A Functional and Pretty Vanity

“Let’s get a picture of David and Me”


I’ve had a few different set ups on my bathroom vanity over the years. The longest running one was having nothing at all and keeping all of my makeup and “everyday use” products under my sink and simply pulling them out to use every morning.

But here’s the thing: I never put them away.

My makeup bag sat in disarray, usually opened up with the contents spilling out, on my counter for the rest of the day. And I hated that. It felt like my bathroom was a mess every single day.

I was browsing through the pretty vanities on a POND’S pinboard and was inspired to spruce things up around my bathroom. Recently POND’S partnered with Jonathan Adler to design colorful and reusable containers for the Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes. I loved the blue one because it went perfectly in my already blue bathroom!

While my mom was visiting in February and March, she helped me think through a creative set up for my bathroom vanity that is both pretty and functional. I knew I wanted my makeup to be visible while also staying organized.


I found the vanity organizers at Target, as well as the delicate floral decor sitting on top of the crate. Initally, I wanted to hang two shelves on the wall right next to my sink, but we thought it may be a little too intrusive.

So we thought creatively about how to organize and freshen up the space without taking over the entire vanity. And the idea of using a crate, on it’s side, was born.


It didn’t take long to search for and find a crate at HomeGoods. And after I had sifted through my makeup bag and picked out the most frequently used products, I put them in their new home and stepped back to admire how much more simple my beauty routine had just gotten.

No more digging around my bag to find the product I’m looking for.


I use, and have used for over 15 years, POND’S Original Fresh Wet Cleaning Towlettes to remove my makeup in the evening. I’ve tried other wipes, but they made my face break out and feel overly dry. POND’S has been around for over 150 years, so it’s clear to me that they know what their doing when it comes to skincare.


You can find this blue container at Walgreens in April, and the green one is exclusively at Target.


Now that I’ve lived with this vanity set up for a few weeks, I can assure you this is how it will stay for a good long while. I love the ease of being able to see my makeup in order to make the “getting ready” process quicker.

I also love that it acts a bit as a centerpiece as well, and adds a really nice finishing touch to the decor in our bathroom.


**I’m excited to be partnering with POND’S, a brand I’ve been using since middle school, on a handful of posts over the next year or so. POND’S products pictured within this post were gifted.


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Katie @ Cup of Tea says · 03.27.15

Crate on its side – genius. It looks great!!

Katie @ Cup of Tea

Kim says · 03.27.15

I love that! It looks so neat and pretty!

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Joscelyn says · 03.27.15

I love this! I’ve been wanting to spruce up our vanity as well. Does your husband keep his bathroom items under the sink? My husband habitually leaves his on the vanity and I’d like a solution for both of our vanity items.

Kate says · 03.27.15

Usually yes, but we both get in the habit of leaving stuff on the counter from time to time

Sarah Price says · 03.27.15

I love this! Right now I’m sharing one sink with my boyfriend and our male best friend. All of my beauty things are stashed under the sink, and they keep their products in a three shelf cupboard over the toilet. It is not really working that well, I hate storing my products under the sink, but it’ll have to do for now. I can’t wait until I can have something like this!! I’ll definitely use it for some inspiration.

Brianna Sullivan says · 03.27.15

Your set up is amazing. I love that you keep it on your counter yet it looks like part of your decor. I have my brushes, eyeliners, and mascaras in a pencil holder. It’s pretty handy. Thanks for sharing

Makeup by Ilona says · 03.27.15

I really like this! I will definitely try something like this since I don’t really have much space :/

Karen says · 03.27.15

This is a great post, thank you for all the good ideas! It’s a daily battle for me keeping the vanity tidy.

laura says · 03.27.15

You and your sister are queens of taking 100 photos of the same thing but at different angles, and somehow turning it into a blog post.

Kate says · 03.27.15

I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult 😉 but I’d say we are both visual people and pictures really fill in the holes of a blog post. It’s a bit more interesting to read/look at I think.

