have the time to find all of these treasures, especially with two kids but thank you! It’s the time out that I need (Coffee, laptop, ahhhhhh).

Laura says · 03.05.15

So cute…I love gold jewelry!

Angie says · 03.05.15

I started my love affair with simple metals around the same time you did. I’ve always been a fan of the big, chunky necklaces, but lately I cannot get enough of the delicate necklaces and rings. I wish I could wear earrings because there are so many I’d add to my jewelry collection. I’m partial to gold, but I’ll toss in some silver occasionally, but never together 🙂

Michelle says · 03.05.15

My wedding band (and my husband’s) were custom made with a 3 strips: white gold, yellow gold, white gold. That way they go with any other metal I wear 😉 My engagement ring is white gold as is the eternity band I got for my 40th (they border my wedding band). But I tend to wear white gold since it goes better with my skin tone. My daughter’s have purchased yellow gold items for me and I wear them on occasion as well.

Nice picks above!

Karen says · 03.05.15

My wedding band is yellow gold so I wear a gold trimmed watch. I tend to change it up with rings on the my right hand, because I have several that are family heirlooms and they are mostly silver. I like wearing all kinds of earrings, depends more on the style than if they’re silver or gold. I guess I’m pretty eclectic when it comes to jewelry!

Kari says · 03.05.15

I’ve also recently become more in love with gold jewelry. I think it’s just the warmth of it. I haven’t gotten into mixing golds though, just straight yellow gold for me!

Lauren says · 03.05.15

I like the mixed metal look – and lets me feel a bit better about my white gold wedding set.

Catryn says · 03.05.15

Can I just have all of it pretty please! All of these would be perfect yet subtle additions to any outfit. Love!

Sweet Horizon

Ashley says · 03.05.15

I was just thinking the same thing this morning! I swore I would never wear gold and now that’s mostly what I wear (minus the wedding rings). I’m definitely not brave enough to mix and match gold and silver. I’ve seen some people do it with a lot of bangles and that looks good, but I’m not there yet.

Tyana says · 03.05.15

love these, they are so beautiful

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Initials LA says · 03.05.15

I usually don’t wear jewellery except for my wedding rings, but your selection is really attractive, thanks!


Sophi @ Simply Sophisticated Blog says · 03.05.15

I love wearing silver and gold together! I think it helps that I have a watch that is two-toned, so it pulls it all together if I do combine my metals.

Beth says · 03.05.15

get a chew beads necklace!

pretty beads your babies can chew on. hooray! everyone wins!

Melissa G says · 03.05.15

Love the bag, and your sister’s earrings. Both sold out 🙁

Stephanie says · 03.05.15

I love yellow and silver together. I have a few pieces that combine the two and wear them all the time! I have a pretty neutral skin tone so I’m able to pull off both metals.

Kristen B. says · 03.05.15

I am like you. I never thought I would jump back in with gold jewelry! I was like no way! But i have new found love affair with gold especially rose gold. I too love just some simple earrings and a simple necklace. It just feels classy.

Rachel says · 03.05.15

Thanks for the shout out Kate! <3

Lauren says · 03.05.15

This is so nerdy of me, but I love love love your ‘Pin It’ button. 😉 It’s just so perfect!

Erica M. says · 03.05.15

My wedding band is yellow gold – it was my grandma’s wedding band. I had my sapphire engagement ring custom-made so that the wedding band sits underneath/between the engagement ring (can’t really describe it – only a picture would work!).
Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of yellow gold, so the engagement ring is white gold with one small accent in yellow gold to tie in with the wedding band.
In my opinion, the two tones of gold work really well together and create a modern look!

Amanda says · 03.05.15

I love rose gold and white gold together. I am on a huge rose gold kick right now. I used to solely wear one metal and thought it was a sin to mix….now it’s nothing to see me mix them.

