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Welcome Spring, you little tease.

We are having some beautiful days mixed in with some not so beautiful days here in North Carolina.

Are you profoundly affected by the weather like I am? I think it’s the sun mostly. If the sun is shining my mood is on fire. If it’s overcast my mood tends to be a little bit “meh”.

I often think about how glad I am that I didn’t have Luke in, say, November–the start of the never ending winter.


The most feminine clothing I’m drawn to is anything lacy. I’m not big on florals, and dresses or skirts don’t really work well with my lifestyle right now. So lace is as girly as it gets.

And I straight up love this lace tank that my sister has and layers all cute so I’m on the hunt for something similar.

I may have gasped out loud when I found this shirt at J.Crew. I love everything about it. So then I saw it on sale (plus more sale) and bought it. And then returned it. It’s terrible. The cut is awful and the shirt material is clingy and stiff. I felt like a linebacker in it. So don’t buy it.

So the hunt continues for the perfect lace top to add to my wardrobe this spring. If you find a tank top version, with a bit of stretch in it too, would you let a sister know?


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Hannah says · 03.23.15

Not sure if you are looking for a stand alone tank or not but Maurices has awesome lace camis! They are high, long, and have stretch where you need it without the bottom being baggy- plus they come in every color imaginable and are pretty easy on the budget!!

Elizabeth says · 03.23.15

I’m a sucker for lace too atm. It’s so classy and vintage looking!

Katie Richerson says · 06.28.15

Love Lace! And anything affordable! I recently started an online boutique that gives to support Nicaragua! It’s and I’m selling great quality clothing (normally sold at Dillards) for almost half the price! Come and see! 🙂

Melanie says · 03.23.15

The sun makes such a difference, doesn’t it?! One of the main reasons I was so happy I had my son in December was that it meant that I didn’t have to drive during some of the worst snow months. But with this one I’m excited to be having her during the spring so we can enjoy actually getting out of the house! I love that lace is so feminine and made in pieces for the day and night, but I’m realizing I don’t think I have anything in lace that I really like. I’m going to have to check these items out!


Angie says · 03.23.15

I love lace! It’s so pretty and feminine, but can have a casual feel to it as well. I have about 4 lace tops in my closet right now that are on constant rotation.

Christen says · 03.23.15

I saw a cute vintage type top at Old Navy this weekend. This post is making me want to go back and buy it!

J says · 03.23.15

I bought a lace-trimmed shirt at LOFT last year. It was so pretty, and I just loved it. But I was disappointed as well…the lace was really stiff, and if was just uncomfortable. Blah. Oh well…generally I love anything I buy from LOFT, so I guess they were due for a lemon. 🙂

Laura says · 03.23.15

So pretty!!!


Skyler says · 03.23.15

I love lace! I also love dresses though, and I recently found THE CUTEST dress website called They are specially designed “play dresses for playful moms.” Some of them are probably way too colorful for your taste, but there are some really cute gray/ neutrals. I wish I could buy just about all of them.

Lane says · 03.23.15

I too saw your sister’s post a couple weeks ago and ever since I have been looking for a cute lace tank or cami! Excited to see if you find one,I’ll let you know if I do too! 🙂

Kim says · 03.23.15

Lace is one of my favorite materials for spring! I Love these picks – especially the 7th!

Kim .. Sharing blogs!

Sherry says · 03.23.15

I second Maurices! 90% of my wardrobe consists of that store and has since high school (*cough 20 years ago cough*). I tend to find more things online than actually in store but, nonetheless, their clothes are stylish and don’t break the bank.

Caroline says · 03.23.15

I’m excited that lace seems to be in this year, since I love feminine clothes! I’m waiting for my baby to be born any day now, and then I want to get a few new things for summer and hope to find a lace shirt!

Jessi says · 03.23.15

I’ve seen quite a few lace tops at Franchesca’s and Express recently. Love a pretty lace top!

Amber says · 03.23.15–1065WHT151037A.html

How about this one? Might just work for bf as well? It’s stretchy and not clingy at the bottom.

Jillian says · 03.23.15

i just bought a super cute eyelet yoke tank at Old Navy. I don’t know if eyelet really counts as lace but the cut of it is really flattering and it’s nice layered with a cardigan too. And it’s very comfy, which, if I’m being honest, is the most important thing. Not sure if they have the same stuff in the states (I’m in Canada) but might be worth a look online?

