Luke’s Arrival

New Frames for Justin

My second son arrived at 12:59p on February 12th! Did you see this video from last week?


blanket: Lippy Brand, onesie: Burts Bee’s 

Luke is still in a sleepy newborn stage,but I’m going to jump the gun anyway and call this kid content. He hasn’t cried for any prolonged period of time (yet) and has been such a delight. He’s seriously low maintenance, a great eater, a wonderful sleeper, and I can barely remember life before he arrived.

The day of my scheduled c-section felt like a regular thursday. The busyness of a toddler made it hard to spend much time thinking about the impending arrival of another baby. And, while I am so happy that we waited to learn the sex of the baby until delivery day, I think not knowing if it was a boy or girl was a bit of a hinderance in me “bonding” with the baby while I was pregnant.

It took me a little while to bond with David after he was born, and prayed it would be different this time around.

And it has been. 

The only request Justin and I had regarding Luke’s birth was that he could tell me if the baby was a boy or girl. My doctor, whom I love, was totally game for it, and each nurse that was in the operating room while I was being prepped was warned not to say anything when the baby was born so Justin could tell me.

I was a little bit more nervous for the c-section this time around. And I’m not sure why. Everything was incredibly smooth and easy, I felt no pain whatsoever, and the entire procedure went by in a blink of an eye.

Shortly after the procedure started, Justin was allowed to come into the room and sit by my head. I was crying, not from sadness of course, but just from all the emotion I was feeling.

Seemingly just seconds later I heard my doctor say, “There’s the head!”

And the next thing I know people were rushing around and a nurse was telling Justin to stand up, and I heard him say, “IT’S A BOY!”

I will never forget the look in his eyes when he told me.

All I remember saying is,”Really? A boy? Are you sure? That is so fun! Two boys! That is so fun!

Like I mentioned in my last Q&A video, I really didn’t have a strong feeling either way about the sex of this baby. I’d love to have a girl, but I imagined two boys this close in age would be a lot of fun too.

I imagined them sharing  a bedroom, and throwing the ball with Justin when he get’s home from work. And also wrestling and breaking things in my house because. . .well. . .two boys.

I didn’t realize how thrilled I would be with a second boy until I knew I had one. Learning that information opened up something in me that I didn’t know was there, if that makes sense.

After the procedure, when I was being rolled back to the room we were going to stay in, Justin and I had to laugh as we saw it was the exact same room we were in when David was born. And one of the same nurses was on duty as well.

It was only 14 months ago that we were there with David, but being back made it feel like yesterday.


My parents brought David with them to the hospital for a visit the day after Luke was born. It was so great to see him, and he was very interested in every single cord and button in the hospital room.

We showed Luke to him, he maybe glanced for a second, and then moved on to find something to investigate. At 14 months, he really doesn’t understand anything that is going on. I anticipated that, but was really glad to see him rather uninterested versus jealous.



Since Luke was doing great, and my recovery was going really well, we were able to sneak out of the hospital a day early. I completely understand why this happens, but nothing is worse than being woken up from sweet sleep to get my blood pressure checked in the middle of the night. So, when the doctor okay’d me to be discharged, we jumped all over that.


The transition home was made incredibly easy thanks to my parents and my sister. I was able to rest a lot, and slowly get back into the swing of things. My sister stayed for a few days after Luke was born, and is returning in a few weeks for another visit. My mom generously offered to stay for a few weeks to help, which is an indescribable blessing. My dad is coming to visit on the weekends, not only to see his grandsons but also his wife!

My in-laws live closer to us than my parents, so they’ve been down to visit as well!


Between our two male cats, my two boys and my husband, I’m severely outnumbered.

But I couldn’t imagine it being better any other way.


