A few things I’ve learned about being a mom + a quick family update!

5 Things to Do/Try/Buy with Emily from Emily Ley


one of my favorites from my very first shoot with Jordan and my eldest, David. 

Ahhh motherhood. It’s quite a journey.

The last time I wrote a post about some of the harder parts of motherhood, for me, was here. Maybe it’s just the mental preparation of adding another one to the mix, or the fact that it’s been over a year since I first became a mom, but I felt compelled to share a few of the particularly meaningful things I’ve learned along my motherhood journey.

1. Don’t let what other’s find to be negative suck the joy out of something you enjoy. I remember mentioning a few times that I really hoped David would learn how to walk before my next baby arrived. David is not a petite little boy, and deeply hoped he’d be walking by the time his sibling arrived so I knew he’ d have some independence when my hands were full. I heard from a few people that I would “regret wishing that” and that “once your baby starts to walk it’s all downhill from there”. Sure, I understand these people may have been a little dramatic just for effect, and to a point I understand that life is certainly a little bit more challenging with a walking toddler, but I LOVE that David can walk. He stays occupied for such longer chunks of time because he can explore the downstairs, or his bedroom, without be having to relocate him constantly.

2. Flexibility is probably the most important trait I learned that I needed. I didn’t realize how inflexible I could be until becoming a mom. And sheesh, there were some tough days of frustration if my plan for the day got thrown off by a short nap, or a teething/sick baby. Motherhood is humbling. I still feel that a regular routine/schedule for David and I has made the first year pretty darn easy, but in hindsight I wish I was more flexible on days where the routine got thrown off (for whatever reason). Now with two, flexibility is going to be even more crucial for me to survive the challenging days ahead.

3. Don’t let a few consecutive days of something tough get you down. Let me give you an example. January was a tough month for David. He developed an excruciatingly painful, infected blister on his thumb from thumb-sucking, had a cold, was cutting 3 molars, and going through what I learned could be the 12/13 month sleep regression all at the same time. His naps were erratic, he was exceptionally clingy, and simply wasn’t himself at all. Infected thumb aside, I didn’t know what on earth was going on with him. And once his thumb healed, and he was still acting to strange, I started the decent into the pit of despair that my once happy-go-lucky, relatively consistant napper who was never clingy was gone. Goodbye. Welcome to a 13 month old I thought. And then, about a week passed, and he started to get back to his normal self.

And I realized: he’s got a lot going on inside and he’s not a tiny robot. He’s going to go through different phases (good and bad) and I need to remember that if it’s a tough stage that it will likely pass.

So once those challenging two weeks were over, and have since been forgotten about, I made a mental note to give different seasons a little bit more time before I resolve that any personality changes are permanent.

Again, none of these things may be particularly novel to you, but they were just a few things that I repeatedly come back to to “reset” my mind on the challenging days.

A little family update:

So, Luke has been here for almost a week! The transition has been seamless thanks to my family being in town to help, as well as my husband being home from work. I couldn’t imagine doing it without each of them.

I haven’t noticed dramatic changes in David since Luke arrived, other than perhaps the realization that there is something else going on in the house. Again, he’s so young I’m not sure if he actually notices it or I’m just projecting what I think he may feel onto him. He’s been busy, busy, busy with grandparents and his aunt Lauren so I’m sure we’ll have to go through a little detox phase once family leaves and settle into the new normal life.

Luke, while only a week old and still likely in a bit of a newborn coma, is super content and easy-going. He sleeps well, is easily soothed if he gets upset, and is eating well too!

I’ll share more about the “family of 4” transition over time, and the continued lessons I’m learning along the way. It’s always encouraging for me to read about other women in a similar phase of life, and how things are going for them, and I’m grateful that I get to share a bit of that part of my life here!


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Sarah says · 02.18.15

Kate I think you are a wonderful mom!! I had sever post partum depression and I wish I would have had your blog to read at that time!! Congratulations on your new baby boy!! Cherish every moment as time goes by so fast!! My little boy starts school this year!! 🙁

Jessica says · 02.18.15

My family is about to become a family of four with two little boys in May. I’m so excited to read about your journey and your lessons learned. It’s like a little sneak peak into what will become my life soon.

Congratulations again! You have a beautiful family.

Amber says · 02.18.15

It is nice to hear that things are going well and you have a ton of help. Wishing you all the bes.

