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I’ve been feeling a little blah about my makeup/face these days and was browsing some inspiration on Pinterest.

Lacking sleep from a newborn, and not showering in the morning, has left me looking dull and lifeless.

So I looked at this photos and tried to pick out exactly what was “fresh” to me about them.

1. Each girl has a bit of glow to her. Whether this is from lighting, editing, or whatever else, I can translate that into my makeup application by using highlighter. So, Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder is becoming a new daily. I have the shade Luminous Light, but if I didn’t have it already and was looking for a highlighter, I’d be eyeballing this one from theBalm.

2. They aren’t wearing a lot of makeup! I tend to pile it on when I’m tired to cover up all the darkness, but if I were more strategic with what areas I focused on versus going overboard it could work more to my advantage. My 3 focuses are blush, lipstick and mascara. That way I get some color on my face, and my eyes look a little bit more awake with some definition on my lashes.

3. No under eye bags or darkness! I’ve been loving the brightener by Maybelline, and I’m also a fan of Bobbi Brown’s corrector as well! The key to covering darkness under eyes is correcting it first with a peachy-hue and then concealing it with a concealer. Keeping your eye area moisturized will help concealer both apply nicely and not look cake-y, but you don’t want to have too much eye cream on underneath your concealing products in order to avoid the product sliding off.

So, for spring I’m going to be focusing on these things. #3 isn’t very different from my usual goal of covering under eye darkness, but regular use of a highlighter and going a little lighter on the makeup in general will be refreshing changes.


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Debbie says · 03.20.15

Never really heard about highlighter, but sounds promising–I go in and out of being into makeup. I too have problems with bags under the eyes–I think part of it is hereditary, but of course age isn’t helping! No hurries at all, but I’d love if you one day put together a tutorial on that, as I’m confused about the products; ie: how is a concealer different? And where does foundation fit into this? Or primer, for that matter?

Meanwhile, I’d definitely cut yourself some slack on; the models above are professionally shot and, I’m sure, photoshopped as necessary. On that note, I once played around with some photo editing software on myself. I looked so pretty–no wrinkles, pores, bags under the eyes–a miracle! I was so pretty;)

Alana says · 03.20.15

Loved this post! It’s making me want to go a little more fresh faced with my makeup. Thanks for the inspiration (: x

Anna says · 03.20.15 Reply
Sophie Agnes says · 03.20.15

I love looks like these! ♥

Tina Olsen says · 03.20.15

Love this post!! These are great ideas- ones I’m going to use too! Thank you!!

Krista says · 03.20.15

I keep hearing about the Hourglass highlighter and I’m dying to try it.

Amber says · 03.20.15

i have a 14-month old and just turned 5-year old. The luxury of the OPTION of a morning shower and get-ready time is long gone. With erratic toddler naps and needing to actually get things done during that time, I just have to take my bath/shower at night now. I donT love that, but I’m learning to be more versatile with hair and makeup to make me feel fresh and put together, but not spend a ton of time in the bathroom.
I will lay a warm wet washcloth on my face and really let it sit for a minute and that helps since I don’t get to let the water run on my face. I feel like it actually plumps up the pillow lines a bit. (Probably my imagination though) I focus on even skin tone, mascara, blush, and gloss. Cute, but comfortable clothes are a must. I use your messy bun a lot!!!!
It’s just a different season of life right now. I know you can relate!!!!!

Anna @ The Beauty Section says · 03.20.15

I am definitely going to be trying to wear less makeup this Spring for a more fresh faced look! We shall see if I follow through! 🙂

Kay Steele says · 03.20.15

Are you still using bye bye under eye? I’ve been debating buying it. I have an 8 month old and a 2.5 year old. And I work 3 12 hour days as a nurse, which means really early mornings.

Daisy - émoi émoi says · 03.20.15

That photo of Candice is stunning! Thank you for the tips, I will definitely be using them! 🙂

Shannon says · 03.20.15

They all look beautiful. I use Rodan + Fields restorative eye cream at night for the dark circles and it has made a huge difference!