Krissie says · 03.27.15

Katie, You seem the type that would clean your brushes regularly too. ☺

Brianna carroll says · 03.27.15

I love all of the pictures and angles. I am visual and It is so helpful!

ailyn says · 03.27.15

very neat! *thumbs up! I should keep my vanity neat and tidy too, but i’;m too lazy

Lisa @ Bubble Tree Soapery says · 03.27.15

I love the Ponds wipes. They are the best I’ve found for removing makeup. I’ve used them for years as well! I’m looking forward to grabbing one of the blue containers from Walgreens!

Katrina says · 03.27.15

Perfect! My makeup lives in a bag and is basically on display for all to see (not in a cute way) I’ll have to give this a try.

ps. that crate and the flowers are PERFECTION in your bathroom—it really completes the space


Kate says · 03.27.15

Thank you!

Maiko says · 03.27.15

This set up is so cute and practical and saves so much room. I love it

Tonya says · 03.27.15

The vanity is well thought out! I love how everything is easily accessible! Kate would you ever consider doing a “tour” of all of your make up collection, hair accessories ect? I have seen a few other bloggers do that and I for one would be interested to see what your entire collections consists of. Thanks!

Robin Karber says · 03.27.15

As a girl struggling with the same makeup storage situation, I was super excited to see this post. Great idea! And also as a girl who’s been using and loving Ponds since the very first days I started wearing makeup, I can’t wait to see y’all do with your collab!

Krista says · 03.27.15

I’m in the process of reorganizing my bathroom, which I started last night, and this gives me a good idea of where to go. Love this.


Maiju says · 03.27.15

If I had my makeup in my bathroom, I would keep it stored in something so that it doesn’t get dirty. I’m especially concerned about those brushes. You should know that particles from the toilet will fly several meters away from the toilet when it’s flushed, even if the lid is closed. It’s not very hygienic to keep your makeup in the open like that in the bathroom, since it’s a good breeding ground for bacteria.

Kate says · 03.27.15

You bring up a fair point Maiju, and I’ve heard that before about the particles from the toilet. Our toilet is in a separate room (water closet) and I’m willing to be lax about hygiene on my makeup brushes for the sake of speed and efficiency right now 🙂

Katie says · 03.27.15

I was wondering what brand the two organizers are. I can’t find them on Target’s website and I don’t live near a Target to check it out. They look like the perfect thing for my bathroom!

Hannah says · 03.27.15

I am also wondering where you got the organizers? I could find them at target or on their website but I love them!!

Emily Sullivan says · 03.28.15

I was wondering the same thing! I desperately need those organizers. Did you find them online or in store? If it was in store, what department? Thanks! I have been looking for a makeup storage solution for forever!

Kate says · 03.28.15

I found one of them here: http://rstyle.me/n/ymggqm8f6

Katie says · 03.30.15

great thanks! I found them both.

Jessica says · 04.01.15

I love this one, ordering it now! I love the other even more!!! I would love to know where you & others found it because I cannot find it on the website.

Tyana says · 03.27.15

Love it, its so simple and cute

check out my newest post

Hush Hush says · 03.27.15

I love how it looks, very clean and cute with a touch of wood!


Evelina says · 03.27.15

Looks great! I especially love the little flower detail you added.

lauraf says · 03.27.15

Hahaha… Oh Mylanta, some of these comments… You keep on keepin on Kate! Love your blog.

Ashley @ Sweet Carolina Belle says · 03.27.15

Oh target is my go to for organizational things. Love the addition of the floral branches. I would have never thought of that!

Abby says · 03.27.15

This is great! Love a good organization tip!
I need your help with something like this but for my straightener and hairdryer. I hate having to get them out and put it away a million times a week, but I don’t want all the clutter.

Clever Girl Reviews says · 03.27.15

I miss having a double vanity! Looks super functional!