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Wendy says · 02.25.15

Maybe your outnumbered, but also very blessed! What a lovely family! ☺️

Jan says · 03.03.15

,As I have said before I helped raise a friend of mine’s four children. But I have also had experience taking care of quite a few children-not to mention that I taught young children for 25 years. I do not know what it is about the second child, but they are usually laid back and calm. David is also such a cutie!!! I LOVE that picture you posted of him at the end!!!! That is just precious!!! He just looks like such a happy boy!! And the way you describe him always trying to figure everything out. Have you bought him a large set of legos???? They are wonderful for boys like David. They are great for problem solving, for creative learning and will aid in his critical thinking skills. They also are great for fulfilling his need to figure things out. Well that is problem solving. Obviously David has a high level to figure things out. These Legos and building would be GREAT for him to do that with. Also he and Dad can build TOGETHER!!!! Hope you have a great week!

Victoria Smith says · 02.25.15

You have such a beautiful family!:) you showed make a video with Justin, the boys, and you!…..I am so happy for you, and you look beautiful in your hospital pics! I would look awful, you are so blessed with all your guys!

Sherry says · 02.25.15

What a beautiful family and so happy for all of you. David looks so adorable and happy, as always. Congratulations !!

Victoria Smith says · 02.25.15

In the first picture with the four of you, address you wearing a robe or shirt? I love it, whatever it is!

Victoria Smith says · 02.25.15

Are not address

Heather says · 02.25.15

My husband and I have two boys and you are going to love it! It will be a wild ride for sure and you’ll find yourself being adventurous in a whole new way.And there is just something so sweet about the way they treasure you….between “potty talk” comments there are sweet moments when they look at you and tell you that you are beautiful.

Andrea says · 02.25.15

Your boys are just adorable! Your impromptu family photo is so beautiful 🙂 Outnumbered, but I can imagine how amazing the experience of having two boys will be. That close in age then! My sister and I were pretty much this close and it was such a blessing growing up with someone who understood everything!

Many blessings to your family!

Hannah says · 02.25.15

I have one girl, my oldest, and three boys! When my first son was born I was worried I wouldn’t know anything about raising a boy but let me tell you it is amazing! And it defiantly gets crazy but it’s a good kind of crazy lol. Plus all my kids are close in age(18 no between the first two and about two years between each I the others) and it works out so well. They are all interested in the same type I things for the most part which is nice! Congrats!! Being the mom of boys is awesome!

Megan says · 02.25.15

He’s beautiful and congratulations. Two boys so close in age will be so much fun.

Jayme G says · 02.25.15

I’m also outnumbered in my house with two sons and a husband…..and wouldn’t change a thing! Congrats on your new baby boy!

Leslie Haasch says · 02.25.15

You are, hands down, the most adorable and happiest looking new mother I’ve ever seen. Best wishes to your family!

Donna says · 02.25.15

Kate this is just the sweetest post may God Bless Your Family. By the way, you’ve been nominated for the Better Homes & Gardens DIY Blogger Award! You’ve got my vote hands down!!

Bonnie says · 02.25.15

Congrats! As a momma of 3 boys, I too am outnumbered in my house, but I love it! I really believe I was made to be a momma of boys. My oldest is also named Lucas. Just get ready to be asked every single day if you’re going to try for a girl, don’t you want a girl, etc. I think most people mean well, but it gets old.

Congrats again on that beautiful family!

Libbie says · 02.25.15

Such a sweet post. These kind make me cry every time! I have a 2 year old girl and 11 month old boy (so 13 month apart). I’m sure you have already heard this but those first 6 or 9 months can be really brutal. Especially because I imagine David is only beginning to really use words and there can be soo much frustration with telling you what he wants.. and then you have a newborn who just needs you, because that’s what they do 🙂 But I’m not writing this to scare you, I want to tell you how AMAZING it will become. Just in the last 2 months my children have become best friends and play with each other all day long. Honestly, it’s easier to have them together than apart because they get bored and miss one another. My oldest “reads” her books to the youngest and is always looking after him. Even is a great fetcher for his bottle, paci, etc. So hang in there! There will be days you may want to pull your hair out and quit but it does get easier and you will be so thankful you had them so close together! Take care <3

Sarah S says · 02.25.15

Outnumbered and blessed. That’s how I look at it as well!
From a mom of 7 year old twin boys and an 11 year old son and 2 male cats! 🙂

Angela says · 02.25.15

I have two boys 13 and 1/2 months apart. When I read your blog all I can think is “Oh boy, is she in for it”. HA! Two boys that close in age is…. well, there’s just no way to describe it. Mine are 14 and 13 years old now, and sometimes I think I still may not survive those two. BUT I would not trade if for anything. There is absolutely nothing in the world that compares to being the MOM of BOYS!