Megan says · 03.20.15

Can you do a tutorial on how to properly apply a highlighter? I would really like to try to do it, but I have no idea where to start!

Chris says · 03.20.15

I would like to second Megan’s request for a tutorial. At what point do you apply the brightener?

Amanda says · 03.20.15

The Mary-Lou-Manizer is REALLY pretty. it works great as an inner eye highlight too! Great for fair skin. Beware, it cracks very easily since it’s so soft and buttery so it’s not one you’d want to toss in a travel makeup bag.

Abby says · 03.20.15

I’m gearing up for this stage of life as I’m due in July. I’ve never even thought of using highlighter, but I also notice these girls all seem to be tan, and a little pink… Hopefully, the sun will do it’s thing, but, for now, I’m going to try this little trick!

Megan says · 03.20.15

I have been using Bare Minerals newest product Complexion Rescue. It is VERY light and feels amazing on the skin. It lacks seriously in coverage, but I’ve been using it as somewhat of a primer to their BareSkin which does provide the above glow really well. Mark by Avon also has a blush/bronzer/highlighter palette that is AMAZING.

Megan S says · 03.22.15

I have been using this product as well and am loving it. It’s very low maintenance and lasts well throughout my stressful work day. I had a difficult time finding my shade from the sephora site, but was able to find it in store. High demand=great check-out-worthy product!

Emma Walker says · 03.20.15

I really appreciate that we are seeing this trend a lot lately! I think it makes beautiful models and actors seem way more “like us”

Emma | With A City Dream

Anne says · 03.20.15

Beautiful pictures! A fourth tip (not related to makeup) is to only dress in colours that really suit you (at least close to the face) and brings out the best colours in you complexion. 😀 The girls seem to have that in common too, light fresh colours that suit them. I totally fell in love with the green colour a few weeks ago, and recently found a simple wrap dress from H&M in that exact colour! Yey! 😀 <3

Adela says · 03.20.15

Mascara, corector for under eyes area, soft blush for cheeks, nude color lip gloss or lipstic, beach hair, smile on your face and you’re ready. 🙂 Oh, we girls are so lucky 🙂 l just love make up. Btw, I like the girl on the first picture the most..the last one – Candice – is too..photoshopped..;)

Micah Philips says · 03.20.15

I have eye bags under my eyes. I will try your suggestion about the brightener by Maybelline. Hope that works for me. Crossing my fingers.

Lisa says · 03.20.15

I pinned that middle image on my pinterest board, too! I have Sonia kashuk’s highlighting stick, but I find that it can be a bit too shimmery. Do you find that with the Hourglass highlighter?

And ok, I ned to try that Maybelline roller! I bought the It Cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer after reading your review and several online, but I have to admit I’m not wowed by it! I actually prefer to use my regular Mac pro longwear foundation.

Sounds like you’re adjusting well to 2 kiddos! My son will be 1 in less than a month and I have crazy baby fever! Your beautiful pics of Luke don’t help, lol 🙂

Helen Robinson says · 03.20.15

I’m getting married mid May. I don’t wear much make up normally, but I’m definitely going for the fresh faced look as a bride. I Can’t stand all these overly made up faces and now there is contouring. I don’t understand why someone would go so overboard with it. I fully believe in accentuating what you have instead of making yourself look like a Bratz doll!!

Clever Girl Reviews says · 03.20.15

I’m pretty sure images #1 and #3 have been photoshopped! Undereye circles are the bane of real life!

Kristen says · 03.20.15

I’d love a makeup tutorial for something like that look on the right! Plus I’ve never used highlighter, so that would be super helpful too lol

Leigh Megan says · 03.20.15

I’d love to see a highlighter tutorial! My FAVORITE solution for dark circles and a bright complexion are Rodan + Fields! I use the multifunction eye cream and my dark circles are GONE. I’d love to talk to you about Rodan + Fields if you haven’t tried their line yet!