Danielle says · 02.18.15

Ive been following you since before you had David, but have never commented. I just wanted to say what an encouragement you are:) I have one little boy born a month after David and I’m expecting my second son via c-section on March 12. I love reading your post and when I read your blog it’s so uplifting to hear from someone that’s going through the exact same things. Thank you for sharing your heart and being so open and honest. Your little boys are absolutely precious!!

Chelsey says · 02.18.15

Congratulations! I was told the same thing about wanting my son to walk before our daughter was born but I have never regretted it! Especially while healing from that second c-section.
I feel like my son didn’t even really notice the baby until my Grandparents left and we got back to our normal routine. He was having so much fun doing special outings with them and his sister slept so much those first weeks he honestly didn’t see her much.

Now a year later if we try to take him for some special one on one time he demands his sister come too. They are close enough in age that they are into the same games which is so nice. Right now they are playing with the train table together while I drink my coffee 🙂

Addison says · 02.18.15

Beautiful, beautiful picture and a very gracious, humble post. I’ve been reading for a long time and remember when you posted your struggles with having children. Your writing has always been graceful and encouraging. I am so happy for you and your family!

Kate says · 02.18.15

Thank you for your posts! It is so encouraging and such a good reminder to read posts that remind us to be flexible and that our little ones are allowed to have different moods just like us. I have an 11 month old and when she had a rough night the other day I was like oh my gosh, what is going on, why is she so cranky and clingy? Why…because she’s allowed to be and was just having a tough day, I need to remember that. Thank you for the reminder. And thank you for your wonderful stories and perspective. I love your posts about your kids!

Sarah W. says · 02.18.15

I’m sure you’ve heard it one hundred times – cherish the good days AND the rough days Kate. It goes by SO quickly! My babies are 15 and 10. And though I was conscious of slowing down and taking it all in, my heart still aches for those precious baby days…Enjoy those little boys 🙂

Aileen says · 02.18.15

I love this post! I’m 38 weeks and waiting for my baby to arrive. I think that I’ll have to work on being flexible with her and remember that things won’t always go as planned. I hope your recovery is going well!

Megan Haynie says · 02.18.15

Congratulations! I myself am a mother to two boys ages 5 & 16 months. Boys are amazing and a joy to have in your life. I love your attitude toward motherhood and wish you joy and happiness.

Jenny D says · 02.18.15

Beautiful! But, I really need to see those baby toes! 🙂

Mia says · 02.18.15

Great post Kate. Mine are 6 and almost 4 and even today your post resonates with me. Please keep this post near and when the days get tough you can re-read it. Six years into motherhood and flexibility is something I am still learning and struggling with. As you know, it does get easier as they get older and like Sarah W. wrote cherish these days; they really do go by quickly. I swear my oldest was a baby yesterday.

Kim says · 02.18.15

I’m glad everything’s going so well for you! I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to be a mom.. Kudos to you for how much you’ve learned and grown and congratulations on your growing family 🙂


Kristy says · 02.18.15

Congratulations!. As a mother of two young ones, I frequently reflect on just how humbling parenthood is. In the end it is a beautiful thing as the family grows and learns together.

Mariah Leinbaugh says · 02.18.15

Your comments are very insightful. I have thought the same things in my adjustments. I had my second child in August (two girls, the oldest was a little shy of three years old). I told my husband that I knew taking care of kids would be tough, but there is NOTHING that anyone can tell you about it to fully prepare you for how it will be, both the challenges and the joy.

Thank you for “putting yourself out there” on this blog. You encourage more people than you realize. Never underestimate that impact! Congratulations to you and your family! I hope you soak in every moment!

Amy says · 02.18.15

Such an encouraging post! I have 3 kiddos, my oldest is 9, and I would definitely say that flexibility was the hardest adjustment for me. Even now, if my schedule gets thrown I still have to take a deep breath and remind myself that it’s ok 🙂 Congrats on having beautiful baby Luke! Your family is adorable.

Emily @ Perfection Isn't Happy says · 02.18.15

Thank you for sharing all of this! I’m 13 weeks pregnant, and people are already telling me the bad stuff. I realize parts of motherhood are hard, but the first year of marriage was hard, and the first years of college were hard, and so on. Every stage of life has its difficulties! I don’t know why some moms are so quick to basically tell you you’re not going to enjoy it (or that you shouldn’t wish for certain things, in the case of David walking). I want to hear the good stuff, and I love when people are positive about being a mom!