Autumn says · 02.25.15

I’ve never commented before but……I’m so happy for you! Your family is beautiful!!!! The Lord has blessed you and your husband. Keep on having those precious babies! (We have 5) there is nothing better!

mrsmahersbar says · 02.25.15

So sweet! My MIL was the only female in a house with a husband, 3 boys and a male dog and the love they all have for that woman is immeasurable. There is an immense amount of respect and awe surrounding her and she shines so bright in her family because she’s the only woman. I wish the same for you 🙂

Paula Buckmaster says · 02.25.15

I’m sitting here… work (I’m a school counselor) and almost in tears! My babies are almost 16, almost 14 and just turned 11. I LOVED being pregnant and had easy deliveries and was able to nurse them for a year each! I get overwhelmed with emotion that it goes by in a flash but it’s wonderful at the same time. I love your blog and now I guess I can experience new mommyhood through you! Enjoy it….I know you will! And thanks for getting me all choked up! 🙂

Jackie says · 02.25.15

How lovely! I’m due with my first baby in June and it’s a boy! Between my husband, my two male cats, and now my baby boy, I’ll be the only girl it the house. But I am very much looking forward to it! I love your blog and I’m so happy you’re doing well! 😀

Kim says · 02.25.15

Aww congratulations! This made me a ball of emotions to read haha. Your baby is so cute and I’m sure you’ll have so much fun with two boys!

Kim ,. All about Adsense?!

Bailey says · 02.25.15

This post is so sweet 🙂 Reminds me of the day my second son was born. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Its amazing to see brothers together. One of the best days of my life was when my oldest son (only 11 months older than my youngest son) went up and put his head on him to hug him for the first time. He literally had no interest in him at all and one day I looked over and he was hugging him – greatest moment ever!

Meaghan says · 02.25.15

This was the sweetest post! I got a little teary reading it! SO happy for you and your beautiful family, Kate! Congratulations on a beautiful and healthy baby boy!

Lindsey says · 02.25.15

Congratulations! I had a section with my first, and I refused to share his name until I got to hold him. For our second, I ended up having a VBAC, and out of two floors of rooms, we ended up staying in the same room as my first! I remember them saying the room number at 4 in the morning, and after being up for almost 24 hours, somehow the number struck a chord and I knew it was the same one. Crazy how that works out!

Lori-Ann says · 02.25.15

God bless you all!

Gretta F says · 02.25.15

Mother of 2 boys as well (mine are 2.5 years apart, now 8 and 11 years old). And let me tell you – they are fun and a blessing!

Catie J Buck says · 02.25.15

Kate, when I read the part when Justin told you the sex, that just made me smile. What a sweet story. I’ve been a follower of yours for – gosh – 3 years? It’s been so fun to watch you grow and now have a beautiful of 4. Congrats!!

Catie J Buck says · 02.25.15


Lori says · 02.25.15

Luke is seriously a beautiful baby!!

We also have 2 boys…they are 2 years and 3 weeks apart. Oldest was never jealous of his brother at all. I loved being in the minority in the house to be honest!

Olivia says · 02.25.15

What a wonderful time in your family’s life! I do agree with the closeness; 2 of my 3 daughters are exactly the same age difference as your two little men. I LOVE SEEING THE BOND my two have together.
Have fun, there is a lot of fun to be had.
Congrats & blessings

MIDWESTERN BELLE says · 02.25.15

So glad everything went smoothly. Looking forward to lots of pics of your house full of boys! ❤

Leah says · 02.25.15

Congratulations! As a mother of two boys – I can honestly say, it’s SO fun. They’ll keep you on your toes. 🙂

Kim Gardner says · 02.25.15

Kate what beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! I too have two boys and it really is such a blessing! My husband told me early on (since there are no dolls to play with which don’t require directions) that I need to learn how to put together and fix any and every toy. He was right. Enjoy your precious boys and look forward to learning to dodge nerf bullets on a daily basis..:)