Essie Jean says · 03.05.15

I was the same way about gold when it first made the come-back, but I ended up getting a gold college ring, and, once I actually started wearing it every day, I discovered that I loved it!
I’ve never been a metal mixer either, but I have a silver crown of thorns ring that I also wear every day, and I just couldn’t let my fear of a fashion faux pas cause me to stop wearing either of those rings that are such important reminders to me, so I’ve now embraced the mixed metals look in that I’ll wear a different metal on each hand, and sometimes even a gold watch with a silver bracelet, but I definitely haven’t gotten bold enough to wear two different metal necklaces…

Jules says · 03.05.15

Love these! The scarf on the tote {thirteen} is adorable. Is that yours, or part of the original Etsy photo?

Kate says · 03.06.15

It’s from the original photo !

Margaret Ryan says · 03.05.15

Yellow gold Claddagh on my right hand. Family heirloom that I will pass down to my daughter eventually.

White gold engagement ring and wedding band on my left hand. Steel watch also on my left.

White gold diamond studs that my husband gave me as a wedding gift.

So no, not much of a problem mixing 🙂

Natalie says · 03.05.15

So many cute pieces! Love them all!

louie and coco says · 03.05.15

That Aquamarine ring looks oh so god!!
Minimal gold jewelry is so classy and ethereal. I used to wear big statement pieces, but now i prefer the “less is more” approach.

Ivana says · 03.05.15

Great post!

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Sarah says · 03.05.15

I don’t usually mix metals, but when I do, I usually mix small amounts. I actually like the way it looks to mix metals, I just haven’t majorly done it yet.

Stella says · 03.05.15

Ive recently starting mixing metals. I wasn’t into yellow gold for a very long time and after messing around with mixing while making jewelry, Im starting to like it. I have a long skinny silver necklace with a gold camera on it and thats what got me thinking mixing was ok.

Allyson R says · 03.05.15

I love all of these! I like mixing silver with both rose and yellow gold. I actually sell jewelry and I think you would like some of the more delicate pieces that I sell! You should take a look sometime!

Alexandria says · 03.06.15

One and seven we’re wonderful. I just ordered them!

Anna says · 03.06.15 Reply
Valerie says · 03.06.15

I love the mixing trend! And then there’s hematite! You can see a great example of just going wild and mixing 4 – gold, silver, rose gold and gunmetal in this gorgeous piece!

Jamie says · 03.06.15

I’m trying to jump on the delicate fold jewelry train. I have a few silver pieces which I love and I too find it hard to mix my silver with my gold. Maybe I’m just not brave enough and just need to do it. Honestly, who cares, right?

Hello There, Lady!

Jenelle says · 03.06.15

I have been a huge Ika Bags fan for awhile. I have one of her diaper bags. I feel super trendy carrying a diaper bag from Paris! I asked for a similar Fossil watch for my birthday… I hope I get it!

Love your lists. Inspiring and beautiful.

Laura says · 03.07.15

So glad I discovered Saressa Designs on your blog! Her pieces are beautiful and look like wonderful quality! Now I just need to decide what I want to order!

Mindy says · 03.07.15

I have been looking for a great tote to put my laptop and planner in when I am out and about. Love it! 🙂

Meagan says · 03.08.15

Gorgeous little jewels!

Emma says · 03.14.15

#16 in rose gold just arrived today and I am obsessed with it! It’s even more beautiful in person, if that’s possible. Thanks for introducing me to Saressa designs!

JennyBC says · 03.20.15

This is a very random question but about a week ago I clicked on the link for the bag and it took me to an Easy shop for bags made in Australia that I loved. I kept the page open a few days while I decided on which bag I wanted to purchase. The tab got closed on my computer and of course, I didn’t tag the shop as a favorite on Etsy. Today when I clicked on the link, it took me to a shop in France with different bags. Do you have the name of the Easy shop you intended to link to??

Jennifer hession says · 03.24.15

Rose gold and silver…beautiful together!

Purti says · 03.31.15

Hi Kate, what program do you use to make these photo collages? They always look so great and I’d love to have similar images for my blog. Thanks!

ashley says · 04.18.15

I love golds and rose gold! In fact my boyfriend and I just looked at some engagement rings and fell in love with a rose gold diamond and morganite ring. Ive only really ever worn soft gold jewelry with little pops of color. I have a hard time with silver and golds meshing so I’m going with a rose gold engagement and wedding band so I can always match, haha.