Catherine R. says · 02.18.15

You hit the nail on the head in #3 when you said you realized there is a lot going on in his little body. My son is 5 now but I still have to remind myself of that. He’s not a little grown up. We have a saying in our family: being little is hard. It covers a lot, from physical to emotional. It’s also the truth. We forget sometimes but not being able to tell us what is wrong is harder on them than it is on us. Plus they don’t have the capability to deal with things emotionally. Being little is hard. You are doing a great job mama! You boys are beautiful and I know you are absolutely over the moon in love with them. Keep up the good work!

bree says · 02.18.15

so sweet. the stages paragraph made me cry. i have a 13 month old and was feeling the same way you did about 2 weeks ago. now all the sudden, it appears my sweet girl is back. everything is just a stage, good or bad. i agree with trying to enjoy all the good, make it through the hard times, and know they will be grown so quick. congratulations on Luke! love that name by the way, it was one of our picks too. we chose not to find out the gender of our baby and my husband got to go to the waiting room and tell everyone her name. i am looking forward to doing this many more times as well. so glad you had a wonderful uneventful pregnancy and best wishes to your family of 4. 🙂

Anna Bundrick says · 02.18.15

Glad I read this post today. I’m going through a particularly rough time with my son right now too and it has been wearing on me. I need to be reminded that these phases will pass and hopefully my easy-going, good sleeping, non-clingy baby will return!

Melissa says · 02.18.15

As a mom of two myself I totally relate to all of this. 🙂 You’re right on point – motherhood is a journey that is constantly evolving. Some things will go as we planned or as we wanted, some things won’t, and at the end of the day the best we can do is roll with it.

My big thing was I really wanted my firstborn to be potty-trained when his little brother arrived! Totally didn’t happen. I proceeded to have two in diapers for the next two years. My oldest was almost five before we could really declare him potty-trained. But it wasn’t because of anything we did or didn’t do as parents. There were factors beyond our control (I won’t get into details, it’s a long story). Because, like you said, kids aren’t little robots. They’re little people with little personalities and little brains that are growing and adjusting to this big wide world and it’s a lot to handle sometimes.

Leslie says · 02.18.15

Congratulations on your new baby boy. Wish you all the best and I honestly feel that your point number three is so significant! As a Mom of three children, the youngest currently a junior in HS, it still holds true. I feel that our children sense our belief in them and will strive to maintain that belief. I was so nervous about having children(I was a career woman!) and never in a million years thought I’d become a stay at home mom that honestly loved and still loves every stage of our children’s lives. Once you realize that there will be good and not so great periods, it’s much easier to stay calm thru it all….because you just KNOW the good will return.

Initials LA says · 02.18.15

Hi Kate! I am discovering your blog, it is nice to read about the difficulties of motherhood, and how to overtake it.
I am a mum of a 6 months old baby boy, I am French, living between Paris and Los Angeles, married to an American man, and sometimes I feel so overwhelmed.

But as you say, you must not give up because you had a few bad days, which is sometimes easiest to say than to do!

I will keep reading you, I love your writing 🙂



Cindy says · 02.18.15

Your post resonated with me as well today. I had my fourth in november and I am still amazed that right out of the gate each of my children has had a unique personality. I agree whole heartedly with each of your observations and would add that I have learned to trust my mommy instincts with each of my children. Flexibility and realizing that the journey with each child is going to look different is so key. My first potty trained himself at 15 months and my second wanted nothing to do with potty training until 3 1/2. I think nowadays we tend to have so much information coming at us about how our children should be developing and progressing that it can stress us and drown out that inner voice that is leading us on our individual mothering journeys. Enjoy your little ones! It is such a wonderful thing to be a mom!

Christy A. says · 02.18.15

It is so hard to remember that hard times shall pass. We went thru 2 horrific years with both my boys being in the hospital back to back. Just now our lives are returning to normal. My mom always said. Little kids little problems. Bigger kids bigger problems. While you are in the middle of something you feel like it will never end. When it does you look back and think ok, got thru that. Next ! Haha. Congrats to your beautiful family.