Julie says · 02.25.15

Awwww I love your posts! I especially love hearing about the babies. I initially liked your blog for the hair tutorials (which I have tried a few) but as soon as you were pregnant I did not mind at all the baby posts. In fact, I have even caught myself wanting more than just Wednesdays. LOL. Anyways, your anticipation for Luke made me have a vision of my 18 month old with a new sibling. It was a very warm vision. I could see her touching him/her softly. While I was waiting for the right time to have another baby, now know we are ready for baby number two. I will stay close to your blog to see the challenges as well as the perks of having siblings close together. Although a little different for me, I suspect the overall struggle will be the same. Enjoy!!!

Krista says · 02.25.15

Yay! Congratulations! So happy everyone is doing well and adjusting! He’s just precious.

Amanda says · 02.25.15

Congratulations!!! He’s a handsome little dude!!! I just had a baby boy in December by scheduled C-section as well, and a 16 month old baby girl! The thought of two under two is so daunting, but its THE BEST!!! Its a little crazy at first to say the least, but my little man is almost 3 months old now and we are smooth sailing for the most part. So happy for you and your family!!!

Krissy says · 02.25.15

Congratulations! Your family is so beautiful.

M Huntsinger says · 02.25.15

Congrats. I too am the mother of 2 boys and I must say it is WONDERFUL to be out numbered! Mine are farther apart- about 6 years- but they are very close, share a room by choice (neither sleeps well apart from the other) and generally enjoy hanging out.
Congrats and welcome to the adventure! Enjoy the quiet while you have it- i must say my house is NEVER quiet with the boys home!

allison says · 02.25.15

I have boys who are 14 months apart as well, and were both C-sections too. So glad to hear you are doing well and have extra hands around, that is wonderful! I loved having two boys so close in age (not all the time when they were toddlers, but most of the time, lol)… you’ll get to reuse so much from David … it’s awesome! Enjoy your babymoon!!!

Barbara says · 02.25.15

What a beautiful baby! You are blessed with two healthy, happy, handsome boys. Best wishes to you and Justin-

Sasha says · 02.25.15

Congratulations! I can’t wait to read all of the adventures with Luke and David! Mine are close in age and share a room (girl/boy)– never seen much jealousy at all and they are 5 and 4 now! You will love it and the joy you have at seeing your two kids play and love each other, brothers and BFF’s!

Anna says · 02.25.15

How wonderful! Boys are the best. I had 2 year old twin boys when my 3rd little man was born. Your days will be crazy and messy and loud, but they will be so beautiful. Their relationships are wonderful to watch develop. Boys and their mamas have such a special bond. Mine are now 5,5, and almost 3 and they are all convinced that they are going to marry me when they are “big like daddy.” Enjoy and embrace the beautiful chaos!

Amy says · 02.25.15

Congratulations on your precious new Blessing. 🙂 I am the proud mom of four boys.. I may be outnumbered with a hubby, four boys, and even some boy dogs. but sometimes it is nice to be the only Princess around 😉 lol Enjoy these moments!

Evelyn says · 02.25.15

You are like the only queen! Wait some years and you’ll never have to lift a thing again!LOL

Anyway, they are both precious, I’m very happy for you and Justin!

Maybe it was your subconscious that didn’t let you be super excited for one specific gender because you didn’t want to be disappointed and/or feel like you didn’t love as much the baby because you were expecting something else. But a mother’s love is deep no matter what!

So, is the breastfeeding going better this time? I hope so!



Mia says · 02.25.15

Your post is giving me a baby fever! Congrats again

Mindy says · 02.25.15

You have such a beautiful family!! God bless 🙂

Tiffany Hayden says · 02.25.15

We didn’t know the gender of either of our children. Being type-A made it very hard not to find out but having my husband announce, “It’s a girl” and then almost 5 years later announce, “It’s a boy” made it all worth while. I loved that my true love was the one to announce it. There are so few surprises in life and this is one (actually two) that I will always cherish. Congratulations on the birth Luke!

Brenna says · 02.25.15

Congratulations! You have a beautiful family. It has been such a blessing and encouragement to follow your blog.