Eva says · 03.27.15

Such a genius idea! It looks so so pretty! xx

Alexandra says · 03.27.15

Hi Kate! Thanks for sharing another great post..I love the set-up! If I had a little more space in my tiny NYC bathroom, I may consider the same thing! I also couldn’t help but notice..is that a Tata Harper serum (I noticed the distinct green bottle) just wondering if you’ve tried these products and what you think? Have heard rave reviews, but not sure if I can spend that much. I appreciate all your other reviews/product commentary and have actually started using similar products as you with great results. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to look through the comments 🙂

Jacqui Chan says · 03.27.15

Great idea, but with a two year old boy who loves to fiddle and touch everything I don’t think it would last long in our bathroom

Lesley says · 03.28.15

I’m also looking for these organizers – since my makeup drawer is overflowing! I looked at my Target store and Target.com, but didn’t find them. How long ago did you buy them? I love your blog! Just found it and have already tried a hair tutorial. You do a great job of explaining for the hairstyling-challlenged!

Kate says · 03.28.15 Reply
Kayla Hutchison says · 03.28.15

This is so adorable! I’ll have to keep this in mind when we move into a house that actually has a bathroom sink…haha.

Ariel says · 03.28.15

This is really pretty! I hope I can do something like this with my makeup stuff soon!

Jen says · 03.28.15

LOVE this setup!! Looks so organized! I desperately need this for my bathroom counter!

Jen from http://www.appledapplepancakes.blogspot.com

Cojo Graab says · 03.29.15

It looks so simple but very beautiful ate the same time!

Melissa says · 03.29.15

That’s a cute idea. I will have to keep it in mind for the future. Right now we have a tiny master bathroom (But it’s a master bathroom! Our first house, there was only one bathroom so I am thrilled with any master bathroom at all!) with precisely zero counter space, so my makeup lives under the sink. I did find a fantastic bag, though, that keeps it all organized, compartmentalized, and easy to get out and put away. It’s by Sonia Kashuk and I am in love with it! http://www.target.com/p/sonia-kashuk-houndstooth-print-beauty-organizer/-/A-15324572#prodSlot=_1_10

Meg says · 03.29.15

I LOVE this. I am always looking for a better way to store my items. I have a small vanity so it makes it difficult. I will definitely be copying this.

Lindsay says · 03.29.15

What a great idea! It looks amazing and so simple. What do you use and how do you wash your makeup brushes? Thank you!

Caitlin Morton says · 03.30.15

i love an organized vanity! This is great! Organized in a very pretty way!

krista says · 03.30.15

where did you get the thing for the brushes? i don’t see it on target’s website 🙁

Kristen Kleiva says · 03.30.15

Where did you get the make-up brush holder that’s inside of your crate? I love it!! Thanks for the idea!!

Martie says · 04.01.15

Great idea! Sometimes you just need your Mom! 🙂

lisa says · 04.03.15

I would really like to see a pic of your vanity from a distance. I have been pondering a way to make mine better. I have so many products constantly scattered on the counter it drives me crazy bc its always a hot mess. Love this idea would like to see a bigger overall picture.

Marissa H Suddreth says · 04.03.15

I looove this! Totally going to be on the lookout next time I am at Target for a makeup organizer like this. I’m pretty picky and don’t like most of the ones I see, or they just aren’t very functional for me. But this one is so cute! I love the size and holes for the brushes, as well as the smaller one with more compartments to put stuff.

Aishah says · 04.05.15

This is such a pretty set up!
Really different besides the whole muji acrylic storage 🙂


Pankaj Gupta says · 05.13.15

Thank you for sharing – it was a brilliant idea!

Ankur Parashar says · 06.11.15

This is such a pretty set up! This is a great experience. Loved this!

Kristin Pollett says · 07.11.15

Hi Kate! I am in love with this look. I looked through the comments and see you have posted a link for the organizer on top of the crate. Could you tell me where you got the organizer on the bottom/inside the crate? Thank you so much!!

MR says · 01.02.17

“it’s clear to me that they know what their doing when it comes to skincare.”

what they’re doing