Krista L says · 02.18.15

Reading your third lesson learned reminded me of a lesson I learned with my guy (who isn’t so little any more at 8.5). We all have bad days – I do, my husband does… and so does my son. Why is it OK for me to have a bad day, but not him? Once I recognized that, as you said, “he’s not a little robot”, I let go of his rough patches and know that it wouldn’t last.
Savor every moment and live in the excitement of motherhood! 🙂

Mary says · 02.18.15

Kate, I really appreciate your honest but positive outlook. I’m 5 months pregnant with my first, and I fully anticipate a steep learning curve and some challenging days/weeks/months. Even with trying to mentally prepare myself, I’m sure I’ll have periods where I feel overwhelmed or anxious about a certain phase. It’s so helpful to hear from a mom in the thick of it who can still keep a positive attitude and offer up some perspective. I’m happy to hear that things are going well with new Baby Luke. Best wishes to your little family!!

MIDWESTERN BELLE says · 02.18.15

I’m glad you’re not letting the Debbie Downers get you down! I hope February is a better month for you – it looks like it’s off to a great start ❤

Jennifer says · 02.18.15

I have to say that your #1 is dead on! Everyone will tell you that each stage has it’s down falls, crawling, walking, talking, feeding them selves, etc. but with our now almost 8 yr old I absolutely loved each stage and although each was challenging I would never say “oh you just wait”. I’m tellin’ ya setting on the floor playing with baby toys is for the birds when you have a crawler or walker, things get more fun and they have that independence that they never had and it is/was FABULOUS. Talking “baby talk” was great but having a baby/toddler that could actually have a conversation, so to speak, was amazing!! Enjoy it all b/c before you know it you have an 8 yr old who goes outside and plays with his friends and don’t see him except for the quick “Hi mom” as comes in for a drink!! Each stage is unique and I wouldn’t change it for the world, them growing is pretty bitter sweet 🙂

Jayme G says · 02.18.15

There is so much to learn in motherhood! I have 2 little boys myself ages 10 and 6 and brothers are an exciting adventure! Enjoy them because time really does fly with 2 and they are in school before you know it 🙂

Leah says · 02.18.15

My boys are also 14 months apart and a few weeks before my second was born, my eldest went through the same things you described David going through before Luke was born. I chalked it up to him just knowing/feeling like something was going on and feeling our stress/anxiety/excitement through it all. Now, at 2, he loves his little brother and is a great help to us.

Sherry says · 02.18.15

I can empathize with you on those rough days. Having my firstborn was tough from the get-go. 24 hours of labor, came home sicker than a dog (found out I needed my gallbladder out), had my boss calling NONSTOP wanting to know if/when I was coming back to work (I didn’t go back), a close family friend died the same day I had my baby, we were re-doing our house so not only was it torn apart (yes, bad timing on our part) but had at least 15 people in and out all day long, I had 2nd degree tears from labor and my baby was sick with something or other for a good 9 months. That passed and I went on to have 2 more beautiful boys and all of that is nothing but a memory. Not a good one, but a memory nonetheless. 🙂 Your babies will have off days just like you and me and it’s our job to comfort them as best we can. It’s beyond frustrating but you just have to hold out hope for “this too shall pass”. And it will. Congratulations and good luck with everything. I think you’re doing great.

Alison H. says · 02.18.15

Kate, I am so insanely impressed you were able to sit down and collect your thoughts for this post, it really does show that you are flexible and truly care about your readers. A million props to you girl!

I could NOT agree with #1 more, my 9 month old is on the verge of crawling and I wish so much she could, seeing her get frustrated with not being able to reach something or bored from just laying in one spot isn’t fun for me or her. I realize it’s all just part of the process but no one has the right to tell you to “just wait, you’ll regret that”. So I completely understand and obviously us saying “I wish she could crawl or walk or talk (whatever)” is not going to make it happen, so why the negativity towards our aspirations for our children? More often think people don’t even realize what they are saying out loud when they do.

Anyway, what a beautiful picture and I’m so, so glad you’ve given us your thoughts and things seem to be going so well. Although my mother was around after my first was born, I never felt so alone (she wasn’t a huge help, I often was making her meals), I can imagine how nice it is to have an online community that you’ve worked your butt off to support you and encourage and hopefully bring you a smile on the rough days. Thank you and keep it up!

Katie says · 02.18.15

I was blessed 13 years after I’d had my “baby” with a new baby! My new baby is now 8. The one thing…I said many times when the days were rough, and id learned from already raising four boys….”this to shall pass!” And pass it does, all to quickly! Breathe….and enjoy every second! Congrats and your new little one.