I have a 9 month old boy and am only starting to be able to imagine a world with two kiddos.

Bya Kakley says · 02.25.15

Dear Kate,

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photo’s of your new baby Luke, your other cutie David, your husband and family. You are so blessed. I think it will be fun to have two boys so close in age, it will be great! I only have one child a boy named Brent and always wanted another child but it wasn’t in the cards for us after having a hysterectomy. I feel blessed having Brent so that is all that matters. It is nice that you have help from your parents, sister, and Justin’s parents as well. Enjoy this special time with all your loved ones. Looking forward to more pics in the future.

Tyana says · 02.25.15

Hes beautiful!!

Check out my newest post

Daniella says · 02.25.15

CONGRATULATIONS To you and your gorgeous little family xx

Heather says · 02.25.15

You are positively glowing in those photos! Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

Sarah W. says · 02.25.15

I’m outnumbered too Kate! My guys are 4 1/2 years apart (yes #2 was a surprise!!). I highly recommend stressing the importance of the only girl in the house needing her OWN bathroom 😉 This perk has worked out quite well for me I must say!!!

Angela says · 02.25.15

He is perfect! Congrats to you all!

Susan W. says · 02.25.15

Congratulations! I have been following your blog for awhile, and am so happy for you and your husband. I am also the mom of two boys. Being the only girl in the house is the best!

Jess says · 02.25.15

So happy for you and your growing family! Wishing you all the best as you continue to transition as a family of four.

iza says · 02.25.15

You are truly graceful and so lovely. Congrats on your new cute addition to the family! 🙂

Callie says · 02.25.15

I never comment but what a wonderful photo of you, your husband and baby Luke! Congrats!

Sandra says · 02.25.15

He is perfection! I have two boys…now a teen and tween. They treat their mom like a princess every now and then….nothing like a mom and son relationship. Such blessings, congrats!

Kari says · 02.26.15

Congratulations Kate! What a beautiful family!

Jessica Charlotte says · 02.26.15

He’s beautiful. Congratulations, you have a lovely family.

Jess X

Nancy says · 02.26.15

Kate, I am a long time follower of your blog and just wanted to send hugs and congratulations! Thanks for sharing your heart and pictures of your sweet boys (all of them) We share a similar story, my boys (Wyatt and Wade whom are now 7 &6) are 15 months apart. It is a great life with boys! They are so fun and I still feel a little partial to little boys! I loved being their girl! God graciously continued to bless us, and now we have two little girls (Willow and Wren, 3 & 1).
Many blessings in the days ahead.

Anna says · 02.26.15

OMG he is soo cute!! Congratulations <3 by the way I love the name

Meagan says · 02.26.15

Beautiful baby! You look great!

Christina says · 02.26.15

I’ve only started reading your blog-so I may be missing the back story-if so forgive. I had two girls-13 months apart. While it was crazy stressful-I am so glad we did. Parents of siblings close in age and my own observations are-

Once they’re older I think two so allows you to be lazy. 🙂 (as if any parents could be)-but once they are a bit older they have a insta friend. How do people vaca without two? I think you have to entertain the little person the WHOLE time-a close sibling gives you breaks here and there. And waiting in line-so much easier they may think you are kinda funny-but there sibling? Funniest.thing.they ever seen.

I don’t understand why-but my two and others got along a lot better after they started sharing a room. Apparently that’s the norm.

The money I saved on clothes! They’ll be different sizes at different time but (also they wiil be as different as night an day-also common).
I have 3 (in 39 months!)-and my youngest is my boy-and it is so different. My girls love me and are smarty pants-my boy? Loves me. (and is a smarty to his dad. 🙂

Anyway-since I have 3 little ones I seldom sleep a whole night without some tragedy or another-so I’m always sleepy and am probably rambling nonsense.

Christina says · 02.26.15

I hate that I cannot edit. I do know grammar. Or at least I did before I had 3 little people.

Megan C says · 03.01.15

Congrats! He is precious!! I bet it will be awesome to have two boys so close to each other!

Kim says · 03.02.15

Oh what an adorable little family you have! I think your boys look just like you! Congratulations!