Lauren says · 03.20.15

You should definitely try Rodan+Fields eye cream and eye cloths! Also, the Reverse regimen is fab for brightening a dull complexion!

Sheila says · 03.20.15

Kate, what color of Bobbi Brown’s corrector do you use? We have similar skin tones and I always have trouble finding the right color to fix my under eye circles which have gotten worse with my 3 week old going through a growth spurt… 🙂

Bree says · 03.20.15

I’m loving the glowy skin and rosy cheeks! Very fresh for spring and quick when you don’t have much time to pull it together with 2 babies! The most time I spend in the morning is about 15 minutes before my one wakes up.
Always, Bree

Adriele says · 03.20.15

I have the highlighter from the Balm and it’s INTENSE. Haha, it’s awesome, but you have to be careful with it, otherwise it’s a bit much. The hourglass is a bit more “lit from within” if you ask me. 🙂


Marjorie says · 03.21.15

Perfect skin. I’m a fan of Bobbi Brown’s corrector too!!

Jodi says · 03.21.15

I love that look too, but I have to be honest and say I think they are wearing more makeup than you’d think. At least on their eyes. You can tell they have eyeshadow and eyeliner on. I think the main thing is the sublety of the palette. I know when I try to skip eyeliner and just go with mascara I come across looking very tired. I’m going to try softening the shade of my liner so it’s not too harsh but still gives some definition. I like your suggestion from a different post about using a barely there liner under your eyes to create just the hint of shadow. I need something more than that above. I also think their foundation is very sheer. You can see their skin. Love the highlighting!

Jenny says · 03.21.15

I love the fresh face look, especially for spring! I’m hoping that the heavy cream contour and high light fad drops soon- it takes wayyyy to much time, and it looks so unnatural. There is something about simply enhancing natural beauty that looks so magical!
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Vanessa says · 03.21.15

Less is definitely more! I realized how wearing less makeup actually makes my skin looks more beautiful. I used to spend lots of time on covering up blemishes. But, it just cakes up the face, and it was obvious that I was trying to cover up a zit. So, now I wear lighter makeup, and I’m okay if little flaw shows. I’m human after all.

★ ★

Toni Cathryn says · 03.22.15

A really useful post, thank you! Have you tried a tinted moisturiser? I find this gives that fresh faced no make up look – I fell in love with Liz Earle’s sheer skin tint here >>

Catherine says · 03.22.15

Love the fresh faced look! For me, I’ve been focusing more on skincare so I can use as little products as possible. Definitely want to check out Glossier and their Skin Tint, which is the epitome of the “no make up” makeup.

Tyana says · 03.22.15

love this

check out my newest post

sparklygoddess says · 03.23.15

I love this fresh looks for spring and that is the reason why I need Hourglass Ambient lightening palette in my life!

lisa says · 03.23.15

Hi Kate,
I thought you said in a recent video that the Maybelline under eye concealer was not all that it was hyped up to be, and was disappointing?

Isobel says · 03.24.15

Totally love and agree with this post! I’ve done a similar post in the past. Point number 2 is my favourite, less is more in basically every situation. I used to cake my makeup on way too much in the past!! XX

Ashley says · 03.24.15

I hope you do a tutorial on a fresh spring look! I finally tried the arbonne foundation and their skin care products I am loving their skin care line! Thanks for introducing them to me!

Caitlin Morton says · 03.30.15

Absolutely stunning! I love the more natural fresh look! We don’t have to always doll it up to look glam!

Melissa says · 03.30.15

On March 21st Essie Button posted a “no makeup” makeup look and it is so fresh faced just like these! I’m sure you’ve probably already seen it but since you love Essie I thought I’d mention it. She gives a great tutorial for a “no makeup” makeup look with this beautiful sheer cream blush. You have to see it! 🙂