Emily says · 02.18.15

I am so relieved that I’m not the only one who gets irritated when people tell me I’ll regret the day my 13-month old starts walking. It seriously drives me nuts! I’m so grateful to have a healthy baby and will always celebrate such milestones, regardless of what “seasoned” parents want to tell me 🙂

Enjoy those newborn snuggles, Kate!

Evelyn says · 02.18.15

I’m so happy things are going well and you are enjoying some family time! I’m curious to see when they leave and David realizes the baby is still there. It’s hard to tell what they think of it right? I have a friend with close in age kids (boy and girl) and they seem to be great friends! Hope yours will be too!

I completely agree with all your points. And I also remembered about your pregnancy pants purchase. People said it would be a waste and you were so happy to buy it. Mommy gotta be happy, ignore the rest!



Natalie S. says · 02.18.15

Glad to hear the transition with another baby seems to be going well for you & your family! My son is only a couple of months younger then David & I can’t imagine having another baby right now! But it sounds like you’ve got a great support system – it really does take a village to raise a family. All the best!

Christy says · 02.18.15

Congrats! Flexibility is important but so is the schedule!! It is helpful to me on a rough day to know everyone is going down for nap (even me) at a certain time. Enjoy your new little one! Mine are already 3 and 5 months, how did that happen??!!

Stacy says · 02.18.15

I so needed the encouragement about babies/kids going through “phases.” Thank you!

Jolee says · 02.18.15

Glad to hear things are going well! Also can I just say, I love your hair in these pictures. Such a cute cut/color on you!

Clever Girl Reviews says · 02.18.15

Glad to hear things are going pretty smooth!

Kristin says · 02.18.15

Thanks for this post Kate. I love to hear about your growing family! I am expecting my first baby in September, and am soaking up all of the advice I can get! Continued prayers for you and your beautiful family. Luke is absolutely adorable! Congrats!

Natalie W says · 02.18.15

I was so grateful that my first child could walk when I had my second child. It was great to be able to walk out of the house and tell him to go to his side of the car. You’re not wishing away their childhood at all. It just makes things easier.

Also, I would recommend giving yourself a “break” for about a year. I’m not saying stop blogging or cleaning your house or whatever, but if you can go easy on yourself until then do it. Cut corners. Use a crockpot for dinners. I felt like my second child was easier because I knew what to expect, but it was hard because I was juggling two children who were both very needy. I did cut back on responsibilities outside the home, and we also cut back on going out to friends’ houses. Once baby #2 hit a year old, I felt like we had found our stride.


amanda says · 02.18.15

There’s nothing like an additional baby to show you just how easy the infant stage really is! You realize just how much they do sleep and how not so needy they are compared to their toddler siblings. I have a 7 month old son, David :), and he has two sisters, 6 and 3.5 years old 🙂 I agree about not needing the others advice on the “terrible” warnings of things to come. People are always warning me about how different and rowdy my son will be compared to my girls. I try to just let people enjoy what they’re experiencing because no parent likes the dramatic warnings! We deal with experiences when we get there. Congratulations and I hope it continues to go smoothly!

Ashley says · 02.18.15

I too have two boys very close in age. They are much older now then your boys but I can tell you that you are about to have the most amazing moments in your life. The bond of brothers is amazing. There are going to be moments with tears of joy and tears of sadness when they fight. I pray that for you there are more tears of joy! I can tell you joy won over for us and I am sure it will for you too! Enjoy enjoy enjoy! Its going to be awesome!

Brenna says · 02.19.15

I love your hair in the picture! I can so relate to those phases that seem like the end of the world, until two weeks later when my son is nothing but rested and charming. 😉

Christina says · 02.19.15

There is really something reassuring when reading about mothered with similar experiences. I have an almost 5 year old and a 15 month old. When our second one came it was quite an adjustment. We have found our new routine and even though there are still stressful days, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. On a side note: I have two boys as well,and the baby’s name is Luke!

Candy says · 02.19.15

Under the picture it says photo shoot with Jordan. Who’s Jordan?

Laura says · 02.19.15

I second the flexibility comment! Before my baby arrived, I had read many books about infants and baby sleep, and thought surely I could put her on a loose routine when she was a few weeks old. She had clearly not read those books! She was a terrible sleeper, cried/screamed a lot, and I cried daily (often multiple times) for the first 2-3 months. I had understood that I would need to be flexible with an infant, and thought I was somewhat prepared for that. I really had to let go of what I thought the baby or I “should” be doing, and just accept that things will be somewhat chaotic for the foreseeable future, and that’s totally fine!