Christina says · 03.23.15

Target has a loose top that is lace on the top that I got. Its soft and pretty.

Jennifer says · 03.23.15

Kate- you’re a crafty girl… I too, loved your sister’s tank. SO, I grabbed a fav basic white tank from LOFT, headed to the fabric store to buy some lace trim, sewed it to the bottom of my tank and tadaa!!! It’s awesome and I get compliments every time I wear/layer it! And you don’t even have to sew it- just use some iron on biase tape like you would for fixing a hem in a quikie!

Jennifer says · 03.23.15

OR… I just remembered- I believe you had a lace top from motherhood maternity during your pregnancy w/David bc i bought it after one of your Instagram pics- try layering that?

Cecily says · 03.23.15

I have found quite a few lace layering items at
We have a local store here in San Antonio. Lots of cute items!

Amy says · 03.23.15

Lace has always been a favorite of mine! The Limited has quite a few options of Lace tops right now. I have two that I bought from there online and I have to say, they’re even more beautiful in person 🙂

Nicole Siewert says · 03.23.15

I just got this in cream and blue! Love the lace details. It is see-through where the lace is, but if you where something under neath, its perfect! Its long and very flattering.

Danielle says · 03.23.15

Kate. I just want to tell you that I have been so impressed by how you have been managing your blog while on “maternity leave”. Your content is great and anyone who was new probably wouldn’t notice you just had a baby. You are my Favorite blog writer and always the first one I read. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Take care not to let the blog overwhelm you. Your faithful followers will understand. But I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a beautiful job. Blessings from snowy Chicago !!

Emma Walker says · 03.23.15

The weather and mood thing is real I swear! I feel it too

Emma | With A City Dream

Sherri @Adventures of Love and Marriage says · 03.23.15

I am a huge sucker for the lace look. I actually dropped by LOFT this weekend and had to talk myself out of buying every lace shirt that was in there. They have a huge selection this year. It is just so beautiful and feminine. A very classic choice.

Clever Girl Reviews says · 03.23.15

Anthro did a coral lace top I wish I’d picked up last year!

Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife says · 03.23.15

So pretty! I love all your picks. I really am liking the lace!

becca holt says · 03.23.15

I’m loving lace right now and I can’t wait to get this beautiful lace tunic I just ordered from Grace and Lace! I saw them on Shark Tank and was hooked on everything! I’ll let you know how I like it when it comes but the reviews are stellar! Thanks for the suggestions, especially the Target tank!

Lisa Cowart says · 03.23.15

Target has some!!

Sydni Jackson says · 03.23.15

I’m with you about the weather affecting my mood. Cloudy days are dull & lifeless, sunny days I feel like I’m top of the world! I should really move to the Caribbean, and get out of dreary PA 🙂

Amanda says · 03.23.15

I’ve never been much for lace, but lately I can’t seem to get enough! I’m living light sweaters with lace trim.

Sasha says · 03.23.15 Reply
Kristin S says · 03.23.15

What a bummer that J. Crew shirt isn’t a win. It’s adorable in the photo.

Meagan says · 03.23.15 Reply
Cydnee says · 03.23.15

I am a lace fanatic! I absolutely love this tank top extender from grace and lace. I own the gray/white striped one in scalloped and it is cute, cute, cute! They run big. They also have some long sleeved ones.

Jacqui Chan says · 03.23.15

Love the look of lace, but sadly I’m allergic to it

Rachel says · 03.23.15

Kate – I have this top and LOVE it! best lace sleeveless top ever, and evereve NEVER disappoints!!!. Not cheap, but worth every penny!!!

Kristi Craig says · 03.24.15

I’m definitely a sucker for lace too! I feel like lace is always the answer. Always.


SaraS says · 03.25.15

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that Target top!! Cuuuute. The Anthropologie t-shirt for $100 is a rip-off, though.

Tyana says · 03.25.15

Love the lace, so beautiful

check out my newest post

Little One says · 03.26.15

lace is such a nice material on clothing at the moment. Its so feminine, classy and cute, perfect for going out and every day wear.

taylor says · 04.09.15

this one is a little dramatic but is running a deal on them:

hope you’re well 🙂

Cyndi Chancy says · 05.14.15

I found a super cute and affordable cream lace sleeveless top, with some stretch at American Eagle,