Julie says · 02.19.15

Hi Kate! First of all, congratulations!!! Second of all, thank you!!! Much like you I have a little girl that turns one next week and am 28 weeks pregnant with my second! When baby girl number two gets here, I will have two girls that are 15 months apart! I cannot tell you how many times I hear the “negative Nancy” comments about how difficult life is going to be for me and beyond that I remember all the negative comments about how difficult pregnancy was going to be and how difficult my life would be with a baby…yet here I am a year later not only surviving, but thriving and on to my next pregnancy and eventually on to baby number two! I love being a mom! Challenging, yes!…but oh so rewarding. Anyways, your post yesterday resonated with me in so many ways…and I felt compelled to say thank you! Last night my excellent sleeper was up AGAIN in the middle of the night crying. Around three I started to feel my eyes well up as frustration was finally setting in…then I remembered what you said. “They are not tiny robots”. lol. It was such a simple statement you made, but one that made me laugh last night at three AM, take a deep breath and push through. You remind me so much of myself…I love me a routine and gosh when things don’t go as planned, at times I find myself getting so frustrated! Being a mom is quite literally the most humbling thing I will ever experience and it has really made me look at myself in the mirror and reevaluate what is important in life. For starters, I am not perfect and this crazy idea of “the perfect mom” or the “perfect child” just doesn’t exist. Motherhood is a journey and an adventure! Anyways, I appreciate you putting yourself out there. You seem like such a great mom, and I am thankful that you are willing to open up and share this part of your life. It is so encouraging to know that there are other moms out there going through similar things as you and that my husband and I aren’t the only crazy ones who decided to have two kids so close in age!! I love reading your posts and I love the inspiration from some of your readers in the comment section! It’s more helpful than I think you may realize!!

meagan says · 02.19.15

Thanks for sharing! Enjoy every minute with your new bundle of joy!

Aly says · 02.19.15

#3 is sooooooooo true. I’m so glad you mentioned it.

Brandi says · 02.20.15

#2…oh my goodness yes! #3…even more so, yes, yes, yes! These are things I constantly remind myself. Hopefully they eventually become second nature. Thank you for sharing your journey w/ us!

Katrina says · 02.21.15

I’ve been a little too sensitive to the words of others in the past. When my “Hubbard” and I were engaged, we had a lot of negative comments about marriage (from people who were in loving/committed marriages!) which really got to me. And now that we’re trying to have a family, it’s the same thing.

I’m not sure why it’s fashionable to be negative, but it sure has changed the way that I personally speak to people! Thanks for the added reassurance 🙂


Joan says · 02.21.15

Most important tip you missed. Keep your legs closed for more than two months to prevent #3.

Karen Peterson says · 02.23.15

Ok…I want your haircut; I have been growing it longer but love the shape of yours; what do I ask for at my local salon(other than showing them a pic)?

And I love your tidbits of wisdom and motherhood and find inspiration in them even though I am in a completely different stage of motherhood (23, 20, 17, and 12); I think the key is that you have your own journey and others may have advice but you are your kids’ momma for a reason 😉 God picked you!

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Katie Lowe (Biehl) says · 02.28.15

I really love this post! These are excellent points that I wish I could put into words as well as you did, but all so very true of having 2 littles. The flexibility thing is SO huge — I’m totally with you on having some kind of routine (which will take alot more work with 2, but is also SO much more worth it!), but it does make being in the flexible mindset a little harder. In my experience (my oldest is a boy and his sister is 20 mo younger), boys don’t seem to deal with the jealousy thing as much…nor are they as automatically nurturing as little girls tho so there may be some accidental injuries in Luke’s future! The most fun part for me though, was watching a side of Caleb, my oldest, come out that I’d never seen before. This automatic, inate love for his sister — you’ll so enjoy seeing David “become” a big brother! Congratulations!!

Shaila says · 03.07.15

I am really young so I’ve got quite awhile until I have a family of my own but I really do love these kinds of posts. Everybody gets caught up in the cute side of babies and don’t really realize how challenging it can get. Posts like these help me mentally prepare and bring me back from the oblivion I seem to have about babies. Thank you so much!

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